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Her Ending

"Lillian was the most alive person I ever knew." Alaric started, taking upon violet's request to say something about her mother, heading towards the cemetery.

"She's the person that would just brighten up the room with her presence. Who believes in living a full life." He looked at the sandy blond next to him, biting her lip.

"The person to appreciate the smallest things, every whiff of air, every ray of sun, drop of rain. Who found every little thing as fascinating as the next big thing. The things that some people would let fall through the cracks of their lives."

He shook his head, parking the car,

"Who couldn't adore her? She's the one with crazy schemes and uplifting personality, the person that would deem jumping off a cliff a good idea." Violet laughed, of course her mother would be the person who makes that sound sane, she missed her.

"The one who'd smile peacefully when I got her exactly 13 violets. Just because for her, it was a lucky magical number. Lillian was the definition of life. Of being a human being. " he concluded, getting out of the car as Violet walked side by side to him, absorbing his words.

She stopped in front of a grave.

'Lillian Valentine caring mother, loving daughter' said the headstone,

The sandy haired woman placed a single pure white rose on the ground, whispering something that sounded like 'Thank you mom', before Alaric laid a purple flower next the white. Contrasting its pureness.

He put a hand around Violet's shoulder, as the two made their way back in silence.

. . .

"I'd like to wish Jenna and Alaric all the happiness that the world has to offer" Violet concluded as the people clanked their glasses together,

She smiled, moving to side abandoning the Champaign glass and moving away from all the people.

Violet was really, truly happy for them. A smile etched on her face, taking out a piece of paper from her clutch,

'I think I know what's wrong with the world; no one says what they really feel, they always hold it inside. They're sad, but they don't cry. They're happy, but they don't dance and sing, or even smile. They're angry, but they don't scream. Because if they do, they feel ashamed. And that's the worst feeling in the world. Everyone walks with their heads down and no one sees how beautiful the sky truly is. – Lillian'

She smiled to herself again, ever since she mustered up to get into the white room again, she felt her mom's presence their every single time. In all the writing, the paintings, the sketches.

Living with a whole new family in her childhood house was difficult to absorb at first.

No more Lillian humming and singing mindlessly around the house, no more rue to talk and make up with, no more Sebastian to argue with.

Instead it was filled with more laughs now, more harmony filling and bouncing on every wall.

"earth to captain Vio" came his unmistakable voice, arms wrapping around her

"Vio to earth, I'm here, roger" she laughed turning to her blue eyed companion.

"all the couples are dancing" he pouted, guiding violet back to the party.

"if you call that dancing" she pointed at Elena sticking her tongue down a British guy's throat who's name violet completely forgot the moment it was uttered.

"point" he stressed, pointing to his brother and a blonde,

"but you could ask anyone" she said with a pout of her own,

"too bad I've only got my eyes on one…and I thought she loved me" he whispered, placing his hand on her waist,

She rolled her eyes, placing her hands around his neck, "she does, but dancing and her don't mix up, don't you remember?"

"of course I do" he rolled his blue eyes, twirling the sandy blond before catching her back, "but I set my bets on that you got better"

Violet's retort died on her tongue as her very high heel – curtsy of the woman who picked the bridesmaid's outfits – slipped on the smoothness of the dance floor,

But of course, Damon caught her,

"why thanks" she answered him,

"I'd never let you get hurt" he said, his hot breath trickling down her neck "not after that scare 3 years ago you know I always got the shot on me."

"I know" she breathed "I wish I could return the favor" closing the space between them.

'Vio. If you have a chance at love, jump at it. And hold on with your claws. Trust me on this one. ~L'