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the speed god of sword art online

chapter 3

the date and the holy quest

{37th floor's gate}

waiting just outside the gate of floor 37 was naruto, looking very dashing in his armour, his katana hanging by his side. He was siting on the steps leaning toward the gate, his eyes staring into space as he seemed to be thinking about something with deep and personal meaning to him.

"why would he trap people inside a death game it's not like him at all?" naruto thought to himself. Until a voice interrupted his line of thought. looking up he saw asuna wearing her armour and running towards him

"sorry I am late, I had to get away from kuradeel" asuna said, as she stopped dead in front of naruto.

"it fine asuna-chan but who is kuradeel?" naruto asked asuna

"that would be me, you damn beta" said a voice that made both naruto and asuna turn around to see where the voice was coming from

"damn it why did he have to followed me" asuna said in such surprise.

standing not far away from them was a man with long, black hair. tied neatly into a pony-tailed which made him quite handsome in an odd way. many said he was in his early twenties, however due to the wrinkles that aged his face, he looked much older. He dressed in a standard white and red KoB uniform with a white and red, metal chest plate, greaves and shoes, as well as white metal bracers, brownish-gray gloves and a white cape.

"damn it kuradeel I told you to stay at HQ, I'm fine on my own today. I'm going to be partying with naruto-kun, so leave me alone" asuna yelled at the man who was walking towards them

"I can't do that asuna-sama it is my job to make sure you're safe, so I can't let you run off with this-this beta tester" kuradeel said with disgust in his voice.

"just in case you haven't noticed, I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself, now go away" as she shouted her face turned red with deep seated anger.

after taking a moment to compose herself, " I'm going to be partying with naruto-kun and you can't stop me so go back to HQ now" asuna said as she moved to naruto side as she looked to him for back up.

"I can't do that asuna-sama as I said before it is my job to make sure you're safe" kuradeel said as he moved his hand to grab asuna but was stopped by naruto's hand as he moved in front of asuna

"she said no so be a good little puppy dog and go home before I make you" naruto said as he tighten the grip he had on kuradeel hand. you could see the pain naruto was causing Kuradeel the more he tried to hide the discomfort.

"you damn beta get out the way it my job to keep asuna-sama safe" the black hair man said as he pull his arm back

"as she said she is a big girl who can take care of herself, plus am there to protect her if she need it, hell I'm sure I will do a better job then you" naruto said with a cocky grin

"you dare" kuradeel said with hatred in his eyes

"oh I dare I bet you can't even keep you're self safe let alone asuna" naruto replied with a grin

"I challenge you to a duel I'll show you who is better suited to protect asuna-sama" kuradeel roared as he pulled out his sword.

duel-naruto vs kuradeel


as soon as kuradeel heard the fight sound he rushed forward with his sword in hand and took a swing at naruto before naruto could even drew his sword. The attack looked like it was a clean cut right down naruto's chest however as quick as a flash, naruto's whole body just disappear and then reappear right be hide kuradeel

"man you're slow, is this really all you got if so, I wonder how asuna-chan have survived for so long" naruto said sitting on the floor

"you damn bastard fight me like a man" kuradeel roared as he rush forward swinging like a madman

"man this is sad you have no skill what so ever" naruto said as he kept dodging kuradeel swings

"he's playing with him kuradeel can't even hold a candle to naruto-kun" asuna said to herself as she watch naruto keep dodging kuradeel

"ok, I'm ending this, I've got things to do" naruto said as he walk right past kuradeel not even drawing his sword

"this fight is not over yet beta t-" kuradeel was about to say before a cross shape cut appear on his cheat lowing his HP to five points "w-what the hell" he said before he fall backward onto the ground



walking toward asuna naruto looked back at kuradeel with a sad look in his eyes before moveing toward the gate

"let's go asuna" naruto said as he walk into the gate

"kuradeel return to HQ please you're lucky naruto-kun never finish that last attack he hates fighting players this whole game sickens him" asuna said joining naruto

{floor 37 hill side}

sitting at the top of the hill was asuna and naruto looked out on the horizon

"this world is so beautiful but yet so ugly" naruto said sadly as he laid back into the grass

"how so naruto-kun" asuna asked thinking how can a death game be so beautiful

"this world was made to be enjoyed by everyone but somehow it got turn into this sick game of death why asuna, why did he turn such a beautiful world into a place full of death" naruto said his voice full of sadness

"I don't know why naruto-kun maybe he just find funny to watching people kill each other?" asuna replied


"I'm sorry naruto-kun I did not mean to upset you... wait a minute did you just say onii-sama?" asuna asked looking at her blonde friend

"yes I did say onii-sama.. you see I know Kayaba Akihiko since I was little. he a friend of my father he is the most caring guy I know. I've looked up to him for so long my dream is to make games just like him" naruto said with a smile on his face thinking of the past

"then why is he doing this? why would he trap not only you but a bunch of strangers aswell?" asuna asked looking at naruto

"I really do not know asuna-chan but it not like him what so ever" naruto replied standing up "come on let get something to eat" he said holding out a hand to help asuna up

"hai lets" asuna replied taking a hold of his hand as he pull her up

{later in the forest}

after eating and resting at a near by town asuna and naruto went into the forest to do some level grinding by fighting wolfs and bears.

"asuna-chan this way bring it to the lake" naruto said as he saw a bear chasing asuna

"hai naruto-kun come and get me you stupid bear" asuna said as she mocked the bear. the bear then roared as it started to run at asuna. when they near the lake naruto jumped down from the tree top and landed on top the bear

"take this!" naruto yelled as he stabbed the bear killing it instantly




item dropped- bear meat

naruto-level up

asuna-level up

"oh yeah I levelled up now my speed is at 200" naruto said as a light started to glow behind him

"uh-oh naruto-kun look behind you" asuna said in a worried voice

"huh" naruto replied as he looked behind him to see the glowing light. the glow was coming from the middle of the lake as the light got brighter a figure started to appear the figure was a woman in her late teens with flowing golden hair and eyes as blue as the sky. she was wearing a snow white sun dress with no shoes on. she seem to be flowing on top the water

"ok... that new" naruto said in shock seeing someone come out of the late

"naruto-kun what going on" asuna said looking at the golden hair woman who has start to come towards them

"are you the one named naruto uzumaki? the woman ask with a heavenly voice

"hai who is asking" naruto replied with a hand on his katana

"I do not have a name but the creator codenamed me lady of the lake I am to give a quest to you the creator named you pacifically" the lady of the lake said

"really onii-sama did why" naruto asked as he walked toward the lady

"I do not know why, all I know is I am go give you a hint on where to go" she replied

"naruto-kun you sure this is ok what if it a trap" asuna said worrying about her friend

"I'm sure so what the hint lady" naruto said

"where the moon sets and the sun dawns the path of promised victory will appear guarded by four beast thou you must over come this challenge to find the sword that promises freedom" the lady replied as a quest box appear in fort of naruto pushing the yes button naruto look at the lady

"thank you for the help " naruto said as he turn around and walked to asuna

"good luck young hero hopeful you will be the one to free them all" said before the lady blow him a kiss and disappearing in a flash of light

{on the main road}

"you sure it was a good idea to take that quest naruto-kun, what if it a trap" asuna asked with concern in her voice

"I know you're worried asuna but I will be fine" naruto replied patting her head

"stop that, this is serious, I am worry about you" asuna said as she started pouting

"if you're that worry why not come with me, I'm sure I could use you're help" naruto said as they reach the town

"sure let meet here tomorrow 12pm yeah?" asuna said with a smile

"sure 12 it is then can't wait" naruto said as he waved goodbye to her. meanwhile in the shadows a two figures in black was listening in on naruto conversation.

"so that the next target huh" the 1st shadow said with a voice that belonged to a male

"yeah the speed god naruto uzumaki once we kill him we will be payed a lot of money" the 2rd one said with a female voice

"yeah and do not forget when we kill him we will go up a rank in laughing coffin as well" the male replied

"so true cant wait" the female said as they both disappeared

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