Authors note

This is a short crackfic that I got the inspiration to write when i thought of unconventional ways to do some of the one piece arcs

This is the raw version I will be replacing it with a proofread and edited version in a few days but still enjoy

Crocodiles bad day


Naruto as the unlucky hero who fell though a mystical portal ate a fruit that taste awful discovered he suddenly got the power to turn into oil and produce limitless amount of the stuff

(Powers a few ninjutsu creating massive amount of oils of every kind)

Crocodile as the poor master planner of a villain whose plan gets ruined at every step by a blond kid

Kohza as the man who gets majorly pissed off after discovering he has been fooled into wasting more than a year of his life for nothing and wish he had listened to his father

Toto as the smug bastard that says I told you so XD

Mr.2 as the Trans that gets beat up

Our story start 4 months before the straw Hats pirates shows up in Alabasta.

Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki I have been a genin of Konoha for 4 months now I just got back from my first real mission but this story isn't about that.

It all starts when Naruto was out training late he was very hungry and running towards Ichiraku when suddenly a portal showed up in front of him he couldn't stop so he fell though luckily for him he had made a habit of always carrying a lot of water in a scroll this was important because the portal spat him out in a desert and then closed Naruto used up the first hour by freaking out and running in circles like a headless chicken when he calmed down he analyzed the situation and decided that for now the best course of action would be to try finding something to eat he searched the beach for clams but found none maybe because it was rather dark at the moment he did however find a chest he picked the chest lock and inside there was a fruit now Naruto do know its typically a bad idea to eat unknown fruits but he was hungry and as he thought it was in a chest so it's probably edible since who would want to carry around a chest with an inedible fruit Naruto then ate it in one bite and proceeded to curse at the horrible taste he drunk a bit of water to get rid of the taste he then went to sleep.

The next day Naruto followed the coast in hope of finding out where he were he ran for about an hour before he spotted a village he made 50 shadow clones henged them into different people and sent them in to get information and then come back and tell it to him he did this because he remembered the forbidden scroll said something about reconnaissance so he decided to try it.

He meanwhile decided to try and find some clams again since he couldn't be sure his money would be accepted here he had heard that some countries used different moneys from his homeland and Naruto had no idea where in the world he was.

Ten minutes after he send his clone into the town Naruto suddenly jolted he had just received memories from a clone about being attacked by 4 gang members it beat 2 of them up before it got dispelled, this made him realize that he gained his clones memories.

Later after having dispelled all his clones he had found out where he were but still didn't know how to get home apparently he was in a city named yazara in the kingdom of Alabasta located somewhere in an ocean called the grand line Naruto had never heard of any of those places before another thing he had discover is that the country had apparently been suffering because of a draught for the last 4 year. Naruto wished he could do something to help but he couldn't see how.

Naruto decided that since they used another money system than his homeland his first course of action should be to earn some money so he created 50 henged shadow clones to go into the city and try earning some money by doing chores running errands and things like that he didn't plan to stay long in the town so actual jobs were not an option the plan was to meet back up outside the city so the clones could give Naruto their earnings.

Afternoon Naruto had just gotten the last of the money the clones earned and counted it all he apparently earned 12567 beli more than enough for a room and a few good meals he went into the city bought some food and found a cheap hotel he then went to sleep in his room when he awoke the next day he saw that one of his arms had turned into oil and he proceeded to scream and panic a few moments later the hotel owner came to see what it was all about when he saw Naruto running around and screaming my arm what is happening to my arm he began to laugh when Naruto heard this he stopped panicking and instead screamed at the man it's not funny my arm has somehow turned into some form of oil and I don't know why the man then asked did you eat a strange bad tasting fruit recently and Naruto said yeah then don't be scared you have eaten a devil fruit and has now gotten a unique power from the look of it I would say your quite lucky it was apparently a logia type. What what's a devil fruit old man the man then began to laugh after he had laughed he asked seriously your on the grand line and has eaten a devil fruit yourself yet you don't know what they are.

Yeah I don't so what.

Oh nothing nothing it's just that here on the grand line devil fruit is rather common knowledge and you not only don't know about it you have apparently ate one of the strongest of the three kinds of fruit.

Yeah yeah that's fine old man but I still don't know what a devil fruit is

Ok let me tell you then a devil fruit is a mystical fruit that gives the one that eats it a unique ability but takes away your ability swim devil fruit are sorted into 3 categories

Paramecia gives you a supernatural ability

Zoan gives you the ability to turn into an animal

Logia turns you into a living avatar of an element making them nearly impossible to harm since their bodies is just let most attack pass right thought them. This is what I think you are I think you ate the logia devil fruit model oil there

Some devil fruits are harder to place than other for example the rubber fruits powers strength and use is certainly paramecia but it turns your body into the element of rubber like a logia it's the same for a few other fruits

So let me see if I got this right old man by eating that fruit I lost my ability to swim but became near invulnerable probably able to make endless amount of oil and use oil to do various attacks? That ….is ….awesome.

Yep that's basically it you're a lucky lad if you ever decide to join the marine you will probably rise real fast in the ranks

Hey old man I just thought of something do you think I will be able to control oil?

Maybe maybe not some logia has full control of their element others do not you can always try and see if you do later.

I will thanks a lot old man see you in the afternoon I'm going out to check out my awesome new powers.

Naruto runs to the door of the hotel then stop and turns around and then asks hey old man I nearly forgot do you know how to turn my arm back to normal.

Well I'm not sure lad, just try concentrating on turning it back.

Ok I will thanks again old man

Naruto quickly get his arm back to normal run out of the city make 50 clones to earn money again and then begin to concentrate on creating oil after a few tries he succeed he then let the oil drip down on the sand and ties to manipulate it, he manages to make it move slightly he continues to train for the rest of the day get the money the clones made buy more food and go to sleep for the next 3 month Naruto stays in yazara and continues his training after a month he figured out that he could use his clones to train since the he trained with around 200 clones every day half trained in his ninja skill and half in his skill with his oil because of the clones Naruto has become an expert at using his oil he has learned to refine it into different kinds of oil both when it's the oil in and outside his body this is a very important ability for Naruto since it both allow him to create highly flammable oil and to make sure his body is not flammable if not for this skill Naruto doubted he would ever be able to use his devil fruit power in ninja combat because if he was flammable oil a minor hit by a fire technique and he would be toast.

Naruto feels that he has now gotten good enough to do the plan he thought of the moment he heard that he might be able to create and control extreme amounts of oil he had thought of a way to end the draught of Alabasta and today is the day he will be doing it he create 500 shadow clones which begin to run along the beach to both sides with instructions that one of them should stop per kilometer until only one is left on each side that one is then to dispel so Naruto knows everybody is ready even thought timing don't really mean anything luckily using his devil fruit power don't cost chakra.

Naruto then takes his spot in the plan two kilometers away from the village the clones has been told to avoid doing the plan near people since it will be extremely hot.

When all the clones are in position Naruto creates and dispel a clone that's the signal all the begins to produce the absolutely most refined oil for burning in existence and not small amounts they are each creating and controlling tons of the stuff to divide the water so there is a hole all the way down to the ocean but only a rather small one compared to how much water the oil forces away making a giant underwater air pocket with a connection to the surface on it big enough the Narutos set the oil on fire creating extreme hit and extreme amount of vapor since Naruto make sure that most of the heat is channeled into the water once Naruto begins doing this he just make sure to keep the fire fueled each Naruto is vaporizing about 50 tons of water per minute and they do it for eight hours except the clones that either has to stop because people sails too close or get dispelled by the time Naruto stops its already begun to rain and the sky is filled with some of the thickest raincloud ever seen as far as the eye can see Naruto then go get some food and crashes on his bed dead tired Naruto do this every day for the next week