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"Alaric Saltzman please report to my office, thank you" Mrs. Clarke, the secretary, announced.

I sighed placing the red pen on top on the papers I was supposed to grade.

My mind went through last nights mess. The night started with Katherine being thrown in the tomb and ended with someone kidnapping Elena, who also happens to be my step-daughter.

At times like this, I hate being a teacher. With no time to fully fill your duties.

Walking down the hallway, the only thought on my mind is 'why does she have to call me in my only free period today?'

I walked into her office.

"Hello Alaric, nice to see you" she said, putting some papers away.

"Not to be rude or anything but why did you ask for me to come?" I said, needing to get back to what I was doing.

"Oh, right, well someone sent you a letter, to Duke's but since you don't work there anymore it got re-directed here." She said putting her pen into place
finally looking at me.

"Well, I'm sorry for that, but I already told anyone I knew that I moved" I answered, not really getting what the problem was, pushing my hands in my pockets

"Okay then, here's the letter" she said shuffling inside a drawer, taking out a worn looking paper envelope and handing it to me.

"Do you need anything else? I'm really running late" I rocked on my feet,

"No, not for now" she said waving me off looking at the computer screen.

I walked back to my class, wondering about the crisp paper in my hand.

'Alaric Saltzman' was writing on the back, in an elegant familiar handwriting.

"Dear Alaric,

I know you most likely go with Ric now, but I always liked your name,
it was something special.

You probably don't even remember me, 'Rick', but you should know that
I never forgot about you, not one single day.

And now you're wondering 'who the … is writing this to me?' well let's not
make you wonder anymore.

I'm Lillian Valentine.'

I stopped reading barely able to take a breath.

I remember her.

How could someone forget their first everything? I remembered that summer, that we were together.

Our families had always spent the summer together, but the summer when I was
16 years old was the one engraved in my memory sharpest.

'You might remember me, or not. You were 16 years old and I was 18. The age
difference was never a burden between us.

Wel..l until now.

We kept going out together each night for walks. One night you told me that
you liked me and I told you I liked you too. But as soon as we realized it, it
was more.

Way more Alaric, and I do believe you where the one for me.

After the summer ended we went our different ways. You went to Boston, while
I was in New York.

But what you don't know is that I was broken that our time has come to an end,
since my family wasn't so fond of you.

Little did I know that 9 months later I would give birth to a beautiful child,
your child.

Of course my Father wasn't going to allow that. He wanted me to have an
abortion but I refused, so he married me off to a rich old bastard, otherwise
known as Sebastian.

I never loved him and neither did he.

All I was looking forward for was raising up my child, our child.
She was so tiny Alaric, you can never imagine. She was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

Sebastian did not like her. Not one little bit. I mean sure he was there money
wise but never really.

I'm writing this on 23rd March on her eighteenth birthday. Please believe that
I am not sending you this letter to guilt you into anything. I planned this so
that by the time you read this sorry excuse for a letter, I would be long gone.

I have been diagnosed with about a million thing a few years ago. And I know
I won't be here much longer.

On lighter note, she looks like you, Alaric, everyday she would do something,
say something, which would make my heart long for you.

You know, a few years back, you were in college, at Duke's. I know I have been
keeping tabs on you. Not in that stalker way.

That time I took a week long vacation to North Carolina.

Just me and Violet, our daughter (you know, since you always used to give me
violets?) who was seven years old at the time.

You were there, just a few feet away from me. But you weren't alone. There was
another woman in your life now. I don't know why I felt like that my world shattered.

I went back home then. Fast forward another 9 months, Violet's half sister was

I'm writing you this letter 'cause I needed to be at peace, I've always felt
guilty for not telling you. Now i can rest.

So Alaric next time you see a pair of stunning hazel eyes that pretty much look
like the ones in your mirror (never was the one for metaphors. I mean your
eyes.) make sure it's not our daughter I sent her out to look for you.

Don't deny her, don't lie to her, and please Alaric don't send her away. I
know my death would be hard enough for her, and I'm pretty sure Sebastian
already has done something to hurt her.

If she has any questions, answer them, help her understand who I was and who
are you and what that makes her as a person.

I've always loved you. And if you ever find love again, please Alaric embrace
it with open arms.

PS: Alaric isn't a sucky name to have. It makes you one of a kind. Because, you
are special to my heart.

Forever yours,
Lillian Valentine'

I didn't realize the tears in my eyes till one fell onto my hand. I wiped my eyes and ran my hand through my hair as the letter started to sink in.

One, I never loved Isobel. She was just a distraction to move on from Lillian, she was nothing like her.

Two, I have a daughter. A twenty year old daughter if you did the math.

Three, I never stopped loving Lillian. She was my first.. everything.

It just made me realize how much I missed her. I had successfully buried my feelings for her for more than 20 years and now a letter made everything resurface.

Four, Lillian was dead. Something that made me shudders.

I missed her fiery red hair, or her deep green eyes, her soft voice, our adventures.

One of the very last sentences caught my eye again,

'If you ever find love again'

Like she knew I didn't love Isobel. But what could she mean?

Suddenly I thought about Jenna, how loving, kind, and caring she is. Was that what she meant?

I sighed remembering the time I went to visit Lillian. Her father just shooed me away with no explanation, but now, I know what happened.

Running my hand through my hair again I looked at the envelope. There was still something inside.

I shook it empty on the desk and three pictures fell out.

The first one was a wedding picture. Lillian was dressed in a white flawless gown, her hair in a half up hairdo. Her deep green eyes were different from what I remember.

There was no spark, no mirth. In the picture they were dull, boring, with a smile that didn't reach to them.

I looked at the guy. He had silver hair and serious bronze-ish eyes. Nothing I can see made me like him; in fact all I felt is pure hatred. Not that I'm biased or anything.

The next picture was in a hospital.

A woman, Lillian, was in a bed with her red hair a mess, some sticking on her forehead. But her eyes were sparkling as she was holding a small pink bundle.

The little thing was holding one of Lillian's fingers with her tiny lips curving up in a smile, identical to her mothers.

The guy was nowhere to be seen..

The last picture was of a high school graduation. Lillian was older with cropped hair this time, but still the same stunning color. I could see she was filled with pride.

The girl next to her though drew my attention. She had lighter hair, similar to mine and a pair of Hazel eyes that would stick to anyone's mind.

'Like yours….'

Lillian's voice rang in my head.

She was taller than her mother, with an elbow propped on Lillian's.

She was in one of those cliché graduation outfits, black with golden trimmings.

I sighed dropping the three pictures. Leaning my forehead on the hard wood.

'What have I missed?'