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Tori was so excited. It was the last day of school, which meant summer vacation! And what was better, was that, Sikowitz, u know the crazy, shoeless teacher was taking them to England!

That's right, for a class project. He said it would help them experience what it was like to be citizen from the 15th to the 19th century, since he was taking them to the old castle in Reading(A/N: that's a place near London).

Tori's POV:

I am soooo excited; a free trip to Reading is awesome! And after that, we have three months! Three whole months to chill with Andre, Cat and Robbie and forget all about school and that bastard, Beck. I mean sreriously! That bad boy slushied me on the first day of school and didn't even say sorry, and from that day, we were sworn enemies.

Oh, and last month he put a spider in my locker, knowing that I'm afraid of them! Which asshole would do that?

Unfortunately, he's best buds with Andre, so I get to see him a lot!

Anyways, now, it's 3:30pm and I just finished packing my suitcase.

The doorbell rang.

"Tori, would you mind getting that?"

"But you're right next to the door!" I answered.

"Yeah, but I'm trying to eat my pickle!" she screamed.

"Whatever" I answered. I was so sick of her; I mean I would trade a hobo for her.

I ran to the door and opened it to see Andre and Beck.

"Hi, Andre and his friend, came to beg forgiveness?" I smirked, referring to Beck.

"I'm not here to listen to your crap, so let's just get out of here" he said.

"Carrying on…. Hey, Tori, want a ride, Cat and Jade are already at the airport" said Andre.

"Sure" I answered "Just let me go get my suitcase"

I ran upstairs and got my pink, fluffy suitcase, I am 16, but what can I say? I love fluffy stuff! Oh my god, I'm acting like Cat.

I said a quick goodbye to Trina, but my parents were still at work, and ran towards the car.

"Pink? Seriously? You are such a girly girl!" said Beck

"Hey, don't yap your trap at me, I like pink" I answered happily. Nothing was going to change my mood today. I put my suitcase in the back and went towards the back seat of Andre's ride. Why am I stuck in the back?

The ride was small, and went in silence…. Well not exactly. Andre put on some music and the whole time he and Beck were chatting non-stop about cars. I couldn't understand anything so I just stopped listening. I was thinking about my life. It's changed so much, I've met Cat, Jade, and Andre and…..Beck. I've gone through some rough times, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

I was interrupted by Andre.

"Yo, Tori! Earth to Tori! Hey, we were asking u if u like the new model from Nissan." Said Andre

"Huh?" I didn't understand what he was talking about so I just played along.

"Yeah, it's alright"

"You're kidding right? Alright then Vega, what is your favorite car model?" asked Beck.

"Mine is the Nissan Tida 2375" I said. That was the only car model I knew, besides my dad's.

"Oh, that's cool" said Andre.

They kept blabbering on but I wasn't at all interested. I was thinking about England. My grandma, before her death, told me that I had an aunt in England, somewhere on the outskirts of London. She had been there when I was born, but then she and my family had a fight and she left for England. Carrying on… maybe I could meet her.

We arrived at the airport, but I was so caught up I didn't realize it.

"Hello? Miss. Vega, we're here" said Beck

"Why the hell are you suddenly being nice to me?" I asked

"Cuz I figured, I don't want anything ruining my day, excpecially not you, but this is the first and last time"

I smiled. "Yeah, yeah, now come on"

We got out of the car and took our stuff out. We headed up to the airport where we saw Cat, Jade, Robbie, Rex, some other students, Sikowitz and Lane sitting in the lounge. Sikowitz was bear-footed. Seriously? Won't people laugh? I swear this guy has no dignity.

"Hey, people!" Andre greeted.

"You three our finally here" said Cat, giving me a hug.

"Yes, now get you're pretty butts into the queue so we can get on with our lives" said Jade.

"Jade, it's alright, we've got 3 hours left" said Lane.

"Yeah, but patience is something Jade isn't familiar with" said Beck.

"Shut up Oliver, or your parents will find you dead in the pilot's quarters"

"And that's supposed to scare me, how?" asked Beck

"Shut up you two, nothing's gonna ruin my day, get that?" I said. I'm not usually that rude, but now, I have a reason.

"Okay, let's head up since everyone's here" said Sikowitz.

We entered the queue and all the checking bags and passport stuff and then headed up to the waiting area. There was still an hour left. Robbie and Andre sat down while I and Cat went to the shopping area. There was soooo much stuff. Snacks like chocolates, chips, ice-cream and all sorts of juices. There was make-up and clothes section, toys and books. We went to the stuffed-animals section. If I had aunt, it was possible she had a daughter, and any cousin of mine had to love stuffed-animals as much as mine.

"Hey, Cat, somebody annoying I don't know" I heard.

"Save the jokes for the comedian, Beck" I said. "What are you doing here anyways?"

"My mom made me promise I should check up on Cat every 5 minutes" he said. Did I mention that this annoying jackass in front of me and Cat are cousins? Well, they are.

"And buying stuffed pieces of junk? Very classic" he said.

"It's for my maybe couin" I said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Cat

"Oh, I have an aunt in England I never met, and maybe a cousin"

"I'm going to go now, no need to listen to your mouth chattering on and on about your stupid aunt." He said. He started to walk away but I pulled him back.

"What do you mean by that, you sick bastard!"

"Any person related to you is cheap, stupid, idiotic…..should I continue?"

"Listen, asshole, I may not have seen her, but I love her, and you make fun of me, I try to tolerate it, but do not get there"

"Really, what are you gonna do about it?" he asked, ok, I was already pissed off.

"This!" I said and kicked him hard in his private area. I didn't even wait to see his reaction, I just stormed off to find Andre. I was looking when the reporter or whatever you call him, announced that our flight gate was now open. Sikowitz did a student check and I was gonna enter the gate when Cat stopped me.

"Hey, Tori, you alright?"


"You should have seen my dorky cousin's reaction, he was really angry"

"Well, I can understand why"

Cat and I giggled. She could make your day better, no matter how angry or sad or annoyed anyone was. We walked towards our plane together, and get this; we had seats next to each other! We sat down and next came Andre and Robbie. I wonder who's going to sit next to me? Hopefully not Sikowitz or Beck. Speaking of the devil…..here he comes. Where is he heading to? Oh no, oh no, shit! He's seat is right next to me. He noticed it and went straight to Sikowitz

"Can I la change my seat?" he asked

"No, stay where you are"

"I'll give you a coconut"

"Ok, where is it?"

"I'll buy you one when we reach their"

"No, I want one now"


"My decision is final, go and sit"

Beck whined and sat down, I already had my headphones linked to my iPod…yup, you guessed it, it's pink!

It was a comfortable plane ride, Cat and Lane were soon asleep, Robbie and Andre were discussing boyish stuff, Jade was trying to rip the front seat in front of her with blood red scissors and Beck was on his computer the whole time, Sikowitz….. Don't get me started. That man orders a coconut which weirdly, the airhostess has and gives it to him and he takes out a straw from his purse(by the way, he has one) and starts digging into it, and when he fishes he orders 12 more and finishes them in half an hour. There's something conky about him. Anyways, I ordered only orange juice since I hate aero plane food and then I went to sleep too only to be woken by Cat in an hour saying that we've arrived.

The airport was very fancy, you know, waterfalls, decoration stuff. We got our bags and went to our hotel. Let me tell you, it was huge! In fact our room was huge! I was sharing mine with Jade and Cat…. Not that I'm complaining…..but Jade can be…umm…. Nasty.

I was so tired, I went straight to my room and into my bed, without even changing clothes, or washing my make-up off or even having dinner. I soon fell asleep.