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Author's note: A prompt fill about Jackson, and how he never says "I love you".

Jackson's parents love him and they give him all the best
Help and trust, support and freedom - indeed, he is blessed
But he is adopted, see, and since he learned that fact
It is as if everything he does is just an act
His parents try to make him open up; nevertheless
"I love you" is something that their Jackson never says

Jackson has a lot of friends, is popular in school
He is good with sports and has good grades - he is no fool
Many girls has crushes, and of this he is aware
And he doesn't disregard them - he just doesn't care
Everybody loves him, and no one expect less
But "I love you" is something that Jackson never says

Jackson finds a girlfriend, and Lydia's a catch
As cold and fake as he is; they're equal, and they match
They look good together and they use it for their gain
They have things in common and are equally insane
And they like each other although none of them confess
"I love you" is just something that Jackson never says

Jackson has some issues and he feels he must be best
At lacrosse, in school, at home - he's anxious and obsessed
He wants to be a man of whom his parents can be proud
He wants to be someone who is respected by the crowd
So he tries and trains and works in order to impress
Yet "I love you" is something that Jackson never says

Jackson gets the Bite and thinks that things will be okay
But he's turning to a monster and thus, runs away
Someone is controlling him and Jackson must comply
He doesn't care of what or who or how or when or why
But even if his Master told him - and he must obey
"I love you" is something that he'll never, ever say