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Note: Possibility of the family being out of character and secrets revealed. Read at your own risk.

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In the daily life of society, it is common for anyone to own a diary – a book that recorded every entry of their very life. Whether the series of events were exciting or just plain ordinary, they are one's personal life. So I ask you, what better way is to write down your personal life other than this? After all, this is our privacy.

For that reason, a woman named Kikyo Zoldyck had chosen to develop this pastime.

In one of the rooms occupied within the manor, there was a woman dressed in white. She was seated on a chair, holding a pen with her refined, long fingers and a book present on the table. The woman was writing its first entry on the paper, quite happily, starting with the usual quote.

. . .

Dear diary,

I'm not sure what date is today but today is a very special day for me. I'm getting married!

I repeat. I am getting married!

As if those pretty dresses aren't enough, I even got the chance of wearing a wedding dress! Oh, those frilly dress… So white, so beautiful, so elegant… Hugging my body warmly… If only these were the hands of that big muscles. Hoho…

"*knock knock* Ma'am, are you ready?" interrupted a voice outside her room. "We are about to start."

"Alright, in a minute." Receiving her reply, footsteps slowly leave the doorway.

My, how time flies… Perhaps I was a bit nervous about this. Regardless, this is my time to shine!


Dear diary,

It was... HORRIBLE!

Of course I knew that the main point about this is our legal marriage. But this is too much…

I was expecting more, like a grand ceremony, a feast. This family is loaded for crying out loud! So why isn't there any big celebration? The only people who only witnessed our marriage were his parents, his grandfather and the servants! So why…?

Oh, right… We're assassins.

Ignore the fact! The main problem is –

"What are you doing?" asked a husky voice suddenly, peeking at her diary.

"Anata!" Kikyo turned to her right to face the silver haired man. He was rather close. "You scared me!"

"Why? Is my wife finally notices how fearful I am?" he asked slyly.

"Ha. Ha." she said, obviously not impressed, "very funny."

"You know I was teasing. Don't be that way."

Silva playfully applies light kisses onto her exposed shoulder, which he was grateful at her for not changing, and reached her neckline. She could feel his breath onto her skin.

"Stop it. You do know I'm in the middle of one of my private pleasure."

"That could wait. After all," he closed her luscious lips with a kiss. "I'm your husband now."

She glanced sideways at her diary. 'I guess it could wait.'

Silva smirked through their intimacy. The only lighting to their room was the lamp. And you could guess what happened. Tonight, they are in their own world. Different gender, different status, different people becomes one.

Words : 500

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