A/N: I found this oneshot while browsing trough my old document files. It was written almost a year ago! Even though it's not my best, I still like it and I thought "Why not publish it?" I hope you enjoy reading it.

Disclaimer: All characters from CATS are creations of the brilliant T.S. Eliot. I own nothing.


Rumpelteazer had been looking for her brother all over the Junkyard, but he seemed to have vanished into thin air. Teazer's search only found an end because she ran into Jennyanydots.

"Hey Jenny, have you seen Mungojerrie around here?"

The elder cat scratched her head. "Last time I saw him, he was going into the direction of the big fence.."

She didn't even get to finish her sentence, Rumpelteazer was already racing off into said direction, quickly saying: "Thanks!"

Jennyanydots shook her head lightly. "Kittens these days.." She mumbled.

Turns out that Jenny had been right. When Rumpelteazer arrived at the big fence, Mungojerrie was sitting there- his leg twisted behind his ear, scratching it and whimpering quietly.

"Oi, Jerrie", Rumpelteazer yelled, "what' cha doing?"

She sat down next to her brother. He didn't even bother to look at her.

"Fleas", he moaned, "so many! I can't get rid of them!"

Rumpelteazer rolled her eyes. "And that's the part where I jump in.."

"I'd be grateful until the end of my days, I promise."

"Fine then." Teazer unleashed her claws and systematically stroke her brother's fur, trying to claw out as many fleas as possible. Mungojerrie, however, didn't make it easy for her; he twisted and turned, hissed and tried to wrench out of his sister's grasp.

"Jerrie, if you don't stop doing that, I'll smack you", Rumpelteazer growled.

"It itches!" Mungojerrie snapped back, but he tried to hold still.

Now, with her brother finally letting her help him, Rumpelteazer quickly brushed the rest of the fleas out of his fur. Once she was done, Mungojerrie purred happily.

"It feels much better. Thank you, sis", he said and without a warning, he bent forward and licked his sister's cheek. He pulled back before she could smack him.

"Oi! You didn't have to do that, mate!" The female cat glared at him angrily.

Mungojerrie just smiled. He reached beside him and when he held his paw out to her again, there was a small violet in it.

"I picked it for you, Teazer", he said quietly, "because I know you like those flowers."

Rumpelteazer blushed a little as she took the flower. "That is.. really sweet.. thanks, Jerrie."

Her brother looked at her as if he was expecting more. Sighing a little, Teazer lifted her head and rubbed her nose against his gently. "Better now?"

Mungojerrie purred in response, and the two siblings smiled at each other.