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We walked into Volterra, noting the few humans that were oblivious to what surrounded them. The remnants of the recent festival were still visible, having not been cleaned properly. Decorations still hung in the town square and on buildings throughout the small Tuscan town. We slid into the darkened doorway that was the front for the Volturi and I felt my maker become cold and distant, animalistic I believe might be the right word. The few Cold Ones guarding the entrance were quickly dispatched, as was the receptionist. We took the elevator down, some of the Authority guards getting off on every level to clear out the vampires all through the building.

Godric, Ben, Carmanos, and I went to the main floor of the throne room. We massacred the few that were gathered in the hallway quickly. Godric was no longer capable of being calm; it was pure adrenaline and hate and darkness. He was Death. It was rather frightening. The rest of us barely did anything since he was tearing them apart so quickly and viciously. We entered the throne room and saw the three leaders and around 20 of their guard. I assumed it was the most powerful vampires in their coven that were here with them.

We wasted no time in destroying them. Cold Ones were no match for us as we were all very old vampires. I ripped Alec to pieces first since his gift could make us blind before I felt a horrible pain in my head. I dropped to my knees, grabbing my head on both sides. I heard screaming and assumed it was the Cold Ones until I realized it was my own. I felt cold, marble-like hands around my neck. They were quickly ripped off and the pain stopped about the same time. I turned to see Felix being ripped apart by Carmanos and Jane being burned by Godric. I stood and grabbed Renata from behind, taking her by surprise. She was concentrating on guarding the three so called kings so didn't think to guard herself. I decapitated her and tossed her body to the side.

At this the three leaders turned and looked at us. The four of us had destroyed their guard quickly and they were all that was left.

"You fools! Do you have any idea what you've just done?!" Caius roared.

Godric chuckled. "Do you have any idea what you triggered when you attacked my mate and progeny, Isabella Swan?"

Their faces paled if that were possible; Aro and Caius looked slightly panicked.

"What have you done now, Aro?" Marcus groaned, annoyed at the other man.

"We sent Afton and Chelsea after the Swan girl since the Cullens failed in their mission then went missing. They were supposed to bring her to us," Caius answered quickly and impatiently. You could see the anger bubbling in his eyes.

Godric raised an eyebrow. "The Cullens neglected to mention they were meant to bring them to you when we killed them all." They seemed stunned by this revelation. "You honestly thought I would let them live after they did such harm to my mate? I refuse to allow that harm to come upon her. This spell you placed on her that put her in a magickal coma? It just cemented your death sentence."

"The Cullens are dead, are they?" Aro grumbled, disgruntled.

"The Authority will get you for disrupting the treaty!" Caius threatened.

My maker just laughed maniacally. "The groups of vampires above that are massacring the rest of you are from the Authority. Your coven broke that treaty long ago."

This seemed to make Caius lose all steam. Suddenly, Marcus turned to Aro and grabbed his head forcefully.

"You killed my mate and wife! Your own

! Now you are our end. If nothing else, I will be


"Brother, no!" Aro cried.

Marcus's voice turned cold. "You are no brother of mine."

Aro started screeching incomprehensibly.

With that, and a surprised look on everyone's face, he tore his head off followed by his limbs. Caius started shaking in defeat and shock. My maker wasted no time in dispatching him as well before he could open that mouth again. The only one left now was Marcus.

He sighed. "I have been waiting for centuries to be reunited with Didyme. I could not leave Aro; he forced his hand to keep me alive this whole time. Please grant me the peace I desire and let me leave this world."

My maker nodded. "So granted."

He lifted his arms and held them out, turned his head to the sky, sighed with a smile, and whispered "Finally."

Godric happily gave him his release from this life and into the next one to be reunited with Didyme. I felt bad for him in a way since he had to live so long without his mate. I knew if that happened to me, I wouldn't stay alive; neither would my maker. I could feel his questioning gaze at my solemn expression. I said I would explain later in the mental link we had and he nodded. We burned all the bodies and met with the Authority guards on the floor we entered. They had confirmed they killed them all and burned all the bodies. We left the building quickly and silently, gliding through the air and back to the hotel where our belongings were. We took quick showers then changed into clean clothes before bagging the others up so we could burn them later because of the scent clinging to them.

We cleared security at the airport and boarded the airplane; most of the guards were there already and the others showed up soon after. We took off and waited for the long trip to be over with so we could reunite with our Bella.

Godric asked me mentally, reminding me I promised to tell him earlier.

He grimaced slightly during my explanation. He agreed though; we would quickly meet the true death if something happened to Bella.

After the long and miserable 14 hour trip to New Orleans, we finally arrived. We quickly gathered our belongings, passed through customs, and rushed towards the Authority once we were out of the airport. We messaged Roman while we were waiting in lines. It was a little after 4 am and the city was still wide awake with alcohol, music, and food. There were vampires having a party in a building nearby; I could hear the ruckus and smell the blood.

We arrived outside the abandoned power plant that now housed the Authority, the guards letting us in quickly and bringing us the level where the Chancellors now awaited.

"Where is she?" Godric demanded. No introductions necessary I see.

"Take this hall and Roman has the door open. You will see them," Salome answered.

We both rushed down the corridor and found them within seconds. Her skin was extra pale and she looked like she was sleeping. If I didn't know of her condition, I thought she might be. I walked slowly over towards her, observing every detail.

"Did your witch find out how to break it exactly, or just that it would when we returned to her side?" Godric asked.

"She didn't specify," Roman answered quietly. "From what I've seen, her condition has changed. I've been the only one in here, even sleeping in the chair. I kept my promise on that end." Godric nodded in agreement and approval. "Would you like me to summon Raven to find out more?"

Godric laid down beside Bella's unmoving body, grabbing her hand and pulling it to him. I followed suit, but on the opposite side, just like we did at home.

"Come back to my little Isabella," Godric whispered in her ear. He leaned in towards her face and kissed her gently.

I stroked her hair and after a few minutes, Godric kissed her again, but much more passionately. He put his head in her hair and kissed her there. I slowly, as not to startle my on-edge maker, and kissed her lips gently as well.

She took a deep breath suddenly, sitting up at vampire speed, startled. She looked around the room frenzied; you could see the fear in her eyes. Godric and I were what she noticed first. She looked confused for a moment. She caught her breath then found it in her to speak.

"You're here?" We nodded. "I thought you were on your way to Italy."

Her brow furrowed. I hesitated, unsure of how to tell her about this recent attack on her. I could tell Godric was feeling the same, but he found the courage to do so.

"We did. It's been a few days since we've seen you, Bella," he explained slowly.

She gasped. "How?"

"The Volturi apparently put a spell on you. They confessed that they were supposed to have received you as a prize from the Cullens. Since that didn't work, nor sending Afton to take you, they put a spell on you. I'm not sure what their plan was past that as they were all massacred. However, you are back to normal now."

She gasped at the mention of the name of those dreadful things. She was slightly in shock and processing the information my maker just revealed.

"You need to feed most likely; it's been a few days," I mentioned.

Godric nodded. "It'll help with your mental state as well as your physical." He turned to Roman, who was observing from the chair quietly. "Is there any way that she can feed here?"

"We have TruBlood available if you want her to try that first before feeding on a human."

Godric contemplated that, but then answered, "I'd rather her not drink that vile liquid."

Roman chuckled. "I'll send a donor in." He left the room to acquire the human.

We relaxed in silence, our little mate processing everything in her mind. We stayed like this until there was a knock at the door. It was Roman returning with a young woman with brown hair and green eyes with a fair complexion. She was dressed in a red silk blouse with a black pencil skirt and black high heels.

She smiled brightly. "Which one of you lucky gentlemen am I serving today?"

Roman glared. "I told you it would be the newborn female before you agreed."

She lost her smile quickly and nodded silently, looking at the floor. "Yes, Guardian."

He turned towards us. "Do you need me to stay to help?"

Godric shook his head. "We've got it. I'll let you know if we need help," gesturing to the human while saying that.

He nodded and stepped out of the room, presumably back to the main room. Godric ordered the girl to come over to the bed. I could hear Bella's fangs descend and she turned to her eagerly and quickly. Godric grabbed her shoulders; strong enough to hold her back, but not strong enough to hurt her.

"Gently bite into her wrist, that way she can heal easily. Try to drink slowly and listen to the sound of her heartbeat. Once it starts slowing, you have to stop so you don't kill her."

He gently guided her towards the woman's offered wrist. She bit eagerly, not so much gently though. She drank the blood freely, obviously unable to control herself quite yet. When her heart started slowing though, Bella did ease up on feeding but didn't stop. Her heart slowed a little more.

"Stop," Godric ordered her.

She quickly stopped, jerking up towards Godric, almost bumping his head. He kissed her cheek and I dismissed the girl, rushing her out.

"Aren't you going to heal my wrist at least after feeding a fucking newborn?" she asked annoyed.

Godric still hadn't returned to normal after unleashing Death, so this woman was pushing his limits.

"Get out or lose your head," he replied coldly.

She went pale and ran out as fast as she possibly could, rather shaky as well. I heard Roman stop her and ask her if she seriously asked us that question. With her positive, I heard a spine snapping and him calling for the guards to get rid of the body. Godric slightly chuckled and I grinned slightly.

Bella curled into my maker, trying to calm herself. Godric rubbed her back. "You did well, little one. It is quite difficult to control yourself at first, and you did well. It will get easier with time."

She didn't speak but I could feel the internal struggle, wanting more blood but trying to hold it backā€¦ and not saying anything about this. Godric was becoming unhappy about this and mentioned it.

"It is okay if you need more blood, Bella. You have been knocked out for days at such a young age and you need to recover. Take deep breaths. It will help."

I heard her follow his direction as I moved to the door, drawing his attention and receiving a questioning look.

I could hear the demand clearly and shivered.

He sighed and nodded, agreeing to the plan. I walked out the door and found Roman and the Chancellors in what equated to the living room. They were going over what happened in each place in detail and gathering information. They turned towards me when I got closer.

"Does Bella need more blood?" Roman asked.

I nodded. "Yes. She is needing to feed more, whether it be a person, or even bottled at this point. Being unconscious for a few days made her much thirstier than we thought."

He lifted a hand and made a motion; a guard came rushing in. "Gather a couple of bottles of blood and a living donor willing to feed a newborn. Bring them to our guests' quarters to Godric and Eric."

After a quick confirmation, the guard disappeared. I thanked the Guardian and returned to my maker and our mate. Still in the same position as before, I let him know they were sending both types so she could have her thirst eased. He grimaced at the thought of the bottled blood but said nothing. I sat in one of the chairs while waiting, and Godric eventually led Bella to the chair on the opposite side of the table. We didn't have to wait too long before I answered the door to the guard coming with the requested items.

We repeated the process of feeding on the woman's wrist, still having the same difficulties but without her nearly hitting Godric's head with her own. The donor left quickly and quietly after. I prepared the bottle of blood, leaving it in the original container as I handed it to Bella. She looked at it hesitantly while Godric sneered at the smell of the synthetic blood. She took a tentative sip, making a face at the taste.

"I know it's not the best taste," I started, making her turn towards me. "However, it will give you what you need to feel better until after you rest."

Her face conveyed how little she believed me but took another sip regardless, her body quivering with the liquid descending in her throat. It took a while but she finished the bottle. She could manage the ache now, even though she was still thirsty. I prepared a second bottle, resulting in her giving me funny looks that I ignored and Godric was none too pleased with.

"You have to drink this, Bella. Stop giving him looks like that because you have no choice. You need more blood and this is how you're getting it right now." His voice nearly had a hard edge, unhappy that she would attempt to protest feeding from the synthetic blood over not feeding.

She stayed silent but her face turned more towards a pout and I rolled my eyes. Godric bit his tongue, barely, so long as she drank this for us. After being handed the bottle, she sipped on it unhappily but finished it, thankfully. This sated her enough to relax and we cleaned up with a quick shower. We all lied on the bed afterwards, Bella in between us in what had become our routine. She fell asleep rather quickly, being pulled to rest by the rising sun. I was remembering back to when I was a newborn and compared that to how he was now with Bella and was surprised.

I heard randomly, startled that he had been paying attention to my thoughts. This caused him to chuckle and to comment,

I had to agree with him there.

He raised his brow, demanding an explanation.

He pondered this momentarily, thinking back centuries ago.

I understood my maker's thoughts completely. He would not let it go again as feeding is a vital part of surviving, and our little Bella would survive. We drifted off to sleep quickly after, tired from the trip and emotionally exhausted by our worry for our mate for days.