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chapter 2: Crocodile plans and the gods laugh

Crocodile cursed this was not in the plan it wasn't supposed to rain if he didn't act quickly his plans might get thrown back by year he had to start the plan now or he would have to begin all over again the rebel army had already begun to disassemble so if he didn't quickly fed their rage there would stop being a rebel army luckily he hadn't had time to send MR.2 after mr.3 for his failure and all the other number agents was in Alabasta at the time quite a few millions and billions hadn't gotten here yet but he would have to let do it had already been a week since the infernal rain began after all he had waited until now since miss all Sunday had been away and had only returned yesterday and without her the plan would be much harder he would meet with his other agents at the spider café tomorrow and then quickly start the plan hopefully nothing more would go wrong.

Naruto was in a good mood the rain clouds he created would probably give Alabasta enough water to last them for months and he had just heard a travelling gourmet tell about the different places he had visited and the food he had eaten one of the thing he told about and the only thing that mattered to Naruto is the story about a professional cook who joined the rebels and made a ramen stand the man then described ramen as a strange and exotic kind of fruit Naruto was near ecstatic finally a place that sold ramen and it was within Alabasta even he hadn't had ramen for more than three month he was entering withdrawal so he bought a map and got directions to nanohana bought some food and water for the journey and began to run three day later he was nearing nanohana he had seen a group of soldiers lead by a trans in some regal looking clothing it was so weird that he remembered it clearly he found the ramen stand and began to eat half an hour later he was still eating when the soldier he saw earlier came into town lead by the king instead of the trans now Naruto as the king of prankster instantly knew that they where up to no good since he was sure the king was just a henged trans maybe a shape shifting devil fruit power or something.

He decided to ruin whatever the trans was planning both to make sure that he didn't make the rebels attack and because he loved to prank other prankster who thought they were the top of the prank game.

So he stealthily and quickly snuck out of the city made 199 shadow clone had 100 of them henge into horses 95 henge into soldiers and sit on the horses and his self and four clones henged into the king they then mostly unseen entered the city and saw and heard mr.3 act as the dumbest evil king in history what kind of evil mastermind admit doing something if they have managed to have everyone believe them innocent for 4 years? The trans then ordered his 15 soldiers to destroy the city they destroyed a few buildings facades and then prepared to leave this was Narutos plan started all five groups of Naruto clones rode in and ordered their men to arrest the imposters they captured mr.2 but not before he transformed into himself in order to try and escape showing the whole city that it was all a setup after the original fake soldiers and king was tied up the Naruto clone soldiers began to act confused and say they didn't know who where real and who where fake meanwhile Naruto was setting up a show by arguing with his clones about who was the real one and why they where there one said to try the new ramen stand another said to negotiate with the rebel a third said that he was only here because he got bored of staring at the wall in the palace and so it continued for five minutes before Naruto thought it was enough told the clones to drop the henge dropped his own henge the moment the clones who were acting as horse dropped the henge they began to curse the other clones for kicking their sides or just being heavy Naruto dismissed them a few moment later. He then dispelled the clones and began to explain to the people at the square how he did what he did and how he knew they were fakes after he was finished all the people cheered for him and thanked him for showing them the truth before they let their tempers run of with them and attacked the kings palace their leader Kohza invited Naruto to dinner.

At the dinner, hey Naruto I just want to thank you again for showing us the truth (the only people at the dinner is Kohza and Naruto)

It was nothing Kohza I just did what I had to in order to prevent needless bloodshed

Yeah and thank for that I only have one thing preventing me from being 100% happy at the moment and that's that my father will surely say I told you so when I return and if I know him right he will be acting like a smug bastard about it for days at least but still I'm glad he was right that we should have trusted I'm still going to take the army near alubarma thought but not inside after all who ever send the trans is probably till going to do something and I think it will be happening there I also need to apologize to the king for doubting him and formally tell him that we rebels have seen the error of what we were doing and are disbanding.

At Rain dinner crocodiles office crocodile was cursing up a storm his plot in nanohana backfired not only did the rebels now know that the king was innocent they also knew that someone was fabricating evidence of the kings guilt now it would be near impossible to even create a new rebellion from the beginning since they would doubt all evidence since they knew there was a master planner out there trying to frame the king this meant he would have to give up on taking over Alabasta but he might still be able to get pluton he just had to sneak into Alubarna capture the king and force him to show miss all Sunday the poneglyph if he got pluton then Alabasta wouldn't matter much anymore he would have the power he was searching for.

In kamis office kami was looking down on earth and seeing crocodiles plan fall to pieces all because she got bored and made that portal she then said as Naruto would say best prank in this century.

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