Chapter 4: The Fall of the Mizukage

-Council Room of Konoha A week after Sasuke retrieval mission #2-

"Council members, we are here to discuss the threat of Uzushiogakure." Danzo announced

"Danzo I know about your mission, sending Kurenai-sensei and her squad, Kiba told me all about it. How you got her captured by sending her into a place with no information about it. It seems it is your fault that our former allies turned against us." Hinata accused

"Girl, you have no proof of my actions so I suggest you keep…" Danzo said, but was immediately interrupted


"Sarutobi-san calm down, it is illogical to get angry about your wife while she is currently in Konoha." Shibi calmed Asuma, but Asuma automatically began muttering about how he would rip Danzo apart if anything happened to Kurenai.

"And, Hokage-sama, it was illogical to send Yuhi-san into Uzushiogakure." Shibi continued

"On to the topic, the Uzukage seemed somewhat angry that people from the leaf were in his borders. What can we do if Uzushiogakure becomes a threat?" Danzo asked

"If Uzushiogakure becomes a threat, logically if they have an SS rank shinobi, then we cannot handle them." Shibi stated

"Simple, we calm them and give them some money and maybe a bloodline, such as the Hyuuga's Byakugan, but put branch seals on the Hyuuga we are giving, and they can't say anything about it, because they don't know about the branch seals." The council member Akechi Itsuki suggested, earning him a very cold glare from Hinata. But Shikaku spoke up.

"You mean like the Hyuuga incident, Uzushiogakure likely has some Uzumaki, because if the remaining Uzumaki found out that their village was being rebuilt, of course they'd join. And the Uzumaki were experts in fuinjutsu, while we've lost most of our fuinjutsu users and only mediocre ones such as the ones that make explosive tags and seal kunai are left with us. So they'd likely know about the Hyuuga since we were allied in the past, so think before making stupid suggestions." Shikaku explained

"I think we should simply get on the guy's good side and prevent his village from slaughtering us." Inoichi voiced out his opinion

"And how do we do that?" Danzo asked

"I don't know, I'm not Shikaku and I don't think that far ahead." Inoichi shrugged

"Perhaps we should get rid of his enemies, earning us friendship and a possible alliance." Koharu suggested

"Who are his enemies again?" Choza asked

"I don't know, maybe Kumo, because he did make an army of 500 shinobi surrender without killing a single one of them, or Iwa, since they hated each other in the past." Inoichi answered his former teammate's question

"Unfortunately we are currently facing Iwa and we are not doing well, we would have a 5% chance of winning a battle against Kumo with Suna's help, and a 0.5% chance without Suna." Shibi stated

"This village is gonna be trashed if Uzushio joins our enemies." Tsume stated

"Our best course of action would be to get on the Uzukage's good side like Inoichi said." Shikaku spoke to the whole council.

"And how exactly? We can't take out any of their enemies." Koharu asked

"I'll think of something." Shikaku frowned; he had to think of a way to get on Uzukage's good side all because some stunt Danzo pulled. It was gonna be troublesome

"This meeting is adjourned." Danzo stated, getting up and leaving

-Mizu no kuni, Rebel base-

The Uzukage held out a map and began thinking of a plan. There were five towns near Kirigakure no Sato, Asato, Hazado, Osaku, Futazaku, and Kaito.

"This town, Kaito, wasn't Kaito a hero when the rebellion started." The Uzukage asked curiously

"That is correct; Terumi-sama is only continuing Kaito-sama's work." A rebel told him

"I see, I have decided that we will conquer Asato, use it as a staging point and then we can take out Kirigakure.

"But won't the Mizukage be alerted to this?" The rebel asked

"That is why I have chosen Asato, it is a small town, and we will be able to stop anyone from giving the message." The Uzukage explained

"I see, and then all we have to do is simply slaughter the people of Kirigakure by night." The rebel said

"No, I will not be a coward, we will go by day. When they least expect anyone to attack." The Uzukage said

"That is reasonable Uzukage-sama, the Mizukage likely has nocturnal patrols, and guards." The rebel spoke

"Tell Terumi-sama that that is my plan." The Uzukage ordered

"At once Uzukage-sama" The rebel hurried to tell the leader the plan

However, first I need to know the structure of Kirigakure, find a weak point and go. We should go to Asato the day after tomorrow, today I'll go to Kiri. Naruto thought and made a shadow clone. He left the base, cloaking his chakra so nobody would know.

-Uzushiogakure, Uzukage's office-

"Three letters, hmm, let's open the first, from Naruto." Tsunade talked to herself

Hey Tsunade-baachan

You know, not a single kage has ever found the simple secret to doing paperwork, except me, but you know what, I won't tell.

From Naruto

"Damn brat, he sends me a letter just to leave me hanging that there is an easier way to do crap like this." Tsunade complained

"Next one," Tsunade opened the next letter

"So the mist is declaring war on us, I'll just send this to Naruto." She used an advanced transportation seal which opened a vortex in space and sent the letter to the seal on Naruto's arm. It was similar to receiving mail.

"Now the last one" Tsunade opened the last letter


I am sincerely sorry, that I had to intrude in your territory, but the leaf is in war now, and cannot afford to have sudden enemies. We were allied in the past, and I hope we can maintain our relationship. Therefore I propose an alliance between us. In this way we both benefit, as you can get rid of your enemies Kumo and Iwa easily with our support.

Send a reply quickly as I am eager to hear from you.

The Hokage of Konohagakure

"I bet the old warhawk didn't mean anything he wrote, and the alliance crap is all for the benefit of Konoha. I bet if we wanted to take out Kumo and Iwa, we could easily do it alone, anyone without the power to control Natural chakra that is foolish enough to face Naruto is running to his death, no matter how many people he has. The only exceptions are Hashirama Senju, Minato and maybe Madara. Too bad warhawk, but Konoha probably won't get help, unless the brat has something more devious in his mind." Tsunade said to herself, sending it to Naruto.

-Kirigakure, outside walls 9:50pm-

Naruto checked his seal for mail and opened both letters, after he finished reading them both he resisted the urge to laugh at Danzo's letter.

Kirigakure is most likely underestimating us, they don't even have that much shinobi inside the village itself. The old warhawk wants an alliance? Well they don't know who I am and it is to be expected, since they are losing a war.

Naruto (The Uzukage) used an invisibility genjutsu and made a hole in the barrier through seals. He used the appearance changing seal on his arm to make himself look like a ninja from Kirigakure and simply got in by the front gate, he took notes on the village's structure safely and left when he was done.


Many shabby houses, low guard, many alleyways, ramshackle buildings, unorganized structure, dirty streets, and few clean and strong buildings. Easy access point through sewers and numerous large holes around the gates.

Forces, estimated to be 10,000 ninja, all living in horrible conditions.

The Mizukage likely does not care about his village and only wants to gain power, but spies say that he has been acting oddly for a good 10 years, likely by a very strong genjutsu. Big area, easily as big as Konoha

He returned to the rebel base in a yellow flash.

-Uzushiogakure, Entrance 10:00 am the next day-

"Ryozoku-sama, the Uzukage is currently in Mizu no kuni, he unfortunately cannot see you at this time." The guard at the long hall like entrance informed

"Screw that! The Gaki pup is supposed to be here, it's his village, and whatever business he has in Mizu isn't that important, he can just send a shadow clone if they're negotiating trade." Ryozoku growled

"You misunderstand Ryozoku-sama, they are not negotiating trade, Uzukage-sama has gone to rid Kiri of its Mizukage." The guard explained

"Well tell him it's important, I finally figured out how to mix all three together!" Ryozoku declared

"Mix all three together?" the guard couldn't understand

"He'll know what I mean." The tall man said

"I understand, I will tell the acting Uzukage to inform him." The guard said

"Who IS the acting Uzukage?" Ryozoku asked curiously

"Tsunade-sama" the guard answered quickly

"Tsunade! The only one at that drinking contest three years ago, who could drink more sake then me. And the 'Legendary Sucker,' are you sure he made a good choice?" Ryozoku doubted Tsunade's abilities as a kage, considering that under her watch, the Last Uchiha went rogue.

"Tsunade-sama is a perfectly fine choice." The guard's voice stayed the same

"Well I would like to meet her and Jiraiya now." Ryozoku said

"Unfortunately Jiraiya-sama has also gone over to Mizu no kuni as well, therefore the best I can do is have you meet Tsunade-sama and Kazuki-sama." The guard informed

"Damn it!" Ryozoku cursed that he was unable to meet Naruto and Jiraiya as they were the most knowledgeable about nature chakra, Kazuki was given the wolf summoning contract, but he refused to learn Sage Mode and he wasn't good at gathering nature chakra anyways. He was the freakin first wolf sage! He found the kid called Naruto, he was so good at nature chakra that he admitted it was an honor to teach a boy who was so skilled in manipulating nature. He had found the kid with his traveling companions two years after his banishment and still visited Uzushiogakure from time to time. Naruto had tried to make him a permanent part of the village, but he refused. He was also humiliated big time, when he lost to his pupil, even when he outnumbered him four to one, he had two Sannin on his side and he had a man who had been traveling for almost two decades, doing nothing, but learning and they all lost! The memory was still fresh in his mind.

Two years ago

"Baa-chan, do you know why I wanted you to come along with Ero-sennin, Kazuki-sensei and Ryozoku-oji?" Naruto stared straight into the eyes of his mother figure

"Why did you? I have better things to do then sit here all day." Tsunade grumbled, she was happily drinking in a bar, when a Naruto clone grabbed her drink so she wouldn't get drunk and brought her here, a large training ground.

"Naruto, what is so important that you have to call us here, a dangerous mission perhaps?" Kazuki asked patiently

"God, did you have to reverse summon me?" Ryozoku complained annoyingly

"I want all of you to fight me, four against one, and I don't want you to hold back." Naruto said seriously

"Are you kidding kid, I don't want to be charged with the murder of the Godaime Uzukage!" Jiraiya didn't take his godson very seriously

"No, I want to see how far I've come in these six years of training." Naruto stated

"Alright Naruto, I agree. I also want to see how far you've come." Kazuki smiled

"Fine kid, but if I win, then you have to give me a six month's supply of sake for free." Tsunade declared

"Oh no, Tsunade has just cursed us with her bets." Jiraiya moaned

"Alright fine" Ryozoku grumbled

"I guess, I'm in" Jiraiya got into a taijutsu stance

"Start!" Naruto yelled and puffed into smoke

"A shadow clone" Kazuki observed

"I found him!" Ryozoku declared, and started moving towards the direction of Naruto's scent. The three others followed him. They reached a clearing with a dozen shadow clones surrounding one that was closing his eyes, the real Naruto.

"Damn it; stop him from getting into Sage Mode!" Tsunade yelled, leaping towards Naruto. Jiraiya quickly began doing handseals.

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique) A fireball flew out of Jiraiya's mouth, but it never reached Naruto, as one of the clones made a water encampment wall to stop the technique.

Kazuki made at least forty kunai with his Koton and started throwing them at Naruto and his shadow clones madly, as he didn't have time to do anything else.

Tsunade went for a chakra infused punch directly at the real Naruto, and Ryozoku simply watched. Naruto opened his eyes, a red out line had formed around his eyes and his pupils had a horizontal bar on them, his irises were yellow.

Senpo: Rasenrengan (Sage Arts: Spiralling Sphere Barrage) Naruto thrusted two small rasengans into his godmother's stomach. He didn't have time to make them bigger thanks to his godmother's punch. Tsunade quickly recovered and was back on her feet, she went to punch Naruto again, this time more cautiously. Naruto made three shadow clones as a distraction so the others wouldn't come after him quickly.

Tsunade was thinking about how her punches were equal to his, since they both were using chakra infused punches, but Naruto was in Sage Mode, so his chakra infused punches weren't as strong as hers yet.

Mizuken (Water Fist) Naruto's fists became enveloped in water and he began punching.

"Damn it, this water is taking my chakra." Tsunade gasped a little weakly

"Your clones aren't that good gaki." Jiraiya's voice spoke, before giving Naruto an uppercut to the chin.

"I guess so" Naruto took his sword out from his hilt.

"Urgh" Kazuki groaned before taking out his own sword

Naruto ran to his sensei, and their blades clashed, he tried to do a roundhouse kick to his sensei, but he failed and got pushed to the ground. Four pairs of eyes looked at him, when suddenly his chakra flared.

Senpo: Futon Sunabokori (Sage Art: Wind Release Dust Cloud) Naruto opened his mouth and a large amount of sand flooded the area. No one could see each other.

"Damn it, is he taking us out one by one?" Jiraiya scowled

"You could say that Ero-Sennin." A voice spoke to Jiraiya

"Urgh, it's so hard to see in this sand, and it's getting in my eyes." Jiraiya complained

Senpo: Gozenryu (Sage Art: Roaring Dragon)

Jiraiya never saw this technique and thought that it was impressive to create a new jutsu.

Naruto's hands automatically started gather ration chakra and Jiraiya couldn't see Naruto's hands as they were covered in extremely dense chakra. Naruto started spinning and forming what looked to be the head of a dragon, then he charged at his godfather with amazing speed.

"Not good!" Jiraiya said, but it was too late, he got hit by the massive chakra entity and blacked out.

Tsunade was trying to find her way around the sand, when she saw a clone of Naruto, of course she thought that it wasn't clone, until she sensed a chakra flare, but Naruto had such massive reserves that she wouldn't be surprised if that was from a clone.

"Are you just trying to take us one on one?" Tsunade asked

"That's kinda obvious ya know." Naruto replied, panting heavily

Tsunade went to punch Naruto, but he grabbed her wrist and flung her to the ground.

Rasengan (Spiralling Sphere) Naruto was just about to thrust the blue sphere into his godmother's stomach when his god mother kicked him with a chakra infused kick.

He was obviously a clone, but what Tsunade had not been expecting was the clone to blow up and hit her at point blank range. She was on the floor covered in dirt, and panting heavily, when another clone came to her and knocked her out.

"I taught him how to use his brain well." Kazuki muttered to himself

"Hmm the dust cleared, so where is Naruto?" Kazuki thought

"Oh crap a large chakra signature from nowhere that means this is a genjutsu, Kai!"

Futon: Kaze no Yaiba (Wind Release: Wind Sword) A couple of wind swords flew at Kazuki, but an upward swipe with his sword blocked all of them, his vision returned to the sandy haze that prevented him from seeing.

"Futon: Sunabokori isn't supposed to last this long." Kazuki observed suspiciously

"Damn it, I lost Sage Mode." A voice cursed

"Well then, you aren't that strong anymore then!" Kazuki declared as he started swiping his sword according to instinct.

"Unfortunately sensei, I'm behind you!" Naruto declared as he drilled his raiken empowered arm into his sensei's back.

"Damned Hiraishin! Curse you Minato!" The sensei yelled as he fell to the ground

Suiton: Suiro no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique) Kazuki was trapped by one of Naruto's shadow clones.

"Ryozoku-oji, you're the only one left." Naruto said as the dust settled

"You used a clone to constantly use Sunabokori over and over again, I'm impressed squirt." Ryozoku said, right after he got over the surprise of those three, falling against their pupil.

"Well, time to win!" Naruto declared

"Might wanna be careful with me, there is a difference between me and them, and you know it." Ryozoku stated

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) Naruto used his classic clone technique and created about eighty clones. Each began forming two rasengans in their hands.

Doton: Dozume no Jutsu (Earth Release: Earth Claw Technique) Three massicve structures with jagged edges flew at the shadow clones. A couple of them got dispelled, but the rest were moving towards the wolf sage.

Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile) A large fire dragon came out of Ryozoku's mouth and annihilated two thirds of the remaining clones, only leaving twelve.

Doton: Doryuheki (Earth Release: Earth Encampment Wall) Eleven Shadow clones got dispelled, because they crashed into the wall, but the real Naruto went around and delivered a double rasengan to the 64 year old's back. He fell unconscious, that was basically the end of the fight, Naruto dragged the four to the hospital.

Ryozoku simply entered the village, after having that flashback play in his mind, the guard was quite confused, seeing the old sage stand there for so long without entering the village.

-12:00 pm, Asato 'the day after tomorrow'-

The people of Asato continuously carried out their hard lives under the cruel Mizukage's reign. They had to do whatever the guards wanted or they'd be killed. In heart they were supporters of the rebel faction, but they just couldn't find the courage to leave the village. As the Mizukage's guards watched everyone, no one was allowed to leave the village for any reason, if they did, the guards did whatever they wanted with them when they caught them.

A guard currently stared at a funny looking man who was passing by; he was dressed like a clown with a button nose and carried a big scroll.

"What is your business in the village?" The guard asked

"Um, I wanna pee?" The clown said

"That is not a legitimate reason, leave!" The guard glared at the clown

The clown smiled and undid his henge, revealing himself as the Uzukage and knocked out the two shinobi, with a simple punch to the head. He took out the scroll, which was almost his size as he let it unroll; at least one hundred ninja came from the scroll including Jiraiya and the rebellion leader, Terumi Mei.

They easily managed to kill the few inexperienced chuunin in the vicinity. The rebels quickly began celebrating their defeat while Naruto looked for people that tried to escape.

"Please don't kill me." The scared jonin was on his kness begging to the Uzukage

"Give me one good reason." The Uzukage said darkly

"Um, I-I-I'll g-g-give you w-whatever you w-want." The jonin by this time looked as white as a piece of clean paper.

"Alright then, I'll give you a chance to live, come here." Naruto extended his arm


laughed maniacally, while taking out a kunai and throwing it at the kage. The kage simply let it stab his hand instead of his back and took it out; his wounded hand healed almost instantly.

"I give you a chance to live and this is how you repay me." The Uzukage stared disappointedly at the mist ninja.

"It's an academy lesson you dobe. Compassion is for weaklings who don't deserve the title of a ninja." The mist ninja said, while glaring at the fact that the wound he gave was already healed. The Uzukage was suddenly thrown into his memories.

8 years ago

After the Sandaime's funeral

"Dobe, I need to talk to you." Sasuke told the twelve year old Naruto

"What is it teme?" Naruto asked

"Why did you spare Gaara?" Sasuke asked

"He went through a lot, it wasn't his fault he was like that, other people made him like that. I know what he went through and he didn't need to die either, Kakashi-sensei only said to stop him too. Also I avoid killing unless I have too." Naruto explained

"No wonder you're such a dobe. Your enemies won't show compassion dobe, and you have to eliminate potential threats. Compassion is for weaklings who don't deserve the title of ninja." Sasuke stated leaving the place

The Uzukage's eyes slit and he simply destroyed the jonin angrily.

Back at Asato

"We need to leave tomorrow or the Mizukage will find us here." The Uzukage told the rebel leader

"I'm just not prepared, over 11 years of fighting and the rebellion has finally come to an end, I will be forever grateful for your aid here, and you can consider us allies in the future." Mei voiced her thoughts

"Kid, I need you over here for a second." The white haired jonin (Jiraiya) pulled Naruto to the side.

"Remember our first lesson, a ninja can die at anytime, so you better have a plan to take down the Sanbi, or we're toast." Jiraiya warned

"Don't worry Ero-sennin, I'll get the Sanbi, if I extract it from the Mizukage he'll die…"

The Uzukage began, but was interrupted

"And then you'll take on a tailed beast by yourself." Jiraiya interrupted

"Hey! It's not like the Sandaime Raikage didn't do that to a stronger Hachibi, and I can always use Warp Gate if it goes too far, and warp it into a lake or something." The Uzukage argued

"Naruto, you do realize that you don't have the Sandaime Raikage's body. I'm not saying you're weaker, but most of your power comes from offense, your body doesn't match up to that impenetrable guy." Jiraiya argued back

"Just don't worry Ero-sennin, you'll see. And maybe I can break him out of that genjutsu so I won't even have to fight him." Naruto assured his godfather

"We'll see" The pervert moved away.

I hope he has a good plan.

-The very next day 6:00 am Kirigakure-

A single shinobi, hidden by various genjutsu, and seals, approached Kirigakure no Sato. The guards were chuunin level shinobi, but unfortunately the Mizukage quickly made genin who would just barely be chuunin level in combat chuunin, same would go for jonin. They were unaware of the approaching threat, until they were very near. The rebels quickly dispatched the guards and headed into the village.

Mizukage Headquarters

"What! Two guards, slaughtered, hurry up and kill whoever did this!" The Mizukage frowned

"Yes, Mizukage-sama" The emotionless jonin left to find the threat.

In Kirigakure near the gates

The Uzukage released all his genjutsu and simply walked around the town for a minute; he then magnified his voice through seals and shouted:

"I'll give you one chance to surrender!" His voice thundered all over the village.

One thousand people came to him, quite a few were shinobi or kunoichi, and the rest were civilians, he used a massive amount of ink to seal them all into scrolls, he did it extremely quickly with 100 shadow clones.

Yagura (Obito) faced Naruto in an open field and yelled out

"I REFUSE TO SURRENDER TO YOU WHELP, ALL ACTIVE NINJA ATTACK!" Naruto knew that it was actually Madara (Obito) who was speaking through Yagura's mouth.

A swarm of at least 5 thousand ninja came to attack Naruto.

I can't use Hiraishin, or the Kyuubi's chakra, the best thing to do is enter Dual Sage Mode and take them all out. With what? Natural Lightning takes a while to do, but I just need to buy time. It doesn't really take much chakra. All I have to do is speed up the natural discharge process and then direct the lightning.

Futon: Senpuuken (Wind Release: Blade Whirlwind) A circle formed around the Uzukage, this circle was really a bunch of wind blades spinning in a circle so fast that you could only see the circle around him, not the individual blades. The circle expanded to hit a few ninja that were coming close to him, and blood was spilled. A couple of shinobi already got scared and ran away. Others simply stopped so they didn't get hit.

Perfect, now just to buy enough time to mix wolf with toad.

The ninjas quickly regained their bravery and started speeding towards Naruto.

Damn it, now I have to make them scared again and waste chakra.

10 clones formed a circle around the meditating Uzukage. The clones took out their whirlpool blades and channeled suiton and raiton chakra together making a blade surrounded by water and conducting electricity. They quickly pointed their blades each at a line of ninjas, the blade suddenly increased it's size and became longer., hitting all the ninja in that row, it started moving quickly, each of the clones looked like they were dancing, while the sword was doing its own work. Hundreds more shinobi shunshined away, leaving all the genin who didn't know shunshin to die, but luckily for them, the Uzukage took pity on them and switched to sealing them through the blade. The Uzukage put a seal which he could activate making the sword go into sealing mode which sealed his opponents into yet more scrolls.

"Cowards!" Yagura shouted angrily, he was watching the slaughter from a distance.

The Uzukage was still meditating; he managed to get the easier to get toad sage mode, now he was focusing on mixing wolf with toad. Twenty clones finished drawing a complicated seal formation around the original Uzukage and they slammed their hands onto the seal.

Oni Kekkai (Demon Barrier)

A red barrier (imagine Itachi's Susanoo's color) formed around 30 clones and the original, while the other 70 clones were out on the battlefield.

"They're just clones, why can't you incompetent shinobi deal with them!" Yagura (Obito) shouted down to the ninja in the battlefield.

You know what; screw not summoning Ookami-jiji.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique) The reason a clone could summon was because it was a blood clone, The Uzukage made five of them on the battlefield just in case. A huge wolf, which was white as the snow gave out a deafening howl, making all ninja except the Uzukage shut their ears. The wolf had a terrifying face that made a couple of kiri nins shiver, and the wolf's teeth were so intimidating.

"Ookami-jiji, we need your help over here, sorta fighting a lot of people." A clone said

"Damn you dumbass, I was asleep, what the hell is your problem summoning me at sunrise!" The wolf roared like a lion

"Heh, heh, I thought wolves kept awake at all times." The clone commented

"That's not true! We need our sleep sometime." The forty foot tall wolf argued

"Hey we're fighting here, concentrate on the damn fight!" Another clone shouted

"This should be fun." The wolf started trampling a bunch of the ninja who were too frightened to do a thing.

Finally, that took forever

The Uzukage now had two rings around his eyes; one was red while the other was gray. His eyes looked like a plus sign, because the kyuubi's influence over Wolf Sage Mode.

He dispelled the barrier and all his shadow clones, because he didn't need them anymore, he also let the wolf he summoned go back to sleep.

-Rebel base Sunrise 6:15 am-

I thought it was sunrise, why is it so dark? Jiraiya asked himself, but then he suddenly saw clouds circling far off in the distance, above Kirigakure. He recognized this preparation well.


-At the Battlefield at the same time-

"I will allow no others to survive beyond this point, if you have no intention to die, especially those who have a family, leave now. It will not be disobeying the orders of your Mizukage as after today he will be Mizukage no more." The Uzukage boomed his voice so the remaining 2369 ninja could hear.

"Don't listen to that fools! I shall not lose against a pathetic brat!" Yagura (Obito) yelled.

At least a fifth of the remaining ninja left, because they believed that they would meet their end if they stayed to fight any longer. They also saw the serious look in the young kage's eyes. The rest of them were too arrogant for their own good.

"You stupid fool, now you're all alone, no clones no nothing to help you, what makes you think you'll win, it is 2000 against one. You're outnumbered; I'd like to see you try harming us." An arrogant jonin who obviously wasn't watching how the Uzukage halved their numbers said

The Uzukage sighed, he didn't have the time for listening to them, and so he decided to end the talking with a few last words.

"Most of you should know who the Sandaime Raikage is; he stood alone against ten thousand enemies and eliminated most of their forces before he died. There have been shinobi like him who stood against armies and survived. Obviously they were smaller, but they were just as great since they survived. Such as the Yondaime Hokage, he wiped out hundreds of shinobi from Iwagakure and survived. He died when against the strongest of bijuu, the Kyuubi no Yoko attacked Konoha. The Kyuubi no Yoko could kill all of you in just a few seconds. I have been given the SS rank like the Yondaime Hokage and the Sandaime Raikage so any of you who want to think twice may leave." The Uzukage said seriously.

A couple of people left, but that was it.

"Very well, let us begin." The Uzukage immediately disappeared from sight, and reappeared in the sky above them. The dark clouds were now pulsing electricity around him, but thanks to the Whirlpool Sword, he was immune. It began to rain heavily as well, since water conducted electricity the electric water droplets shocked the remnants of the army and they started to fall down and howl in pain.

Tenpenchii: Arashi no Raiko (Natural Disaster: Lightening Storm) the Uzukage fell from the sky, the lightening followed, crashing down on the center of the battlefield, this made a huge crater, the lightning obviously killed everyone that it touched. As the Uzukage thought, there wasn't a single survivor of that attack.

"Impossible!" Yagura (Obito) began coughing, barely surviving the attack thanks to the Sanbi.

"Yondaime Mizukage, your reign is at its end." The Uzukage said, panting heavily.

"No, I refuse to die now!" Yagura was enveloped in red chakra

Shit, I can't use anything now and most of my chakra is gone those natural disasters take a lot out of a person, I did use a hundred shadow clones, five blood clones and summoning, along with a few jutsu, my sword and a barrier, so my only choice is… stupid fox, but that'll give away my identity. I suppose the Akatsuki won't give it away so I'm fine. My only extra problem will be that Akatsuki will hunt me. I won't use that much just for fuinjutsu so it should be fine. I wish I took one of those complex poisons that affect the chakra system Shizune-nee made. I'll take a chakra pill, but only if I have to, Tsunade-baachan said that it was bad to take chakra pills, especially for me, because then it might take me a long long time to recover and the Uzukage is needed in Uzushiogakure.

"This is the first time in 4 years you even bothered with me. Normally I should refuse, but I refuse to make my container look weak, and I refuse to lose against that overgrown turtle!" The Kyuubi roared

"Hey Kyuubi, aren't you just an overgrown fox." The Uzukage thought

"You insolent creature, weren't you ever taught respect?! I am the Kyuubi, the greatest of all bijuu and I have lived for centuries, yet I am talked down by an insolent little child who has just started his second decade." The Kyuubi growled

"Hurry up and give me the chakra!" The Uzukage whined impatiently


The Uzukage's body was enveloped by red chakra, but unlike Yagura's chakra cloak, it lacked the conscience of his bijuu. Yagura's tail looked like a turtle's spiky back with an extension to it, it was still red, but it didn't look furry like the Kyuubi's chakra cloak had been in the valley of the end, nor did Yagura grow longer teeth and longer nails like the twelve year old Naruto did. The Uzukage had a bright orange chakra cloak surrounding him; it wasn't red or poisonous since at 16 years old, he learned how to separate the hatred and conscience from the chakra.

Yagura charged at The Uzukage at high speed, barely missing the young kage's tired body. The Uzukage hardly managed to evade it. Both of them began throwing punches and kicks at each other. They weren't that far from equal, because The Uzukage was using his granny's chakra infused punches, but he was more tired out and had less chakra. Yagura wasn't as strong as The Uzukage, but he wasn't tired out at all. The Uzukage was stronger though so he managed to push the Mizukage back, and make him smash into wall.

They were fighting in a deserted place near a neighbourhood of destroyed houses. Luckily there weren't any children in that area. The aftermath of Naruto's attack destroyed everything in 500 meters of distance.

"You will die here you little rat!" Yagura (Obito) yelled in a monstrous voice, another tail was slowly appearing. The Sanbi began to use Yagura as a medium.

Fast, I need to release my weights before he goes into stage 2!

"Kai (Release)" The Uzukage blurred out of vision and Yagura felt a strong kick push his transformed form to the ground.

Chakura Kyuin no Jutsu (Chakra Absorption Technique) The Uzukage began draining the bijuu chakra from Yagura and filtering it, adding it to his own. Yagura couldn't get up, and the Sanbi's chakra began to disappear slowly.

I've had enough of you, you dumb turtle.

Gogyo Fuin (Five Elements Seal) He placed the seal on Yagura's seal disrupting his chakra flow so he couldn't do anything. Yagura fell to the ground and passed out, Naruto was still panting, until he was approached by a figure wearing an Akatsuki cloak with many rings around his eyes, he was accompanied by a woman with bluish purplish hair.

"Uzumaki Naruto, come quietly, it is your only choice since you are now severely weakened." The woman spoke up

"Sorry, but…" The Uzukage vanished from the spot, taking Yagura with him

Was that a clone? The woman thought

"He can't be far Nagato, we have to give chase." The woman said

"No, he could easily be hundreds of miles away we must return back to the base." The one with rings around his eyes turned away and disappeared from view, the woman followed him.

How did these two Akatsuki members get so far in only a few minutes? Obito used space time ninjutsu of course. But it is a drag for him to use, since to transport people from one dimension to his pocket dimension and get them out of his pocket dimension takes a hell load of chakra. And transported them there and back would make Obito get chakra exhaustion so the two had to take the long way back.

-On the road 6:45am-

Naruto, don't tell me you wiped them out on your own! We were supposed to do it together! Jiraiya thought angrily

"Ero-sennin, (huff)…(huff)." The Uzukage appeared

"NARUTO YOU WRECKLESS IDIOT!" Jiraiya couldn't hold his anger and punched him in the face.

"I couldn't let the rebels die pointlessly." The Uzukage muttered

"Where's their honor? Don't you think they would've wanted to clear Kiri themselves?" Jiraiya gritted his teeth

"Its decisions like those that get them killed." The Uzukage stated

"Hmph" Jiraiya grunted and turned around, heading for the base.

-Akatsuki base-

"I have new information for all of you, which is why I called you all here." Nagato or rather Pein said

"What is it?" Itachi asked curiously, meetings like these only happened when they had found a tailed beast.

"It's about the Kyuubi jinchuriki." Pein continued, Itachi suddenly got very interested and looked at Pein, giving all his attention. Kisame and Tobi also sparked up in interest, Tobi was acting since he already knew what it was.

"We believe he is in Uzushiogakure, as the Uzukage of Uzushiogakure. He however, is extremely dangerous and I do not believe you can handle him, however he is no match for a god." Pein finished

Uzumaki Naruto, just how strong have you gotten?

-Rebel base 9:00 am-

The Uzukage and Jiraiya told Mei what had happened, she wasn't very happy, as she thought that it was better for their soldiers to liberate their country, now all Kiri would be underestimated since other villages thought that Kiri was weak and needed outside help to free their country. However the Uzukage pointed out that it saved countless lives from being slaughtered at the hands of Yagura. He also gave Mei Yagura, so they could decide what was to be done with him. After this she seemed somewhat satisfied and grateful.

She quickly changed the subject to when the alliance would be talked over; the Uzukage simply said that he would be ready to do it in two weeks time. She left happily.

The Uzukage, Jiraiya and the remaining 49 ninja left Mizu no kuni the next day and headed back to Uzushiogakure. All 50 ninja were extremely angry for being brought along just to spend a few days in Kiri, but they knew that their anger was pointless, as they saw the reason. It was an emergency measure to elect a successor in Kirigakure if the Mizukage was unable to elect a successor before death. Mei was currently deciding what to do with Yagura. Naruto had left her a Hiraishin seal activator, in case she needed help, symbolizing friendship.

-Border of Hi no Kuni to Uzu no kuni 12:00pm-

Uchiha Sasuke had finally come to the border of Uzu no kuni, he had already gone to Kumo, but they rejected him, and none of the other villages were 'worthy' of Uchiha blood to him. He crossed the identification seal that suddenly went on red alert, so did the cameras. Tsunade noticed this and checked the cameras. Only to start rolling on the floor laughing out loud after she saw Sasuke get gased and knocked out. Naruto created a system that gased the intruder, activated a warphole using chakra leading to the hospital and placed the intruder on a bed, at least one of the staff in the hospital room would be trained in seals and apply the chakra seals on the intruder. Naruto made robots to carry the intruder and bring him up till the hospital. Tsunade decided to see the Uchiha, so she put a genjutsu on the desk with all the paperwork and left to see the Uchiha.

Uzushiogakure Hospital

"(cough)…(cough)" Sasuke awoke, coughing

"What the hell!" Sasuke suddenly yelled, when he saw himself in the hospital. He struggled to get off the hospital bed, but he failed to.

"Uchiha Sasuke, I advise you keep quiet, you are disturbing other patients, you have entered our country without an invitation, the Uzukage does not know about your appearance and this is how we deal with intruders. " A doctor (Tsunade is using a henge, remember that Sasuke can't use his Sharingan since he needs chakra to do that, but all his chakra is sealed. Plus there's a dojutsu, and identification seal on all the residents of Uzushiogakure) informed Sasuke

"I-I want to be a ninja of this village." Sasuke said weakly, with much less arrogance in his voice, since he was intimidated by the aura this doctor let out, and decided it was best not to anger her.

"You'll have to take that up with the Uzukage." Tsunade told Sasuke

"When can I meet him?" Sasuke asked

"The Uzukage will send for you when he desires, for now you will be confined into a house, with seals preventing you from leaving. Since that is the normal procedure for those who want to be ninja here and come intruding. The Uzukage will still take you out for questioning. The Uzukage already knows you are here, and he does not think you are spying for the Hokage." Tsunade said, since this was the truth as that was what Naruto told her , to her he seemed to be prepared for every possible situation.

Sasuke was freed from his chains and taken to his temporary residence.

-Konohagakure, Hokage's office-

I may have to use Kotoamatsukami on the Uzukage to get him to agree to an alliance with Konoha during the meeting. However if he figures out what I'm doing I could doom Konoha to destruction since Uzushiogakure would be on our enemy list. I bet even Shikaku wouldn't be able to find a way out without unconditional surrender or evacuation of the village. I have to wait for the moment of opportunity. Konoha might be doomed in one year if our war continues. Iwa is slowly eating away at us and Suna isn't helping much. Or I could go for the less risky way and try to form an alliance with the Mizukage. Perhaps I should send some shinobi to help; yes that's the least risky idea.

Danzo was deep in his thoughts, until he suddenly signaled a bunch of ROOT ninja to come to him, he told him to get Sakura, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Shino, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Gai, Asuma, Kurenai, Yugao and Kiba for an S rank mission.

-Sunagakure, Kazekage's office-

A tall man with red hair and blue pupiless eyes and black rings around them sat on a chair and did a bit of paperwork, when suddenly he saw a shadow with a light blue kage hat, traditional kage robes and deep blue eyes. The Kazekage who was the red haired one felt like bombarding the Uzukage who was the one with deep blue eyes with a bunch of questions. He simply decided on one.

"How did you get here? Why are you here?" The Kazekage Gaara had a frown on his face.

"Gaara, I thought we were friends, why are you acting so hostilely?" The Uzukage said with a smile hidden under his mask.

"What? Who are you?" Gaara asked suspiciously

"Heh" The Uzukage pulled down his mask slightly which made Gaara gasp.

"Uzumaki Naruto!"

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