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1) Future Plotlines/Spoilers
2) Character Profiles of Winchester kids
3) Fun Facts

- 1: Future Plotlines/Spoilers -


After Lucifer is killed, the air begins to clear. For the Winchesters and company, the next several months are spent simply catching their breath and looking to make life normal again. Any remaining demons on earth cannot return to Hell. No demons can come out either. Hannah and the thirty-some surviving angels integrate into humanity in order to spread goodwill, heal the sick, and be what they are: angels. The Winchester three live at the Bunker, slowly working to repair the fire damage which thankfully wasn't too extensive. Dean works to regain his family's trust and make amends on his more questionable choices the past year. Sam puts himself into therapy a few months later, and Dean/Alex join in a few times for family sessions. This helps them immensely to heal their rifts and resentments. Kevin, Kyle, and Linda move to nearby Kansas City - Kevin pursues normal life and a career in politics, returning to school a lot tougher and more resourceful than when he left. Kyle takes to coding and tech.

Mrs. Tran now fancies herself a hunter and remains in close contact with the bunker—especially with Bobby, visiting sometimes and helping him as he begins the work of recovering his libraries from various places all over the US. Molly moves to an apartment after a couple months after the Lucifer showdown. Sam and Molly continue to date each other, getting more serious and closely bonded as time goes on. Sam splits his time at the bunker because he begins to stay with her often—he is practicing allowing himself happiness without guilt, and experiencing love without doomsday implications. It is extremely good for him, and their love blossoms under these conditions. Dean and Jamie live in a section of the bunker with baby Rose while Cas and Alex live in another one with CJ. They function as independent family units, but with a communal aspect—doing many things together and with everyone looking after everyone else's kid interchangeably.

Jamie and Dean have to work at finding their stride as parents and partners since they're new at living together and raising a child, but things mostly shake out. The Winchesters and company work a couple of lore-centric jobs, a couple vengeful spirit jobs, they get rid of a couple rogue demons who were earthside when Hell shut down—but it's nothing in comparison to what they used to do. Alex and Dean plus their partners work on making the bunker for fitting for family life. They make headstones for Mary and Adam. They celebrate their kid's first Christmas simply—the first of many to come in their new home.


Sam makes the decision to return to school to complete his undergrad with his siblings support and encouragement. He'd been just a couple of semesters away from finishing ten years ago when life on the road came calling. However before he begins, Dean takes Alex and him aside and makes them both swear that no matter how normal and safe life might feel in the future, to always stay trained, sharp, and prepared for disaster. He makes them promise not to get rusty or comfortable. And he says they need to make sure their romantic partners and children know enough to protect themselves and be aware of what's really out there—angels, demons, and everything else too. The twins agree. Sam begins to train Molly that year and is surprised to find out she had already been practicing some things on her own. Alex and Jamie help out a couple of times, even taking Molly on an all-girls cursed object case and then a vengeful spirit haunting.

Meanwhile, Dean opens an auto shop - Winchester Auto - in town, it's a partially real business but it also functions as a hunter information network/resource stop-off and sometimes a money laundering method too. The shop specializes in vintage cars, but services all. Dean trains Cas on cars, and their brother-like bond continues to grow—even if Cas does turn out to be very subpar when it comes to mechanic skills. Alex also works at the auto shop as a mechanic when the work load is especially heavy. CJ is nearly always with her or close by.

Jamie spends her time mostly focusing on motherhood for the time being—she's pregnant again and it wasn't planned (just like last time). However, she and Dean get to share this time together unlike when she was pregnant with Rose, and it brings them closer as a couple and continues to solidify their bond as partners. Later that year, Dean and Cas start building a tree house and put up a tire swing under a large oak tree outside the bunker for their kids. The bunker becomes much more homey thanks to additions like couches, flowers, art pieces, rugs, a grand piano, a teepee for the kids to play in, family photos on the walls. There are hunting jobs here and there—and they infrequently do jobs in odd combinations. Sometimes Dean and Alex, sometimes Cas and Dean, sometimes Cas and Alex, Sam comes along to about three jobs the whole year—he's so busy with school. Even Molly joins in once. Jamie gives birth to their baby boy just before Christmas who they name Robert John ("Robby" or "Chip" (Dean's nickname for him, since he's a chip off the old block)). His son is his pride and joy just as much as little Rosie is. Christmas is a more grand celebration than last year for the first time in a long time: Sam, Dean, Alex, Cas, Molly, Jamie, Bobby, Linda, Kevin, Kyle, Garth, Charlie—even Meg comes. There's a tree, huge meal (which Cas makes most of), presents, and traditions like reading the Christmas Story, baking cookies, watching Home Alone, and hanging mistletoe. Bobby dresses up as Santa for the kids. It's the happiest holiday the Winchesters have had in a very long time. Maybe ever.


Dean starts AA after the new year after problems with Jamie. His first meeting, he asks his siblings to come with him for support. Sam starts the second half of his lawyer education and preparing for the Bar exam, and it's intense, taking up most of his time—he essentially moves in with Molly at this point, only coming to the bunker once or twice a month if that. He's missed by his siblings, but he's enjoying the sweet life with Molly plus all the hard normal work of studying and scholarly pursuit. Alex and Cas begin to work on renovations for the Bunker, including a solarium/greenhouse, and they start to convert the old power plant into a connected upper level. Jamie's trustfund inheritance/investments helps pay for the upgrades, and she even magicks some parts of it into existence. Dean's focus remains mostly on his family: spending time with his kids, teaching and nurturing them, being there for them like John wasn't able for Dean and the twins.

The Winchesters and their partners spend time camping, going on a Vegas trip as a group, having cookouts, picnics, trips to the lake. They work a few hunting jobs and attend to normal life. Life is overall good for all. The Winchester siblings even go see AC/DC in concert, dragging Sam away from school for a long weekend. Towards the end of the year, Alex gets pregnant with Nova. This pregnancy is completely normal in comparison to CJ since she is a human baby.


Sam proposes to Molly and she is overjoyed to say yes—they've been together over three years now and they've both grown together and separately as people, too. Molly includes Jamie and Alex in the wedding planning/process, and Alex finds it to be one of the weirdest things she's ever done. In October, Alex gives birth to Nova, and their family is complete. She has Nova in the hospital that she and Sam were born in. Bobby retires from his RV life as he's feeling too old and tired to be on the road all the time and his libraries have all been recovered and moved into the bunker. He works some hours at the auto shop, but spends most of his days at home with everyone. Linda visits sometimes, and he goes to visit her too. Finally, the Winchesters realize that there's been a little romance under their noses they knew nothing about.

Dean buys a motorcycle and dotes on it, then buys Jamie one too. They spend some time as a family of four doing a little sight seeing, road-tripping, and camping in Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.


Sam graduates, and it's one of the happiest/most empowering moments of his life. His family is there to support him, and his siblings are especially emotional about watching their brother succeed and grow. A few months later, Sam marries Molly. The wedding is a beautiful little garden ceremony that's attended by a few friends and family. There is a brother/sister dance at the wedding (to "Sweet Child O Mine") with Sam and Alex, and Dean cuts in halfway to dance with Alex too.

Sam begins to work at a local law firm as a defense attorney, enjoying helping people in a totally different way than before, plus generating income that is honest and plentiful makes him feel pride. Life continues onward for the bunker residents.


Jamie learns that she's pregnant again and she tells Dean this is the last one, dammit. Sam and Molly move into the Bunker late summer at last, for a couple reasons: Sam was happy with everything in life except how little he saw his family and it got to the point that he felt like something major was missing—being with his brother and sister more regularly. He's tried normal life in earnest again and just feels that even though aspects of it are what he likes, he can't live apart from his siblings any longer. Also, Molly is expecting, and it will be twins. At the bunker, she will have support from the rest of the family and help. She and Jamie are a couple months apart in pregnancy, which plays out in sometimes comical ways for their respective partners and the cravings, mood swings, and nesting. All in all, everyone finds a new rhythm of life together in the Bunker, and the Winchester siblings have peace in their lives that is well earned. Being together, finally, in one place… a real home… is everything to them.

2020 & Onward

The Men of Letters is no longer, but the Winchesters find that the past few years, they have gotten many calls and contacts made at the Auto Shop—hunters and similar needing leads, information, and resources. This work of uniting hunters and providing knowledge/help to them eventually evolves into a union known as The Network. The bunker is their primary headquarters and serves as a vast source of knowledge and consulting. The Network focus becomes uniting hunters, witches, mages, psychics. Anyone who is in any way connected to the life lived by people who deal with paranormal matters. Their mission is to guard and safe keep humanity and precious knowledge, while promoting open channels of communication between people who protect the balance of the supernatural/normal world.

The bunker is expanded and remodeled a few times to have enough room for everyone, and there's eventually even a separate building built for a hostel. The additional added on parts all have a cozy, craftsman feel to them and the architecture is simple, straightforward, functional. Jamie has a small wing built that functions as a small apothecary and witchcraft resource. It's filled with stones, crystals, spell ingredients, and spellbooks she collects over the years—she sells and trades them, operating a little business. Dean even brings her a few of the spellbooks she obtains throughout the years, proving that true love really does conquer all.

A stray dog shows up when the kids are all still ten and under, and when he won't leave (and Sam keeps sneaking him inside), he eventually becomes part of the family. Dean names him Zeppelin.

(And no, Covid does not exist in their universe, because fuck that! lol)

- Dean enjoys life as a father and a committed partner to Jamie. They eventually get married when their kids are 11, 9, and 7 in a last minute ceremony during a big family trip to Vegas. Mostly because Rose has been begging them to for years—they have felt committed to each other this whole time so it doesn't make a huge difference to them to be married. They get their fingers tattooed instead of wearing rings. Dean's life is his kids and he raises them with love, support, and focus. He is a great dad, just like his family always knew he would be. The Auto Shop is successful and eventually Dean can step back and simply manage it rather than work the majority of hours himself. The shop remains a Network beacon of information and safety as the years go on, and Dean leaves the business to his son when the time is right later on in life. He finds himself mentoring younger hunters from time to time, almost like Bobby did with him. He also enjoys being part of his local AA community, helping others recover once he has.

- Sam remains in law for over twenty years, serving as a public defender after his first ten years of private practice, because he wants to help those who can't afford attorney fees. After that, he transitions to teaching law at a local college, where he will retire from later. He becomes dad to his two twin sons in 2020: Henry and Milo, and he loves them more than anything. He instills his values and kindness into them by just being who he is. Sam remains a conscientious, kind, giving man the rest of his life. He and Molly enjoy many great years together, and travel the world after their boys turn 18.

- Alex spends her time raising her two kids, working at the auto shop here and there, doing research and compiling her findings into volumes, and finding new hobbies as life becomes normal. She learns that she likes playing piano, hiking for no reason except to be in nature, and meditation. She and Cas like to meditate together, and they try fun things throughout the years as a couple: dancing classes, yoga, cooking classes (Alex sucks), rock climbing, travel for pleasure, sword fighting classes, Disney World, etc. Basically, they discover life together, and their kids are never too far behind them either—they are a very close knit family unit. Alex becomes more and more at peace in life, feeling that she is exactly where she needs to be, and enjoying every day for what it is. She compiles Dad's journal and combines it with other experiences that she had on the road growing up - she publishes it as fiction, a kind of memoir and reference guide all in one. Hunters will know that it's not fictive, though. She titles it The Family Business. The dedication inside reads, 'for my brothers — the anchors of my life.'

… For The Winchester Siblings, there are always jobs since ancient creatures, vengeful spirits, curses and cursed objects, will pop up as they always have. The three of them remain inseparable throughout the years, especially Dean and Alex. Living their lives in tandem, sharing their experiences of raising kids together, facing life's struggles together. While all of them have significant others, the bond that the Winchesters share only gets deeper as the years go on. They are, after all, the ones who went through the trenches together. They all live long, meaningful lives with many happy moments. They all three outlive their spouses—and they all disappear on the same day when Dean is 82 and the twins are 78.

- Castiel officially takes the last name Winchester. He works for a few years after 2014 to write a comprehensive book about angels and Heaven thanks to his vast knowledge of both. This book will be archived in the bunker library and used as a reference material for years to come. He starts a garden that becomes massive and that's the bulk of his work over the years—that and his bees. He also gets chickens, ducks, and alpacas in later years. He really enjoys growing and tending to life, and caring for little growing things. He builds a greenhouse inside the bunker and converts an empty room into a meditation/yoga space. He's an extremely involved father, an excellent baker and cook, and enjoys the simple things in life. His kids love to cook and bake with him and the kids beg him to start a YouTube channel where they cook and create in the kitchen together. Castiel does, and he calls it AngelFoodTube. They cook and bake together and Alex usually stays behind the camera—the channel gains quite a following and lasts for almost ten years, providing another source of income and fun. Cas lives a long, happy human existence in which he builds wonderful connections and relationships to his family. He experiences humanity the only way he would ever want to: with Alex by his side always.

- Jamie continues witchcraft and works on uniting witches to the Network through the years. She enjoys motherhood—she's the kind of mom you can never fool or pull a fast one on, which is good: Robby and Erin are both hellraisers with Rose being the only consistently sweet and behaved one (especially as teens). She and Dean enjoy a lifelong partnership—not without its ups and downs, but they both heal a lot, together, from the damage done from the hunting life. And most of all, they focus on raising their kids in a way differently than they were raised. She is killed in a car accident in her 50s, leaving Dean to raise the kids and make peace with her passing. He does.

- Molly becomes the master librarian for the Network bunker. While she's never one to throw herself into a battle, she becomes skilled and resourceful over the years in terms of hunting, since often the life comes calling even when you've closed the door. Even though she becomes less timid, she does remain the most sensible and polite and socially acceptable of the other two women. Molly teaches the kids art and meditation and yoga and piano, and loves Cas's garden, helping him in it often. In time, even Dean comes to appreciate Molly's gentle spirit and more shy personality.

- Bobby keeps his RV and does a few more years on the road of hunts and research and library recovery in between extended stays at the bunker. After that he retires to the bunker and spends his time doting on/teaching his "grandkids," and settling into a life of favorite tv shows, helping out around the place, assisting Molly with the library, and getting around to reading the books he's always wanted to: a lot of Tom Clancy and Stephen King stuff. Finally, he can relax. Oh, and spend time with his favorite lady, Linda Tran.

- All the kids are homeschooled for the first 8-12 years of their life. Lessons consist of weapons and tactical advantages, surviving on your own, art class, lore, physical education, as well as the basics of math, English, science, and history. While the kids are all taught to be self-sufficient and strong as well as good with any weapon, there is a strong focus on letting them be kids, and tending to their emotional wellbeing—letting them imagine, explore, and be silly. The kids grow to be pretty independent and CJ/Rose being oldest are kind of the parents at times. Rose is definitely the one to rely on since CJ would rather be doing something fun than keeping track of younger kids. The kids all get taken on age-appropriate jobs throughout the years, but never at times that would disturb school or other first priorities. They are hunters, but hunters by choice—never forced into the life, only required to know how to defend themselves and know what's out there.

- Kevin spends time in politics, eventually becoming democratic state senator for Kansas. He does however remain available for a few select hunts through the years, and he visits the Bunker on some holidays and special occasions—especially when Linda moves into the Bunker full time. The Winchesters consider him family, and the kids call him Uncle Kevin. He and Kyle marry each other eventually, and share a happy life together.

- Linda comes to be called Grandma Linda, and she/Bobby live together after 2021 in the Bunker, eventually retiring to a little wing of the Bunker they build that faces the sunrise. It's called the Nest, and has a window like Bobby's old house in it.

Meg remains a demon, but has achieved transformation. She enjoys staying on the move, coming and going and popping up at unexpected times. She helps on a few hunts throughout the years, and her friendship with Alex endures.

- Garth hunts full-time the rest of his life, and is in contact with the Winchesters for many years, often bringing jobs to their attention. He starts a podcast called Huntercast that is officially "fiction" but he tells stories about his hunts and sometimes has (sort of unwilling) guests. He ropes the Winchesters into an episode, Cas gets his own episode, so do Jamie, Molly and Bobby.

- Gabriel is not seen or heard from much, but Heaven no longer bothers earth, so the assumption is that he's doing his part.

- Crowley was resurrected by Gabriel then promptly cast down and locked inside of Hell. He spends time sorting out all the demons there and reestablishing his place as King. He finds Lucifer's stash of things stolen from Heaven after some time, and among the stash is a fetus suspended in a state of paused development. It's a Nephilim fetus—When Cas and Alex had sex in Purgatory, they conceived. Neither knew it, and when Naomi abducted Alex, she saw and extracted the fetus then put it into a vial. She then froze it in supernatural stasis to decide what to do with later. When Naomi was killed, the little vial was forgotten then later found by Lucifer, who tucked it down into Hell for later, intending to implant the fetus into a surrogate and potentially use it + CJ as his Nephilim Adam/Eve for the new world order. These plans were dashed when Alex killed him.

Crowley decides he likes the idea of having a son or daughter, and has the fetus put into a female demon to be carried to gestation. When she is born, he names her Mania, because he envisions her being a chaos-bringing hellion just like Daddy. He raises her to believe she's a demon, and dotes on her—some of the humanity remains in him, and she is a strong link to that humanity, and a strong link to the Winchesters—she looks like Alex even more than Nova does. Crowley creates a little pocket of Hell for her that resembles an English estate in the country—she is not allowed outside of the ends of the gardens outside, and has a couple of demon nannies who are sworn to secrecy. Mania grows up hearing stories of the Winchesters who her father both clearly loves and loathes, and in her mind, she begins to feel the same, obsessing over this family who locked her father Crowley into Hell. She finds herself pining to know anyplace besides her little world in Hell, and to meet humans, to be anywhere than where she is. She runs away as a teen, finding the inmost place of Hell. When demons see her, they recognize that she's not a demon and at first attempt to attack her, then realize their mistake when she, not even knowing the extent of her powers, decimates them. Mania finds herself able to leave Hell at will since she's not a demon, and once on earth, she works for about a year on a way to open Hell up so that Crowley can come out too. In doing this, she of course attracts the attention of her bloodline: Dean, Sam, Alex and their crew. When they try to stop her ritual to open Hell, she ends up dragging Dean, Sam, Alex, Cas, Jamie, and Molly into Hell, effectively killing them. Later, CJ captures her—they recognize that they have the same strengths and similar abilities, and don't understand how or why. CJ manages to bind her, simply because he has learned by observing his own weaknesses over time.

The Winchester kids eventually discover who she is with Meg and Bobby's (now elderly) help. She's held captive for weeks, and her cousins/siblings try to explain who she really is — a Nephilim like her brother, not a demon as Crowley had told her. She refuses to believe it.

CJ goes on a mission to find and then get John Winchester to help them get their parents back, and they all team up to bring everyone back successfully. Mania is still imprisoned, and really meets her real mother and father for the first time, but again, refuses to believe the truth—even though it's so obvious she is Alex's daughter. Eventually she manages to escape, but at this point, she's lost. She returns to Hell and confronts Crowley. He's the only father figure she's ever known, and he wasn't telling her the truth. He lied to her for her entire life, telling her he "dreamt her up" when he wanted someone to share all the glory of Hell with, eventually. Crowley says he's sorry, and she tells him to rot in here alone, then leaves again.

Mania runs away for a year or two, trying to figure herself out. At this time, CJ is in his early twenties, and he hunts her down, on a personal mission to reclaim his long lost sister and prove to her who she is. They end up having a few adventures and missions together that bring them close. She reconnects with her bloodline after that, and renames herself Emily. While she remains a lone wolf for the rest of her life, she and her siblings/cousins develop a working relationship over the years, and she and her actual parents do have a relationship, but it's not parent/child. It's more like aunt/uncle/adult who is related to them. She always thinks of her real father as Crowley, and eventually finds herself missing him and re-establishing a father/daughter relationship. This makes for an interesting group dynamic whenever he visits the Bunker.

- John Winchester is not heard from much. CJ goes to find him at a certain point for help breaking into Hell, and John writes letters to his kids every several years, but other than that, it's as if he's dead. He remains in solitude for a few hundred years, as the Mark has a supernatural effect on his aging process. He spends the he rest of his life keeping the Mark away from people. He finally passes the Mark along to his granddaughter Emily, who will most likely live hundreds of years since she's not human. John dies after he forfeits the Mark, and he is finally taken into Heaven, having earned his salvation. He's given a Heaven shared with his long lost Mary and his story is at last finished, the final chapter being one of peace and rest.

After Emily receives the mark of Cain at age 200, she returns to Hell, where mortality doesn't affect her. She begins to go by Mania again. Everyone has died except CJ and Crowley at this point. Hell has been in disarray ever since she pulled Crowley out, and so she makes Hell her own, claiming her title as Queen of Hell. She turns it from a place of torment and suffering and blood to a place of boredom and solitude—she dedicates the rest of eternity to confirming that all the souls in Hell actually do belong there. She liberates many that never were supposed to be there at all… including a soul that she finds withered away in the infamous cage. Left behind somehow, forgotten and discarded without explanation, the soul of Adam Milligan. Gabriel was wrong: he did not die with Lucifer, because his soul was ejected from his body in Hell long ago. Mania delivers him to Heaven, where he finally has rest and relief. Mania remains in Hell forevermore, calling herself the Gatekeeper. No one knows what happened to Crowley, but rumor has it that Mania brought him back to Hell with her, and he has found peace—the best a demon can, anyway.

- 2: Character Profiles of Winchester Kids -


Castiel James "CJ"

Played by your choice of Alexander Calvert or Sebastian Stan

CJ is daring, impulsive, incredibly smart. Courageous, caring. Ethical. Fun loving, easy going, well adjusted, confident. He enjoys beekeeping, anything involving mathematics or taking things apart, causing problems, pranks, cooking. Loves the outdoors, loves anything that's an adrenaline rush. He is sensitive and thoughtful, despite his fun-loving personality. He is pansexual, believing that the essence of people goes far beyond gender or sexual identities. Even though he's very carefree in many moments of life, he knows how to sober up and focus in when the moment calls for it. He is very very close with both of his parents, especially his mother. He ends up living close to 500 years, and he dedicates those years to protecting mankind—he's in leadership of the Network for the majority of his life. When he dies, he finds himself in neither Heaven nor Hell. Mania rescues him from the emptiness he found himself in, and he finds that he is able to traverse Heaven and Hell as he wishes… and that the story isn't over, the adventure has just begun.

Powers: super strength, poofing, telekenisis, self-healing. Very slow aging process after puberty.

Novak "Nova/Noah" Grace Winchester

Played by Grace Hartzel

Nova is 100% human, and next to her super powered brother, she feels left out sometimes. She's bookish and focused, clumsy, balanced, patient, calm. A dreamer. Brave and compassionate. Responsible, good at multitasking. A little shy especially in contrast to her outspoken brother. Feels like she doesn't fit in a majority of the time. She embraces her quirks and her introspective nature, enjoying her inner world. People tend to assume she couldn't harm a fly, but she's talented with a multitude of weapons and hand-to-hand combat. She prefers peaceful solutions when possible. She enjoys drawing and writing poetry, yoga, gardening, reading fiction and nonfiction alike, tv and movies, playing piano. She loves to cook and bake with Cas. She and her dad are extremely close. She eventually marries a witch named Sara. She lives a much quieter life than her siblings, adopting an older child with her wife and focusing on family.

Other facts: CJ calls her "Fred" for unknown reasons. Probably just to be an annoying ass of a brother.

Mania/Emily Winchester

Played by Anna Christine Speckhart

Starting off as Mania then having a rebirth as Emily gives her a way to cope with her coming-to-terms with reality, but as a person, Emily is tortured and always feels out of place. She has a serious and hard to read persona. She's sarcastic. Brutal. Strong. Broken. Vulnerable emotionally, but unwilling to let almost anyone in. She was raised by Crowley, so she has his accent and some mannerisms. She is asexual, having no interest in sexual relations however being deeply fascinated by people and relationships in a more calculated way. She prefers to be working or honing her talents at knife and sword fighting, but she also can get lost in daydreams and fantasies in slower moments. She dreams of having a human life the entire time she's raised as a demon, and has an identity crisis once she realizes she's a Winchester. She resents her family for not knowing she existed, and has a very hard time coping with her own actions of killing them and taking them to Hell. She and CJ eventually grow close, sharing a bond over being Nephilim. They outlive all of their family, and remain in contact through their long lives.

Powers: super strength, poofing, telekenisis, self-healing, super hearing, very slow aging process after puberty.


Rose Mary Winchester

Played by Abbie Cornish

Rose takes after her mother when it comes to witchcraft. She loves magic, music, and anything mythical. Her personality is more reserved, kind, thoughtful—she has a tendency to be easily pained and hurt. She's rational and stubborn, and an overthinker. She is very focused on excelling at things she tries, and is very competitive—during her childhood she starts Taekwondo and sticks with it with immense focus, becoming a master when she's an adult. She's responsible, observant, and quick on her feet. She loves animals and has highly empathic abilities. She becomes a witch but also pursues a normal life, attending college and becoming a freelance writer in addition to being an incredible hunter.

Robert John Winchester - "Robby" or "Junior" or "Chip"

Played by Henry Cavill

Robby is the life of any party. He loves cars, girls, playing guitar, partying, boxing, and shooting. He comes off as confident and daring, impulsive. He's quick on his feet, decisive, smart, and loves to joke around. However, he's got an artistic and sensitive side too that comes out from time to time. He's also incredibly loyal and has a generosity that sometimes gets him in trouble. He becomes a mechanic like his dad and runs the shop and hunts regularly for the rest of his life.

Erin Singer Winchester

Played by Melissa Benoit

The family goofball, Erin was born with a huge, hard-to-ignore personality. She is fun-loving, energetic, easily amused, and very often described as sassy. She doesn't have good grades, despite being incredibly intelligent—she's always full of ideas, daydreaming, and lollygagging around. She loves boxing, crossfit, taekwondo, running, rollerskating—anything to get energy out really—friends, food, animals, and partying. She loves hunting and remains active in it, providing a loyal backup, quick thinking, and puns along the way. She is pansexual.


Henry Dean Winchester

Played by Lucas Till

Henry is the older of the two boys, who are fraternal twins. He loves athletics, outdoorsy stuff, chemistry and football. He's a laid back, charming, very mature person who is kind, empathetic, and hard working. He's a forward thinker and obsessed with riddles, wordplay, and puzzles. He's the best chess player of all his cousins, and no one plays with him anymore after a certain point because he always wins. He pursues a career in engineering in his twenties, but is always ready to do a hunt on the side.

Milo Alexander Winchester

Played by Luke Benward

Milo (whose middle name is in honor of Alex) is kind, silly, big hearted, tech obsessed—he likes to try and hack things and write code for apps/websites. Friendly, insightful, highly emotionally intelligent. He loves chemistry and math. He's always the top of his class, analytical, nerdy, loves martial arts and also plays piano. Overachiever, bookworm. Sensitive, stubborn, witty. He is a momma's boy. He comes out as gay when he's fourteen to loving and accepting parents who totally support who he is. He becomes a software engineer and is self-employed—balancing that against hunting and helping CJ run the Network in later years.

The brothers are fraternal twins—Henry is older by a few minutes. They both get along and fight famously—Henry always feels like his brother outshines him, and they have some sibling rivalry due to this. Henry and Robby and CJ all get along well, often grouping up to go do their own thing in childhood/teen years. Milo tends to end up with the girls, and is closest to Nova and Rose.

- 3: Fun Facts -

Dean carries a silver whistle on his keychain in some seasons of Supernatural. You can see him packing it with his keys into a box in 5x18. This whistle is the type I described Alex as having carried around her neck when mute. The funny part is, I never noticed this whistle until well into writing the story… *X-Files theme song plays*

The first initials of Sam Alex and Dean spell out SAD. Now if that's not ironic…

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Approx 50,000 words long. SRS average chapter length: 21,000. Two of my chapters almost makes a whole Harry Potter.

In early drafts of the "Everybody Loves a Clown" script, Jo was named "Alex" and was already a hunter. I didn't know this until well into writing SRS.

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins have all signed a hardback copy of SRS I had made. I also have photos of Misha with the book, as well as the guy who plays Chuck!

I got the demon ward tattoo in the same place as Alex's (on her ribs).

The following interesting coincidences can be seen on SPN:

A deleted scene of Season 7 "Adventures in Babysitting" shows Sam going through Cas's trench coat pockets (he's currently "dead") and the first thing he picks up is some kind of coin on a necklace… (!)

Season 9 includes a female demon character named Lola (just like in SRS), who is Crowley's sidekick for a few episodes. This happened long after I had been publishing the story.

Season 9 includes a female character named Alex with brown hair and a bad attitude. This happened long after I had been publishing the story.

Season 13 includes a female WITCH character named Jamie. This, again, happened way after I published SRS. Pretty big coincidence!