He just sat there saying nothing staring up at space.

"Say something!" she screamed

"Stop crying" he said "First of all stop crying, I can't bear to see you hurt" he said wiping away the tears.

"Beck I…"

"Tori, we'll raise the child, ok?"

Tori didn't expect this. She thought he would shout at her and leave her"

"Y-you're not mad?"

"Why would I be? It wasn't you're fault" he answered.

Tori unexpectedly pulled him in a warm hug, resting her head on his chest

"Beck, I didn't want a child, I didn't want to get married, but now.."

"Oh so u didn't want to marry me?" he asked in a teasing voice

"I didn't even like you as a friend before coming here"

"True, so what do u say? You wanna raise a child with an irresponsible jerk?"

"Hmm" she pretended to think.

"Of course" she answered. She smiled for the first time 2 days which made both ofthime very happy.

"Heeey…" he whispered and tilted her chin up. He looked at her eyes and gave her a sweet kiss.

"I love you" he said

"As if I don't, Beck Oliver"

"C'mon Tor, you've had a rough day, wanna get some sleep?"

"Awww...but I don't wanna sleep"

"Tor" he said in a reasonable kind of voice.

"Ok, fine, happy?"


"But you have to do something for me"

"What?" he asked

"Tori swept her arms onto his neck and pulled him in a hug.

"This" she said

"Tori, I could do this every day"

She sighed contingently "So could I"

"Ok, now, Tor, time for bed"

"Yes, DAD"

"Hmm…since when am I you're dad?"

"Since now" she chucked and pulled his cheeks "You'll make a good dad" she said

"And you'll make a good mom "

"You mean it?"

"Ahaaan, I do" he said "C'mon now, I have a surprise for you tomorrow"

"Ooooh, what?"

"Sorry, tomorrow, and the best way for you to find it is by sleeping today and waking up tomorrow"

"Okaaayyy" she groaned.

He kissed the top of her head and laid down with her, grabbing her waist.

"I love you Beck, goodnight"

"Goodnight Tori, I love you too"

With that, he turned off the lamp and they both went into a deep sleep.

The sun was shining the next morning when Beck woke, and carefully got Out of bed not to wake Tori.

He came back from the washroom only to notice Tori up and rubbing her eyes dreamily.

"Hmm...Good morning" she yawned

Beck smirked. "Good morning Tor"

He bent in to kiss her but she stopped him "Oh no, first you tell me what the surprise is"

"Sorry, you'll have to wait"

"Ok, then, you're kiss will have to wait too"

"Awww... Don't be selfish Tor"

Tori smiled. "Whatever"

He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. "Ok, does this wanna make you kiss me?"

Tori, who was now sitting on the bed, got closer to his face"

"Beck Oliver, I like you because of your personality….the looks are just a bonus" she winked at him which make him smirk.

"You know you want me"

"You know I don't" ""Tori, remember that day at the tower, when I was gonna kiss you"

"Yea…you soooo liked me"

"I did not"

"Oh really? Then why did you want to kiss me?"

"Cuz you're hot!"

Tori backed away, that was an answer she didn't expect.

"Is that why you love me?" she said "Cuz you think I'm hot?"

"Tori, I liked you cuz you were hot, but I promise I've changed, pleas believe me" he said holding her hands.

Tori lent forward and pecked his lips. "I do, Beck, and I'll always love you, even if you stop loving me"

"Tori, I would never do that" he bent in again but she backed away.

"Oh no, as I said before surprise first"

"Tor, you're being unfair"

"Yup, I know I am"

Tori dressed casually, since today was Saturday, which meant no banquets, meeting or government stuff

They both made their way to breakfast. By now, everyone had heard about Tori's pregnancy.

They were greeted by Cat first, who came down the stairs with them "Hiiiiiiiii" she yelled

"Hey, Cat"

"Tori, congratulations!' she shouted and hugged Tori

'Awww. Thanks, Cat"

"You're welcome"

Next came Rose and Helen. Rose hugged her while Helen pecked her cheek.

"Where's mom and dad?" asked Tori when they reached the dining hall

"Oh, they've gone to some country with beck's parents to settle some disputes or something, they'll be back in a week" said Rose.

Tori replied with a simple 'okay' while Beck stayed quiet.

They had a nice breakfast of omelets and toast, and everyone went up to their rooms since today was free for everyone.

"C'mon Beck, tell me plzzzzzzzz"

"Okay, first promise me a kiss" he said

"Fine, I promise"

'I made you're father, get us a day out" he said "It was really hard though since we're not allowed to leave the palace, but I know we've been through a lot ad it would be nice for you to leave everything behind for….."

But he never finished the sentence as Tori bent in and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Thanks Beck, that means a lot to me"