AN: Hi people this is my first Fan Fiction so please tell me if you see any mistakes with spelling or grammar. This will take place after the Edolas Arc but before the Tenrou Island arc and in the Winter War after Ichigo has his Dangai training but before he goes against Aizen also for the purposes of the story Uryu has gone with them through the Dangai instead of staying with Orihime. And instead of just draining Isshin of spiritual energy, Uryu and he will take turns doing that which means they will both be a little weak in the beginning then they will get stronger as they recover their powers. And in case that I make a sequel the time in Karakura Town will be frozen. Now enough of my rant I shall now start the story.

Ichigo had not expected this. He had expected to come out of the Dangai Precipice World in the Karakura Town that had been in Soul Society but what actually happened was he came out into a forest next some people celebrating something. When they saw him with Uryu and his dad they became wary and a redheaded woman asked him while a sword materialized in her hand "Who are you?"

"It would appear that we appeared in a dimension other than our own Ichigo," Uryu said next to him.

"Do you think I can open up a Senkaimon?" Ichigo asked.

"No I'm pretty sure you have to wait until your father wakes up since you can really open up a Senkaimon," Uryu responded.

"Okay fine then," Ichigo said exasperated.

"Hey are you gonna continue to ignore us or what?" the redhead asked.

"Well it seems that everyone here is spiritually aware," Uryu said, "allow me to introduce myself I am Uryu Ishida, This is Ichigo Kurosaki (Points at Ichigo), and that is his Father Isshin Kurosaki (Points at Ichigo's Father). Now if you don't mind do you have a place where we can rest? Because right now I am barely able to stand up right now." And right after he said that he fell unconscious.

"This so predictable but yeah do you guys have a place where we can stay to recover?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes we do but if you don't mind me asking why are you here? Are you from Edolas?" The redhead asked him.

"First I don't know why we are here we were supposed to arrive somewhere else and second I don't know what Edolas is. Anyway you haven't introduced yourself or your friends." Ichigo said. (I'm too lazy to write all the intros so I'll just skip them)

"Okay now that we know who each other is can you take us to go rest somewhere I will explain everything once my dad wakes up." Ichigo said.

"Sure let's go back to Fairy Tail." Erza told him

"Ok sure if we can get some rest there." Ichigo said

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