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Chapter 2: Timeskip

-8 years later -

Naruto had been missing and out of trace for eight years, so had Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya. Konoha hadn't exactly flourished in that time, all the countries like Nami no kuni (The Wave Country), Cha no kuni (The Tea Country), and Yuki no kuni had cut ties with Konoha, because Naruto was banished. Meanwhile Uzushiogakure had flourished to a great extent, where it became a great village, at the very least as big as Konoha when the Yondaime Hokage ruled it. Because Tsunade left, Konoha lost the advantage of having the best hospital, Uzushiogakure was given that pleasure. Right now there were six great nations and their order of greatness was: Kumogakure, Uzushiogakure, Iwagakure, Sunagakure, Konohagakure, and Kirigakure. The Kage of New Uzushiogakure was unknown, no one ever saw his face, except the people of Uzushiogakure, he always wore a mask and he never opened up. No one even knew his name outside of Uzushiogakure, and only Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kazuki knew the Uzukage's real name. The others only knew him as Uzukage-sama, their savior. People knew the Uzukage's achievements, such as killing the Raikage's whole army when the Raikage invaded Uzushiogakure. He was known as the Devil of the Battlefield or the God of three elements, or the Lightening Flash. In just eight years, he built the second greatest hidden village. Konoha was currently facing a war; they were allied with Suna, Taki and Kusa. Their opponents from Iwa were allied with Kumo and Oto. Orochimaru only supplied people against Konoha, he never told anyone about who the real leader of Otogakure was. Iwa declared war, because the ninja and the Yondaime Tsuchikage Iwao hated Konohagakure, because of the Yondaime Hokage, and they also wanted to make themselves the greatest elemental nation on the continent. So they used phony claims that they found spies from Konohagakure trying to collect information. They also had problems with Uzushiogakure, they were frustrated by not getting any information about it. New Uzushiogakure was so mysterious that Danzo, the Rokudaime Hokage, sent many spies to Uzu, but all his spies never returned. All the other countries wanted to spy on Uzu, but the same thing happened. Uzu no kuni grew bigger as the Hot Spring Country and the River Country became part of Uzushiogakure along with its huge earth extensions that skilled earth release users made. It was a bit smaller than Hi no kuni, but it had more skilled shinobi, a larger village, better technology, better resources, a more organized system of teaching that didn't allow favoritism at all, it made ninja more prepared for the outside world. It was a place that someone like Sakura could never become the top kunoichi. There were absolutely no fangirls in the academy, since the kunoichi there were quite serious, but not above jokes and pranks.

Konohagakure was on decline and they were currently losing the war as the only thing keeping them going was their bigger numbers. The Nara clan came up with many strategies, but the shinobi of the leaf were unable to do them. Kakashi was made an ANBU captain upon his reentry of ANBU and the new people who joined team 7 were detestable as ever to the old members. The new sensei was called Yamato and the new team member was called Sai. Sai constantly insulted Sakura and Sasuke, Sasuke shoved the insults off, and tried to act cool, but Sakura tried to punch Sai everytime he called her

a dickless moody hag, who has no control over her emotions. Yamato often trapped the two in a cage to force them to stop. Kurenai had grown older, she now had a three year old kid who she had to take care of, so she retired as a shinobi of the leaf as long as Asuma didn't come back, Asuma, apparently saved by a mysterious man from getting killed by Hidan and Kakuzu, while doing border patrol, the two Akatsuki members took a shortcut through Konoha to get back to their base after incapacating the Nanbi jinchuriki who was exiled from Taki like Naruto. This mysterious figure took the Nanbi jinchuriki and killed the two Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu. Asuma was out on a war camp, constantly writing to Kurenai. Therefore Team 8 also got a new addition to the team, her name was Uzuki Yugao, Yugao had retired from ANBU, because she was tired of the mass bloodshed ANBU members saw these days. She preferred to become a regular jonin. Currently of Konoha 11 everyone was a jonin, except Sakura, who stayed chuunin, because of her lack of skills (She doesn't have good medical ninjutsu or super strength, because Tsunade left with Naruto.) Kakashi didn't make any interactions with his former team and completely devoted himself to ANBU; he didn't want Obito, Rin and Minato to haunt him. Obito, because he would call Kakashi an enormous hypocrite, because he did abandon Naruto, Minato, because he ran away from his responsibilities to take care of Naruto as Minato had requested, Rin, because she naturally would that Kakashi for all his actions, especially not even saying goodbye to Naruto and favoritism. One of the things Kakashi hated was the Rokudaime Hokage Danzo, he allowed root members to roam around freely and trained the academy students into tools. Gai refused to make contact with Kakashi, because he stated that he wouldn't talk to someone with absolutely zero fires of youth within them. Naruto's jacket was torn into 19 pieces and it was divided between Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Kurenai, Konohamaru, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Gai, Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi, Teuchi, Ayame, Shikamaru, Choji, Asuma, Ino and Iruka. Each of them put Naruto's jacket in a special place. A special thing was taking place today at the Hyuuga mansion.

-Hyuuga Mansion Arena 8:00pm-

A twenty year old Hyuuga Hinata's heart started to beat heavily, she had just challenged her father for the title of Hyuuga Clan head, the terms were that if she won, her father had to step down from his position; if he won she would be placed in the branch family as a servant of the Hyuuga. She had trained under Kurenai and Asuma as well as Yugao, she drew back her confidence.

I must do this! For Naruto-kun and Neji-sama!

She got into the traditional fighting stance of the Hyuuga. All of Konoha 11 who weren't in a war camp came.

"Go Hinata! Go Hinata!" Ino cheered

Hinata-sama, you were foolish to challenge Hiashi-sama, but win! Neji thought as branch members were not allowed to cheer for the opposing side or it would be considered as revolt.

"Hinata, you could have been a clan head one day, why didn't you wait?" Hiashi asked as he was quite surprised by the whole thing.

"Father, every second branch members suffer, I will not allow this, if this clan goes down too deeply, I might not be able to pull it out. So the sooner I become clan head the sooner the Hyuuga clan is pulled out of the darkness it has fell in. I'm doing this for the Hyuuga clan!" Hinata declared bravely, she had gotten over stuttering when Naruto had gotten banished as she realized that it was time to grow up and become strong to overthrow her father.

Father, ever since mother died you became cold, you acted extra harshly against branch members, I wonder if you blame them for not being able to cure mother's sickness. This clan does not need slavery, it needs to become united! I will abolish the curse seal. I will accomplish my dream.

"Hajime!" The branch member yelled

Hakke Kusho (Eight Triagrams Vacuum Palm) Hiashi thrusted his arm to send Hinata flying with a tremendous force, but it failed to reach his daughter as she used shunshin to evade it.

"So you have resorted to stupid means and have abandoned the Hyuuga clan's great techniques." Hiashi told Hinata

"They are not stupid means, we have grown arrogant in our own techniques, and if someone finds a way to counter our techniques then we are defenseless." Hinata stated continuing to look at Hiashi through her Byakugan.

"You stupid girl, there are no weaknesses to the Byakugan except one and there are no weaknesses to gentle fist." Hiashi angrily replied

"Wrong" Hinata simply said

Suiton: Suiryudan (Water Dragon Missile Technique) Hinata drew water from the moisture in the air and then did lots of handseals and a huge water dragon charged towards Hiashi.

Hakkesho Kaiten (Eight Triagrams Revolving Heaven) Hiashi spun and blocked the attack when he realized Hinata was nowhere to be seen. He suddenly felt himself being pushed to the ground.

"Damn it, genjutsu, it can't be, the Byakugan can see through genjutsu." Hiashi grunted as he tried to dispel the genjutsu, but he couldn't because it wasn't really genjutsu, It was a simple shuunshin.

"See, they are not petty tricks!" Hinata waited until Hiashi got up.

"Foolish little girl, you could've taken me while I was down." Hiashi grumbled

"Dear father, I thought that was dishonorable so I let you stand. " Hinata said in a voice that was similar to Danzo's root agents, an emotionless voice.

Juho Soshiken (Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists) Two blue lion like shapes came out of Hinata's fists, while she stood ready for combat.

Hiashi assumed the gentle fist taijutsu stance once again.

Hiashi and his daughter began to trade blows, equaling each other, neither gained the upper hand.

In the stands

"Beat that bastard Hiashi, Hinata!" Kiba cheered her on, Akamaru who was now at least as big as a wolf barked in agreement.

"Hinata-san let the fires of youth burn within you so you can defeat your unyouthful opponent." Lee encouraged

"Complete your dream Hinata." Kurenai whispered to her

In the arena

"Well, father, it looks like I underestimated you slightly." Hinata admitted while preparing her next jutsu. Hiashi said nothing as he charged at Hinata while she did her hand seals.

Hakke Rokujuyon Sho (Eight Triagrams Sixty Four Palms) Hiashi began attacking Hinata, until he hit her sixty four times making Hinata cough up blood.

"Give up, I have closed all sixty four of your chakra points, you can't use chakra, so how can you defeat me?" Hiashi smirked, but that automatically turned into a frown as Hinata was smirking.

"I won't give up, no matter what you throw at me; I never give up as that is my nindo, my ninja way." Hinata coughed up more blood, still smiling.

Neji's eyes widened, as he remembered what caused him to change his attachment to fate.

Flashback 8 years ago

"I have closed all sixty four of your chakra points you can barely stan and without chakra, your fight is a hopeless one."

"I won't give up no matter what you throw at me, that's my nindo, my ninja way."

"I'm not attached by fate like you, unless you find something precious to protect you'll never grow strong."

"Why don't you give up?"

"Because I was called a failure, and I'll prove you wrong."

"How? You shouldn't be able to use chakra. "

"I'm not attached to fate, I flunked the academy test three times, if a failure like me could do this, imagine what a genius like you could do."

End Flasback

"Why don't you give up? Without chakra, your fight is a hopeless one." Hiashi waited for something to happen next.

"I will win, because my will to win is stronger than yours!" Hinata shouted as she started to gain increased chakra.

"How? You shouldn't be able to use chakra

First Gate: Kaimon KAI!

Second Gate: Kyumon KAI!

Suiton: Kaminami! (Water Release: Divine Wave) Hinata summoned an enormous wave that soaked the whole arena and hit Hiashi at point blank range nearly killing him, the medics quickly grabbed him and started to heal him, and they then put him on a stretcher and stopped him from bleeding, because he bled when he hit the ground. Without that quick medical attention he would've definitely died.

"Hinata-sama is the winner and the new head of the Hyuuga!" The branch member announced in joy.

"You did it Hinata, I'm proud." Kurenai congratulated her

"Go Hinata, you're awesome!" Kiba shouted

"Mom, that girl with purple-blue hair is cool." Kurenai's son said

"Yes she is." Kurenai smiled

Danzo, the Hokage frowned, he had expected that girl to lose, and with this he lost the support of the Hyuuga.

Hinata was so happy, she won, it took all of her chakra to do that attack, the power of the eight gates took their toll on her and she passed out.

I wonder how Hinata-sama managed to counter the effects of gentle fist; I must ask her about it later, congratulations Hinata-sama. But how will you remove the curse seal? The elders don't even know how to. Neji frowned as they would need a skilled fuinjutsu master such as Jiraiya of the Sannin, but he left with Naruto.

- Three days later -

Kakashi, who was on the war front, opened a letter.

News from the leaf

A girl from the main house called Hinata challenged the Hyuuga council head Hyuuga Hiashi. The girl had amazing ability and was able to counter the gentle fist through unknown means and unleashed an S rank jutsu at the end, putting Hyuuga Hiashi on the verge of death, she is now the new head of the Hyuuga clan.

Good for you Hinata, good for you. Kakashi thought as he went to sleep


Konohamaru was the fastest improving person in all of Konoha, he became jonin at fifteen, chuunin at thirteen and genin at eleven, hardly anyone advanced to jonin at fifteen. Kurenai, known as the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha did not advance until twenty six. Asuma, advanced at twenty, and Gai managed to make jonin at seventeen. Of this generation's elite jonin he was only beaten by Kakashi, who advanced at thirteen. He didn't bother wearing the jonin vest, since he hated it. It was an offense to the current Uzushiogakure to have them wearing their village symbol on their vests, since he learned about Uzushiogakure and managed to find out that Konoha denied them in their times of need. He began to hate his village more and more, but knew there was nothing to do besides wait for the next Hokage, who he just hoped could change the village. So he pushed himself to his limits everyday trying to make himself the next Hokage. Sasuke made jonin at seventeen; he was an arrogant bastard as always, thinking everyone in Konoha was inferior to him, he now had a mangeyko sharingan,. He began to hate Sakura more and more and considered her nothing more than a weakling. Sasuke became rather unhappy, one year after Naruto's banishment since he discovered that the 'dobe' was his greatest challenge and it was his fault that he grew stronger. Sakura on the other hand was happy Naruto left, as she considered him the only obstacle between Sasuke and herself. However, she discovered that Sasuke still didn't even consider her a friend so she kept trying, but all her attempts failed up to date and she is still trying.

-The Hokage's office 11:30 am a week later-

"I am assigning you to an S rank mission; you are to find out information about Uzushiogakure, such as their technology, their food supply, anything. Your squad leader is Yuuhi Kurenai, and you will leave tomorrow." Danzo assigned them their mission

"Hokage-sama, who will take care of my child?" Kurenai asked

"Asuma is coming home in a few hours; I have informed him of everything." Danzo stated

"I understand Hokage-sama." Kurenai said

"You are all dismissed." Danzo said

Shino, Sakura, Kiba and Kurenai left the office.

An S rank? If we get caught spying there then we will die, get tortured or be used as leverage. I want to see my son after tomorrow and I'll have to many regrets to die, but this is an S rank mission and I can't refuse. Kureani thought sadly

Kiba had a different thought on this mission.

No one's ever been there and back from another village, as spies if I manage to do that it'll be awesome!


-9:00am -

"It takes a full two days to get to Uzushiogakure." Ino looked at the map

"Yes it does and we can't risk getting detected by them, so this mission will take a while." Kurenai stated

"Urgh, we have to do stupid things like running around the borders then." Kiba groaned

"Shut it dog breath!" Sakura yelled

"It is logical that you do not get your temper any higher than it already is." Shino said

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" The cherry blossom yelled

"Shino, just leave her." Kiba told his friend

"We have to get moving." Kurenai started to run toward the direction of Uzushiogakure

A few hours later

"We'll eat lunch over here." Kurenai stopped at a restaurant.

"You know Sakura, what if the Uzukage is like the ghost of Naruto, and we get captured before we see anything, then he'll probably just let us out blind folded and keep torturing you, because you called him a demon and stuff." Kiba joked

"Dog breath, one more time you annoy me and you're as good as dead." Sakura raised her fist to indicate she was serious.

"Oh please, you're just a lowly chuunin, you can't threaten me." Kiba mocked her

"YOU ARE DEAD DOG BREATH, DEAD!" Sakura charged at Kiba

"Srop it you two." Kurenai ordered

- 1 day and 12 hours later 6:00 am-

Border of Uzu no kuni.

"Remember the plan, sneak into the border without drawing attention, then listen to gossip in towns surrounding Uzushiogakure and find out as much as you can, then if you can find out a way into Uzushiogakure we do that and see the town, collect as much information as you can." Kurenai told her team

"Alright, Akamaru, ready for this, if we're not careful it could mean our deaths." Kiba told his partner.

Akamaru gave out a low growl and looked at the border.

Shino scouted the area ahead with his bugs, but found nothing. Kurenai simply looked ahead since she had nothing else to do. Sakura looked around, she only saw a typical row of buildings, and some high walls.

"Kurenai-sensei, is this it? I can't even see any border patrol here." Kiba said

"My bugs detect no lifeforms in the area ahead." Shino informed

"Something's wrong, be on your guard." Kurenai casted a genjutsu that made the whole team invisible and the group started to slowly and stealthily approach the border.

They scanned the area, and figured that there would be traps on the walls so they moved inside the building, using everything they could as cover, then they suddenly approached a large corridor, they slowly walked through it, but they were unaware that a camera watched their every move.

- Uzushiogakure-

A six foot tall blonde had woken up just a few minutes ago; he brushed his teeth, and checked the borders. Then he saw his former friends and their sensei approaching on his screen he looked through the video cameras, he looked at the way they approached the building and moved through it. It would've worked with other buildings, but Uzushio's border didn't even need manpower to keep it safe. The camera was trained to recognize the identification seals he put on all the members of Uzushiogakure so they wouldn't attack them. They attacked all other people who dared enter the border with all kinds of weapons, they were all non lethal though. Naruto knew he would have to use manned border patrol instead of his camera's and robots once the technology of Uzushio was discovered, but not before that.

"Well, time to go meet them." Naruto put his headband on and shoved his mask on, and got dresssed


The four people were walking across the corridor, when suddenly a great blast of electricity fried Akamaru by surprise; Kiba's dog struggled to get up, but failed.

"Akamaru!" Kiba yelled, the door to Uzu and the way back outside had shut, they were trapped

A large amount of knockout gas was released and all of the Konoha ninja passed out.

"Hmm, I expected them to last longer." The Uzukage said as he teleported all of them to the hospital and applied chakra suppression seals on them.

-Uzushiogakure, Hospital -

Kiba slowly opened his eyes, seeing himself on a bed in a hospital, Akamaru was by his side.

"Uh, where am I?" Kiba mumbled

"You are in Uzushiogakure no Sato, trespasser, I would like you to state why you have trespassed into our country." The medic told the Inuzuka

"I won't tell you ever." The Inuzuka replied

"Very well, but our best medic can easily get that out from you, she does not play nice so you may want to answer, it is better than facing her torture." The medic said

"I'll never bark, you'll have to make me spit it out." Kiba growled

"I see." The medic said to the Konoha ninja, she was still staring at him in a completely straight way, not frowning, not smiling. She had brown hair tied in a ponytail and wore a white shirt; Kiba couldn't see the lower part of her body, not like he cared. He wondered what happened to his sensei and his teammate; he didn't care about the pink haired fangirl. He was thinking about them until he saw Shino and Kurenai across the room.

"Asami, Uzukage-sama wants to see the trespassers." A medic in a black vest said

"Understood Youne-sama."

5 minutes later

"How are you feeling Konoha ninja?" A deep voice asked the Inuzuka

"Not good, thanks to you.W-We're missing ninja not Konoha ninja." Kiba tried to act

"You think I would not recognize the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha, The Great Bug of Konoha, and The Great Fang of the Leaf. I might not recognize the pink haired girl, but since she was in your squad I can also safely assume that she is with you. Also I highly doubt that you would be missing ninja, even though you have no headband or identification, I really don't think ninja of your caliber would defect so easily, I also know that you are very loyal to your village, therefore you are here to spy on Uzushiogakure." The voice came closer to Kiba, he saw a man wearing a mask, and the traditional Kage uniform with the kanji 'whirlpool.' The only things he could actually clearly see about the man were his blue eyes, and his muscular build.

"I will see your teammates now; you will be placed into a containment cell until further notice." The Uzukage left Kiba.

A couple of people wearing steel masks with black armor dragged Kiba to the containment cell.

With Sakura

Haruno Sakura slowly opened her eyes and glanced around the place, she was in an area with wooden tiles and many beds, she quickly figured out it was a hospital; a man was standing before her, with a kage like hat, so she decided that she was in Uzushiogakure, in the hospital and the Uzukage was standing in front of her, waiting to interrogate her.

No that's stupid, why a kage of an important village waste time on us. He'll probably send his underlings to do that.

"Hello, kunoichi of the leaf, I assume that came here to do a spy mission, and you were sent by your Hokage Danzo. Your teammate Kiba is from the Inuzuka clan, because he has the markings of the Inuzuka on his face, and your teammate Shino is from the Aburame clan, as he uses bugs to shield and attack. Your leader is Yuhi Kurenai the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha. I know all of this and your names as my cameras saw everything, and heard everything including your whispers. I saw you nearing my border, but didn't do anything as you didn't cross it, when you did my cameras started to attack you and knocked you unconscious I then brought you to Uzu." The Uzukage finished, he knew them all and would know their names even if they weren't whispering.

"Why didn't you kill us?" Sakura asked

"Simple, because your Hokage would demand repercussions and deny that you ever crossed my border, but now I have you and I have proof so I can fine the Hokage, whatever the case, your life is in my hands. It wasn't wise of your Hokage to do this, especially since you are in a war." The Uzukage replied, he had already stolen the mission file with his spy in Konoha.

"What's going to happen to us now?" Sakura continued asking

"You and your teammates are going to be stuck in the same cell, the seals I placed on you make it impossible to use chakra and physical strength, don't even bother trying." The Uzukage told her and left to see Shino after signaling those same people with black masks to.

With Shino

"Aburame-san, I believe you and your team are guilty of intruding Uzushiogakure, you will be placed in a cell until further notice, all you kikaichu bugs have been suppressed inside your body so you will be unable to know anything about our village, also all of your team will be taken to the interrogation chamber." The Uzukage told Shino

"How do you know so much about our clan?" Shino observed

"I fought with some Aburame in the past so I analyzed their abilities." The Uzukage used a cover story. It was half true as he disposed of Fu and Torune and placed them in cells.

He didn't demand any repercussions from any village, because of how he could easily deal with them. He knew he was getting arrogant in his ability, but he decided to demand repercussions for these four, at least giving them a reasonable reason to leave. He didn't like the thought of keeping most of the former team 8 and one of the members of team 7 in a cell. If he decided to let go of any of them, he would wipe out a huge amount of that persons memory and send them back to the village. Luckily he didn't have to do that to anyone yet as most of the villages only sent one group of spies. The exception was Danzo, he sent at least five teams to Uzushiogakure and this was the sixth.

"I understand Uzukage-sama," Shino knew it was best to not deny he was from Konoha as the Uzukage had found out about his kikaichu. Shino was then dragged to the same containment cell Kiba and Sakura were currently in.

Lastly Kurenai

"Kurenai-san, I will say the same things I told your teammates to you. You are guilty of trying to sneak into Uzushiogakure. You will be placed into a containment cell until further notice. Also I suppose you're worried about your son Hiruzen Yuhi-Sarutobi, and I know you didn't want to come here in fear of getting caught and being unable to see him again." The Uzukage said, he gave out that he knew this information, because he already had a cover story to back it up. He didn't want to say he had a spy.

"H-H-How did you know?" She asked, shocked that this Uzukage knew such information

"Simple, I was traveling in Umi no Kuni using a henge when an adorable black haired boy came up to me; we had a small conversation, where he told me his name. This was believable as Naruto was in Umi no kuni that time and he knew about this mysterious man that the boy had encountered while naughtily running off to find his mom, so he decided to take advantage of it. He only knew one person who had eyes that looked like a dojutsu, and he only knew a few Sarutobi members. He knew Asuma and Kurenai had secretely been dating so that came to one conclusion.

Kurenai was dragged and out with the rest of her team.

In the cell

"Damn it!" Kiba slammed the reinforced glass an eighth time

"Calm down dog breath, as the Uzukage said we won't get through here with physical strength." Sakura told Kiba

"How the hell did we get caught?! We did everything fine." Kiba groned and made a few growling sounds

"From what Uzukage-sama told Sakura, he was watching us through some kind of technology. He caught us before we crossed the border." Shino told his team

"Maybe the Uzukage really is Naruto's ghost." Kiba suggested

"Ever since Naruto's banishment you suggest every strong person we meet is Naruto's ghost, what's wrong with you?" Sakura glared at Kiba, as she lost Ino as a friend eight years ago in the banishment, so she didn't like being reminded of that incident. No one even talked to her like a friend since then, but it wasn't like she cared.

Kurenai was in her head, she was thinking about how she would never see her son again, or Asuma. Shino was thinking about his clan and how he would never get to use his kikaichu again.

Kiba was thinking about how both he and Akamaru would rot in the prison, and Sakura was obviously thinking about Sasuke.

-Uzushiogakure, the Uzukage's office-

"So how's life kid?" A familiar white haired old man said

"Ero-sennin, how's writing your book going?" Naruto the Uzukage asked

"Horribly, every hot woman I see almost kills me when I jot down something on my notepad." Jiraiya informed his student

"Good" Naruto said

"So what's up? You don't look too good." Jiraiya observed

"It's just that the stupid mummy Danzo sent Team 8 excluding Hinata to spy on me, what the hell do I do if Danzo refuses to pay for them, I don't want to kill them." Naruto voiced his problems to the Toad Sage

"Keep them in prison." Jiraiya told him

"And prevent Kurenai-sensei from seeing her kid and make him and Asuma-sensei worry infinitely for his wife." Naruto said

"It's not your fault kid, it's Danzo's. He sent them on an S rank mission the moment Kurenai came out from retirement. And by Konoha's law you can't refuse an S rank mission. Also losing the Genjutsu mistress of Konoha would be bad for this war, so as long as the price for them isn't too high he'll take them." Jiraiya explained

"Hey brat how's it going?" A female voice asked

"Kurenai-sensei and her team minus Hinata, replacement Sakura came to spy on me." Naruto informed the female Sannin

"Where's Kurenai? I need to catch up with her." The female Sannin asked

"No, they'll find out I'm the Uzukage like that since they know you ran off with me." Naruto stated

"Hmph" The Sannin grumbled

-Konoha 3 days earlier-

"Where's Kurenai?" Asuma asked the old Hokage

"I sent her on an S rank mission 1 hour ago." The Hokage answered

"You what!" Asuma growled angrily

"I sent her on an S rank mission 1 hour ago." The Hokage repeated

"An S rank! YOU SENT HER ON AN S RANK THE MOMENT I CAME BACK AND WHERE TO?!" Asuma couldn't control his anger and yelled

"Uzushiogakure no Sato" Danzo replied, never leaving his emotionless face

"WHAT! I request to go to her aid Hokage-sama." Asuma continued to growl

"Request denied. For a two week period you are not allowed to take any missions as Kurenai has left, you will instead take care of your kid." Danzo told him

Asuma continued to groan and grumble until he left.

-Present, Cell -

"How can we get out?" Kiba asked desperately

Since there is reinforced glass instead of bars we cannot break through, ans since all our ninja tools have been taken, we cannot make an explosion, so the only ways to get out would be to make Uzukage-sama release us or make one of his subordinates do it." Shino said

Sakura suddenly got an idea,

"Are there any vents?" She asked

"Yes, but it is also guarded, with a cage surrounding it." Shino told her

"Then our best option would be to wait until Uzukage-sama demands repercussions for us sneaking into the border. Hopefully, Hokage-sama will pay for our release." Kurenai told her team, but she had doubts about that. Sakura gave up hope of ever escaping and slept on her bed. Kurenai looked for the emergency explosive tag and knives she hid in her shoe, but unfortunately, she couldn't find any, because the metal detector and paper detectors that watched out for all enemy shinobi and prisoner's emergency items revealed them. They worked by pointing red lights at every metal tool the person had.

Kiba was still trying to shatter the reinforced glass and Shino was thinking, thinking about everything he might lose if the Hokage refuses to pay the fine.

"Inuzuka Kiba, your interrogation session will begin now." A voice from outside said

Kiba gulped, he wondered whether these were like any of Ibiki's interrogations, he saw one of those and thought he would immediately break if he went through one of those.

A metal mask wearing black armored female took him to the interrogation room, it wasn't what he expected. He expected something similar to Ibiki's dark cave. This room was bright; it had wooden tiles as floor and a simple place where his head was placed. It was similar to the thing that Inoichi used to hold people while he entered there minds.

The Uzukage appeared, and Kiba immediately shouted at him.

"You damn bastard, when I get out of this, I'll rip you apart!"

"Perhaps, I could easily make you face physical pain, but I'm simply wiping parts of your memory that hold information on my village, I'm sure your Hokage would do the same." The Uzukage told him, as he started his jutsu.

Kami no Shinten (God of Mind)

Naruto quickly erased all the memories that contained information such as their knowledge of cameras and simply kept the bits that made sense with each other so they wouldn't be confused, he then looked for information on Konoha, he found quite a bit of stuff, but he didn't look at their personal life as he didn't want to intrude.

Each of them contained information on Konoha, which he looked through, when everything was finished and Kurenai's team were all back in that cell, the Uzukage simply began writing a letter.

Dear Hokage-sama,

Four of your ninjas have been found sneaking around my border, I have taken them captive, and you are not allowed to have your ninjas enter Uzu no kuni, as I have not allowed it. It is clear that they were trying to get information about my village. I would like to talk to you, about the consequences of your actions. Meet me in Takigakure, in the hall built in front of the ancient waterfall five days from when the letter reaches you. Bring as many guards as you want.

The Uzukage of Uzushiogakure

-Three days later-

Danzo growled when he read it, it was his first sign of emotion in front of other people in eight years.


"I can be your bodyguard Naruto." Kazuki said

"No Kazuki-sensei, I'll go alone." Naruto firmly stated

"What if they try something?" Kazuki asked

"I have shadow clones." Naruto replied

"Urgh fine, just don't mess anything up." Kazuki told his student

"Konoha will receive a fine of 8 million ryo, I will make it clear that I don't trust him as a

Kage wouldn't. I wish to hide my identity for as long as possible, I have already shown favoritism, but I suspect Danzo will think it is because of their war effort, he never sent worthwhile people before anyway." Naruto explained what his actions were

"I understand" His sensei said

"Soon operation Kiri will start." Naruto stated as he teleported to the gates.

-Takigakure 5 days later -

Danzo looked at the Uzukage as he sat right in front of him, he could tell, that whoever it was the person was in his early to mid twenties. He masked his appearance quite well; the only traits someone could notice would be his shoulder length blonde bangs and his gleaming blue eyes. Danzo on the other hand looked like a cripple who could barely walk. Danzo also felt a bright sunny cheery, but also a powerful aura from this blonde, however he didn't fear that.

"Hokage-sama, please sit down." The blonde told the Hokage, the Cyclops agreed and pulled out a chair.

"Uzukage-sama, before we talk I have a question." Danzo spoke to the Uzukage

"And what might that be?" The kage asked curiously

"Why did you attack my squad that was simply passing by Uzukage-sama?" Danzo revealed his question

"They crossed the border of Uzu no kuni, so I had to stop them from spying." The Uzukage said

"I have no idea what you're talking about; they were on their way to a businessman in Kaminari no kuni. Do not make false claims Uzukage-sama." Danzo fiercely spoke back to the Uzukage.

"No, they did cross the border, and here's your proof." The Uzukage brought out a weird thing with a bunch of buttons and a screen and put in a disk. He then made the screen face the old Hokage and he watched it.

It showed Kurenai and her team walking passed the border and then suddenly get knocked about by the knockout gas.

"Uzukage-sama, I would expect better from you, you simply played out the event to bring this thing as evidence." Danzo said as he didn't know what to call it

"Hokage-sama, do you really think Kurenai-san and her team would've stayed still and let themselves be knocked out once again?" The Uzukage gave him a question that made the Hokage think his previous statement was stupid.

"I suppose you can name your price, as that is what we came here to discuss, the release of the team." Danzo said changing the subject.

"I believe 15 million ryo would work." The Uzukage told Danzo, he knew that he would have to lower that price though.

"15 million ryo, Uzukage-sama, don't you think that is too much for four shinobi, one is an elite jonin, two of them are mid jonin, but one is a pink haired chuunin that is devoid of talent." Danzo calmly told the Uzukage

"Unfortunately Hokage-sama, they hold some of my secrets, and those do not come cheap." The Uzukage lied

"A few small secrets and 3 jonin do not equal 15 million ryo." Danzo argued

"Alright, just for your sake and Konoha's sake I will lower it to 12 million ryo." The Uzukage told Danzo

"Uzukage-sama, understand that my shinobi are at war so I cannot currently spend so much money." Danzo tried to make the Uzukage feel sympathy

"Then surely you had something better to do then try to invade Uzu no kuni." The Uzukage raised a point.

"Unfortuately, I had to check if you would ally with Iwa and become a threat later, so I needed the information." Danzo said

"I see, my last offer is 10 million ryo, if you do not take it then I will keep these four ninja." The Uzukage said

"Very well, I agree." The Hokage said, hoping whatever secrets Kurenai and her team brought were worth it.

"Very well, three of my ninja will be there at Nami no kuni, at the Great Naruto Bridge to exchange the money with the people. They will be there three days from now" The Uzukage stated

"I'm afraid I must leave now as I have pressing matters to attend to." Danzo said. He left with his escorts.

I'm almost surprised he didn't try using his Mangeyko Sharingan.


Uzushiogakure was a great big bustling town. It was bigger than Konoha, but had less minor towns around it. The Uzukage brought great happiness and people thought of it as a land of peace. The Uzukage made many special divisions. One was the police unit, where there were civilian police to stop civilian burglars. They used a special kunai launcher, so they only needed experience in marksmanship, ninjas could easily dodge these though. Another was a striking team; it was designed to quickly wipe out an enemy force through traps, sabotage, and strategies. There was a science division; the head was a person who was formerly of Orochimaru's subordinates. Her name was Uzumaki Karin.

There were plenty of other divisions: the ninja inventors division, the weapons division, the sensors division, the intelligence division, the illusion division, the medical division, the assassin division, the interrogation division, and the combat division. The ninja inventors division head was Kazuki, because he invented the most useful stuff Uzushiogakure had. The weapons division head was called Watanabe Kosuke, he was from a samurai clan, and made the very best weapons with the most skill in them, except Naruto. The medical head was obviously Tsunade, as she was the best medic nin in the village, Shizune the second, but these medics were more skilled than the medics in Konoha The head of the intelligence division would be Jiraiya, but he went to be the head of the striking team, and the rules of Uzu state that you can't be the head of two divisions.

The divisions signified the jobs of a ninja and what type of ninja the person wanted to be, any ninja who was genin rank or higher could enter a division. That genin would specialize in that area, but again these divisions weren't mandatory for people to be in, and they could just be normal ninja. The people in divisions did not have to specialize in one area, they could also specialize in more areas, and they weren't binded to the area their division specialized in. As for the council, they were made up of the division heads.

The Uzukage could remove the council members if they commited treason and so, but they could also lose their position by losing the support of their respective division. If enough of the people said that they didn't like their respective division head to be a council member, and the, then the Uzukage could remove the person from the council, and being the division head. To allow people to pass freely through Uzukage, once anyone becomes a citizen of Uzu no kuni, a complex seal is made on them, it allows identification, so the cameras and the guards at the front don't attack them. This seal hardens as soon as it is put, and is impossible to get rid of without knowing a lot about, even with a seal master like Jiraiya. Even if your limb was cut off, it would move to your arm, until every piece of your body was cut up, then it would simply disappear. Studying the formula wouldn't be enough to remove it. Mixed with that seal, there is a dojutsu seal, to prevent people with dojutsus like the Hyuuga to be advantageous against them.


Hinata tried and tried, but she couldn't find a way to remove the caged bird seal without fuinjutsu, and without anyone to teach her she was clueless. So she only had one option, find Jiraiya, but without a mission to do so, she would be branded a missing ninja. She didn't have a plan, so she simply waited for, for what? For nothing, there was no chance that the Toad Sage came back to the village, so she simply settled for treating the branch members with the same respect as the main members. Neji never found out about how she countered the jyuuken, because she didn't want to say she got an anonymous note with two bottles that forced tenketsu points open.

Meanwhile Danzo was furious that the team learned absolutely nothing and the Uzukage duped him, by making them worth more, by saying they carried his secrets. He had been a fool to believe that. He still had Koharu and Homura as advisors, since his first order as Hokage was to accuse Kakashi and Tsunade of cooperating together to frame Koharu, but he said Kakashi was needed in the war effort. He declared the two Sannin S rank missing ninja and Naruto an A rank missing ninja to be captured, and the two Sannin were to be killed on site.

Kakashi deeply regretted his actions of being hated by Naruto since he came to ANBU, he failed his sensei, by not carrying out his last order, but he thought the boy was safe with Sarutobi. He didn't know his teammate Rin was dead for sure, but she left the village and resigned as a shinobi of the leaf a year after his other teammate Obito died. He wasn't allowed to look for her, and she made it clear she didn't want to be found. Even when he carried out a few searches for her during other missions she was never there, she was good at hiding herself if she wasn't dead, but Kakashi knew that Rin was bad at hiding herself, she could never do it in the academy or when she became chuunin.

Asuma was kept from the knowledge that Kurenai was captured, so he assumed that the mission went well, Danzo told Kurenai not to reveal the information either.

Sasuke knew there was nothing left for him in Konoha, and he would be driven to hell if he stayed a moment longer, but he had nowhere to go, Orochimaru was sick and twisted and he didn't want to get experimented on, as well as the fact that Orochimaru did not have the power to even be on par with himself. He didn't know where the other two Sannin were, but he was determined to find out, so he packed his things and left the village. He still wanted to kill Itachi and Itachi was still alive.

-Unknown, Akatsuki base-

"The Kyuubi jinchuriki has put a wrench in our plans; we don't have the slightest clue to where he is." A man with purple eyes that had rings around them said

"Leader-sama, the biggest problem we had was that masked man who prevented us from

gaining the Ichibi, Nibi and Nanabi. And this Uzukage, he took the Nanabi and made her a ninja of his own village." A shark like voice told the man

"Yes that masked man prevented a lot and killed Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori and Deidara." A certain Uchiha stated.

"You are right Uchiha, he is a threat, however he has not appeared since three years ago." A female voice chimed

"Which jinchuriki should we catch next; we can't catch the Hachibi yet, as he is extremely powerful. We have no idea where the Kyuubi is. The Ichibi, the Nibi and the Nanabi are under protection, We have already caught the Yonbi, Gobi and Rokubi, that leaves the Sanbi, which is in Kiri, but we don't want to draw too much attention, and we will be rushing in the middle of a civil war, which is unwise, therefore we must wait." Itachi told everyone that remained in the Akatsuki about the current situation

I suppose." The leader grumbled

"Operation Kiri begins tomorrow"

Next Chapter will be about Naruto going to help Kiri.

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