The Clan Wars

Chapter 20: The Summoning Realms

Gaara and I stood in a clearing not far from the compound in which the leaders were staying. We were just the right distance for them to not be able to sense the fluctuations in our chakra as we performed the summoning justu.

I took a deep breath as I cut my thumb with my tooth and began weaving the seals for the summoning justu.

Ousu-buta, Inu, Tori, Saru, O-hitsuji.

I slammed my palm on the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Justu!"

The summoning seals spread across the ground and I carefully limited the chakra that I channeled into the justu. I did not want to accidentally summon the toad boss. It could cause a lot of issues as I would not be recognized by Gamabunta. Hopefully, the summoning would work as Kurama said it would.

A medium sized cloud of smoke appeared as a toad about the size of a human poofed into existence. As the smoked cleared I could see an electric blue toad with yellow markings.

"Eh? Who summoned me?" the toad demanded in a deep voice as he eyed Gaara and I.

"I did," I said. "What is your name?"

The toad continued to eye me with suspicion before answering, "Gamafutsu. How did you get a hold of the toad summoning contract? We have not allowed a human to sign it for a long time."

"Although I no longer have the contract in my possession, I signed it long ago," I replied. It was technically true. "My name is Naruto," I introduced my self with a slight bow. "This is Gaara," I continued with a gesture towards the red haired man. Gaara nodded at my gesture.

"Hmmm…" Gamafutsu said in response still examining us. "What do you want from me?

"We wish for you to take us with you to the toad summoning world. There is an important matter that we would like to present to your boss. We would like to ask a favor of him."

"I have no issue with it," Gamafutsu said. "If you are lying, it is not myself who will come to harm, human. I will take you to the summoning realm."

"Thanks, Gamafutsu!" I said with a smile. I grabbed at Gaara's arm and pulled him towards Gamafutsu as the blue toad gestured for us to come closer to him.

"I hope you know that this isn't easy," the toad grumbled as he laid a webbed limb on my shoulder and began channeling chakra through me and in turn I began channeling chakra through Gaara. "Here we go!"

With a poof of smoke we disappeared. Almost instantly we reappeared in the summoning world. Large plants arced over us and huge, colorful mushrooms dotted the moss covered ground. Mount Myoboku loomed above us and I felt a refreshing fondness course through me at the sight.

I turned to see what Gaara thought and saw the he was carefully examining our surroundings. Gamafutsu still crouched beside us.

"Would you come with us to Mount Myoboku?" I asked Gamafutsu. "We would appreciate having a guide."

The toad nodded and began to lead the way. Gaara and I followed close behind, pumping chakra through our legs to keep up with the bright blue toad.

"Are all of the summoning worlds like this?" Gaara asked me.

I shrugged. "I wouldn't know," I said. "I've only ever been here."

"Summoning worlds are the ideal homes for those who live in them," Gamafutsu's voice floated back towards us from where he was leading the way. "They vary depending on those who occupy them. However, the worlds are all quite magnificent compared to the human world in the Elemental Continent."

We quickly reached the base of Mount Myoboku and the toads scattered throughout the area hovered on the edges of our senses watching us and following our progress. The ground rumbled and shook as a large chakra approached us. My eyes widened as I recognized the familiar chakra just before Gamabunta's massive form appeared over a nearby ridge.

With his sword strapped across his back and a smoking pipe in his mouth, he looked as formidable as ever. However, as large, red toad came closer and closer I could see the subtle differences that reminded me that this Gamabunta was not the same as I had known in my time. Gamabunta was younger and his thick skin was decorated with less scars. Most predominantly, the large scar that crossed his left brow was no longer there.

"Why have you brought humans into our realm, Gamafutsu? You should know better!" Gamabunta said as he finally reached us. He shot a look of annoyance at Gamafutsu before he turned a suspicious glare upon Gaara and myself.

"They wished to speak with you boss," the electric blue and yellow toad said. "The blonde one, Naruto, was able to summon me and claims have have signed the contract long ago."

"Hmm," Gamabunta rumbled thoughtfully as he examined me closely. A webbed hand removed the pipe from his mouth and he exhaled a cloud of smoke towards me.

I coughed at the putrid scent that filled my nose and mouth and attempted to wave away the smoke. Gaara's chakra fluctuated with annoyance from behind me and he shifted closer to my back to cover it better.

"You would not have been able to bring him here if he had not signed the contract," Gamabunta concluded. "However, I do not recall anyone signing the contract in recent time. We will bring this matter to Oogama Sennin."

I wanted to grin at Gamabunta's statement, but refrained. My excitement would make us seem even more suspicious than we already were.

However, it was difficult to contain my excitement at how lucky things were turning out for us to far. We were going to see Oojiji-sama! Perfect! I was confident that the Great Toad Sage would assist us with contacting the turtles so we could secure the Raccoon and Fox contracts.

Gamabunta lumbered towards the entrance of the cavern that housed the Great Toad Sage. Gamafutsu, Gaara, and I followed in his wake. Gamabunta stopped before the entrance and motioned toward Gaara and I to enter.

Gaara and I entered the dimly lit tunnel and continued through until it opened into a large cavern. Seated on a raised platform was the Great Toad Sage.

"Ahh… you seem familiar," Gamamaru said as we approached. "I sense that you are important, but not quite where you belong. You two are very unusual shinobi. And, I speak of more then the demons that you house within you."

"It's great to see you again, Oojiji-sama!" I greeted cheerfully.

"It is an honor to meet you, Oogama Sennin" Gaara said more formally with a bow.

"Again, you say?" the old toad asked.

I grinned sheepishly. "Well, you see, we've met before. Just in the future," I admitted.

"That explains a lot, young shinobi. Time does not flow naturally around either of you. How far from the future are you from?"

"About a century."

"Yes, I can see it now. I have sensed the waves of change traveling through time recently. My guess that is started with your arrival, or at least shortly after. Now, why have you come? I assume it is not just to solidify your contract with us."

"While I do wish to solidify the summoning contract that I signed in my own time, you are correct in the fact that is not the only reason why we are here.

"As you can sense, we are Jinchuuriki, and to protect our bijuu and ourselves, we wish to secure their contracts. Kurama, the kyuubi, told us that the toads are allies with the turtles, and in turn Isobu the Sanbi. In order to secure the fox and raccoon contracts, we need to contact the bijuu summoning contract alliance. Will you help us, Oojiji-sama?" I asked.

"Yes. I will have on of the toads contact the turtles and we shall see what comes of it. You should expect a response within the hour. Our messengers are very fast."

Gaara and I sat on a cliff over looking the waterfall and pool of toad oil, waiting for the messenger toad sent to visit the turtles to return. The Great Toad Sage had instructed the messenger to report to us immediately upon its return. Almost an hour had passed and we expected the messenger to arrive any minute.

'How are we going to persuade the turtles to get us in contact with the foxes and raccoons,' I asked Kurama.

It should not be an issue. They will be able to sense your connection with the bijuu. While they may not be able to immediately tell that you are Jinchuuriki, they will instinctively trust the both of you because of how your chakra has blended with mine.

A cloud of smoke poofed before Gaara and I and a bright orange messenger toad appeared.

"Were you able to get in contact with the turtles?" I asked eagerly.

"Yeah, kid," the toad said.

"Will they allow us to enter their realm?" Gaara said from beside me, his teal eyes focues on the messenger toad.

"I did one better than that. I got permission from the turtles and through them the raccoons to transport you directly to Kyouryokuna Suana, the realm of the raccoons. However, you'll have to persuade the raccoons to take you to the foxes. I was not able to get into contact with them."

"Great!" I exclaimed. "Let's go!"

Grabbed Gaara's hand and extended my hand towards the messenger toad so he could transport us. The orange toad grabbed my hand and we disappeared once again in a cloud of smoke.