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It was our last full day in Ohio, so San and I were spending it by lounging on the couch in the living room of my parent's house while waiting for my mom and Quinn to finish baking cookies. Bryce was sitting on the other couch with her laptop glued to her face while dad tried to start up the fireplace and Sam was sitting on the floor helping Bella with a new puzzle dad got her for Christmas. Bella loved puzzles which I always found strange because who actually loves doing puzzles? The pieces all look the same and when you're trying to find a specific one, you can never find it! Bella always got so into them though, almost to the point where she didn't want to be bothered by anyone unless they were helping. Lucky for Bella, Sam was equally focused when it came to putting things together. They made a cute team; both of them lying out on their stomachs on opposite sides of the half finished puzzle, eyes all squinted in concentration as they flipped through pieces they intended to use in their designated spot.

I was brought out of my creepy staring when I felt San's body stiffen against me. She had been lazily leaning her back against my chest, her legs curled up on the rest of the couch, engrossed in watching an old episode of Jersey Shore when she picked her head up a little and looked down at her stomach.

"You okay?" I asked softly as my right hand moved from scratching a little at her scalp to rest at her hip. She didn't answer though, just kept staring at her belly. Since her back was towards me, I couldn't see her facial expressions. At first I just thought that maybe she was having some pains again; they're not as bad as they were before we left home, but they still had the power to really shake her. I stayed still though and waited for her to say something; to tell me what was going on but I was starting to get a little worried when she didn't. "San-"

" you feel that?" She asked slowly as her hand flattened out against her tummy. Her voice was flat which really didn't help me in figuring out if whatever was going on was good or bad.

"No..what is it?" I answered anxiously as I sat up a little to look down at her hand movements. She didn't answer again, just moved her hands around on her stomach.

"I-I don't know, I've never felt it before.." She stammered. It wasn't until she tilted her head up at me and gave me a toothy grin that I sort of understood what was happening.

"They're..They're moving?"

"More like swimming," She giggled as her eyes left mine and focused back on her bump, "It feels like I swallowed a goldfish or something, it's so weird." Her left hand smoothed around her belly while her right hand curled around mine that was resting on her hip and pulled it over to the other side of her tummy. I don't know why, but my heart rate took off and for some reason I felt really nervous. I almost wanted to pull my hand away but I didn't, I wanted to feel what she was feeling too. She fanned out my fingers then overlapped my hand with hers and slowly moved it to an area of her stomach that I guess was where she was feeling most of the movement. Her face lit up again as she looked back at me with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen. "Did you feel that?" She asked excitedly then focused back on her belly and continued to make little gasps at the movements. "There it is again!"

I didn't feel a thing though, not one little flutter or anything. She kept making these cute little shrieks and squeals, turning the heads of the others in the room, while I tried to feel something. I pressed my hand a little more against her warm skin, but still nothing.

"San..I-I don't feel anything.." I whispered, feeling a frown creeping up to my lips, but I fought it off. I didn't want to make this about me because San was clearly loving the moment.

"You don't?" She asked, her brows knitting together in confusion and moved my hand around on her stomach a little more, "Right there! You didn't feel that?"

"Uhm, no..nothing." I sighed and started to pull my hand out from under her grasp all while trying to not look too bummed, "I don't think they're strong enough for me to feel yet.."

"Ohhh.." San drawled out as her smile faltered a bit. Not gunna lie, I was feeling a little sad that I couldn't feel our baby move for the first time too. It was like being left out again, but I knew San couldn't help that. I'd feel the baby sooner or later, and with that in mind, my frown disappeared.

About 15 minutes later, mom and Quinn joined us all in the living room each carrying platters of freshly baked cookies. As soon as they walked in, it was like everyone was jolted out of whatever they were doing and swarmed to the coffee table where the two were setting the platters down.

"Granma, can I have milk too please?" Bella asked politely as she positioned herself at the coffee table and picked out, of course, a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie. Quinn settled in against Sam's chest who was sitting off to the side of Bella then smiled proudly at her daughter's manners.

"Of course you can, my dear." Mom replied sweetly and brushed through Bella's hair before turning back towards the kitchen.

"Ma, can you get me some too?" Bryce called after her as she threw her laptop into the cushions of the couch and crawled her way to sit next to Bella.

"You've got legs, you can walk!" Mom answered sassily as she turned into the kitchen. San and I laughed at Bryce's grumblings as she pushed herself up off the floor and dragged her feet towards the kitchen.

"Bryce, get me a glass too!" I called after her, trying my hardest to keep from giggling. "Pleeeease!"

"You've got legs, you can walk!" Bryce shot back in mom's naggy voice.

"Bryce, don't talk to your sister like that!" I heard mom chastise from the kitchen.

"Ugh, but mom.." Bryce groaned and I could just picture her eyes rolling. The rest of us just continued to laugh as we started to pick out our cookies.

"What kind do you want, babe?" I asked as I leaned over towards the cookies, "There's old reliable, sugar, snickerdoodles, crinkles, oatmeal, and macadamia nut." I felt her hand running down my back, her nails dragging down from my shoulder blades all the way to the waist band of my jeans in the most comforting way then she curled her fingers a little into the elastic a little. I looked over my shoulder at such an intimate gesture, my brow quirked, but she just smiled sweetly and nodded to the first plate.

"I'll take old reliable." She winked cutely before flattening her hand against the small of my back and rubbed her hand back and forth. I nodded and reached for a couple of the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies before Bella eats them all, but if I know my mom like I think I do, I'm sure she's baked a double batch of those.

"Here you go, wifey." I teased as I handed her the cookies which she accepted quickly and took a giant bite. I snickered at how fast she was tearing that cookie up and leaned back over to get myself a homemade sugar cookie. I always thought mom made the best homemade cookies, especially the sugar ones because she'd use the holiday cookie cutters and they always came out looking really cool; I currently was chewing off the head of Frosty The Snowman.

Minutes later, mom and Bryce came out of the kitchen each balancing three glasses of milk in their hands. I watched as they went around the room distributing the glasses; one for Bella, one for Sam, none for Quinn since she doesn't like milk, one for Bryce, one for dad, and one for mom. Bryce walked around the coffee table after setting her own glass down in her spot at the table next to Bella's and handed the last glass to San. Confused, I looked to my mom thinking that she'd have another glass for me, but she was already going on dipping an oatmeal cookie in her own cup of milk and laughing along with whatever my dad was saying. I looked back to Bryce thinking she was just being mean because mom yelled at her for yelling at me, but she looked equally entranced by dunking her cookie.

"Uhm, where's my cup?" I asked aloud, my bottom lip involuntarily jutting out. Mom casually looked up from her glass and shrugged.

"You share with Santana."

"Yeah, you guys share everything anyways." Bryce added as she took a bite of her soggy snickerdoodle. "One less glass to carry.."

"What?" I gasped staring back at the two with wide eyes. How dare they assume that..though it was partly true, sometimes I wanted my own things too! "How do you know I didn't want my own glass? Maybe I was extra thirsty and I wanted to actually drink the milk instead of drowning Frosty in it? Am I not good enough to have my own glass?" Everyone just stared at me with unmoved expressions like what I was ranting about wasn't really all that important. "We," I glanced down at San who had crumbs all over her mouth and her head tilted to the side like she was actively listening. "We don't share everythi-"

"Bite." San cut me off by holding up a half eaten chocolate chip peanut butter cookie to my lips. I kept my eyes focused on the rest of the family as I leaned in just a little and took the offered bite and chewed a little bit so I wasn't about to continue my ranting with a full mouth. She smiled happily at me taking the bite then went on to eat the rest as she sipped on the milk.

"Yeah.." Quinn drawled out from behind her devilish grin, "You were saying?"

"I was saying," I replied confidently as San passed me the glass of milk so I could take a sip too, "We don't share everything." The room broke out in a fit of giggles, even Bella was rolling back on the carpet laughing her little butt off. I just stared at all of them with my forehead crinkled with confusion. It wasn't until San brushed her thumb along my top lip, smiling dreamily at me, and whispered.

"You've got a milk mustache." She snickered after running her thumb along my lip, "And you also made a very convincing argument. We totally don't share everything.."

"We definitely don't." I nodded triumphantly while the rest of the room kept on laughing. San settled back against my chest as she held on tightly to the half filled glass of milk in her hands while I continued snacking on an oatmeal cookie.



"Can I have a bite?" She asked, tilting her head the slightest to show me her version of my puppy dog eyes. I giggled at the cuteness overload and nodded.

"Sure thing, honey." I cheesed and brought the cookie to her lips and let her take a bite.

"Yup, they definitely don't share everything." We heard Bryce tease, but we couldn't really bring ourselves to care.

An Hour Later;

"So have you guys thought of some names?" Bryce asked as she dealt out the playing cards. After stuffing our faces with fresh baked cookies, the girls, excluding Bella and mom, decided to play cards. At first, Bryce pulled out an old deck of Uno cards but San and I couldn't look at those things without bursting into giggles. Bryce had no idea why we were acting so strange, but Quinn did and she also voted against Uno.

"Uhm.." I looked up from organizing my cards to glance in San's direction, "Not really, no."


"Well yeah, we don't know the gender yet so we don't want to get ahead of ourselves." San added as she placed another card into her hand she had fanned out already.

"Well, I volunteer my name." Bryce shrugged casually, dealing out more cards to us, "Just saying."

"If you're considering her for a first name then I call dibs on middle!" Quinn joked as she straightened out her cards. San and I just looked to each other and shook our heads at their antics.

"" San chuckled, "Our child isn't going to be named Bryce Quinn, sorry."

"Hey, our names are gender neutral! You can't go wrong." Bryce added with a sense of pride.

"Oh San, I love gender neutral names!" I sighed contently as I wiggled closer to her, accidently catching the sight of her playing hand.

"Hey, hey! No cheating, cheater!" San scolded playfully, pulling her hands to her chest to hide her cards from me.

"I didn't see...honest." I winked and straightened up in my spot, waiting for my turn to go, noting that I shouldn't play anything lower than a Queen.

"I know you guys said you didn't want the public to find out until you're ready, but have you thought about how you want that to happen?" Quinn asked as she placed down a card over top of San's.

"What, like out ourselves?" San asked, peeking over the top of her cards.


"Huh, I guess we haven't really thought about that either." I shrugged, glancing over at San who was already staring back.

"You guys could always tweet it!" Bryce teased, "That's how all great news travels.."

"I never use my Twitter.." San grumbled, "That thing is confusing as hell. Actually, come to think of it, Facebook confuses me too! Also Myspace.."

"Ew, no. Stop." Bryce groaned, her freckled nose scrunching at the mention, "No one even goes on Myspace anymore."

"Which is why you don't have one, San." I added and laid down a card and gestured for Quinn to go.

"Whatever, it's all confusing!" San replied, swatting at the air with her free hand as if to shoo away the social networks from the conversation.

"It's really not, technology just doesn't like you very much." I joked and patted her thigh, "I still love you though." She side glanced me, her lips pressing together to form a tight lipped grin.

"Hey, I'm good at instagramming. Is that what it's called?" She asked, turning her furrowed brows on Quinn and Bryce.

"I'm pretty sure there isn't a verb for taking a bunch of pictures on instagram," Quinn laughed but San just shrugged her off.

"Sounds like a word to me." She quipped then smiled confidently and wiggled a little in her seat, "I'm like Queen of selfies."

"Are they still called selfies if I'm in them too?" I asked in a serious tone as Bryce threw down another card, "I don't think they are because it's not just yourself in there anymore, you know?"

"We can always Urban Dictionary it, Brittz." San answered and smiled lovingly back at me as she set her last card down and shrugged her shoulders all nonchalantly, "Ba-zing, bitches. I win."

"The hell? That's like the third time in a row!" Quinn groaned as she threw down her cards in frustration. "I vote Bryce and Britt switch seats, I'm pretty sure you two are helping each other out." San and I looked to each other and laughed.

"San doesn't play when it comes to cards, Q." I replied as Bryce shuffled. Quinn looked up from me to Santana who was cockily buffing her nails on her sweater like the badass she is.

"Or you guys are just teaming up." Quinn joked as she swept up the first card Bryce threw out. "So if technology is pretty much out, unless you guys do a baby bump selfie, what are you gunna do?"

"Oh that'd be cute!" San cooed and rested her hand on her belly and looked to me with pleading eyes, "Right, Britt?" I was sensing she was heading into that mood where I'd have to agree with everything she said or else Quinn and Bryce would see one hot crying mess and I'd be sleeping on the couch.

"Yeah, totally." I nodded knowingly as I organized my cards, "I could even draw on your belly with markers or something too! You know, to emphasize.."

"Emphasize what exactly?" She asked with her arms crossing in defense and her eyes narrowing on me as I averted mine to Quinn for help, "My fat hips?"

"Oh stop, your hips aren't even changing. My hips are bigger than yours." Quinn groaned and motioned for her to play a card.

"No, my hips are bigger than yours!" Bryce said and did a little wiggle to bring attention to her hips making Santana giggle. Surprisingly, San dropped her quickly approaching rant to focus back on her cards. I mouthed a quick thank you to Quinn and Bryce then watched as San finally picked a card to play.

"You know, speaking of pictures.." Bryce drawled out as she threw down a card next, "I was doing some intense scrolling earlier and I came across this blog that's run by these two girls; Rizzlekicks and C something, C Dawg? C Dizzle? I don't remember, it was something with izzle though." Bryce ranted as she flicked through her cards, "Anyways, these girls are hilarious! They do nothing but remake your Instagram selfies."

"Wait, what?" San deadpanned, side glancing my way again then looked back to Bryce like she just spoke in some type of alien language, "They're doing what?"

"They're copying your selfies; like same facial expression, hair styles, outfits, everything! It's so funny."

"Oh yeah, I've seen those." Quinn added with a smirk playing at her lips, "They're actually really good too! Their resemblance to you both is kind of weird though, they're like 10 year younger versions of you two."

"Wait, so there are people posing as us?" I asked, my head dipping down at the thought, as I stared at Bryce who didn't seem bothered by the fact there were people out there pretending to be her big sister.

"Yeah," She laughed with her eyes focused on her cards, "Literally."

"Oh, good one." Quinn chuckled and high fived the younger blonde sitting next to her. San and I just sat there, shocked. I was just getting used to people actually wanting my autograph but now there are people who are so into me and San that they actually pretend to be us? I don't know whether to be flattered or call the police!

"That's..strange." San finally replied after a long pause.

"Very strange." I added gravely, nodding my head along with San's while the other two continued to play cards like nothing was wrong.

"Your go." Quinn announced and looked to San. She didn't make a move though, just sat there with her brows furrowed. "What? What's wrong?"

"Okay, so you just told me that you know of someone who remakes my selfies and you're just going to go on with your lives like that's not creepy at all?" San asked as she set down her cards and looked back and forth between Bryce and Quinn.

"Oh please, you two are famous..there are people in the world that are doing way creepier things than doing parody pictures." Quinn groaned as she set her cards down too. "And when I say creepier things, I mean nasty gross weird disgu-"

"Alright." I cut her off, my lips curving into a disgusted frown as I placed my cards down on the table too, "We get it. People can be pervs."

"Really guys, it's not that bad. They're really big fans of yours." Bryce shrugged after she laid her cards out then pushed up from her spot at the coffee table and went for her laptop on the couch, "I'll show you!"

Quinn gathered up all our abandoned cards to clear room for Bryce's laptop as she brought it over to set the screen in front of us. Within a minute, her screen filled with three or four pictures that looked similar to the ones that San had taken over the last few weeks but instead of the people in the frame being us, it was these two girls.

"Woah." San gasped as she leaned closer to the screen then pointed to one of the pictures, "Make that bigger." Bryce nodded and clicked the intended picture.

"Even the background looks the same!" I mused. We scrolled through a few more pictures and just like Quinn said, they were really similar.

"See? Not that bad.." Bryce teased as she left the mouse unattended and looked back at San and I. She was right too; these pictures were pretty harmless. At least it wasn't something even creepier than just parody selfies; that I don't want to see.

"Yeah, I guess.." San shrugged as she sat back against the couch, "It's still weird though."

"Oh San, you know what would be funny?" I chuckled as she leaned her head on my shoulder while Quinn and Bryce scrolled through more pictures. She turned her head slightly so she was able to look up at me.


"If we remake their selfies." I cheered like it was the greatest idea I ever had. "I'm sure they have their own personal Instagram account, we could totally check it out and copy them back! It'll be great." She licked her lips slowly, but not in the sexual way, it was more in the let me think about it type of way. It seemed like a good idea to me, these girls probably didn't even know we'd ever see these things anyway!

"Alright let's do it." San grinned making Bryce whip her head around.

"Are you guys trying to break the internet?!" She gasped but San just waved her off and told her to hand her her phone.

"Pull up their pictures, we're doing this." I laughed and watched as Bryce slowly shook her head but did as she was told.

"Oh, let's do that one!" San pointed out to one of the pictures. It must've been twin day or something because the two girls had on the same color shirts on and their hair were both pulled up in pig tails. Lucky for us, San and I were both wearing the same color shirt already, well hers was dark blue and mine was grey but with the lighting in the room you couldn't tell the difference.

"Do you have a hair tie?" I asked Bryce as I pulled the one off my wrist so I can start styling San's hair like the brunette's in the picture.

"Are you guys serious right now?" Quinn laughed nervously.

"Here, Britt." Bryce replied as she handed me another hair tie. After I made sure her pig tails were even, San started on doing mine.

"Oh God, you guys are serious." Quinn giggled, hiding her face in her hands. San and I just laughed and started figuring out how we'd copy their facial expressions. I had to be the blonde, of course, and she just had to be making the derpiest face I had ever seen; this was going to be hard.

"Alright, come here babe." San gestured as she opened her arms up so I could sink into her like the two girls were in the picture. She held her phone out in front of us and lined it up so that we were both in the frame then clicked.

"This is perfect." I snickered as San and I looked over the new picture.

"They are gunna flip their shit, it's going to be hilarious!" San added as she went on to upload the picture, making sure to tag to two girls.

"You guys are not even right." Bryce sighed, shaking her head at how San and I singled handedly broke the internet.

A Few Days Later;

We had gotten back to New York just a day before Noah's big New Year's Eve show at Showtimes. It's become sort of a tradition now for me and San so we were glad we could still make it with all the delays that pushed back our arrival due to the snow storms popping up everywhere. We were supposed to be home two days ago, but we ended up staying the night in Philadelphia because it wasn't safe to fly. It was nice though, the airline put Sam, Quinn, San, and I in a really fancy hotel for the night and we didn't even have to pay!

We were still on vacation so we didn't have to go back to work as soon as we got in, though that didn't stop Santana from checking in on things right when we walked through the front door of our apartment. That girl, I swear, she doesn't ever take a break! Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure she snuck off to her home office on purpose; who else is going to unpack all our bags? Her secret plan would end up backfiring on her though because when I unpack, it's like a tornado hit our room because clothes will be all over the place.

I was about halfway done with unpacking when I heard Santana calling for me from the other side of the place. Well calling for me was putting it lightly, Santana was flat out screaming for me and it wasn't in that hot way either. I instantly dropped everything I was doing and bolted across the house to her office.

"What's wrong?" I asked frantically, my arms flying up to grip the doorway as I searched the room for her. She was sitting at her desk with her face in her hands while her shoulders bobbed; she was crying. I dropped my hands from the doorway and slowly walked over to her, kneeling down so that I could wrap my arm around her shoulders. "What's going on, honey?" I asked softly as I used my free hand to pull her hands away from her face. She looked so upset; her nose red and running, her lips all swollen and trembling.

"Qu-Qu-Quinn.." I quirked my brow at hearing my best friend's name, but didn't say anything, just let her talk. "She s-s-sent me something.." I nodded along to her waiting for the rest of the story, but she stopped talking again so I was there left wondering what the hell Quinn sent her that made her have a breakdown out of nowhere, not like those weren't uncommon or anything.

"Okay, and what did she send you?" I asked carefully, making sure my voice was low and soft so I wouldn't trigger a why are you talking to me like I'm crazy mood swing. This time she didn't speak, just pointed to her computer screen. I followed her finger to the email that Quinn had sent her an hour ago and went to click on it.

Then the screen filled with baby penguins, shit.

I don't know when and I don't know why, but since Santana has been pregnant she's developed this little obsession with penguins where sometimes she'll see a picture of one and just burst out in tears because they're so cute. It's safe to say that I've pretty much blocked all penguin related websites on her laptop as well as blocked penguin related tv shows. Say hello to parental control queen!

"Britt, look at them!" She sobbed; fresh tears streaming down her face as she looked waved her hand out at the cute little penguins. "Look at that one, B, it's so tiny and it's all wiggling around without a care in the world! They're so cute and innocent and-"

Then a big ugly seal flopped out of a hole in the ice and started chasing after the cute little penguins, hunger present in its beady eyes.

I'm going to kill Quinn for this.

"Oh God, turn it off!" San cried and buried her face in my shoulder as I scrambled to close the screen, but it was over as soon as it started. I scrolled down just far enough to see the title of the email The Real Happy Feet.

Quinn and I are going to have a very heated conversation really soon!

For now though I needed to focus on comforting my scarred wife.

"I turned off, San, it's okay." I cooed as I tried kissing away her tears.

"Th-That was so mean of her.." She pouted cutely, "Why would someone d-do that?"

"I don't know, but I'm going to yell at her later for it." I replied still rubbing at San's shoulder blades. "That wasn't cool at all."

"Oh, but don't be too mean..I like Quinn." She answered as she turned to look at me. First she was crying because seals have to eat too, then she was mad because Quinn sent her that email, and now she doesn't want me to punish her for it; mood swinging Santana at her finest. I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden she decides to jump me and rip all my clothes off.

"Okay, I won't." I said softly, "I'll just tell her not to do that anymore, kay?"

"Mm..okay." She nodded, wiping at the rest of her tears before smiling brightly at me, "I love you, you're so hot."

And here we go.

"I love you too, San." I chuckled as I braced myself for whatever she was going to do next.

"You know what else I love?"

Either me fucking her on this desk or her fucking me.

"What's that?"

Here it comes, wait for it..

"I love..chili."

"Chili?" I asked hesitantly, my brows furrowing at her, "Like the food?"

"Yes!" She groaned, her head lolling back against my arm that was still around her shoulders like the thought of food was sexually arousing. "Can you go get me some?"

"San, it's 9:30 in the morning..I don't even know where-"Her happy face began morphing into her heartbreakingly upset one that just killed me to look at so I quickly changed the direction of that sentence. "Oh no, no don't cry anymore baby, I hate when you cry." I pleaded and started to stand, "I'm going to get your chili now, okay? Just stay here, don't cry, I'll be right back."

"Okay, B, take your time." She called in the most pleasant voice ever as I left the room. I almost stopped in my tracks at hearing it, but I knew that would be a bad idea and I risked having pillows thrown at me or worse sex withholding, so I quickly slipped my shoes on and grabbed my jacket before heading for the door. Before I ran out on to the bustling sidewalks, I took my phone out of my back pocket and typed out a quick text.

Quinny: If my wife wakes me up tonite bcuz of another penguin nightmare, Im goin lima heights on you for her!

Britt-Britt: &That's payback for lettin my daughter in on the secret before me! love yall

20 Minutes Later;

"Alright baby, I got your chili." I called as soon as I opened the front door, "I may have had to run eight blocks to the only place that sold chili at almost 10 in the morning, but that's okay, I needed the exercise." As soon as I closed the door behind me, I spun around to find that she was curled up on the couch, tv muted, and soundly sleeping. She had legs tucked in a little while her left hand rested on her tummy, her chest rising and falling with each soft breath. I found myself smiling dopily at the sight and quietly slipped my shoes off and walked over to set down the take out bag on the coffee table before taking a seat near her feet. Then almost as if she sensed me sitting with her, she extended out her legs over my lap and rolled a little more to her side before settling again. I set my hands over top her calves and kicked my feet up on the coffee table as I sunk back against the couch cushions, swiftly catching the remote before it fell to the ground, and changed the channel.

It wasn't until about halfway through an episode of Cupcake Wars that Santana began to stir again. She rolled over on her back, one hand still on her belly while she used the other to rub at her eye, and yawned.

"Afternoon, sunshine." I chirped as I ran my hands along her shins and sent a beaming grin her way, "Have a nice nap?"

"Mhm.." She grumbled as she shuffled back to sit up against the arm rest, "How long was I asleep for?" She asked, her voice thick with grogginess.

"Like 30 minutes I think?" I shrugged and nodded over to the coffee table, "I brought you chili like you wanted though." Her sleepy eyes flickered from mine to the table then her lips curled into a smile.

"Ooh, that sounds so good right now." She groaned much like she did earlier when she first started craving it. I giggled at the sound and leaned over to the table and unveiled it from its paper bag then carefully took off the lid and pulled the plastic spoon from its wrapper.

"Yeah, I even got them to throw in a corn bread muffin!" I cheered as she sat up fully and I maneuvered myself over to her so that she was basically sitting on my lap, mindful not to spill the still hot chili on her. "Corn bread goes great with chili."

"You think of everything, don't you." She teased as I dipped the spoon into the thick chili and blew a little so it was cool enough for her then watched as she practically licked the spoon clean. "Oh God, yeah, that's delicious." She moaned and went on to attack the rest of the chili while I rested my hands overtop her baby bump and continued watching the rest of the episode of Cupcake Wars.

It was kind of cool because one of the contenders was this woman who was 8 months pregnant. She was fierce though; walked around that open kitchen like she owned it and her designs were so freaking cute! I was secretly hoping she was going to win. But as I watched her command her team and coolly adapt to the obstacles the judges threw her way, I was reminded of Santana. They both have that spunk and that drive that they can do anything and I loved it. What I didn't love was that this woman was a month away from having a baby and she's still working just as hard as she was previously, maybe even harder! I just couldn't see Santana doing that, actually no, what's bothering me is that I can see Santana trying to work through the pregnancy just like this woman on tv. I could totally picture Santana holding out till the very last minute, maybe even going into labor at work. It's no secret that girl is a workaholic, but I don't know, something's got to give. I sideways glanced at her as the show went to commercial and instantly wanted to laugh. She had the cup of chili to her mouth, tilted up and scraping every last bit of it with her spoon.

"You gunna lick the bowl too?" I teased as she pouted down at the empty cup, not even noticing that I had been watching her. Her head popped up as she flushed.

"Not gunna lie, I seriously thought about it.." She giggled, passing me the empty cup and spoon so I could set it back on the table. She propped her head up on her hand as I went back to watching tv, commercial was over, but I could still feel her staring at me. I didn't say anything at first, just went on watching the screen, but then I couldn't fight the urge to look over at her.

"You're creeping me out." I laughed, not breaking my attention on the tv until she spoke.

"What?" She giggled as I turned my focus on her, "Can I not stare at how beautiful my wife is?" I smiled down at her belly bashfully as I let my hands roam her stomach.

"No, you can't." I joked as I leaned down and pressed a kiss to her tummy.

"Well, too bad. I'm still gunna do it." She huffed playfully, "But you know what I've been thinking?"


"About what Quinn was talking to us about when we were at your parents' house," She started as her hands began fumbling.

"Which was?"

"How we want the public to find out about this.." She said, emphasizing what this is by placing her hands over top mine on her belly.

"Ohh, well.." I sighed and rolled my head back against the couch cushions, "You could start by wearing tight fitting shirts or something? The paparazzi are always in the waiting, it's creepy, but I've seen celebrities do that; quick, easy, and no interviews."

"Yeah..but, I don't know, I kind of want to do something..different." She shrugged, her voice lowering like she's starting to become shy. "I don't want people to just find out, I kind of want us to tell them. I think this is something really special and we shouldn't just be like oh by the way I'm pregnant. I want to world to know because we wanted them to know, you know?" Her head picked up to stare at me as her nose scrunched a little and her shoulders bobbed.

"Yeah, I could see that.." I answered, tilting my head to her, our eyes locking instantly. "Any particular things come to mind?"

"Not really.." She replied, and puffed air into her bangs that had fallen into her eye sight, "That's kinda what I was hoping we'd think up together." I nodded to her, the gears in my head already beginning to grind through ideas as my eyes carried back to the tv screen in time to catch H&M's new commercial featuring one of San's favorite people.

"Oh, what's that song Britt?" She asked as she started doing this little dance, wiggling a little from side to side with her fists raises to the sides of her head shaking them like she had maracas in her hands, "It's catchy." I smiled at her couch dancing then looked back at the screen as the ad played and it instantly clicked in my head. "Woah, you look like you just had a vision, B." She giggled as she dropped her hands to her sides then ran them up to meet my hands. "What's up?"

"I've got an idea."

New Year's Eve, Showtimes;

"Now this is what I'm talking about!" Quinn cheered as she and Sam walked a few step behind us, the bouncers Noah hired keeping the paparazzi from getting too rowdy, as we all made our way towards the entrance. I looked over my shoulder at Quinn who was waving to the cameras like she was the new princess of Genovia.

"Babe, look at her." I giggled, squeezing a little on our joined hands to keep her from walking any further, "She loves the limelight."

"Oh poor Sam, look at the guy." San laughed as she nodded over to Sam who was awkwardly standing next to Quinn as she blew kisses and winked at the various flashes. He had his eyes averted to the ground and his hands buried deep in his black dress pants pockets until Quinn tugged a little on his arm so that he'd smile at the cameras too.

"Should we go get them?" I questioned as we both stood and watched the couple.

"Probably." San shrugged, but neither of us made a move.

"Ladies!" Noah bellowed as he presented himself at the door, his arms opened up wide as he came forward to wrap us up in a big hug. "I've missed you guys!"

"Us too." San mumbled as she patted at his back.

"Ah, you let Quinn and Sam ride in the limo with you?" He chuckled as he dropped his arms from around us and stared at the couple who slowly approached us.

"It was Britt's idea." San sighed as she folded up her arms at me, "I was all for saving Sam the embarrassment that is Quinn finally getting her picture taken by the paparazzi, but she insisted."

"Yeah..I mean, it makes sense. We're all going to the same place, why not." I chuckled sarcastically and nudged her arm with my elbow, "She's just mad because she couldn't get a quickie in before we pulled up like we usually do!"

"Oh my God, Brittany!" San gasped and slapped playfully at my shoulder, "That's not the reason."

"Riiiight." Noah winked and leaned over to me, hiding his mouth behind the side of his hand, "I knew she was a sex addict." I just laughed at his comment, but what I really wanted to do was say; now that she's pregnant, you have no idea, but he doesn't know about all that yet.

After finally hooking onto Quinn's arm, Santana and I both pulled her away from her adoring fans much to Sam's nonexistent protest. Once inside, Noah walked us to our usual booth and went over the set list for tonight's performances; included was Santana's surprise performance that only I knew about. I thought that was funny considering I'm usually the only one who isn't ever in on the secret, but this time; we're in on it together.

"Can we at least get a hint on what the song is?" Sam pleaded, fingers lacing as he wiggled his clasped hands to my wife, "Please?" San just stared at him with narrowed eyes and an unfazed grin.

"When have I ever said what song I'm singing before I sing it?" She quipped making Sam's hands fall flat to the table as he slowly slid away from her. Quinn tried to stifle her giggles as she rubbed at his broad shoulders comfortingly as he feigned disappointment. "Sorry, Sammy, you'll have to wait it out like the rest of the place." San added, slipping her fingers through mine beneath the table then set our hands on her lap.

"So San, you're up after Rachel." Noah announced as he brought over another round, "Drink up." He slid the shot across the table to her then nodded to it as he brought his up. See, if this was happening about a few weeks ago, San and I would both be having a panic attack. Santana doesn't ever deny a drink when it's offered, except if it's coming from creepy stranger who could possibly slip a roofie or seven in, but when it comes to Noah, she doesn't say no. And because we're all still trying to keep our little secret a secret, we need to act as normal as possible; she needs to act as normal as possible.

We, however, have come up with an awesome idea to keep up the act. Though I vowed not to drink around Santana since she's gotten pregnant, tonight's the one exception where I sort of need to just so that our trick can work. Instead of starting off with my usual fruity drinks, I ask for a beer, that way after San takes the shot, she can chase it with the beer in which she spits the shot back in the bottle discreetly. We have Coyote Ugly to thank for such smart trick; Noah won't ever figure it out and Santana doesn't have to be forced to drink alcohol. It's pretty genius if you ask me.

So with that said, Santana takes the shot to her lips and shoots it back before reaching for my beer to chase it. We're both so elated with our plan that I'm just itching to tell the table that San's not really drinking, but I hold myself back.

"Just like old times, huh San?" Noah chuckles and squeezes San's shoulder as he smiles widely.

"You know it!" She winks and I just want to snicker my ass off because Noah has no idea!

"Uhm, Santana?" Sam calls, ducking his head a little like he's trying to be quiet which is pretty useless when you're in a loud club that's currently booming with Rachel's voice. "Do you think you should be drinking?"

San, Quinn, and I went frozen, but only for a second because San was always one for quick comebacks; particularly when it comes to the premature outing of our secret.

"I know you're just concerned for my vocal chords, but I assure you Samson, one shot won't kill me." She replied confidently, her voice unwavering in all her witty glory. "But I appreciate the thought." I secretly glanced in Noah's direction, but he wasn't really paying attention to anything going on at the table, more engrossed in Sugar attempting to dance on one of the tables again; apparently her and Noah are back on, or so Kurt says. I focused my attention back on Sam who Quinn was currently whispering in his ear and I could tell by the way his cheeks flushed that he either was really embarrassed for almost giving us away in front of Noah or Quinn was finally going to walk in me and San's footsteps and drag the guy off for a before-the-countdown-quickie.

I think it was the first one considering the way he sucked in hips enormous lips into his mouth and nodded down at the table like he was being scolded.

"You nervous?" I asked softly, my thumb tracing patterns into the back of San's hand as I focused my attention to her. She picked her head up to look up at me, her deep brown eyes flickering between mine as her tongue poked out and ran across her lips out of habit.

"Mm, nah not really." She shrugged casually and nodded up at the stage where Rachel was about halfway through her song, "I find comfort up there; sitting beneath those hot ass lights, all eyes on me, the quickening pulse of my heart, I find it all comforting." She stated as she pulled on the hand that I had resting around her shoulders to wrap around her more, "Kind of like how I find it comforting to be right here." I smiled back at her shyly as she started playing with my fingers with such gentleness. "It's nice."

"Sounds like it." I replied, grinning at how highly she spoke of her passion for singing; I've always loved when she talked about it since she rarely ever does.

"Well hello all!" Kurt greeted as he walked up to our table, "Fancy seeing you here."

"Kurt!" I cheered and threw out my arms to trap him in the best bear hug I could give from a sitting position. He chuckled against my hair and patted at my shoulder as I squeezed him tight.

"San, get your wife." He choked out teasingly, "I think she's trying to kill me."

"Brittz just misses you," She replied as I dropped my arms from around him.

"True, I feel like we haven't seen each other in weeks! Months even!" I gasped and Kurt just nodded his head guiltily.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry but have you met Rachel Berry? The woman is a handful, I swear."

"Oh, who you telling?" San laughed, "There's a reason I handed her off to Noah here." She teased and patted on my former boss's shoulder, jolting him out of his Sugary daze.

"Huh? What?" He stammered and looked to all of us for an explanation.

"God Noah, just talk to the girl. You two getting back together is inevitable." Kurt groaned tiredly.

"I agree, she's such a sweetheart." Quinn added, smiling angelically over at the girl.

"How would you know? You've met her like once.." Noah sighed, but Quinn just shrugged.

"She made a very good first impression."

"True, she's a nice girl." I chimed in, "I liked working with her." Noah eyed all of us skeptically before shaking his head and nodded to the stage.

"Alright, when did this become all about me," Noah grumbled and folded up his arms over his chest and averted his eyes from the table while everyone tried their hardest not to laugh at him being so uncomfortable. "Oh, San, you're up." Noah announced as Rachel curtsied at the crowd and head off the stage.

"Time to shine." I teased and pressed my lips to her cheek.

"That it is, Britt." She commented and started sliding out from the booth.

"You'll do awesome!" I called and gave her a thumbs up.

"I hope so." She winked, "Can't really go wrong, can we?" I grinned back at her because with what her big secret performance is, you really can't go wrong.

"I'll be watching." I said as she walked off towards the stage, the announcer already starting on introducing her to the crowd.

"Oh, this is going to be good." Kurt noted as he slowly took the seat next to me without moving his eyes from the stage. San took a seat at the lone stool set in the middle of the stage, her blazer buttoned over her baby bump, concealing it from the crowd as she adjusted her mic on the stand. She smiled her award winning smile and waved her signature wave as the piano playing started up behind her. The lights dimmed so that she was the only thing illuminated on stage as she began to sing the first few notes.

There you were and there I was
Was it fate from above?
Either way I found just what I need

All I do is think of you
Close my eyes and fall into
a world totally made for you and me

Like the others, I didn't know what song Santana was going to sing but as soon as the first verse fell from her lovely lips, I couldn't help but fall deeper and deeper in love. I didn't even know it was possible, but I did. I don't know if it was just the significance of today that's making me feel a little more emotional than usual, or maybe Santana's hormones have rubbed off on me, but just listening to her up on stage pouring her heart out like that into every word like the song was so much more than what it was did something to me.

Oh don't you know, I love, love ya
I'll never let go, oh, i love ya
In all of my dreams, you're all I see
What can I do, but love you

I was entranced by her; the way her voice carries, the little hand movements she does when she hits high notes, that little scrunchy face she does when she really feels the soul of the song, even the way she grabs for her belly like she's feeling the music with every part of her being as she belts out her notes, letting her voice carry over the entire club.

Now I got someone to hold
To keep me warm while I was cold
A little scent to melt away the gray

It happened in the nick of time
Unexpected, sweet surprise
With one whose love will never be the same

She was nearing the end of the song, and just like we talked about at home, she began to stand, our plan staring to take flight. She popped the mic of its stand as she continued to sway from side to side, singing her heart out. As she got to the last verse before the chorus, her fingers trailed up her abdomen and slowly unbuttoned the two that were holding her blazer closed, then with a giant smile on her face, she looked straight at me and smoothed that same hand over her bump proudly as the blazer opened up revealing a tight fitting top. Murmurs started up in the crowd almost instantly and nearly half of the room stood and started applauding her before she even finished the last verse of the song. She didn't have to though, the message was clear as day and everyone couldn't wait to show her, show us, their support, because Santana Pierce-Lopez, Co-Owner of SnixxJuice, just announced that she was pregnant.

Oh don't you know, I love, love ya
I'll never let go, oh, I love ya
In all of my dreams, you're all I see
What can I do, but love you

"How very Beyonce of her." Quinn laughed as she clapped her hands excitedly and leaned her back against Sam's chest. I looked back at her and Sam both clapping wildly as Kurt tilted his head back on my shoulder.

"It was my idea." I giggled as I kept my eyes on Santana as the announcer came out and helped her down the stage stairs, fighting the need to watch that guy like a hawk and keep track of his hand placements on my wife.

"Wait." Noah stopped and turned to us for the first time after seeing the performance, his face turning pale and his lips slightly parted, "Santana's pregnant?"

"Nothing gets past you now does it?" San mused as she waltzed up to the table coolly sending Noah a smirk as her hands rubbed at the sides of my tummy before smiling lovingly at me.

"Holy fuck!" Noah laughed as he gazed at her stomach and shook his head with shock, "You're pregnant! There's an actually baby in there, oh my God!" Santana just continued to snicker as she openly ran her hands over her stomach then cradled her belly while I wiggled to the edge of the booth so that I could overlap one of her hands with mine.

Kurt just shook his head as he laughed along with the two, keeping his eyes on San's hand movements in disbelief, "Well, the paparazzi is going to love getting their hands on this.."

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