The Clan Wars

Prologue: The End of the World

They were all dead. Everyone I loved, everyone I cared for. My village and my allies. They were all gone. I, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, had failed my role as Hokage. Konoha was gone, burned to ashes in the final attack by Obito and Madara Uchiha.

The good news: those two bastards were dead and never coming back. And my best friend and ally was alive: Gaara. Otherwise, pretty much everything had gone to shit.

He too had lost everything. A couple of months ago, Sunagakure was destroyed and his siblings and most of the villagers were killed in the process. Gaara and the remains of Sunagakure relocated into Konoha until they could find a time to rebuild. However, in the final attack, the rest of his shinobi died along with everyone else. Now he too had no one.

The war had gone on for what felt like forever. In reality, it had only been two years since its beginning. But, the devastation to the land and its people would take decades to heal. Not a single country had made it without major casualties.

We were sprawled on the ground, soaked in our own blood and the blood of our enemies. My chest was heaving, trying to taking as much air as possible. There was a large hole in my chest that I received from Madara. It hurt like hell. That bastard. I don't think that either Kurama or I had enough chakra to heal it. We were dying. Oh well. My only hope was that an afterlife existed where I could be reunited with those precious to me.

Gaara was next to me, on the ground writhing in pain. When we killed Madara and Obito, the jyuubi had once again become a stone statue. It had then cracked and fallen to pieces, releasing the bijuu within. What I can only assume to be Shukaku, had entered Gaara, bound to his soul from the seal engraved on Gaara's arm. However, Gaara's seal was broken from the extraction by Akatsuki and now Shukaku's chakra was killing him and it was painful.

My heart went out to Gaara seeing him suffer. If only I had the energy, if only I had the chakra, I could fix his seal. But, I didn't have the means. There was nothing that I could do. I closed my eyes, feeling myself drifting into the darkness that was death.


'Shut the fuck up, Kurama. I'm trying to die peacefully, damn it.' I was annoyed. Why could that stupid fox leave me alone in my last few moments of life?

There is a way out of this. I can still save you and Shukaku's brat.

'Huh?' was my intelligent response. 'Well, what are you going to do?'

Time travel. But, I need the rest of your chakra and Shukaku's chakra too.

'Hold on! Time travel?! That's not possible you stupid fox!'

More specifically, a time-space ninjutsu. However, we will be focusing on the time aspect instead of the space. I need you to wake up and grab onto Shukaku's vessel so I can get enough chakra.

In a way it made sense. If there was time-space ninjutsu and I had clearly seen the movement through space at work when fighting Obito, then it must be possible to move through time. However, beyond that realization I could begin to comprehend the process to make it possible. I just decided to accept it for what it was.

'Fine. How far are we going back?'

I don't know. It depends on how much chakra Shukaku has. Probably a couple of decades.

I opened my eyes with renewed vigor and hope. We could survive. More importantly, we could fix this. We could make sure that none of it ever happened. I reached out to Gaara, who was now unconscious, but still spasming from pain. I reached out and grabbed his hand.

I felt Shukaku's demonic chakra begin to flow into me. Compared to my low reserves, it felt like an ocean of power. I heard Kurama chanting the jutsu in my head and focusing the chakra that he was receiving. With a flash of red light, we were gone and thrown into the past.