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Thor's eyes widened at his mother's words, as wildly shocked as he was he searched deep within her soft brown eyes, only to find no lies behind them.

"...He is my half-brother." He uttered watching her cautiously.

"I know he is a brother... And more than that to you." She glanced at the sleeping figure on the bed.

Frigga sighed deeply "Do you remember that day I talked to you in the garden, about Loki?"

Thor simply nodded.

"Well that was not untrue. Laufey is his father, as much as you Thor are my son. But..." Her voice wondered getting lost in the pains of her heart at even speaking these things.

"Please continue Mother." Thor adjusted himself to sit down on the small padded bench against the wall, gesturing her to do the same.

"There is something about Jotun's you don't know." A wave of red now over took her pained face "While they are all both male and female, when a Frost Giant lays with a female from a different realm... A realm where the sexes are separated - as they are here in Asgard with male and females. It... It sends them into a heat, and they reproduce A sexually." Frigga had been using her hands to speak without realizing, so consciously put them back firmly on her lap.

Thor did not follow and it was obvious, knowing so little about such things even in all his years of living. Thor is a physical being, when something is disagreed on a simple fight could resolve it, rather than words. When he felt love, passion would be used to express it, romances while he tried where nearly as difficult as finding clever words. No Thor while his heart is good, is a thunderer not a thinker or philosopher.

"A sexually?" Thor question cocking his to one side unintentionally.

Frigga sighed again "It means Laufey is both Loki's mother, and father." she stated as bluntly as possible.

Thor shot her a look of disbelief for a moment.

"While I was the one who caused Laufey's heat, which spawned Loki... I did not bear him myself." She said sadly.

Thor's eyes widened again as he traced the floor with his eyes sorting through what she had told him.

"I wish, I could have carried him... And been his mother, my heart aches still that I am not."

"You are my mother." Loki creaked his eyes open warily, turning his face towards her.

"Loki!" She said softly.

"Brother." Thor perked up, but suddenly wondered if that was the right thing to call his beloved.

"There is no other in this realm, or any other I would call my mother, other than you." Loki's voice was a little dry from his ordeal.

Frigga stood up to stand next to his bedside "You may not have carried me, but you watched over me and raised me. Like a protective mother sparrow, watching eggs. Yours is the first face I can ever remember seeing." Loki turned over to his side towards her slightly.

All Frigga could do is sigh as if the words where the most beautiful she had ever heard, she planted a soft kiss on Loki's cheek and she felt him faintly smile.

"Now..." He said after apparently clearing up the matter in his eyes ""Where are my children?"

Thor stood instantly, and hurried over to the crib opposite Loki, and gently swooped up the little bundle, taking the little one to her mother.

"She is here, Loki." Thor used his name intentionally for the first time, as he placed the soft bundle on Loki's chest.

"Hello my darling." Loki's eyes swelled slightly with something blue and clear.

He wanted to touch her little hand, but she was tightly bundled and he did not want to unwrap her and let the cool air in on her.

"She's so beautiful. -And she favors you." He smiled up at Thor, with that Frigga decided to give them a moment alone, she quietly exited the room.

Something Frigga would never admit, is that she had ventured to Jotunheim to woo Laufey into giving her a baby to carry. She had always planned on simply using him, so that she could raise a half Frost Giant to be a prince of her realm along side with her other son. Closing the gap for both worlds, and ending all wars with a Jotun prince for a son. She would love the child regardless of her reason for wanting another, it was the same as adopting to her a true heart and soul commitment to love and raise a child.

But what she had not expected was for Laufey to honestly woo her instead, she had truly fell in love with Laufey once a upon a time... But it faded when she realized her husband was her greatest love. Her plan's have not turned out as she had thought, not at all however her mission to join the realms is completed just different than she expected with Thor and Loki, the none blood brothers having had a child together.

They were alone at long last.

"I missed you, Thor." Loki said peering into Thor's eyes.

"I'm sorry I could not stay for the birth. It hurt my heart too greatly, seeing you in such a way." Thor felt ashamed.

"It's ok. You are here now. " Loki smiled faintly.

"...Has... Did. My other baby... Not make it?" Loki said, the thought sending a dagger through his heart.

"No. He is alive." Thor said nervously.

"Why is he not here then?" Loki frowned softly, at Thor chest.

"He is... Different." Alfric, Thor had wished the doctor would explain this to him, but the burden was his alone.

"Thor. Look at me. Where is my baby?"

"You do not want to see him." Thor said firmly.

He could feel Loki searching him for answers, his eyes pierced his soul and proved too much for Thor breaking the silence.

"Do you remember, what happened on the way to the

Triangle of Zegmar?" Thor questioned, receiving only the smallest nod from Loki.

"The other child..."

"What, Thor?" Loki weakly snapped.

"He is the product of that, that monster." Thor blurred, not finding any other words to fit fast enough.

"I don't understand." Loki tried to sit up with his baby girl could gave up, being too weary.

"The doctor has said you have two wombs, your Jotun blood she said must have something to do it with." Thor could not look at Loki any more.

"I want to see him." Loki demanded, now finding the strength to sit up but sighing from a bit of pain that shot down his pelvis.

"You don't have to do that. You don't ever have to, if you don't want to. We can-" Thor was cut short of his rambling with Loki's free hand landing on his arm.

"I want to."

At that moment the door creaked open and Odin stepped in, his boots creating notice on the white marble flooring beneath him.

His wary eye glanced at Thor before turning back to Loki. The air was suddenly so much more pensive now, than it was a moment ago.

"Father." Loki said without thinking, mildly panicking in his head.

"No harm to them, please father. -Has the time come, for my judgment?" Loki braced himself patting his red bundle who began to protest.

"Judgment?" Odin repeated harshly.

"I will comply with whatever your Will, without fighting. I just don't want my family to suffer." The word family cut a string in Odin's heart.

"Loki, regardless of if I approve or fully understand your decision. You are my family, even if it not be by blood. You will always be my sons. However now that there is new life." Odin gestured to the unnamed child, causing Thor's eyes to follow.

"You are to be married as husband and wife."

Loki's eyebrows shot higher than they had ever done before, and Thor felt his heart skip.

"You are not bound by blood, and as princes of Asgard the first born you spawn, you know the laws of the royal family: you must marry the one you gave child to."

Odin gave them a moment to digest his words, he had half heartily thought it would be a long time punishment for both of his sons, thinking their relations where more on lust than anything. But their delighted expressions assured him he was incorrect, and that they really did love each other, thus it was still the right thing to do regardless. Odin is the mighty King of Asgard for a reason.

"Thank you, father." Thor said still dumbfounded by everything.

Odin simply nodded.

"Now I would like to hold my grandchild." He said, voice turning from business to something softer.

The grin he cracked open whilst looking at the baby made her cry instantly after just a brief moment of him holding her. The emerald green eyes flooded with tears and he gave her to Thor confused, it must be broken. -Odin, never was good with babies though he was a stern and hard man, he was still a good father.

As the baby cried low thunder could be heard outside somewhere muffled through the windowless room.

""She will warm up to you." Loki said meekly.

"She is her father's daughter! Listen at that rumbling!" Thor grinned now ignorant with his own silly proud-ness to know what was being said anymore.

"Odin... Please take me to see my son." Loki said as he casted a weak healing spell covering his hips, which lowered his pains.

Thor's eyes shot up at these words, and his smile slowly departed.

The four of them ahead down the hall together, with Loki receiving a help from his father with his steps. While Thor trailed dreadfully behind caring his precious.

The door opened and the sheen was pulled away by Odin his face was un-phased at the sight, as he had seen the entire child birthing.

"It's... A snake! " Loki cried.

At that the tiny green reptile slithered towards him from inside the tiny bed, coiling up around the crib poles to lick his mother. It was the same loving expression that had appeared in Slphere's eyes when he was with him.

"What do you want to do?" Thor said gravely, feeling in his gut Loki would want to thing to be killed.

"N-Nothing." The thin man uttered.

"Have the maids care for him in the gardens." Odin said nothing to his son's words, instead he listened carefully.

"This... Child has done, no wrong to me and did not cause his father's sins." Loki suppressed the horrible memories of rape, looking at the tiny green-eyed thing.

He swallowed before picking it up "You will be called Jormungand" it coiled around his arm affectionately.

Thor looked almost jealous "You named him first, before your perfect one?" Thor said confused.

"They are both perfect, Thor." Loki smiled at his brother's silly fit.

Thor snapped out of it instantly returning to his usual face.

"Would you name her?" Loki smiled.

Thor looked thoughtfully, biting his bottom lip.

"...Hellia." he said finally kissing her soft cheek.

"Hellia it is."

One year later

"Hellia, don't pull your brothers tail!" Frigga exclaimed chasing after the mischievous tot.

Both children had grown twice the speed of a Midgardians child and were now both, in their terrible two's stage.


had been partaking with the younger gang, he was now welcomed to however big he got, though he stayed in the fields most times.

"Don't stress your grandmother children." Loki said looking as flawless as the day he joined with Thor for the first time. "Please, try to be have on your father and mine's wedding day. It will only happen once, my darlings."

Both his younger kids ignored his every word, and continued to run around causing mayhem, Jormungand now almost 4 feet long coiled up knocking over one of Frigga's best vases. Making a loud clattering sound in the great hall.

Frigga looked skyward, fiercely putting both hands over her face. She did want grandchildern after all, so she had to deal with the trouble making from time to time.

"Be good, and I will take you to Midgard next week." Both trouble makers stopped in their tracks, with understanding quietly going to their room excited, the blond leading the way.

Somehow their reactions reminded Loki of Thor, but he could not place exactly why. Speaking of Thor he entered the room just shortly after the kids had left, dressed in full wedding armor all in gold and blue.

He only got a brief moment to see Frigga's favorite pot on the ground before Loki summoned some form of magic to repair its many shards instantly to his mothers relief.

"I missed you Loki!" He grabbed his mate, pulling him in for a kiss.

Loki chuckled "It's only been an hour Thor."

"I know." He beamed.

Odin who had set quietly on the large red chair had almost been sitting there unnoticed.

"It's time." He stood, looking to both of them with the lightest note his voice would allow.

Thor took Loki's hand into his own kissing his palm "Are you ready, my wife?"

"More than you know." Loki replied as they turned to follow Odin and Frigga out the double doors to the wedding ceremony.

White light surrounded them both as they stepped out before their cheering people, joining their bond forever.

The End