"Jess. Jess get up. Wake up."

"Go back to sleep Ror," Said teen groans trying to go back to sleep on the not so comfortable couch.

"Come outside with me," Rory says excitement alight on her face.

"Its three in the morning," Jess tries to reason, only to receive a rather perky Gilmore girl on his stomach.

"Get off," Jess groans, winded.

"Not till you come outside with me, please its snowing and no one else will wake up," Rory begs, pouting at the dark haired 17 year old.

"If I say yes will you let me go back to sleep, and not let anyone disturb me once we're done having 'fun'," Jess says sarcasm laced through his voice.

He only receives a nod which makes him sigh.

"Get off and I'll come with you," he says cracking an almost non-existent grin at the small squeal Rory lets off.

"Come on, come on," Rory says impatiently pulling him toward the door where they both put on thick jackets and their shoes.

Jess follows his brown haired crush out onto the deck where he stays as she steps onto the snow covered ground, her arms spread out wide as she spins, her giddy laughter filling him with happiness.

"What are you doing up there," Rory asks looking at the guy she's only just admitted to herself that she likes.

"Waiting for you to see sense."

"We're not going inside till we both have some fun," Rory says throwing a snowball at a shocked Jess, as he'd not even see her collecting the snow for it.

Smirking to himself he throws snowball after snowball at the girl as they run around the yard.

"Your going to have to give up at some point," Jess taunts backing Rory up against a fence, a handful of snow in his hand.

"Never," Rory cackles her eyes bright.

"You asked for it," Jess shrugs surging forward and stuffing all of the snow down Rory's jacket.

"Ahh," she screams jumping around trying to get it out as Jess watches in amusement.

"That was mean," Rory states pouting at the boy.

"Oh poor Rory," he fake coo's wrapping an arm around her, smirking to himself when she burrows into his side.

"I love the snow," Rory says looking around her yard.

"Huh," Jess states already knowing this.

"It's just so beautiful, and pure," Rory continues before looking up at Jess.

"Thank you for coming out here with me."

"You're welcome," he whispers, leaning down slightly as she leans up to hear him.

Ever so slowly they lean even more toward each other before their lips finally meet.

"Well," Rory says when they pull back slightly breathless.

"Oh jezz," Jess groans suddenly.

"What," Rory asks worried.

"Lorelai's gonna have my head," he sighs hugging Rory to him.

"We just kissed and all you can think about is my mother," Rory questions in disbelief.

"Well first I thought 'now seems like a great time to ask Rory out' then I remembered your Mom."

"You want to ask me out," Rory asks smiling at the handsome teen holding her.

"Of course Ror," he smirks down at her.

"On with it then diner boy," Rory teases.

"Rory Gilmore, will you be my girlfriend," Jess asks rolling his eyes.

"Of course Dodger," she replies smiling against his lips that had suddenly appeared on hers.