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Whilst Sam was getting dressed Jack decided to tackle the scary smell coming from the back of her fridge. Opening the door he was shocked and dismayed at the contents of fridge. A few takeout boxes from local Chinese restaurant's and some fruit hat has seriously seen better days and what might have been a peach in a former life but was now nothing more that green fuzz on fuzz.

"Well" Jack said to himself "just gotta dive in and hope nothing jumps out and attacks me when I least expect it but I swear goa'uld prisons smelt better than this fridge"

Meanwhile Sam was mentally preparing herself for the day and all the things she knew it was going to contain. First thing on the list was to visit Dad. There was a was going on inside her head of whether to invite Jack to come with her to the cemetery or not, as much as she wanted to be string and do it alone she knew Jack wanted to be there for her and also her father and Jack had such a good relationship and she knew deep down that Jack would like to see him to.

While Sam was sitting on her bed finishing getting ready a sudden expletive was released in the direction of the kitchen "Damn Carter what the hell is in your fridge" "Jack?" Sam called out worryingly " are you ok in there?"

" No carter I am not ok. This thing in the back of your fridge just attacked me….what have you been putting in here?"

Sam walked into the kitchen to see Jack standing as far away from the fridge as he could and watching it with a wary gaze. "Jack" Sam sad softly trying to get his attention "carter, something in the fridge made a move for me as soon as I tried to start cleaning, you keeping something alive in there?" Sam glared at him and went to inspect the fridge herself to see what he was so scared of. Opening the fridge door she looked carefully and then exploded with laughter realizing what it was that Jack had seen and who the culprit was that out it there.

Straightening up he looked a Jack who was watching her with a shocked look and that only seemed to make her laugh harder at him "I'm so sorry Jack" she said between giggles" I don't mean to laugh at you but you just got done with one of Cassie's pranks" "what…huh…..Cassie's what….huh?" Jack looked at seem even more confused than before?

Taking mercy on him she reached into the fridge and pulled out a giant creepy slimy bug looking thing ?this is Cassie's" Sam explained "she built it herself to scare people, its battery operated and move when it detects a light source, so when you opened the door and the light came on it triggered it to move" Jack looked at the gross little toy still kind of freaked out but also a little proud of what Cassie had done. "well" Jack said slowly" good to know that she learned something from me after all, even if it is different ways to prank and scare you friends and family" he said with a grin on his face." Well now that nothing will attack me in the fridge I think I will get on with cleaning it out. Cause seriously carter that thing is gross"

"Actually" Sam said quietly" I was going to ask you if you wanted you come with me to visit Dad. I mean if you don't want…" "Sam" Jack said cutting her off midsentence "I'd love to come with you, that is, if you really want me to" he looked at her face carefully seeing how afraid she was of him saying no

"Of course I do. I know how close you two were to each other" Sam said with more of a smile on her face now that she knew Jack was coming with her "I've been meaning to see him for a while but I haven't had to time"

"Great, I'm ready to go now if you are to "sure, let's get a move on, lots to do today"

As they headed out the door to Jacks truck millions of thoughts were running thought their heads. Sam was thinking about the conversation to come that nite and all the memories it would bring back of the two of them together and Jack was lost in a flashback of the day Jacob died and how he made a promise to him that he was yet to fill, and silently wondering if this was the wake call he needed to finally make things right "well Jacob old boy" Jack thought to himself" here goes nothing, ill either win it all or lose everything I ever really cared about….."

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