Writers note:

This was originally a one shot fiction for me, but I ended up doing a full ten chapter story! -I know it's not perfect there are no doubt a few errors here and there, but as it is so infamously said: I regret nothing.

Loki, was left alone all too often. Thor was always away whether it be at battle or just out with his oversized company, being what Loki saw as nothing but stupid. Allfather was no different, only he held his time in a more intelligible manner than Thor did, still never the matter Loki was left alone more often than not. Truth be told he didn't mind most times, however the all too quite main areas of his living quarters in the palace were sometimes so silent it was overbearingly loud in turn. Loki found himself using this time to read, and learn new spells that he would later try out on some poor unexpecting soul (generally someone who worked at the palace... A maid, cook or some sort of servant no less). The only question was which would serve as his guinea pig for that month, though he didn't see why they all dreaded it so, his magic spells where not as harsh as they made it out to be, when he wasn't listening, or so they thought. They really weren't that bad, right? Right? Green toes here, an extra nose there, nothing that major and undoable.

His brother, his damn brother always leaving him! Even if he was a great oaf, even if he was a stupid blond, even if he was a war mongering beast... He was his war mongering, blond oaf. And he was missed, even if Loki didn't say, if anyone had spent enough time with him, they could see it in the emptiness behind is sparkling green eyes, if only for a moment. Nothing but time, even when Thor was around he always seemed to be too busy to find conversions or anything of the sort of his quite little brother who would stand hugged by the side of the door frame. Waiting for him to grant his silent, wishful requesting for attention, was all too often ignored. Thor really didn't think Loki wanted his attention all that much, so it made no difference to him, though he loved his little brother he gave him what he thought he wanted: space. In turn... too much of it, in fact for Loki's own good.

No wonder he turned to mischief for his closest, and only friend. It had been just over a week, and word was going around that Thor was returning from a successful "negotiation", which almost always meant some sort of war, a won war no less. It wasn't hard to find out when Thor was returning though, with Allfather in the main room boasting about his thunderous son, and the feast he would set up in preparation for his return. Loki would always over hear Allfatheer praised Thor, he did it mostly when he was away and never to Thor directly, wise considering his overinflated ego, as it is. Loki watched, and listed not knowing if Allfather could see-through his invisibility spell he so often wore around the palace. He was a little envious of his praise, but not at all at his "accomplishments" they were mindless deeds, he thought that Loki could do with his eyes closed and with the wave of his hand. Loki's eyes flared a blaze green, half angry.

"I will welcome you as well Thor" Loki said to himself, with the slightest trace of silver on his tongue. "Oh yes..." he hissed.

Without another word, Loki turned and left the great room losing his invisibility spell as he reached the hall and the door of his brothers domain, giving an ever so slightest twisted smile, and entered. The room was just as he remembered it the last time he'd entered however many ages ago that was, it was large with weapons of all sorts tacked to the wall, great red tapestries hanging from the high ceiling down to the ground. A massive bed with a golden bed post nearly as thick as Loki's whole body.

"Gordy, gloat..." He thought to himself as he stepped towards the center of the room, out stretching his fingers to loosen them.

Loki's room was lavish as well no lie, but it was much more low-key with silver dressings, and the essential basics any bedroom requires, Thor's on the other hand was just one big, gah never mind simply just insufferable.

"Perhaps some, redecorating is in order" he said aloud rising a hand.

No sooner than he had said it, steps echoed down the hall just outside had someone heard him? A maid, or worse Allfather! It was a pair of footsteps no less growing louder, Loki began to shift his weight uncomfortably feeling guilty of the deed, he hadn't even committed yet.

"Thank Aelfric, they kept going" by the voices that followed the sounds it was only the maids and it sounded as though they were headed to the kitchen, with the rest of the servants to prepare for the feast.

Perfect, all the time he would need cooking for three hundred or so Asgardians who would attend, would take at the very least a couple of hours, even with their magic and other workings. With that he raised his hand in the air once more, this time no interruptions! He muttered a few words in a brief chant, sending everything in the room that had Thor's favorite hue of crimson, a vulgar loud pink. And the rug beneath Loki from a tight well woven great rug, into a pink-fluff something so ridiculous and soft, it looked like what he'd imagine suitable for a young female Midgard. The slightest chuckle left Loki's lips, imaging the red flesh that would cover Thor's face when he saw this, oh but he was not done yet. He fixated his eyes on Thor's massive weapon collection hanging on the walls above, he smiled once more making a fist and flicking his two front fingers pointed at them. The weapons instantly turned from this naturally impressive form into unnaturally large dido's, replacing some entirely with posters of lewd images.

Oh, this would be good. Good indeed, the high Devil of Mischief like he so affectionately referred himself, was well pleased indeed. Loki's eyes traced the rest of the room, looking for anything else to cause dismay upon, but has he did so he hear loud footsteps once again, this time stopping in front of Thor's closed bedroom door.

"Curses!" Loki muttered to himself, Thor must have been home earlier than excepted, Loki dove under the bed.

Not noticing until it was too late that he'd lost his horned helmet in the process, on that stupid fluff rug, Loki's eyes glared at it half angry at his own stupidly, half frightened at what Thor might do to him in retaliation. He'd expect something later, but with a calmed rage catching up to Loki much later. It was not his plan to be caught at the disaster zone, with his initial reaction still hot, damn this wasn't good at all. Maybe if he held still enough he would get away after he'd left, maybe... If it wasn't for his helmet in the near middle of the floor screaming his name like an all too well written signature.

"I'm doomed." he sighed to himself.

The door creaked open, letting a stream of light in Thor had been talking with someone outside and it sounded like he'd started opening his door without looking inside, head fixated on some winch no doubt, by that tone in his voice. He entered the room without even looking, turning round to close the door.

"Ah, what a cheerful maiden, I shall have to meet her again sometim-" Thor's words stopped dead in their tracks, he eyes finally met his surroundings.

Loki could make out his expression of sheer horror, from beneath the bed. His eyes flamed with complete blind furry after the look of shock subsided in his brow.

"WHO HAS DONE THIS?!" he thundered so loudly, it shook the room.

All the servants in the vicinity surely heard his words, but none came to his aid most likely out of fear of what they'd find, or the wreath that maybe taken to them. No instead everyone kept working, no one wants to be hammered to death, after all. Loki could barely hold back a snicker, despite his situation as desolate as it was, his reaction was better than he ever thought it could be. Thor's eyes glared at the vulgar images plastering his walls, taking small steps forward he tacked the fluff of pink on the floor with his boot. The oaf, screeched his head trying to figure this madness out and who was behind it, Thor had never been the brightest of the lot its true. He had to sit down for a moment to try and gather his thoughts, as he rubbed his no doubt pounding head, then he saw it Loki's helmet laying on its side near the right side of his bed.

"Loki... How could you?" he said aloud, this time Loki let out another chuckle at Thor's seriousness, looking ahead at his two feet planted in front of the bed clearly sitting directly over him.

Thor didn't know enough about the magic arts, to know it was all perfectly reversible.

"Why does he hate me so? ...Do I not give him enough attent-" an ungodly thought past through his mind as he reached the end of the sentence. "No surely, he does not desire... that from me." Looking at unspeakable lingering the walls, he shook his head and stood up readying to head for the door.

The slightest sound of Loki's heel moving backward, caught Thor's ear, Thor suddenly froze in his tracks.

"Damn... Have I been caught?" Loki thought quietly, surely not the sound was so very slight.

The very next moment, Loki was being drug from beneath the bed with incredible forces, as if his weight didn't exist at all.

"Loki! What have you done?!" Thor protested, in a low enough voice to be terrifying. He held Loki up by the collar of his shirt, a front the bed.

Loki's eyes where as big as the dildos on the wall.

"Brother, I-" he uttered, unable to finish.

"Tell me! I deserve to know why my little brother hates me so, have I wronged you!?" Thor blasted, trying to hold in his anger and hurt.

Loki pushed down his fear and released "YOUR, NEVER THERE FOR ME! You ALWAYS put EVERYTHING, before me! It is not ME that hates you, it is YOU who hates ME!" harsh but no trace of lies traced his mouth, he truthfully felt alone.

Thor was taken off guard, he had no idea Loki felt that way, in fact he'd always thought he had preferred being alone, by his body language. Thor's mouth could not help but to fly open, surprisingly Loki a little but not curing him of his anguish.

"Put me down!" Thor obeyed looking lost in thought, while Loki brushed himself off to free himself of the dust they lay beneath Thor's oversized-under cleaned bed.

"You never have cared about me, so why do I even bother?" he blurred, walking towards the door.

It was only half way there that he remembered he'd lost his helmet, turning back to snatch it up not even looking Thor's way. As he extended his arm to retrieved it, he found his wrist caught in Thor's over powering fist.

"Brother... Let me make it up to you." he said with a low roar, and before Loki could snap his protest, he planted a soft kiss to Loki's shivering lips.

Soft, warm and sweet and certainly unexpected, Loki for the first time found he had a loss for words. His expression must have been something along the lines of horror, and relief but it was good enough invitation for Thor to continue. He pushed Loki to the bed behind them, and he fell to it with unbelievable ease, even to Thor.

"What are you doing?" Loki finally managed to say, still wearing the same face.

"You wanted me, so I shall give you want you want." Loki felt his lips part, surely unsure.

And before Loki could say any more Thor added "And... You certainly cannot go unpunished for ruining my quarters brother, with your obscenities."

Thor then slipped his hand down Loki's back, bearing his bulk down on top of him, this where going in an unbelievably fowl direction, yet he could not bring himself to put a stop to it. Longing could be see behind Loki's eyes, and desire behind the others Thor's, though it mattered not which was which all that mattered was they had each other in this: whatever it was.

"What about Allfather and the others? They should be awaiting your return soon." Loki said, voice drafting as if offering an escape for Thor to leave him, as he always had.

"They can wait brother. Besides the feast begins upon my arrival, let them wait." Thor said with a grumble, sending a light into Loki's face very uncommon for him.

The next thing Loki knew, Thor was nibbling his ear and purring like a lion in heat, hardly romantic, but very seductive indeed. His hands began tugging on Loki's clothing, peeling away one layer at time, armor meeting the floor with clattering sounds that flew through the air, soon leaving his chest exposed to the dimly lite room. Thor merely unhooked his cape when Loki looked up at him in worry.

"What if someone walks in, your door does not have a lock to it." Loki said clearly unhinged at the idea.

"Does it really matter who knows of this, brother?" Thor answered.

Loki thought for a moment, it didn't but still it didn't make him feel at all comfortable at the prospect of unwelcomed visitors. He had an idea, waving his right hand through the air, the door made a small cracking sound and let off the slightest blue ice haze, he had frozen it shut for the time being.

"That will work as well." Thor said with a half chuckle.

He then resumed slipping Loki out the rest of his garments, the remaining pants and under things. Loki now lay beneath him totally bare, stark with contrast against the dark blue velvet cover on the bed. Long slighter pale body, enraged Thor so it made his lust take full flight, whilst Loki blushed and curled the corner of his lips upward in a nervous half-smile.

"Stay there." Thor ordered, marching over to the awful pink tapestries hanging from the wall.

He unlatched a tussled tie that was meant to roll the things when not in use, fairly thick and sturdy things. Thor returned with several in hand, Loki propped his head up slightly clearly studying his intent.

"What are those for?" Loki asked, knowing full well he intended to bind him.

"Just relax." Thor answered, taking one of Loki's wrist, to loop pink the rope around it.

He continued to spread and tie each of Loki's limbs to the four massive bed beams at each of the corners around the bed. Loki released a slight moan from anticipation, he was sure to tie him tightly this was not just for show.

"Thor..." Loki whimpered, softly.

He began rubbing his now fully erected member, taking it in hand he worked it slowly as Loki began to twitch and pull against his constraints hopelessly to drew his knees inward. It was such tease when Thor let go to undress the rest of himself, though Loki could not complain too much, the view was breath taking, Thor's body was impressively well sculpted clearly able to overpower his own. After a few moments Thor resumed taking hold of Loki's member this time bending down and slipping it inside his mouth. The sudden impact of the hot fluids of his mouth were simply too much, Loki moaned loudly eyes closed and back arching beautifully like a masterful work of art. Continuing, and working in an up and down motion the moans grew louder and louder still.

Thor peeked upward a bit "I thought you didn't want anyone to know this, try to contain yourself." he ordered in an almost cruel jokingly manner.

"Shut up Thor!" Loki sneered at him "It's your fault!"

Thor simply inserted a finger in his mouth to choke any future such snake-ly hisses, Loki was reading to bite them in protest, but when Thor's mouth returned to its place his anger quickly melted away to resolve and he began to suck the fingers instead. It did quite the noise a little bit, muffle them at least.

After a few more blissful minutes Loki was well on his way to Valhalla, the heat and motion was too much, he bucked his hips upward a little trying not to hurt Thor. Then he pulled away positioning himself over Loki, the cold streak of air the nipped at Loki's wetted area was shocking but he adjusted, as he tried to get a better look at what Thor was now doing. It became all too clear, too quickly.

"Thor! Wait, cannot do that! I will not allow it!" he said to his brother now positioned between his legs, with a very thick cock threatening his entrance.

"Hold your silver tongue brother, you said you wanted me. And here I am, that means you get all of me." Loki returned him a look of terror, as he watched Thor grease himself with some unknown substance.

"Get ready" Thor muttered, eyes set on his target and hands wrapped around Loki's helpless thighs.

Loki struggled against his bindings, they seemed tighter than he'd remembered them being "Thor, no!"

Too late, Thor inserted himself in that instant, bringing almost instant tears to Loki's eyes, his protest stopped and he was helplessly Thor's love doll. Replaced with groans and panting, the slow motion of Thor's fullness filling him up and emptying again was too much, Loki cam spraying his release all over himself, he went limp for a few moments. But Thor kept up his pace, he was fighting organism, it was far too enjoyable to stop now.

"Th... Th...ah.. Thorrr... please, oh. I... I can't!" Loki pleaded, only to see Thor's smile, followed moments later by his release.

He came inside Loki, filling him with his warm seed. He laid down beside Loki tired, but only to gather energy.

Loki's face was blissful despite his earlier protest "Thor... I'm sorry. Next time I won't fight you so." he said softly in Thor's ear, the heat of his breath lingered.

"I shall hold you to that then little brother." Thor returned with a smile as he untied Loki's bindings, Loki warily rubbed his sore wrist.

"Good night." Loki rolled to his side as Thor stood up, he full expecting to sleep, but he was rudely awakened when Thor grabbed hold of his arm pulling him to the floor, at top that disgustingly soft pink rug, if it may be called a rug.

"Thor! Let me rest, we can talk about this in the morrow!" Loki weakly snapped at him.

"Loki, you promised you would offer no protest, did you not?"

Damn that oaf, he really didn't think he could get a second round of him, did he?

"I'm not a machine, Thor." Loki said looking up at him, still not moving from his spot on the rug (apparently it was a comfortable ugly thing).

Thor paid him no head, and simply knelt down beside him flipping him to his stomach with his buttocks raised to the air. The most beautiful thing Thor had seen all day, he began fucking him once again causing Loki to moan and cry out, pulling fist full's of the fluff.

"Just a bit longer brother." the heat was fantastic, and the friction amazing.

Thor seemed to like having Loki helpless, as he gathered his hands behind him, forcing Loki's face to be planted in the rug.

"THOR!" Loki cried wildly, breathing erratic.

Thor cam inside him a second time, leaving Loki to collapse in the most undignified position.

Thor laid back allowing his back side to lay against the cold of the wood floor (Loki had taken most of the rug up, muttering inaudibly at him).

What seemed like a few minutes later Loki was standing over Thor, still bare naked.

"Thor... Thor... Get up you great lazy-"

"I'm awake already." Thor said gentle, as Loki lightly kicked him.

The sight of Loki standing over him bare, was a beautiful one indeed.

"What is it dear brother?" Thor stretched shamelessly.

"I believe you're about three hours late for your feast celebration." Loki said with the loudest hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"What?" Thor retorted fully wide eyed.

"You fell asleep... I could not bring myself to wake you." Loki said looking at his finger nails, disguising a smile.

Before Thor could answer a loud series of thuds began to transpire against the door, it must have been Allfather, furious no doubt.

"I have missed my welcome party." he said rolling over to get up.

"I thought I was your welcome home, brother." Loki said with jealously biting his lips.

"Indeed you were, and far better than any welcome I have gotten yet." Loki was satisfied with that, as Thor wouldn't lie about something such as that.

The door continued to tremble, as the staring at it.

"What are we going to do?" Loki said, now begging to worry, as muffled yelling on the other side of the door began to rise.

"We will figure it out brother, after all we have each other. That is all that matters."