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Year: X792

It's just a normal day at Fairy Tail. Cana was drinking, Natsu and Gray were fighting, Mira was smiling, Happy was drooling over Charle, Juvia was drooling over Gray, and Lucy and Wendy were watching it all.

But one person is out of place on this day. Erza Scarlet. She's not breaking up the fight between Natsu and Gray, or talking to Lucy and Wendy, or even by the request board! No, Erza Scarlet was in the office of Makarov Dreyar, talking about a special mission.

"I want you to take this job." Master Makarov handed her the paper. She read it from top to bottom. "Now don't think it will be easy! Even though you just have to catch one person, this is a 10year quest. He won't be easy to catch." Master Makarov pointed out.

"Understood." Erza said. She was in the midst of getting up when she was interrupted. "I want someone to go with you. This is your first 10year quest so I figure you should have some help. Is that alright?" Erza flinched; she didn't see why she needed to be accompanied-she had improved as a wizard greatly in the past year- but Master's orders…

"Whatever you suggest Master." She answered. She wanted to do whatever the Master thought was necessary. "Do you have in mind who should accompany me?" Erza asked. Realizing that that was a big mistake, Erza mentally face palmed. Master Makarov grinned, Erza didn't trust that grin. It like to Mira's match-making grin. Erza sweat-dropped.

"Well I was thinking that Gray could go with you. I think Gray would be a very good match for this job." Master finished, trying to make it sound reasonable.

Erza knew he would say something like that. But why did it have to be him? Missions alone with him always turned out, odd. So she stepped outside of his office, broke up Natsu and Gray's fight, grabbed Gray, and went back into his office.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Gray yelled. Erza gave him her 'What?' look. "YOU DRAGGED ME BY MY HAIR, THAT'S WHAT!" Gray yelled yet again. Erza rolled her eyes, and then looked at Master Makarov.

"Well, I brought him here." Erza stated "I didn't ask you to, but thank you." Master said. He turned towards Gray "I want you to go on this job with Erza." He gestured towards Erza, she handed Gray the paper.

Gray's eyes got wide; he saw that it was a 10year quest. He looked back to Erza, who know seemed to have calmed down. She made her 'It's what Master wants…' face. Gray looked back to Master. "If it's what you want, then sure Gramps." Master smiled. "It's decided then." Master said getting off from his chair that had many phone books on it. "Mira, call the owner of this request!" Master said, walking towards the door to Mira.

"Of course Master." Mira said with her trademark smile. She saw that is was Gray and Erza that were going on the job, together, alone. Mira had a mental fangasm. She then leaned over to Cana and whispered, "Look who'd going on the 10year quest with Erza." Cana looked over and smirked saying, "I give em' a month tops." Mira giggled then went to look up the records of the request.

"So….we have to catch someone." Gray said trying to make conversation. He didn't want this job to be awkward, though that seemed impossible at this point. Erza didn't seem very happy with how things turned out. He had been on a job alone with Erza before, it was very….awkward. And this was a 10year quest! Awkward situations just loved finding him. Oh Mavis, what on Earthland was he getting into?

"Yeah…" Erza answered, looking distracted. She remembered last time she was on a mission alone with Gray…very awkward. 'It was his fault it was awkward, he was staring at me!' thought Erza.

Why they were still in the Master's office she didn't know, but she wanted to just leave. She's been acting so weird around Gray lately, she doesn't understand why though. Her face gets all warm when he's around. When he gives off that oh so perfect smile of his she just melts. When he talks-or even looks-to her, her heart starts beating faster. And when he strips…dear Mavis, her face gets so red she's had to leave the room! It just doesn't make sense; it's just Gray.

But then on the other hand, he's so infuriating! He knows Erza so well; he always seems to know what she's thinking. And yet she doesn't have a clue what the hell is going through that boy's head. Because of all of this Erza is acting more hostile towards him; she doesn't know what else to do.

Little did Erza know that it's her expressions that give away her thoughts all the time. When she first joined the guild, she had little to no emotion on her face, like ever. After Gray had managed to befriend her, little by little, Erza showed emotion again. Since she was always so emotionless, when she finally opened up she used expressions a lot. She probably didn't even notice herself; Gray thought that was cute in a way.

Erza had many expressions she used; some she only used around Gray. There was the 'What?' look. There's the 'It's what Master wants…' look. The 'If you and Natsu don't come here right now I'm gonna beat your asses to Edolas!' look. There was also the 'My cake, no touchy.' look. Then there was that smile; that all too irresistible, adorable smile that Gray loved so much. There weren't really words to describe that expression, as cheesy as it sounds.

Gray saw Erza stand up to leave so he followed. The two wizards came out of Master's office, when they did they saw a…interesting sight. It was Mira, Master, Cana, and Happy all huddled together. Gray and Erza didn't like that sight one bit. The four of them together means that they're trying to set up two people together. With Mira and Happy's fangirling-well fancating for Happy- Cana's assertiveness, and Master's craftiness, they could make the whole world fall in love. They're the reason Natsu and Lucy are finally dating; things seem to be going well too.

The two of them didn't have a good feeling about all of this; it felt like they were being set up or something. Erza started to wonder if this job was even real.

Though, Erza could tell if someone were lying or not. Even if this was set up, the job was in fact real. Master wouldn't get her hopes up like that; he knew that she's wanted to go on a job like this for a long time now.

Brushing it off, Erza looked over to Gray. "This paper says that the bandit we're after, Mason Carrier, was last seen in Clover Town. Apparently he was seen near the meeting hall for guild masters. What he's plotting is still unknown." Gray nodded; they sat down to do some planning.

"So I guess we should stake out in Clover Town then? And if we don't find him there we ask around for him." Gray said/suggested.

"Exactly. We should leave for Clover Town tomorrow; the sooner we leave the sooner we can come back. It's a 10year quest so I want to leave as quickly as possible." Erza reasoned

Juvia was eavesdropping on their plans. There was a raincloud above her, she started sobbing. "NOOOOOO GRAY-SAMA! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE FOR A 10YEAR QUEST! Juvia doesn't think that she could stand you not being around for that long!" Juvia yelled.

That didn't go unheard, Juvia could outdo just about anyone when it came to her oh so precious Gray-sama. It earned many WHAT?''s and EH?!'s.

"Gray's leavin'? Then who am I supposed to fight?" Natsu said sadly.

"Gray and Erza, going on a 10year quest. Man I feel old…" said Macao. "That's cause you are old." Wakaba said back. "You're the same age as me!" Macao yelled back.

"Gray and Erza together on a quest for 10 years? Why would Gray accept that…" said Lucy

Suddenly the guild got quiet, and it took a lot to make Fairy Tail silent. Lucy had a point; Erza's been so mean to Gray lately; why would he accept to go on a job that could take up to 10 years with her?

"Maybe he liiiiiiikesss her." Happy suggested. He was flying with one paw covering his mouth that had a wide-and quite creepy-smile.

That made Gray mad, his face got a bit red. "Master asked me to go so I did, that's all there is to it." Gray said sounding in denial. Erza turned around and said "Remember, we leave for Clover Town tomorrow. Be at the train station by 10 A.M. sharp." He nodded before storming off to think.

"But you might be gone for 10 years; we should have a goodbye party or something!" Natsu said.

Erza smiled sadly, "That would just make it harder to leave, it's not like we'll be gone forever." said Erza. "Now I need to go pack, goodbye everyone."

"I can bet it'll feel like forever…" Lucy said sadly. She looked up to say something but Erza was already gone. That was strange, I mean, she said goodbye but… "Don't worry Lucy-san I'm sure they'll be back in less than 10 years. Gray-san and Erza-san are both very talented wizards." Wendy said positively.

Lucy smiled, Wendy was right; they'll be back in no time.

Back at Fairy Hills, Erza was thinking about how this was going to work out. It shouldn't be too bad; her first job actually was with Gray. They were alone that time too. Though now thinking about it, that was a bit awkward as well.

When Erza first joined the guild she wanted to get used to the atmosphere first, so she didn't take a job for a while. When she decided to take a job, her and Gray grabbed for the request at the same time.

She smiled at the memory, shocked that it was 9 years ago; 16 years counting the time they spent on Tenroujima. Even so it seemed like it was yesterday.

Meanwhile at Gray's house, Gray was doing some thinking himself. What Lucy said kept pounding in his head. 'Why am I doing this?' He thought.

Then he thought about what Happy said. What he said was right, he did like her. For 9-well technically 16-years. He remembered his first job with Erza. 'Yeah that job was awkward too…' Gray laughed at the thought. 'But it was also the most fun I've ever had on a job.' Gray thought.

He laughed again, remembering it like yesterday…


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