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Chapter V - First classes

Harry woke up without any problems. It didn't take him long to get ready and when he got out of his room, he was met by Brian.

"Potter, already up?" asked the Ravenclaw prefect.

"Yes. Were you going to wake the others up?" replied Harry.


"I'll leave it to you then. I'll be in the Great Hall."

"See you then."

"See you."

Harry went down to the Great Hall. Few people were there but it didn't take them long to arrive. As they were having breakfast, owls started to arrive, delivering the students' letters. Harry also received a package. 4 big envelopes. He had a really bad feeling. He slowly opened them, ignoring the professors' curious gaze on him. It didn't take him long to understand what this was about.

"How could I forget?" whispered Harry.

"Something wrong Harry?" asked Neville who was sitting just behind Harry, at the Gryffindor table.

"Not exactly. Just something I forgot. Don't worry," replied Harry before gathering the envelopes and his bag. He went to the classroom where he seated himself in the back so as to avoid attention.

Harry was correcting the exam papers he had received when Professor McGonagall arrived. She didn't understand what the eleven ear old child was doing so she decided to ask.

"Mr Potter, may I ask you a question?"

"You may Professor", answered Harry looking at the professor in the eyes but without stopping. How he managed was a wonder.

"What are you doing? It looks like you are correcting exam papers but why would an eleven year old child have to correct exam papers?"

"Well, in the muggle world, there is a world-wide known prestigious academy that only accepts ten prodigies per year. I am part of that school. As such, I have already passed some exams to obtain my diplomas in those courses. When it is done, students have to correct exam papers in the domains in which they have their diplomas. Well, actually, it concerns only the best student of the year and it starts at eleven so that the student doesn't have too much to do when young. Does this explanation answer your question professor?"

"It does. So, you are a prodigy…"

"Well, I have an eidetic memory and can understand everything with one explanation so I guess I am.

"I see… Class is going to start," she said before turning in a cat and sitting on her desk.

As Harry put away the papers, students began to enter. He watched Professor McGonagall observe the students the students in her animagus form. Two students were late and commented on the fact that it was a good thing that the professor wasn't there yet. Professor McGonagall chose that moment to turn back into her human form, admonishing the late students and removing 5 points for their lateness. She then started to talk about the various possibilities that Transfiguration offered before starting on the theory of how to turn an object in another. Then came to practice the spell to turn a match into needle. A match appeared in front of every student and they started practising. Harry thought about what he wanted and the matched turned into a perfect golden needle.

"Perfect Mr. Potter ! 10 points to Ravenclaw !", said Professor McGonagall who had noticed that Harry had done the spell wordlessly. She briefly wondered whether he would be able to do wandless magic, knowing that Merlin had been the only one to be able to do it up until now. She gave him the homework she was planning to give her students so that he wouldn't have to have nothing to do before going back to watching the rest of the students.

Theodore and Neville, who were each on one side, were looking at Harry as if he had two heads.

"Is there anything wrong Mr. Nott, Mr. Longbottom ?", stopping writing the essay he had started.

"Um…c-could you just call me Neville ? Mr. Longbottom is a bit weird since we're the same age…", asked Neville.

"Same here", said Theodore.

"As you wish", replied Harry, nodding as he went back to his essay.

"Um… How did you do it ?", asked Neville

"Do you mean to ask how I turned my match into a needle ?"


"You already have the wrist movement down so all you now is to concentrate on what you want. Visualise it. That is the key", explained Harry.

Both boys nodded and tried again, imagining their match turning into a needle. It worked.

"Good job", said Harry with a soft smile.

"Thank you Harry", said Neville and Theodore at the same time.

Professor McGonagall gave 5 points to Ravenclaw for helping others and 5 to Gryffindor and Slytherin for getting right. The class then received the same homework as the trio who had already started working on it. Harry had even finished his and gave it to the Professor who looked surprised.

Next was Charms with Professor Flitwick. It actually went easily as they only studied the theory, Professor Flitwick giving them an essay and saying they would practise the levitation charm next class.

The trio went to the Great Hall for lunch. Harry didn't eat as much as the others but no one noticed. At the Head Table, Harry was the talk of the table.

"Does anyone know about a muggle school that only takes prodigies ? It is supposed to be prestigious and world wide known", asked Professor McGonagall.

"Layla Academy", answered Severus.

"You know about it ?", asked the Headmaster.

"Of course. Every muggle knows about it, and I did grow up in the muggle world", explained Severus.

"Why that peculiar question Minerva ?", asked Professor Flitwick.

"I'll explain later. What can you tell us about its system Severus ?", enquired Professor McGonagall.

"Layla Academy. A prestigious world wide known school. Students are selected at age 5 by an exam done in the middle of the year. The exam is the same all over the world and is taken at the same time. The ten children who get the best results will enter the school. The one with the best score gets a full scholarship. Students live there all year save for the holidays, unless a student wishes to spend the holidays there, including the summer one. Usually they stay there until they reach the age of 18, studying different courses. I do not know how the students choose their courses nor when they pass their exams but all the students there graduate with at least a doctorate which is the equivalent to our Masters."

"Thank you for the explanation Severus. Now Minerva, why did you want to know about this school ?", asked the Headmaster curiously.

"It looks like Mr. Potter is part of this Layla Academy."

"Which means that young Mr. Potter may soon be bored in class", said Professor Flitwick.

"Indeed…", drawled Severus thinking that this explained Harry's attitude.

Classes went on and came the most dreaded class : Potions. Professor Snape stood in front of the class and started taking the roll when two Hufflepuff who had gotten lost in the dungeons arrived and lost points for their House. The professor went back to his class roll and stopped when reaching Harry's name before going on. He soon started asking questions.

"What would you get if you added powdered root asphodel into an infusion of wormwood?"

Every student looked at each other, too afraid of Professor Snape to even think about answering the question, whether they were Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs. Seeing this, Professor Snape decided to ask Harry since he saw him writing in his books.

"Mr. Potter ! Answer the question !"

"When you add powdered root of asphodel into an infusion of wormwood, you get a sleeping draught known as the draught of the living death. It allows the one who drinks it to be in a state of death unless the counter is administered."

"Correct. And where would you find a beozar ?"

"A beaozar is a stone that can be found in the stomach of a goat. It can save you from most potions when swallowed."

"And the difference between monkswood and wolfsbane ?"

"They are none for they are the same plant, also known as aconite. It is the principal ingredient of a potion you created, the Wolfsbane potion that helps werewolves keep their mind and ease the pain of the transformation a little.

"10 points to Ravenclaw for complete answers. Why aren't you writing this down ?", asked the Professor. "Now, get into pairs and start the potion. The recipe is on the board. Since you are in an impair number, Mr. Potter, you will do yours alone. Also, I want to see you at the end of the class."

"As you wish Professor."

Professor Snape nodded, still impressed by the young boy's respectful manners though he knew he shouldn't be surprised if he was, as Professor McGonagall said, a student form Layla. Miraculously, there were no incidents the class, partly due to the fact that Harry was watching many of his classmates and preventing them from making mistakes, which didn't escape Professor Snape's attention. Harry waited for the end of the class and for the students to leave the classroom before handing in his potion.

"Thank you. Sit down Mr. Potter", said Professor Snape, taking the potion, noting the perfect color. Definitely an O.

"Thank you Professor. May I ask why you wanted to see me ?", asked Harry sitting in the chair in front of the Professor's desk.

"Professor McGonagall had some interesting news to share with us. You were a student from Layla ?", stated the Professor.

"I still am. I will receive the lessons and homework by mail and will help the students if they need me through a video conference. I have a laptop that works even if surrounded by magic", explained Harry.

"I see… I, unlike my colleagues, know the importance of Layla Academy in the muggle world. As such, I would like to know what point you've reached in your wizarding studies."