Scout's POV: Wow, I'm thirsty. I want Starbucks.

Atticus' POV: I would take Scout to Starbucks, but I'm watching my weight. None of my suits look good on me anymore.

Starbucks' POV: We don't exist yet, but Scout is thirsty, so I guess we're here.

Scout's POV: Maybe Jem will take me to Starbucks.

Jem's POV: I'm not taking Scout to Starbucks.

Scout's POV: Maybe Dill will take me to Starbucks.

Dill's POV: Scout friendzoned me. No way am I taking her to Starbucks.

Scout's POV: I guess I'll just take myself to Starbucks since I'm a strong independent eight-year-old who don't need no man.

Dill's POV: I don't know what I should do since Scout is at Starbucks. Maybe Atticus will play with me.

Boo's POV: I have diarrhea.

Atticus' POV: Ugh, Dill again. I hate this kid.

Dill's POV: Let's play Call of Duty.

Atticus' POV: Video games don't exist yet. I hate this kid.

Jem's POV: That's not how Call of Duty even works.


Scout's POV: I'm at Starbucks. Why is this line so long?

Dill's POV: Maybe we should play Animal Crossing.

Atticus' POV: Animal Crossing is actually pretty fun.

Animal Crossing's POV: I don't exist yet. That sucks.