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Tick - you're here. Tock - You're not

A mess of words were thrown around, the most frequent being the word "why"

"guys, just calm down" Alaric stated, before Jenna and Jeremy started again. Elena shifted uncomfortable.

What? She wasn't going to blurt out 'just go and let us return to our lives'.

"why?" Alaric's eyes searched Violets, ones that mirrored his own.

"I can't stay longer, I need to keep up my job, go back to the house" Violet said, not looking up at him.

"why?" Jenna repeated,

"I won't get fired" Violet stated, placing her spoon and fork down, looking around the table at their faces.

It was the younger Gilbert that talked up, "What do you have here, Alaric?" Jeremy looked at the named history teacher,

"well.." Alaric started, shifting his eyes to Jenna "I came to mystic for a reason..and I think I filled that" he remembered the last time he saw Isobel. It was the closure he needed. Didn't even have kill Damon for it. "Jenna's holding me here" he murmured, clasping the strawberry blonds' hands bellow the table.

"and I've got you" Jenna shook her head, "I transferred to the collage here to continue my thesis. It could happen again" she smiled her signature energetic smile.

Violet's eyebrows knotted, finally catching on to what Jeremy was proposing to do.

"No." she said in finality, "you are not leaving your lives because of me" the sandy haired woman shook her head,

"a change would be good" Jeremy muttered, "I've practically got no one here"

"and my parents are up in new York" Jenna added, remembering that piece of information.

"are you guys kidding me?" Elena started, "you're all planning to leave mystic falls because of her?" she sneered, trying to act innocently, "I've got my whole life here"

"you're almost 18, legal adult" Jenna started, looking at her sister's daughter, barely registering the warm kind kid she knew and loved.

"but I can't live alone now." Elena shot back, naming legal reasons.

"Matt's living by his own for who knows how many years, you'll do well" Jenna answered back in a reasonable voice.

"I'm not leaving mystic"

"I am not asking any of you to leave mystic" Violet stated, her head propelled on her interlocking hands.

"but we want to" Jeremy shot back at the girl, Alaric and Jenna agreeing with the boy.

"if you can't beat'em, join them" Violet muttered, closing her eyes.

"so, we'll move out on Tuesday" Alaric stated

"you'd come live with me, though" violet added,

"no, we wouldn't burden yo-"

"none-sense" Violet deadpanned

"I can't believe you. Any of you, specially you jer" Elena said, gathering her purse and storming out of the apartment.

Jenna simply sighed. As much as she loved Elena, her niece, she couldn't help but feel something off about strawberry blonde never looked at her sister's kids as a burden, but recently that was all what Elena was with her complaining.

Taking care of teenagers was never easy, when she got the 'guardianship' of them, she felt way out of her league. Like a fish out of the water. And somehow, she felt as if she was failing Miranda. That she didn't do her job right.

But looking around the table, it warmed her heart.

'sorry Miranda..' she thought.

. . .

Monday rolled around, as they newly equip 'family' sat around a table at the grill, laughing and smiling.

Jenna and Violet where playing against Jeremy and Alaric tying up pretty nicely.

"I'm retiring" Jenna stated, holding her arms up in defeat. Violet rolled her eyes as Alaric agreed to take a break.

"someone looks like he want to talk to you" Jenna whispered next to violet, pointing out a conflicted looking Damon behind the girl.

Violet took a breath, turning around to face him.

His blue eyes drank her up, as he motioned outside.

"Hey" the duo greeted each other, standing awkwardly next to each other.

"you look good" Damon said,

"thanks" Violet said, smoothing the rim of the purple colored dress. "so.." she started,

"these are for you" he offered, holding out a pair of shoes from his hand.

"I completely forgot about them" violet smiled at the familiar memory. The time she accidently slept over and he decided to keep them as leverage.

"I figured" Damon added, his blue eyes catching her hazels, only for her to break it, clearing her throat

"so, going back up to new York?" Damon asked,

"yeah, Alaric told you?"

"we are sort of friends" he restated, as violet remembered the first time he said the sentence.

"I remember that" Violet offered a smile, "well, I'm going to ge-"

"do me a favor, Alexis" he started, catching her arm making her look up at him, "look me in the eye and tell me you don't feel anything, just look at them and see that I'm not hiding anything"

"oh but you do" violet shot back, breaking her arm from his hold

"what?" he retorted,

"you love some other girl" violet moved her hand in air,

"what?" he said again,

"I'm beginning to believe that that's the only word you have." Violet noted, her anger blowing off with the light breeze.

"if I only knew what you were talking about, violet, can't you see that you're the one I'm in love in?" Damon said desperately

"the blond, over heard you" violet said, blinking her eyes over and over

"Andie" Damon's brain clicked, "she was telling me to 'fess up to you"


"I love you violet, you. Andie was telling me to tell you"

"wait that is not a big-"

"misunderstanding" Damon filled in.

"I was coming over to tell you. I do have feelings for you" she admitted in a whisper, "but I'm not ready, Damon. Not for something serious"

"then I'd just have to stick along" Damon stated, leaning capturing her lips in a kiss.

Only before their lips could meet, in a fraction of a second violet was on the ground, unmoving.

Seeing the action from the corner of his eye was Alaric, who jumped from his seat towards Damon and the unconscious girl

"violet" Alaric shouted, listening for a heartbeat, finding none.

Her chest didn't raise and fall in the familiar action of in taking oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

Before they knew it, Damon was already there, trying to feel her blood only for it to pool over, moving to make compressions.

"call 911" somebody shouted, as Jenna whipped out her phone dialing the number.