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There was a blond-haired man that had his hair down to his shoulders. He was very built, wearing a revealing black tank top. He had blue-green eyes that reminded me of the ocean. He had on dark jeans and boots. He was sitting on a throne with something furry behind him, and looked completely bored. The building around him was painted in a deep blood red with pictures of vampires from movies and television. There was black furniture and black tables with black chairs scattered throughout the room. A long bar on the right side looked fully stocked. There was a sign on the wall in neon red cursive script turned sideways saying Fangtasia. Underneath was straight, print, and black. It said 'The bar with a bite.'

His eyes suddenly shifted to meet my chocolate brown ones for one long moment.


That is where my dream ended. I woke up wondering what it meant. I took care of my morning routine then went downstairs to make breakfast before heading to school. It seemed like last night was still a dream. Vampires had revealed themselves to the world. I was surprised to see Charlie sitting at the kitchen table. He had the newspaper with some bacon, eggs, and toast with orange juice. I assume he heard me moving around upstairs because there was another plate sitting on the other side for me.

"Morning, Dad," I greeted him.

He folded up the newspaper and then put it beside him. "Morning, Bells. I made you breakfast."

I smiled. "Thanks, Dad." I sat down and started eating, and so did he.

We ate in silence until Charlie took a deep breath for courage and then started to talk.

"Bella, about this vampire thing, I'm not sure it's safe for you here anymore. You said that the vampires like the Cullens could come outside in the day because it's cloudy." I stared at him in disbelief. "This morning, I called your grandma Swan's sister, Adele, and asked if you could come live with her and Sookie. She agreed, so today's going to be your last day at Forks High. You're going to leave to Bon Temps, Louisiana the day after tomorrow."

I stared at him in shock. He was sending me to Louisiana because of vampires that weren't even here anymore? "Dad, I don't want to go Louisiana. I want to stay here."

He shook his head. "No. It'll be safer in Louisiana. I'm sorry, Bells." He stood up and put our finished plates in the sink for later. "I'll call the school and arrange everything."

With that, he walked out of the house and to the cruiser before leaving for work. I still couldn't believe it. He's sending me to Louisiana. Unfortunately, my tears are connected to my anger. I felt the traitor tears overflowing and start to come down my cheeks. I wiped them away before standing and putting the glasses in the sink before going to brush my teeth and get my school bag.

I locked the door on my way out and got in my truck. I turned the heater on immediately. It was only January and it was really cold, at least to me. One good thing about being sent to Louisiana was that it was warmer there, but if I left here and they came back, how would I know? I pulled into the parking lot of the school and sat there for a moment. I finally got out and went into my first class, which was English.

The day went the same in each class. Charlie must have called the office when he got to work because they had already given me a slip for the teachers to sign. I did the day's work and then handed in my book at the end of class.

At lunch, everyone was abuzz about the new public knowledge of vampires. I sat at the table with all of my friends (Angela, Ben, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, Tyler, Eric, and Eric's girlfriend). They looked surprised that I sat here instead, as I had been sitting at the Cullen table more often than not.

"Hi," I said. They all sat there staring in shock.

Mike was the first to talk. "Well, it looks like Bella is back."

I smiled. "Kind of." They looked confused so I explained further. "Only for the day. It's my last day of school here."

Everyone stared at me in shock. Angela reached over and gave me a large hug, her eyes misting. "I'm going to miss you."

I hugged her back. "I'll miss you too."

Jessica was the first to address it. "Why is it your last day?"

I frowned slightly. "Charlie isn't happy about the vampires. He thinks I'll be safer where it's sunnier."

Everyone understood that. "Where are you going to go?" asked Mike.

"He's sending me to live with my great-aunt and cousin in Louisiana." I sighed. I still wasn't happy about this. I guess he figured I still didn't want to live with my mom. He was right about that though.

Angela hugged me again. Most of the table followed, except for Lauren. I didn't mind that though. A lot of us exchanged e-mails so we could keep in contact.

At the end of the day, I handed in the slip of paper and the receptionist gave me a stack of papers to bring with me to give Bon Temps High School. They wished me well in the future and then I stepped out of Forks High School for the last time. In a way, I was happy; it was too green and rainy here. In a way, I was sad; I had to start a new school again: in my senior year.

I had talked to Adele and Sookie before, and we met when I was three and Grandma Swan died. I had seen her a couple times since then, but it has been a while.

Since I had no homework, I decided I would start packing. I turned my computer on to let it warm up before I checked my e-mail. After I got a good part of packing done, I sat down and logged in. I already had a message from Renée. Charlie had apparently informed her about moving me to Louisiana. She seemed to agree, though she was excited about the fact there were vampires.

I headed to my favorite search engine and typed in the name of the bar in my dream: Fangtasia. The result that came up was a website for the bar, which was in Shreveport, not too far from Bon Temps. The site advertised the slogan too: the bar with a bite. I got the address and directions from Bon Temps, just in case. I wanted to know if the man from my dream was real, though more than likely he was a vampire.

I also made a quick call to Newton's Outfitters, telling them that I was leaving Forks. They wished me well in Louisiana.

After that, I headed downstairs and started to make spaghetti with homemade meatballs and garlic bread. It all finished cooking soon and I made a salad to go with it. I cut the vegetables while the spaghetti was still cooking. Charlie came in as soon as everything was finished. The man had impeccable timing.

We had a silent dinner, except unlike the past, this one was a little awkward. After we finished eating, and I cleared the table, Charlie stayed behind for a minute instead of going directly to the living room.

"If you want to bring anything with you that you can't fit into your luggage, then we can send it to Louisiana. We have some boxes in the attic. I can get them for you if you want." He was still sitting in his chair.

"Um… Yeah, that would be good. Thank you," I answered.

"Okay." He sighed. "Bells, listen. I'm only doing this because I'm worried about your safety. Who knows, it may help you get out of your depression."

"I know you're worried, but I'm fine. They're never coming back."

Since I was done washing the dishes and pans, I left the kitchen quickly and went to my bedroom. I put my CD on and then finished packing. It only took me about thirty minutes so afterwards, I just laid back and read Wuthering Heights again. That's what I fell asleep doing.

The next morning when I woke up, there were some boxes outside my room. Charlie must have put them there last night. I brought them in before heading to have my human moment and get dressed. After that, I went to the kitchen and grabbed a pack of Pop-Tarts and a glass of orange juice. I returned to my room and packed a few boxes with books, clothes, and some other things. After I finished that, it was lunch time. I made myself a sandwich and ate some chips.

Since it was a Saturday, no one was in school. I would go down to La Push and say goodbye to Jake. I got my keys, locked the door, and got in my truck. It started after a moment and then I pulled out and made the twenty minute drive to the reservation. I finally saw the trees thinning and the first houses and took the route to Jake's house.

When the little red house came into view, I saw Jake running out from a building beside the house. When I opened the door, he was already there and pulled me out into a big hug that nearly took my breath.

"Hi, Bells," he exclaimed excitedly.

"Jake… need… air," I struggled to get out.

He immediately let me go and put me on my feet, making sure I was steady before letting me go completely.

"This is a surprise. What are you doing here?" Jake asked me.

I hesitated for a moment. "Can we walk some?"

He nodded. "Yeah, let me show you the garage first. I'm building a car. You wouldn't happen to have seen a master cylinder for a Volkswagen Rabbit have you?"

"No, not lately," as if I'd even know what that is.

We walked to the garage, which is the building I saw beside the house. Inside was a black car, about half way put together.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

I was very impressed he could do this. "This is amazing. You put that together yourself?"

He smiled. "Yep. I did have some help a couple of times though. I couldn't lift all of the pieces by myself."

I smiled back. "That's really impressive."

He smiled bigger. "Thanks!"

My smile started to fade. Jake noticed. "All right, what's wrong?"

We started to walk out and walk around the yard.

"Charlie is sending me somewhere else."

Jake stopped walking. By now, we were in front of the door, but not super close to the door. "What? Why?"

A small frown appeared on my lips. "The vampires; he's scared one will come here." Jake rolled his eyes. "And… Billy told my dad about the Cullens."

His face immediately snapped to mine. "What do you mean?"

I sighed. "About the Cullens being vampires." He looked and happened to see the scar on my wrist from James. He ran his hand over it after pulling my wrist up to him, then let go after a minute or so.

Jake started shaking. Just then, a car pulled up and Sam Uley and Harry Clearwater got out. Jake's shaking got worse. Sam came running over.

"Bella, get back!" Sam yelled. I looked at him. "Get back, now!"

I started stepping backwards. Harry Clearwater was at the door now, telling Billy something. Billy came to the front porch with a scared look on his face. I kept backing up, my speed increasing as I went, and got to the porch beside Billy and Harry. Just then, Jake exploded into a big brown russet wolf the size of a horse with hair down to the ground. I gasped. Sam went into the forest and then a big black wolf came out. He was even bigger than Jake.

I turned to Billy and Harry. "Is that Sam?"

Harry looked at me and nodded before looking back towards the wolves. Within a few minutes, there were two other wolves that came. One was brown with dark gray around his eyes, like a mask, and the other had dark silver fur. They were all beautiful, but were completely lethal. I looked back to Harry and Billy.

"Is Jacob going to be okay?" I asked.

Billy looked over to me with a small smile. "Yes, he'll be okay."

"So, werewolves are real then?" I asked just to make sure.

"Yes, though we are not limited to the full moon. We only change when vampires are near," Harry answered.

"Okay." They were surprised by my easy acceptance. "I promise I'll keep this a secret."

They both nodded gratefully. "Thank you," replied Billy.

I smiled at them both before we turned our attention back to the scene in front of us. I wonder how they were communicating. Jake was calming down you could tell. The dark silver wolf ran to the trees and then a minute later, a guy came out of the trees with only shorts on. He was at least six feet tall and was very muscular, though not as big as Emmett, had black hair, was the same russet color as the rest of the people here on the reservation. As he ran closer, I could tell his eyes were brown.

"He's ready to phase back. He needs clothes," the boy said.

"Thank you, Paul," said Billy. "Bella, would you mind going to Jake's room and finding a pair of shorts or pants?"

"No problem," I answered. He smiled slightly, and I returned it.

I went inside the house and back to Jake's room. I found a pair of black sweat pants and then went back to the front porch. I handed Paul the pants and he ran back over to the tree line. A minute later, Sam, Paul, Jacob, and another boy came out of the woods. Jake looked tired, and like he was in some kind of pain. Once they reached the porch, Sam and Paul stopped at us and the other boy helped Jake into the house.

"How was Jacob able to turn so quickly?" asked Harry.

Sam answered, "I'm not sure. Something must have triggered it for him to turn into a wolf so quickly. He turned back so fast since he thinks anything is possible now with the vampires coming out of the coffin. I think Bella being here helped too." He looked to me then. "Bella, what were you talking about before he started shaking?"

"Well, I told him Charlie is sending me somewhere else, and then he asked why, and I told him he's a little freaked out about the whole vampire thing, which reminds me. Billy, if the vampires find out he knows they could kill him. They don't like humans knowing they exist." He paled a little at this. "Anyways, Billy told him about the Cullens, which has him more freaked since they can come out in the day. Then, when I told Jacob that Billy told Charlie, he saw my scar."

"What scar?" questioned Paul. I noticed the other boy had returned.

I held up my wrist. "It's a bite from a Cold One. There was a vampire after me that was a tracker. When he caught my scent on the baseball field the Cullens played at, he wanted me. The Cullens reacting the way they did made it his most fun game ever. That's why I was in Phoenix last year. They hid me there, and he found us. He said he had my mother, so I snuck away and met him. He didn't really have my mom, and he started torturing me. Edward got there after he broke my leg. They fought, and during the fight, James bit me. The Cullens killed James while Edward and Carlisle started fixing me up, but the venom was spreading. Edward sucked it out so I wouldn't turn."

"He turned from seeing that?" Paul asked disbelievingly.

"No. He held it and rubbed his hand over it."

Sam looked thoughtful. "I suppose that could trigger it. It would be like touching a vampire in a way."

Once they figured that out, Harry and Billy went inside. Sam introduced me to Paul and Jared, so I would know who they are, not just a name I picked up in a conversation and as just another boy. They filled me in on some of the wolf things, so I would know what to expect or do if something like that happened again, like Jacob accidentally phasing if I came back for a visit. Also, they told me ways to calm them down if they started shaking.

After that, Paul and Jared went inside, but I still had something to ask Sam.

"Is that how you found me? Your wolf form, I mean." He automatically knew what I was talking about.

He nodded. "Yeah. It's easier to track something that way. I caught your smell and then followed it before shifting back once I found you."

"I thought I had heard an animal around me right before that," I recalled. "I thought something was going to eat me."

He winced a little. "Sorry I scared you."

I smiled a little. "It's okay. Thank you for bringing me home that night."

He smiled back some. "You're welcome."

I suddenly recalled something. "Are the bear sightings you guys?"

I sighed and frowned a little. Paul and Jared came back out then. "Yeah. There's a vampire here. She keeps trying to get through us, but when we get close, she runs. We got there too late to save them, and people accidentally catch sight of us and think we're the ones killing the humans, but it's the vampire."

My stomach started to tie up in knots. "She?" Sam nodded. "Does she have red hair?"

I feared the answer. "Yeah, you know her?" Jared asked.

My knees couldn't hold me up anymore and I started falling. Someone caught me before I hit the ground. She finally found me. She came back for her revenge for killing her mate James. "Victoria? She's here?" It came out like an almost whisper. I could feel my eyes start to burn and it became harder to breathe. I noticed it got warmer at some point, so someone must have brought me inside. A moment later, this was confirmed as I felt the fabric of the couch.

I could hear the squeak of Billy's chair against the floor coming closer. "Bella?"

"Bella? Bells, are you okay?" I heard Jacob's raspy, worried voice before he knelt in front of me and looked me in the eyes. That seemed to draw me out of my daze.

I looked up. "Yeah. I'm just scared."

Everyone frowned. "Scared of what, Bells?" asked Jacob.

"V-Vi-Victoria," I stuttered out her name. "She's going to kill me."

Jacob looked mad now. "Who's Victoria?" He started shaking a little.

"Jacob, outside. You don't want to phase in here near her," Sam said. They led Jacob outside. "Is Victoria, the red haired vampire we've seen?"

"Yes," I answered. "She wants to avenge her mate's death."

"Mate?" asked Paul.

"James." That seemed to be enough for everyone.

After that, Jake came back in and I told him about Charlie sending me to Louisiana. He wasn't happy and wanted to keep in touch. He wanted me to call him at least once a week, and I agreed. Sam and Jared were nice, and Paul was nice sometimes, but a little of a hothead. The rest of the day went by quick with Sam, Paul, Jared, Billy, and Harry explaining to Jacob and me about the whole werewolf thing. I also told them about the dream when Jacob told me some of the legends. Edward had been glowing and Jacob turned into a russet wolf. They were surprised to say the least.

When it became almost night time, Billy called Charlie, Sam called Emily, Jared called Kim, and Harry called Sue and Seth. Leah didn't want to come because Sam and Emily. They called a few other people too. Sue showed up with lots of food, as did Emily, and Charlie showed up with beer, soda, and some chips.

I had a fun last night in La Push, and I didn't really want to leave. I knew Charlie wouldn't let me though. It luckily wasn't raining and stayed like that the entire night. I loved Emily when I met her. She was so sweet and kind, and sort of reminded me of Esme. She said she wanted to talk to me regularly too, so I gave her my cell phone number, and she gave me her and Sam's number. My cell phone was keeping the local number, so it wouldn't be considered long distance. She said to call if I ever needed anything, and Sam agreed with the statement. Kim was nice too, though she was quite shy.

After the night was over and I had to go home to rest for the move, we left. My plane left at 11:00 in the morning and we had leave at 9:30. I said my final (temporary) goodbyes to everyone there, Jake and Emily getting a hug, and went back to Charlie's little house. We said our goodnights before climbing in bed after brushing our teeth.

Tomorrow would be my first day in Louisiana and the start of my new life. With that, I fell asleep for the last time in Forks.