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To Guest (2/7/13 ) Anata does means 'you' in japanese but it also means 'darling'

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That doll

Dear diary,

Once again, I found myself not having a daughter. This is so frustrating! Why can't I have a daughter? Is it so wrong for me to have a baby girl?

At least my Illumi appreciate what I'm doing for him. (Unlike some people I know!) I couldn't be much happier especially that Milluki came into our lives. Problem is... I don't know what to do with him.

So far, I've tried dressing him up with Illumi's old clothes only to be too small for him. And I tell ya, fussed he did over them. Then I thought of letting him pick up the different outfits I ordered for his brother to try out. Boy, was he horrible at it! Guess he doesn't have a creative mind like moi~

In the end, I told him to just... watch.

. . .

As usual, Kikyo and her two sons were in her room that afternoon. She was about to finish the final touches to Illumi's outfit until the younger sibling threw a tantrum.

"Mama...!" two year old Millluki moaned. "Are you done yet?"

"For the umpteenth time Milluki," Kikyo didn't avert her attention from her work's form, "mama's not finished with your brother."

"But Milli bored!"

"Put a sock to it, Milluki."

"Illumi! You shouldn't say that to your brother," the mother scolded her eldest son. "Hold still and don't move a muscle 'til I'm back."

"What's this?" Milluki stare at the miniature girl his mother gave. She merely smiled.

"A doll."


Dear diary,

The figurine I've given to precious Milluki works! I knew he would throw fits if he's being ignored so I came prepared. But I'm still skeptic about it...

What the heck. Now I can no longer be bothered from the art of fashion I love!

However, as a result, he wanted me to buy more of them. I don't put much effort on choosing the doll in the first place but he's picky. Very picky. Wonder where he gets that from? When I say no, he threatens me with a tantrum. That's when I introduce him to the computer.

But lately... he's been fixated on that mechanism. It's not bad though. I can peacefully have Illumi all to myself.

. . .

"Have you seen your brother anywhere?" Kikyo suddenly spoke as she adjusts Illumi's fedora, an idea she got when reading Robin Hood. "I haven't seen him lately."

"He's been shutting himself in his room."

"Why?" Now this is odd. "It's not like him confining himself in that room of his."

"I do not know, mother. But when I was passing his room, I heard him laughing to himself."

. . .

There was a knock on Milluki's door, disturbing him from his new-found love. Enraged, he opened the door and shouted only to find his mother at the door.

"I-is... Is this what you've been up to?"

Kikyo saw the computer she bought for him displayed pictures of girl. Girls older than him. 2D.