AN: Ok guys. This is a rewritten version. I realized that Harry being a professor was too much, so I'm changing that. I hope you don't mind and if you don, well, I'm sorry for that. The plot basically is till the same. Harry is still a genius and he will go to Hogwarts. Hoping that you will enjoy this.

Harry Potter : The Lonely Prodigy


"Lily ! Take Harry and run ! It's Him !", yelled a masculine voice as the door banged.

Sounds of steps being climbed were heard in the house. At the same moment, the sound of a body falling was heard. Suddenly, a red-haired woman with frantic emerald green eyes came into his line of sight. She's so beautiful... The woman was probably Lily, and the previous voice which had disappeared was her husband's. He's dead... The woman approached the crib, closing the door as tears fell off her eyes.

"Harry... Don't worry my dear baby... Everything will be fine...", said the beautiful woman.

He knew that it wouldn't be the case. He so wanted to help her. Save her. She was his mother. His one and only mother. He loved her so much... He loved his father too. But it just wasn't the same as his mother. Unable to do anything else, he watched as the man, who had red eyes, killed his mother with those two fatal words. Words which were forever graved in his memory. He hated him. He didn't know his name, or anything else save his face but that didn't stop him from hating him. He had killed his mother and that was unforgivable.

He woke up in cold sweat, tears rolling from his eyes. He wiped his tears and put on his glasses. Today was going to be a long day. Convincing his uncle to let him go to Layla Academy was going to be difficult. It was such a prestigious, world-wide known academy. Ten children per class. Chosen at the age of five after a test taken at school in the middle of the first year. A test that was the same for the whole world, taken at approximatively the same time. Ten. Ten throughout the whole world. He knew that he shouldn't get his hopes up. His uncle could easily say 'no'; his aunt would only accept her husband's answer and besides, she wasn't there. She and her son went to his uncle's sister's house. What for ? He didn't know and didn't care. At the same time, he also had what he considered the perfect argument. Yes. Maybe... Maybe, just for this time, he would let himself hope. Hope that he two members of the Layla Academy who were coming today would be able to convince his uncle.

Just as he finished getting ready, the doorbell rang. Calming himself, he went and opened the door. Two men, dressed in black, were standing in front of him.

"Come in", he said in a polite voice, which told the two men that he was the one they had come for. No other child would be this polite at this age and only call their parents.

"Thank you", said the one on the right side as he entered, followed by his colleague.

As they entered the house, they immediately noticed the family photos, displayed on a table. On every photo, they were a big man with a mustache, a woman who looked like a horse and a big fat boy. But on none of them was the little emerald-eyed boy there. This didn't please them. At all.

"Mr Stephen and Mr Walker, wasn't it ?", asked Vernon, coming to meet them, a tight smile on his face.

"Indeed Mr Dursley", said Mr Stephen, shaking the extended hand.

"We'll sit in the living room if you don't mind."

"No, no. It's perfectly fine."

They followed the man into the living room and sat on the sofa while the young boy was told to go and make tea, which he did without question.

While the child was making tea, the discussion between the three men started.

"We'll go straight to the point Mr Dursley", said Mr Walker. "Mr Potter is your nephew, isn't he ?"

"He is", was Vernon's short answer.

"We are from the Layla Academy. Every year, ten children are selected throughout the world to enter our school. The exam is done world-wide at the age of five. The ten best children are the ones to enter our school", explained Mr Walker.

"And, what has it to do with my nephew ?", asked Vernon who didn't understand.

"Your nephew, Mr Potter came with the best score."

"How much ?", gasped Vernon who realized what this meant.

"An almost perfect score of 99,9/100", answered Mr Stephen.

It was then that the child came back with a tray which had three cups of tea. It had a nice smell that was noticed by Mr Stephen and Mr Walker. Both of them thanked the kid as they took a cup. The child kept the tray and stood beside his uncle.

"Mr Dursley, would you allow you nephew to come to our academy ? He'll get a scholarship so don't worry about the money."

"I... Will he stay there ?', asked Vernon, thinking about the opportunity of getting rid of him that it was. He won't be able to disturb our peaceful and normal life if he goes with them.

"He'll only come back for the summer holidays", came the answer from Mr Stephen.

"He'll go", was Vernon's immediate answer.

Excitement. That was the only feeling that the child could feel. His uncle had accepted ! This was going to be great.

"Go and gather your belongings Mr Potter. We'll go now."

"Yes sir."

And the child went to gather the few thing that he owned an put them in his school backpack. A few minutes later, the three of them had left Privet Drive.