A/N: after a long absence I have decided to repost this whole story again from the beginning

Jack O'Neill wandered aimlessly thru the halls of Stargate Command; it felt strange for him to be back after so long of an absence, having already made his obligatory visit to General Landry's office to catch up and talk about the most recent events both at the SGC and at Washington, he was now wandering around looking to his old team members

Having already tried Carter's lab and found no one there which was strange given the time of day he then moved on to Daniels lab hoping he would know where she was and found him bent over his desk holding some sort of artifact in his hand while muttering to himself and writhing furiously on a notepad beside him

"Danny Boy, don't you know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness" Jack exclaimed with a huge grin on his face as Daniel jumped 3 feet in the air and turned around to see who interrupted his train of thought

"Jack, good to see you again" Daniel said now only mildly annoyed that he had been disturbed "not to sound unhappy to see you, cause its always good to see you but, Why are you here?

"Well Space Monkey" Daniel winced at Jack's use of his unwanted nickname " I got me some leave from the suits at Washington and I was heading up to my cabin when I thought it would be nice if I dropped by and invited you all to come with, you know cause we had so much fun last time"

"yasureyoubetcha" Daniel muttered to himself using one of Jacks favorite lines as he turned slightly away from Jack to concentrate on the artifact he was translating for SG5's return mission to P3X-297

"What was that" Jack asked

"I said sure sounds great" replied Daniel with false enthusiasm "But you have to get permission from Landry first"

"Aleady done my friend I saw him before I came here and he gave my permission to and I quote "Get them all out of the mountain for a while" his words not mine, infact he practically ordered me to do it " Jack replied holding up his hands defensively

When do we leave" asked Daniel seeing that there was no point in to get out of it if Landry had ordered it

"As soon as I can get Carter and Teal'c together, speaking off where is Carter I went by her lab to tell her the good news but she wasn't there, Wouldn't happen to know where she is do ya" Jack asked with a touched of concern in his voice, it was unlike Carter to ever leave her lab unless he himself dragged her out and made her eat or sleep,

"Umm she's at home" Daniel replied quietly

"I'm sorry I don't think I heard you right did you just say Sam is at home" Jack exclaimed with a hint of shock, disbelief and worry in his voice

"She was ordered to take 2 weeks leave by Landry when he found out that she worked in her lab for 4 days straight with out sleep and then collapsed in the briefing room" Daniel replied

'Damn it Carter' Jack thought angrily "and none of you noticed that's she wasn't sleeping or eating properly, Jesus Christ Daniel your supposed to be her friend how could not have done something, I mean I know Sam can be stubborn but this is nuts" Jack said as he angrily paced the floor in Daniel's lab

"You know I think of Sam as more than a friend Jack" Daniel retorted angrily "She's like a sister to me you know that I would help her if I could, but she wouldn't talk to anyone and she locked the door of the lab we finally had to get Siler to override the command to let us in and even then she refused to let us help" Daniel told him losing some of the anger he had at Jack's accusation "She and Landry argued about her going on leave and it wasn't until he threatened to call you that she finally gave up and left the base, and that was yesterday"

Jack stood there in shock over what Daniel had revealed, especially the last little fact, why had it been that threat of Jack finding out that had made her give up

Shaking himself out of his thoughts he looked at Daniel "Do you know why she was locked in her lab, she doesn't normally do that with out a good reason, like someone trapped off world or someone dieing" the words fading as the left his mouth as Jack suddenly remembered something "Aawww Shit…Daniel whats the date today"

Jack mentally kicked himself as Daniel told him

"It's the anniversary of Jacob's death"