Skyworld was busy, as usual. The war was over, but the damage had been
done. The wounded were being cared for, a few buildings were being
repaired, but everyone seemed to be in a good mood, nonetheless.
Farther off, on one of the outermost islands, stood a lone angel.

He gazed up at the skies. reddened by the setting of the sun.

Blackheart... conceptually wicked and destructive... big fake...
Pittoo... is that really all I'm known as?

He clenched his fists and looked down at the surface world.

I did my share of good deeds, what more do these happylanders expect?

My life began short. I woke up in a large room. It was bright, white,
and full of light. Typical newborm style, eh?

Not really.

The first thing I decided to do was destroy a mirror. After all, it
was just floating there. Breaking through it was a piece of cake, but
as soon as I went through it, well...

The angel shut his eyes tight.

Thoughts swarmed my head. They gave me all the memories of someone
else, and told me that I was meant to help a fat, floating ball of
smoke. I apparently was a copy of some idiot angel named after the
sweaty parts of an arm.

Geez, did they really expect me to settle for that bullcrap?

Needless to say, I enjoyed beating the frosting off of everything I
laid eyes on. It was fun, until I got knocked unconcious. I awoke
three years later to find that the same thing happened to this 'Pit'
fellow. It then occured to me that we were connected. Whatever
happened to him happened to me. To put it another way, we were two
sides of the same coin.

Eventually, I helped the angel get his goddess back, and also saved
his life (after he saved mine).

Since then, I've kept on good terms with the angel and goddess.

But man, it just is so hard...

I try to fit in with the rest. I try to at least look cheerful, and to
be a likeable person. After all, it is what everyone wants to see.

Sometimes though, I just hope they know that I can't change. I never
really liked these people. I wasn't meant to be contained like this,
and help out Pit. I just can't do it right. No matter how hard I'll
try, I will always be the short-tempered, easily annoyed

He opened his eyes again, peering over the view of the clouds.

They say I'm the darker manifestation of Pit. But what if it's the
other way around? Pit could be a lighter manifestation of me!

In that case, I shouldn't worry about fitting in.

...But why do I, anyway?

If I'm always going to be a thrill seeker, I shouldn't care about
trying to act like the other guy. Thrill-seeking, after all, is what
drove me to ram the Lightning Chariot into the small portal to the
Chaos Vortex. It also helped me save Pit-stain, and assist in the
kicking of the Chaos-Kin's butt.

He smiled to himself. Maybe being such a daredevil wasn't a bad thing
after all. If this was what caused him to accomplish so much, he may
as well continue down the path he had been taking.

An airplane flew by, far beneath Skyworld. This wasn't a big deal,
they came by all the time. The angel grinned and leaped off the
island. He may not be able to fly, but he might as well hitch a ride
on the airplane. He smiled as the wind whistled past him, and he
landed on the top of the flying machine with a quick thud. He grinned
as he held tight. He knew both Palutena and Pit would be worried about
where he'd gone, and Palutena would definitely scold him for doing
this. But it didn't matter.

After all, he wasn't a pawn.

He was a Thrill-Seeker.

Gnat1: Thank you for taking your time to read this. It was
crazy-short, and was almost a pointless idea, but I decided to write
it anyway. I'm sure a lot of people wonder what Dark Pit thinks of
himself, so I wrote my idea on what he believes. Many probably won't
understand this, but hey, Pittoo is one confusing angel.

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