One Year Later, May 2016;

"Don't think you're so sneaky now, do you?" I mocked as I crossed my arms over my beaded bodice and stared down the punk with my steely gaze. The guy quivered in fear as he stared up at me, brows furrowed, lips trembling, and sweat droplets sliding down his hairline while the single overhead light bulb swung to and fro creating a really dramatic effect. "You are really ballsy, you know that?" I laughed in that frightening way I tend to do when I'm trying to sound as threatening as possible. I walked a quick slow circle around him, making sure the train of my dress didn't snag on anything in the cramped cleaning closet; that would definitely shatter my whole badass façade I have going on right now. "Britt and I give you persistent bastards pretty much every day of our lives and the one fucking day we ask for you guys to give us some privacy, you decide to sneak in." My blood's boiling just thinking about it and it takes everything in me from smacking the guy across the face, but I know if Britt found out she'd be pretty upset. "We would've released pictures and all that crap in like a couple days, but you wanted to get a head!" I snapped as I prodded my finger into his weak chest. "You wanted to be that guy, the one who gets his balls cut off by yours truly."

"Oh no, please don't do that!" He begged with pleading eyes.

"Oh please, like I would.." I sighed as I faced away from him then looked over my shoulder. "Too much blood." I watched him gulp and it made me laugh a little on the inside; I should've been an actress because this is too fun. He shuddered away and it made me feel a little more confident knowing that my tactic was working. "You're lucky I have the decency to do this behind closed doors, because if my wife finds out that your ass snuck into our wedding and almost ruined her beloved duck shaped ice sculpture-"

"I wouldn't have almost fallen if you didn't push me!" He quickly cut in making me cock my head to the side and raising one finger.

"Hold up, did you just cut me off while I was talking?" I asked with narrowed eyes. "I've got you fucking locked up in a cleaning closet with your precious camera inches away from being smashed into a million pieces and you want to talk back to me?" His eyes went wide as I dropped my hand and picked up the train of my dress a little so I wouldn't step on it and began making another walk around his chair then started going for his camera that I had set on the counter near the door. "Maybe I should just take my anger out on this.."

"Please, please don't smash my camera. I-I just got this job and they told me they'd double my pay if I came back with pictures and-"

"Oh, save the sad saga for someone who cares.." I sighed with a dramatic eye roll. He sank back into his chair and placed his hands on his lap. "This is about you almost ruining the best day of my life." He shuffled in his seat a little as I made my way back to stand in front of him. "You're lucky I'm still in a pretty good ass mood because, I'm sure you saw since you fucking snuck in, I got married about 30 minutes ago to the greatest most wonderfully kind person in the whole world." My tone lightened a bit as thoughts of Brittany began dancing around in my mind. "Did you see her? God, she was so perfect walking down the aisle.." I found myself smiling goofily at the memory.

"Yes, Miss Lopez, you both were absolutely stun-"

"Hey! I didn't ask you for your opinion on how we looked," I said abruptly, my voice turning harsh again at hearing the undercover reporter's voice. "And it's Pierce-Lopez now, glad you were paying attention so closely to the important parts." He sat back in his chair again and stared down at the floor shamefully. "If you ruin my mood on my wedding day, so help me, you'll never work in this city aga-"

"Santana!" Someone shouted from the outside of the wooden door as they banged their fist against the wood. I quickly turned to the sound, knowing exactly who was on the other side. "Santana, I said 10 minutes and 10 minutes were up 14 minutes ago!" I rolled my eyes and looked down at the reporter who I may or may not have tied his hands behind his back like they do on those spy movies. Blame Brittany because she's the one who's been making me to watch Charlie's Angles like every other week! Either way, I didn't do it and I'm sticking to that story.

"Looks like our time together is up." I growled just as the door flew open and in stormed a frantic short haired blonde.

"Yeah, lucky you." Quinn laughed as she caught a glimpse of the guy. "Seriously? You tied his hands up?"

"I had to make it seem realistic!" I groaned as we began to bicker in front of the helplessly confused guy. "No one sneaks into me and Britt's wedding and gets away with it!" I said with my eyes narrowed at the guy. Quinn just huffed and started pulling me out of the door.

"Yeah, whatever, you need to get back to the reception!" Quinn snapped and started to tug on my elbow. "Britt's been looking for you!" My eyes went wide for a second; Brittany wouldn't be very pleased that I had been being mean to someone again. She really likes my soft side that she always gets to see, but I can't be like that to everyone! If I was nice like that all the time I'd be walked on and pushed around, and that is definitely not how I became the co-owner of SnixxJuice. "Come on, Santana!"

"Wait!" I paused and reached around the door for the reporter's camera then narrowed my eyes at him with a smirk on my lips. "This is mine now, thanks for the wedding gift asshole." Quinn quickly shut the door behind me and gave me a disapproving look. "What?" I gasped as I handed the camera to one of the guys that were supposed to be keeping the place secured. "You guys suck." I huffed and shoved the confiscated camera into the guard's hands. "I'm thinking of docking your pay because I just caught some guy sneaking in here with this camera and neither I nor Brittany invited him. So I suggest if you want to keep your full pay and keep me from blowing up on my wedding day, you head down to the cleaning closet over there and interrogate the shit out of him."

"Better listen to what she says, she gets pissy if she doesn't get what she wants.." Quinn sighed sweetly as she patted my back with a gentle hand and gave the guard a sweet smile. The guard nodded furiously then ran off in the direction of the closet. I smirked over at her then began walking down the long hallway that led to the room where the reception was being held. "You really should think about being nicer, what happened to the old super nervous and incredibly hopeless Santana? I liked her; she was easy to mess around with." Quinn teased as she playfully elbowed me but I just sent her a glower.

"That was me being nice.." I huffed but she just shot me a 'you're a fucking liar' glare which made my shoulders slump. "I was just trying to make sure everything's perfect." I sighed as we turned the corner to head down another hall. "Not only for me, but for Brittany too! I've put her through so much in the past a-and I don't want to screw this day up. You know? She shouldn't have to deal with guys sneaking in or guards doing half assed jobs, I want this to be the best day of her life!" The two of us stopped walking when she turned to face me with concerned eyes.

"Santana, Britt would think this day was perfect even if all the power in the place went out and everyone hated the food."

"Oh God, please don't jinx it."I groaned.

Quinn laughed as she set a gentle hand on my shoulder and looked to me with softened eyes. "You know why? Because she's sharing it with you." I don't know why, but I felt like crying tears of joy, that was the nicest thing Quinn's ever told me. I mean, ever since I sang One and Only and she heard me profess my love for Brittany for the first time in front of everyone, she's been pretty supportive of me. She even teamed up with me when I proposed to Britt! But that right there, that was a whole other level of friendship."I know it's hard after all that you've been through, but you don't have to worry about her not wanting to be with you if something isn't completely perfect. You're the perfect one and that's all she needs." I couldn't help the toothy grin that began to spread across my face. "Well, to her you're perfect." She shrugged as she playfully bumped my arm. "I personally don't see anything that great."

"Thanks for ruining the moment yet again, Q." I groaned as we began walking again. "But seriously, thanks for saying all that. Sometimes I just get so caught up that I don't realize I'm losing myself you know?" Quinn nodded knowingly as we neared the entrance of the reception room. "The rest of the night will be awesome; I'll make sure of it."

"Well, you better get your ass in there now because I don't think she's very happy with you right at the moment." Quinn laughed as we both saw a beautiful Brittany, long flowing white dress and all, storming directly towards us, well me anyway.

"Uh-oh." I mumbled as I felt my threatening façade completely vanish with each step closer she got. "I'm already getting in trouble and I haven't even been married for an hour yet." I thought aloud which made Quinn chuckle a little. Britt was now about 5 feet in front of me and I could see her trying so hard to keep up that scowl, but she was never good at looking angry, she'd just end up looking extremely adorable. But extremely adorable was definitely not the look she was going for right now; she was pissed!

"Hi baby, you just look so beautiful right now. Have I told you how much I love you lately?" I quickly began when she stopped in front of Quinn and I with a hand on her hip and her piercing blue eyes narrowed on me. If she wasn't so angry at me, I probably would've just kissed her because she really did look extremely gorgeous! Her blonde hair was in a braided bun with little strands curled by her ears, her strapless bodice made her boobs look really good as well as showed off her slim waist while the rest of her dress flowed off her hips. She looked just like a princess, maybe even prettier.

"Oh don't Hi baby me!" She snapped in the most threatening way Brittany could ever sound, and it might not sound too scary being heard by outside ears, but to me it was the worse! When I hear that tone, I know I must've done something pretty stupid.

"God, you're so whipped."Quinn began to snicker beside me but Brittany quickly turned her cute scowl on her.

"What's so funny, Q? You're in trouble too!" Quinn quickly stopped her giggles and looked to her side.

"Oh, what's that Bella? You wanna have some wine?" She called to Bella who was nowhere in sight then directed her gaze back on us. "Sorry, love to stay and chat, but my daughter's about to turn to alcohol so-uh-gotta go!" She replied quickly then began to scamper away leaving me alone with Brittany. I was trying my hardest not to look into her eyes, one look into those pools of blue and I'm done for.

"I've been looking all over for you.." She said softly which in turn made me look up right into her eyes. Damn, why am I such a sucker for girls with pretty eyes? I watched as she pressed her lips together forming a little pout that she swore she had no control over doing, and then blinked a couple times.

"Sorry, baby, I-uh-I had to take care of something really quick." I mumbled but she just kept on staring at me with this all knowing look.

"Like what?" She asked as she tilted her head to the side and stared at me with a smirk on her lips.

"Uhh, you know, wedding stuff." I stammered, mentally kicking myself for being so defenseless under Brittany's gaze.

"Saaan, we're married're not allowed to lie anymore, it's against the rules or something." Her smirk grew even bigger as she took a step closer to me then set her hands on my hips. She got incredibly close to my lips as her eyes flickered from mine then back to my mouth. I could actually feel every dominant bone in my body dissolving with each word she spoke. God, I am so helplessly in love with this girl. How the hell did that happen? "Now," Brittany spoke again this time it came out like a low whisper. "Tell your wife what you were really doing.." Yup, there goes all my will power.

"Fine." I huff and tried to look somewhere else but her lips or her boobs or her hypnotizing blue eyes or her-damnit, nevermind. "I-uh-I might've come across someone who wasn't invited and I might've locked him in a cleaning closet down the hall, tied his hands up so he wouldn't escape, and confiscated his camera so he couldn't post any pictures before we did.." I closed my eyes tightly waiting for her to scold me for not letting the people we hired to watch over all that handle it, but nothing came. The silence made me nervous so I quickly started to add, "I'm sorry, babe, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and Quinn told me to stop doing that because you'll love me no matter what but I'm stubborn, you know I am, and I just wanted to make sure-" I was cut off by soft lips pressing into my own while a warm hand trailed up my back and under my curled hair to grasp my neck. When I finally processed what was happening, I allowed myself to kiss her back, my arms snaking around her waist, tugging her closer to me. Her kisses are always soft and gentle, they just make me feel so-I don't know-warm and fuzzy. Yeah, I definitely have been spending too much time around Brittany when I start to describe things as warm and fuzzy. Oh well, I love her anyway.

"Quinn's right." She smiled against my lips in that adorably sexy way she likes to do that just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand. "The night's already perfect because you're my wife and I am yours!" The grin on her lips is infectious and our new titles for each other only make my smile grow even bigger too. Her fingers find their way to the tips of my hair as she begins to twirl a lock around her fingertip then our eyes lock again."I love how protective you are, it's super hot." She teased as she placed another quick kiss on my lips. "But let's leave the security issues to the security guys, okay?" She asks and presses yet another quick kiss to my lips. I nod obediently because there's no way I could ever say no to Brittany especially when she keeps kissing me after every sentence. "Good, now come on, I wanna dance with my wife!" She cheers and starts to pull me back into the dim lit room, wiggling her fingers through mine as we head straight for the dance floor.

After a few minutes of dancing with each other, Bella finds her way in between Britt and I with her bright hazel eyes flickering between us.

"Hey, Peanut, wanna dance?" Britt asks sweetly as she bends down and scoops up the 6 year old in her arms and sets her on her hip. I smile as I watch Bella wrap her arms around Brittany's neck then press a kiss to her cheek as Britt begins to sway around. I've always loved how great she was with Bella; it only made me think of how great of a mom she'd be whenever that time came. Just then she spots me staring at them and gives me a pearly white smile. "Wanna dance with Sanny too?" She asks and Bella quickly smiles over at me and extends her arms out so that I can take her from Brittany.

"Hi, Little One, you did so good being the flower girl today." I say as I sway about just like Britt did. "Really good job!"

"Really, Sanny, was I that good?" She asks with a big grin as she pulls her head up from my shoulder and stares at me with bright eyes.

"Oh, most definitely!" I answer confidently, "You even helped Mason too! You're going to be such a great cousin one day." I catch Britt smiling at me when I say that and it makes my heart flutter just thinking about being mom and having our own little one to spoil just as much as we spoil Bella.

"Mason's such a cute baby; I want my babies to be that cute too!" Bella says innocently just as Quinn walks up.

"Oh no, no babies for you until you're at least 30 and have a well paying job and a retirement plan!" Quinn says as she reaches for her daughter. Britt rejoins me at my side, her hand settling on my lower back as we listen to Quinn rant to her daughter about grown up life.

"Alright Q, I think she gets it." I tease then nod over to Sam who's got his hands full with some drinks. "Now run back to your fiancé, I think he's struggling a bit." Quinn gives me a confused look then follows my eyes to see Sam with that goofy grin on his face attempting to walk back to their table with three drinks in his hands.

"Sam, babe, you could've made two trips!" Quinn laughs as her and Bella go to join Sam. Once again Britt and I are left alone, but not for long.

"Congrats, guys!" Bryce says cheerfully as she pulls both of us into a hug then points a finger at me. "You better keep my sister happy or else-"

"Bryce, you're not very threatening with your hair all pinned up and your lashes curled and-" I tease as I go to pinch Britt's younger sister's cheeks but she swats my hands away.

"B, tell your wife to quit picking on me.." She groaned as she tossed a pleading look to Britt.

"You were there babe; she was the one trying to threaten me." I laughed when I saw that Bryce really had no chance in this fight. Britt's lips parted but the voice that came out wasn't hers.

"Bryce, are you causing trouble again?" Daniel Pierce's voice rang from behind us. He approached with his eyes narrowed but the corners of his lips tugged into a smile. "Do I have to put you in time out?"

"Time out?" Bryce laughed, "Dad, I'm 16 I'm sort of a little old for that now.." Daniel just shrugged then pulled Britt and I into his chest.

"I'm so happy for you two; my little B is all married now." He cheered as he patted our shoulders. "It was just yesterday when I was trying to keep you from dancing around the house naked." I pressed my lips together trying to keep from laughing at the thought.

"Dad, please don't start crying.." Britt pouted as we both pulled away to see him with a sad expression his face.

"Oh honey, not again." Tara Pierce cooed as she came to rub at her husband's back soothingly. "It was a very beautiful ceremony, we're so proud." She said then went to kiss Britt's and mine cheeks before going to pull her teary eyed husband away with Bryce following close behind.

"Now we're finally alone." Brittany sighed then set her hands on my hips and tugged me back into her body while I curled my arms around her neck.

"Yeah, finally." I breathed as she rested her forehead on mine so that our noses were brushing against each other's. "I didn't realize how much time we'd spend apart at our own wedding." She snickered as her eyes bore into mine.

"Just wait for the honeymoon, we'll get all the alone time we want!" She whispered excitedly. Oh God, I felt a shiver at the thought. Today's been a pretty hectic day and there's nothing I wanted more than to curl up to my wife and fall asleep. I mean, we'll have like 12 rounds of awesome lady sex first but after all that, I just can't wait to fall asleep in my wife's arms. My fucking wife! Brittany Pierce, or Brittany Pierce-Lopez, is now my wife. How that fucking happened, I don't even know! She probably hasn't figured out how broken I actually am to realize what a mistake she's made. No. I can't think like that anymore, Britt's tried so hard to break those habits, I can't slip up now. She's in love with me just as much as I am in love with her. That is the truth. That is fact.

"Hey, Britt?" I whisper as I pick my head up from her shoulder and stare up at her.


"I just wanna tell you how much I love you." I smile and watch as her cheeks bunch and her nose scrunches.

"Awh, I love you too." She coos then presses her lips to mine. "I've actually got a surprise for you!"

"A surprise?" I gasp, "Weird, I have a surprise too."

"You do? I'm going first though!" She giggles then began to pull away from me.

"Wait, where you going?" I pout as she slips out from my hold.

"I gotta get ready for your surprise!" she laughs, "Or do you not want it?" Her eyes narrow on me as she sets her hands on her hips.

"No, no go ahead.." I say, "I'll just go talk to Cassie until you come back." She smiles extra big at that then presses her lips to my cheek before she walks off somewhere. I look around the room for Cassie when I finally spot her bouncing Mason on her lap. I make my way over to her and she quickly spots me then waves.

"Look Mas, it's auntie San." She coos to the three year old on her lap then looks up to me. "Man, baby sis, you look amazing."

"Don't I always?" I tease as I go to sit next to her. She just shakes her head with laughter as she turns her son around so that he's looking at me. "Hey Mason," I coo as he curls his tiny fingers around my index finger. "You were such a handsome ring bearer!" I shake my finger a little and it makes him kick his feet about and grin widely at me.

"Yeah, mom and dad thought so too." She answers making my smile falter a bit at their mention. I look over at her but end up spotting my parents instead, all secluded in the back like they don't even want to be here. Whatever, their lost. I set my eyes back on Mason.

"Oh, they're here still? I thought they would've left as soon as dad had to walk me down the aisle." I reply in a harsh tone that makes me quickly look over to my sister. "Sorry, that wasn't for you." I add but she just nods knowingly.

"San, you know they're happy for you. They just-"

"I know, I've heard it before." I say as I keep my eyes on Mason hoping that by looking at him a little longer all the bad feelings I'm starting to feel will go away. "If they don't want to accept the fact that I chose to marry Brittany and not Brooke then I don't want them to be a part of my life or anybody else's life that comes along." I look up to see Cassie smiling lovingly at me.

"They'll come around, sis, especially if there's a grandchild involved." She laughed and bounced Mason a couple more times to make him giggle. "Where's your future baby mama anyway?"

"Uh, I'm not pregnant-"


"Cassie!" I gasp as she rolls her head back with laughter. "And my wife is getting ready for some surprise or something, I have no idea what she's got planned.." Just then I see her entering through the double doors wearing this sparkly gold half tuxedo half leotard looking outfit.

"Pick your jaw up, that's not cute." Cassie teases as I unashamedly leer at my wife and all her hotness as she throws me a wink and heads up to the stage. That's when I notice she's got 4 others following behind wearing similar outfits, but none compare to Brittany. My eyes rake up her long toned legs as she leans over to the DJ then spins around with a mic in her hands.

"Hi guys!" She greets and everyone in the room answers her. "So you guys might've been told that Santana's the singer and I'm the dancer." She speaks to the crowd and her voice sounds a little shaky, probably from the nerves, she really hates to speak in front of people. I watch intently as she speaks to all our friends and family until her eyes land on me. "So this is my surprise, babe. Oh look, she's listening now!" Everyone in the room laughs and it makes my cheeks heat up because I really hadn't been listening up until now. I toss everyone a smirk then go back to listening to Britt. "Since you propose first, I didn't really get a chance to do what I had planned but after I thought about it I'm glad I didn't do it until now because I would never be able to sing it as great as you could. Feel free to jump in, preferably as soon as the music starts, I'm sure you know the song." She says to me then sets the mic back on its stand before turning her back to the crowd like the rest of the people on stage. I quirk an eyebrow at her as I wait for what she's got up her sleeve.

Bring the beat in!

I close my eyes and smile to myself as soon as the instrumental starts playing. I definitely know the song; it's practically me and Britt's life story! I wiggle my finger out of Mason's grip and quickly walk up to the stage, getting applause from the crowd, as Brittany dances expertly in the background. I shake my head at her, smirking, but she just winks back as I take the mic in my hands and begin to sing.

Honey, Honey
I can see the stars all the way from here
Can't you see the glow on the window pane?
I can feel the sun whenever you're near
Every time you touch me I just melt away

I can't help but laugh as I watch Brittany hop around with her dancers following everything she does. They look like the Temptations or something with their old school moves, but the crowd loves it and anytime Brittany dances is a plus for me too! I keep on singing though, as best as I can anyway with Britt making me laugh and all.

Now everybody ask me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear.
(They say love hurts)
But I know
(It's gonna take the real work) oh
Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my fears
And finally you put me first

I realize my cheeks are starting to hurt from how hard I've been smiling, but as long as Britt keeps dancing around me and throwing winks my way there really isn't any hope for me to stop smiling so hard. I can't believe how well this song explains us; it's pretty perfect, even hearing it for the billionth time I still find more connections. Oh God, now Britt's bouncing her perfect ass from side to side. Santana, you are on stage in front of all your closest friends and family, do not rip all your wife's clothes off. At least wait till after the song, maybe we can sneak off to that cleaning closet down the hall. Hopefully that guy's not still tied up in there; that would be awkward.

Baby it's you.
You're the one I love.
You're the one I need.
You're the only one I see.
Come on baby it's you.

Great, now she's pointing at me. Oh, there she goes again. She thinks she's slick, pointing those long fingers of hers at me like they don't give the best mind blowing or- Wait, Santana, focus, you're still on stage. Just don't look at her ass, or her fingers, or her boobs, or her never ending legs, actually just don't look at her anymore for the rest of the song!

You're the one that gives it all.
You're the one I can always call.
When I need you make everything stop.
Finally you put my love on top.

Well not looking at her didn't last long since she decided to start touching me. That's Brittany for you, she flirts through her dancing and she doesn't even realize it! Oh the many fights I've been in because of some douche bag guy wanting to feel up on my girl. My eyes land on her legs again and all of a sudden I'm feeling really hot, and I don't think it has anything to do with the spotlight on us.

Ooo! Come on Baby.
You put my love on top, top, top, top, top.
You put my love on top.
Ooo Ooo! Come on baby.
You put my love on top, top, top, top, top.
My love on top.
My love on top.

When the song ends, everyone stands up and starts clapping for us as Brittany snakes an arm around my waist and bows a little. Well, everyone's up and clapping except for one table but I really could care less what they think right now. This is me and Britt's night and if it weren't for my sister insisting that they should be a part of this night then they wouldn't even be invited.

"So where's your surprise?" Brittany asks breathlessly as she wipes her brow with a napkin. She's totally oblivious to how turned on I am and I don't know how I feel about that.

"Uh, I-I didn't have a surprise.." I winked and leaned in to capture her lips with mine.

"So you lied?" She mumbled against my lips.

"No, I mean I did have a surprise but I kind of did it already." She sends me a confused look so I clarify. "Sing, I was going to sing a song but I kind of just did."

"Ohhh.." She sighs then wraps her arms around my shoulders. "What song?"

"Baby, I'm way too turned on right now to think about songs.." I huff and it makes her laugh innocently. "You're too damn cute, I can't resist sometimes." I go to kiss her neck, but I feel her tense up. "What's wrong?" I asked worriedly then look up at her to see that she's not even looking at me, but behind me. I turn around and see that my parents are staring her down. It instantly sets my skin on fire. Why even be here if all you're going to do is sit in the corner and glare at my wife?

"San, they're scaring me." Britt mumbles with her eyes averted down to the floor. I cup her cheeks and force her to look at me. "How come they don't like me still? I thought we were passed all this?" I wish I had an answer for her, I really do, but I don't.

"Hey, tonight is about you and me. Who cares about them, if they want to be bitter then let them." I tell her as I stare deeply into her eyes. "They're just as stubborn as I am, babe, but they'll come around eventually." She gives me a weak nod. "Don't be sad, honey, at least my sister is supportive. That's really the only one who matters."

"Yeah, I'm happy you and her talk now." She answers as she looks over to Cassie. "I like how you are with Mason, it's really cute. You're going to be a good mom, babe." I grin widely up at her then our lips crash. It's passionate and needy and it makes my body all hot again. Soon our hands are tangling in each other's hair or trailing up our sides, totally oblivious to the fact that, though we're off the stage now, we're still in public. But for some reason, we just don't care. I'm going to kiss my wife however I want in front of whomever I want and I will give no fucks about it.

I feel her tongue poke at my bottom lip and soon we're battling. Hands are grabbing at sides and asses and hair. She pulls away though then rests her forehead on mine as she tries to regain her breathing. We get lost in each other's eyes for a bit until a smirk tugs on her lips before she speaks.

"Let's go make a baby, baby."

A/N Hey guys! The way this story is set up is like a 2 part thing. After this chapter, I'll go back in time where all the new characters will be introduced and problems will be addressed until we're back to this moment. Then after that we'll go back to the usual way I have things set up. It's complicated to explain, but you'll see. I've got up to chapter 8 drafted (not written) so give me some time. I hope you guys stay with me, I've got a lot of good stuff planned ( ; Let me know!

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the song was Love On Top by Beyonce.