Chapter 8: Leaving

"YOU!" Naruto looked at the masked man before him. The cave roof covered the sky so only the glow of the masked man's Sharingan and Naruto's glowing red eyes could be seen, but this was more than enough for the two.

"YOU'LL DIE RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW OBITOOOOO!" Naruto disappeared in a red flash to with every intention of tearing Obito in two. Obito's Mangeyko eye was revealed, he disappeared in a vortex.

Ikaku Suruzume (Menacing Claw) Three slashes of dark energy flew at cave, causing it to shake, making large boulders fall from the roof, exposing light.

Obito reappeared at the top, with his Sharingan spinning, Naruto immediately forced himself up to the top of the cave, now there was one tail on his newly formed chakra cloak. He started randomnly crushing boulders near Obito while chakra arms continued to attempt to hit the Uchiha.

I will capture you Kyuubi, no matter what it takes. I cannot let my plan fail. With those thoughts Obito automatically looked Naruto who had at this point three tails in the eye.

In Naruto's Mindscape

"I will not let myself get controlled, if Uchihas are the alternative, I CHOOSE YOU!" Kurama roared and started clawing at his cage. He started glowing red as his energy started to drain from him.

"Good to know furball." Naruto grinned with his red glowing eyes showing that he was mostly in control the red eyes did not have slit pupils unlike before. Now they were just red eyes with normal pupils, his whiskers weren't more clearly visible than before, but he still had canine like teeth. Of course from the outside of the mindscape Obito couldn't tell because Naruto was still wearing his mask that covered his whisker marks.

"Insolent fool, you should be grateful I'm giving some power to you. When will you learn to respect me?" Kurama growled, annoyed at the blonde.

"Maybe when you stop acting like an arrogant asshole." Naruto grumbled, he was in front of a sucker who needed to be taught a lesson, he didn't have time for chitchat with the bastard fox, although he was grateful Kurama let him escape the hypnotic gaze of the Mangeykou, he was confident it wouldn't work on him anyway, or that he could overpower it. He left the mindscape.

Kurama just sunk back into his little cage and went to sleep.

Outside the Mindscape

Obito stood there he saw Naruto in his three tailed form looking at him straight at the eye with no hints of hatred (or so he thought) and was sure he was in a trance, he lifted his arm and commanded

"Come to me Kyuubi." Obito looked at Naruto straight in the eye to double check whether he was in a trance or not. Naruto didn't make a move.

"Come" Obito's voice started showing hints of impatience as he edged closer and closer to Naruto. In a swift split second movement, the blonde jinchuriki scratched open the Akatsuki member's cloak revealing standard ANBU armor beneath the cloak, now the ANBU armor had big scratches and blood was flowing freely through the dents. Obito began coughing up blood and threw up, but managed to get his faze through vortex working just in time to avoid another slash.

"You beast…" Obito panted out as he saw the destruction on the top of the cave, it looked as if a meteor crushed a mountain.

"YOU THINK I'M A BEAST WHEN YOU KILLED MY PARENTS FOR YOUR OWN DELUSIONS! NOW, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DIE!" Now four tails were sticking out of the chakra cloak, but Naruto was still in almost complete control of his actions, his more bestial traits just surfaced, his nails were at least 2 and a ½ inches long, his canine teeth were hanging out of his mouth, each about 1 and a ½ inches long. Naruto held his palm up to the sky and thrusted it downwards like he summons his heavely lightning, and just like that the clouds became almost black, his tails shot up pure youkai, but this all happened so fast that Obito could barely react to what was coming next even though he already started to make his escape vortex.

Chiame (Blood Rain) Corrosive rain started to pour everywhere, the cave, at this point was barely a cave, because it wasn't even covered, it was more like flat, rocky land. More than a few drops got into Obito's vortex, but what happened to him wasn't seen, as he was already gone. Naruto cursed as his chakra cloak receded and he fell to his knees. The skeletons he fought to protect were completely melted and dissolved into the soil.

Naruto smiled, the last physical piece of his parents was gone, his parents would never be revived and find peace in the afterlife.

May you find peace in the afterlife Kaa-chan, Tou-san. With that in his mind he suddenly vanished without a trace.

-Konohagakure 2:20pm-

Rin looked at the sky in Konoha one last time before exiting Konoha through a secret passage in the Hokage Monument, it was obvious the stranger wouldn't come back; she didn't even know why she waited so long. She was just about to leave when a kunai flew into the ground and made a crack.

"Going somewhere Rin-san? Don't you want to find out more about current events?" Naruto shot her a piercing glance. She nodded quickly and asked where they were supposed to go. Naruto nodded back and motioned her to follow, he set off at incredible pace creating an afterimage of himself. Rin couldn't follow so he had to go slower. The two soon ended up outside of Konoha.

"Perfect place" Naruto muttered, grabbing out his transmitter and pushing the button.

"Central Command, this is the Uzukage, requesting stealth plane near the Hokage Monument, will send location coordinates in a sec, just deploy plane." Naruto waited a few seconds for the signal to reach the command center.

"Stealth plane No 12 deployed, ETA to Konoha Hokage Monument 1 hour." A robotic voice came out of the receiver.

1 hour later

It was a terrible day for Hatake Kakashi, he had just come back from negotiating a 1 month peace treaty with Iwa, their forces were allowed to rest for a month, because both sides were in bad condition. Iwagakure itself was much richer than Konoha at the moment the camps where the soldiers lived were in terrible state, and the fact that they were fighting with Konoha which was far from Iwa meant that supplies could not get to Iwa ninja very fast and they often ran out of supplies. Konoha was simply in decline. He was brooding once again at the memorial stone when he thought he saw a flicker of light, like a star in the sky and decided to follow it. That led to him climbing over the Hokage Monument and jumping out of Konoha. He saw what looked like a UFO, but when he looked closer he a woman with brown hair beginning to board the UFO.

His eye met her eyes, her eyes met his eyes even for a split second he noticed, he noticed the purple marks at the side of her cheeks.

It can't be Kakashi's heart started beating rapidly,


"Kakashi you idiot, what were you thinking using that technique! It nearly got you killed! If sensei hadn't stepped in-" Rin started to scold Kakashi but was interrupted

"I don't need your concern." Kakashi pushed her away coldly

"I was just trying to-" Rin was cut off

"Forget it, just leave me alone." Kakashi used a shunshin

Minato watched from the trees silently, sighing at his student, he went to pursue him.

Training ground 17

Minato looked at Kakashi with very gloomy blue eyes that reflected a sense of sadness. The boy hadn't learned what it truly meant to be a shinobi, he was just living off booksmarts and prodigal skills, he didn't have anything truly driving him forward.

"Kakashi, I need to ask you a question." Minato looked solemn

"Is something wrong sensei?" Kakashi had no emotion in his voice.

"What are friends Kakashi?" Minato stared hard at the 12 year old

"Friends are tools to be used, they are for elevating yourself in status, for getting free tools, for carrying out orders." Kakashi responded calmly, Minato shook his head, he was disappointed.

"No, Kakashi, no," Minato sighed

"Friends are people you care for, who care for you in return." Minato explained for the 100th time

"I do not understand what caring for means."

Minato just shook his head, the boy had a long way to before he would ever consider him to be Jonin, but Sarutobi was forcing his hand, he had the skill, the determination, but he lacked the camaraderie, wisdom, or mindset required for jonin, all in all just a deadly tool.


Kakashi fainted from hyperventilating and dropped like a stone making a THUD sound which was heard by Naruto and Rin as they were boarding plane.

Someone was spying on us and I couldn't sense their chakra, but what made them fall to the ground and give away their location? Naruto speeded to the source and found his ex-'sensei' on the floor. After much inner debate he decided to leave him there, but first…

"Let's see what you look like without your mask loser." Naruto ripped Hatake's mask from his face.

"What's this? Another mask?!" Naruto groaned, and started tearing of Kakashi's masks one by one.


After about 20 masks Kakashi's true face was finally revealed… he had... two big buck teeth?

"I knew it!" Naruto yelled to the heavens, Rin was looking at him from afar as if he was some wild animal.

"Naruto-san?" Rin raised an eyebrow

Naruto quickly remembered what he was supposed to do and ran off to the plane which was set for Uzushio.

-Sarutobi Cave, Konohagakure 12:00AM-

Konoha 10 (discluding Hinata, Ino and Team 7 [No Sai either], and including the Konohamaru corps) sat in the Sarutobi cave in the regular meeting place.

"We need to leave Konoha before it crumbles." Shikamaru stated with clarity to the rest of the group.

We leave Konoha, find boss, throw away Danzo and put Shika in his place." Konohamaru said in agreement. Shikamaru instantly froze.

"No, My dad says that the Nara clan will soon leave Konoha forever. I thought you would've wanted Naruto to be Hokage?" Shikamaru announced

"No, because he'll never want to be Hokage, he'll be something greater, the Uzukage." Konohamaru crossed his arms.

"I'll come with you Shika!" Choji said quickly and clearly

"No, you're needed here, to protect the children and their families from the upcoming assault on Konoha. If everyone leaves then the innocent civilians will all be annihilated. The Nara clan is only leaving because Danzo's putting too much pressure on our members and torture us for not coming up with winning strategies, our few winning strategies he does not even put to practice, and that's why we're leaving." Shikamaru explained

"Hinata-sama also intends to leave, because she no longer cares about Konoha." Neji told the rest of the group.

"When?" Shikamaru asked

"During the next full moon, the day after tomorrow." Neji answered

"Neji, isn't that unyouthful, leaving the village?" Lee ringed across the cave room prompting everyone to shut their ears except Neji and Tenten who were used to it.

"What's unyouthful Lee, is the things our current Hokage does, forcing children who are less than 10 into becoming genin just because they have 'talent.' And treating deaths as 'necessities.'" Neji calmly spoke. The cave rumbled, everyone was frozen on spot, it rumbled agdain. This time their shinobi instincts kicked iin, but a second to late as the cave completely collapsed on both sides and trapped them. It was dark, none of them could tell where who was except Neji who had his Byakugan on.

"We've been found out." Neji whispered

Kuupo(Drilling Step) A large hole was made on the top as the shinobi and kunoichi concealed themselves[l1] .

"Hyuuga Neji, Kaeru Moegi, Mitakado Udon, Sarutobi Konohamaru, Rock Lee, Tenten, Nara Shikamaru, Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba, and Akimichi Choji, you are under arrest for plotting against the Hokage. We know you're here, surrender and you will not be harmed." CAT said

Yugao-sensei, I'm sorry for this. An outside voice with two moonstone eyes thought while looking at the ANBU mask 'CAT.' She swallowed hard and changed into her inner fighter.

Kokuyoseki Dageki (Obsidian strike) Yugao's sword destroyed a large path of rocks, blood erupted from their shadow.

"Argh!' Shikamaru stared at the blood flowing freely from his waist. He started to form handseals, but the sword would hit him too fast for him to finish.

the way and forced her onto the rock hard floor. It was obvious by this time no one was at that part of the cave besides the three. Yugao coughed up blood.

"So the Hyuuga clan head is a traitor too." Yugao muttered

"You're the traitors! Traitors to Konoha, traitors to Hi no kuni, Danzo and his regime are fools, fools who will be crushed, I can promise you that. There was no point in staying in a country that will be crushed soon, and you, you will die here." Hinata stated as she stood against her opponent on equal ground now.

Kage Shihai (Shadow Control) Shikamaru finished his handseals and started moving Yugao's shadow and body with his hand.

"Aack, stop…" The purple haired ANBU took off her mask on Shikamaru's command and fell to the floor throwing sword far away from her body. Shikamaru was getting ready to kill her when he saw a seal glowing on the back of her neck, it was a permanent one.

"Nooo, please Hokage-sama, GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE!" Yugao suddenly started screaming, and screaming. The seal was now red, it started glowing more vibrantly every second as Yugao was screaming in agony. Shikamaru now realized what the purpose of the seal was.

"Hinata get ba-"It was too late, Yugao's seal detonated taking her, and almost Hinata to the abyss.

Shikamaru was blasted back with minor damage, but Hinata was bleeding everywhere. Apparently that seal was a wind bomb that killed the person who used it because the wind blades were coming from inside the body stored as a wind ball. When it was used the blades would separate and blast out of the body. Due to it being compressed it also did blast damage when it expanded.

"Hinata!" Shikamaru ran over to her bleeding body and kneeled down.

"Shi-Shikamaru, is that you? Listen, if I don't survive…" Hinata coughed up more blood.

"Don't think like that, everyone knows you'll get through this. You just have to stay strong." Shikamaru told her in an absolute tone.

"You're right" Hinata gave him a weak smile. Shikamaru, assessed the situation, her chances were honestly low without treatment, and there wasn't a medic among the 10 so she would have to tough her injuries out with first aid. No one could even tell what parts of her had been damaged, because no one knew how to do a diagnostics jutsu. Shikamaru wondered what happened to the others.

In a different section of the cave with the Konohamaru corps.

"What was that noise Konohamaru-kun?" Moegi whispered fearfully, she trembled in the cold dark cave, her whisper unfortunately echoed. It was followed by a sharp growl as a dog started barking. Udon started to shake in fear, because even though he was a chuunin he wasn't very good at combat. A lone dog stepped out of the shadows.

"Akamaru? Come here boy, now don't make a sound." Konohamaru approached him slowly and silently. A senbon flying through the air struck the point exactly between Akamaru and Konohamaru.

"I don't like doing this, I don't wanna do this especially since I hate Danzo, but I have to. I have to deal with any traitors, because if I don't the leaf will be in even deeper shit than it was before." Genma stepped out of the darkness.

"Let's show this nutcase why we're called the Konohamaru corps guys! Udon get behind me, give me a strategy, Moegi blast him with genjutsu. I'll take the front, eat this bastard." Konohamaru formed a cross seal.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) Three Konohamarus grabbed the original and threw him at Genma, he went whizzing through the air like a bullet and charged his next attack in midair.

Shingeki (Death Strike) Konohamaru held out his two fingers and chakra charged them, preparing to stab Genma in the nuts, but all he hit was a log.

"Where did you get a forbidden technique?" Genma calmly asked, as if the person standing or rather lying on the floor wasn't his current enemy.

"Straight out some awesome scroll hidden in the oh so 'secret' section of the Hokage's library." Konohamaru smirked, getting on his bruised legs.

Senbon Shawa (Senbon Shower) at least 100 poisoned senbon were launched in all directions, everywhere.

Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu) the fireball burned through a couple of the senbon making sure Konohamaru didn't get poisoned, but his shadow clones dispersed and Udon and Moegi hid under a rock. The area they were in had a small clearing area that Genma and Konohamaru were in, and a more rocky area that Moegi and Udon were in.

This guy is hard, I might have to use my other technique. Konohamaru scratched his head and slumped his shoulders back, his legs hurt so he had somewhat of a sloppy posture. This wasn when Moegi's genjutsu hit Genma, he started to have hallucinations of Konohamaru looking demonic, Moegi gave a slight nod to the Sandaime's grandson, who nodded in return. Udon looked at both of them, they both sent a small nod Udon's way.

Konohamaruton: Toripuru Yoso Rendan (Konohamaru Release: Triple Element Barrage) Moegi, Konohamaru and Udon combined their elements of water, lightning, and fire into one attack, it wasn't actually that effective, because of the elements affected each other, weakening the power of the attack, but it was still enough to knock out Genma. Konohamaru grasped a kunai and prepared to slit his throat, no one said anything when his head was removed from his body. Since he died the seal on the back of his neck started to glow, it didn't explode though.

With the rest of the group

"Must we stay hidden for so long, hiding from battle is unyouthful!" Lee almost shouted, but Neji quickly threw his hand over the mouth of his babbling teammate.

"Quiet Lee" Tenten gave him a disapproving look.

"I can't find my chips, and where's Shikamaru?" Choji whispered

"It is illogical to care about food at a time where our enemies could have discovered our rebellion." Shino said in his same monotonous voice, albeit a bit quitter.

Jerk Choji and Kiba thought at the same time.

Kurenai-sensei, and Asuma-sensei, I don't want to kill either of them. Thought Choji while staring into the darkness.

Kurenai's eyes suddenly flickered, and she whispered something into Asuma's ear.

Katon: Haisekisho (Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning) his jutsu created a smoke cloud in which the two jonin entered and whispered one thing into their student's ears.

"Run" They looked at their frightened students and gave them a warm smile. Shino disappeared by turning into a swarm of insects, Neji used Shunshin, Lee released his weights and ran out of the place, Kiba burrowed underground, but covered up his hole, Tenten used Shunshin with Neji, Choji went with Kiba. The two jonin gave a slight smile before Asuma burned the ash cloud.

-Konoha Gates, Konohagakure 12:40AM-

"She doesn't have much time left." Shikamaru said sorrowfully as he laid Hinata to the ground.

"I'll tell the clan to leave now, they're all ready, we were supposed to go soon anyway." Neji put his hand on Shikamaru's shoulder.

Hinata-sama, you will break the curse like you promised, you're not allowed to die before that, will you go back on your word?

As soon as the Hyuuga clan came they left.

-Kurenai and Asuma's home 1:00AM-After Kurenai and Asuma had finished spouting lies about killing their students and Gai's, they hurried home in panic. Danzo placed a seal on every jonin and killed every 'inefficient' one.

"We need to leave Asuma, he'll kill us when he learns that we didn't kill them, we can't stay." Kurenai told her mate in panic, grabbing his sides.

"I know, we'll leave tonight, with our little child." Asuma held her close, she was sobbing.

"I never wanted it to be like this! All I wanted was a peaceful home and a peaceful life, no wars, no shit! Ever since Danzo came to power we've been dying slowly. Konoha has been dying, and now I want to destroy it even more." Kurenai's tears subsided, leaving her cold pale face to stare at her little child entering the room.

"Mom, where are we going?" His innocent voice destroyed all thoughts of anger she harbored.

"I don't know, I don't know." She held him close, a lone tear dripped onto the raven haired boy's nose.

-Naruto's Dream-

Naruto walked around a relatively colored room, it was very long, he couldn't see the end. He saw portraits of different people, every step he took into the room was harder to take than the last. He saw a small shadow with purple eyes at the end. The black shadow looked at him closely, he or she was squinting at him hard.

"Hey, who are you?" Naruto's voice echoed down the hallway. His sword started glowing as the old man disappeared. He stared at a mirror, the Kyuubi started giving him a mad grin as he looked at what was staring back at him. It was him, except he had red eyes, fox ears, black slits for pupils, vampiric teeth, and he had the same grin of insanity the Kyuubi had.

"What?" Naruto stared in awe as the alternate version of himself walked out of the mirror and merged with himself. The dream ended with a scream, he wasn't sure where it came from.

-Uzushiogakure, Tsunade's House 4:00AM-

Naruto went rushing for Tsunade who was asleep, and quite possibly drunk judging from the numerous bottles littering her bedroom.

"Baa-chan, Baa-chan I have to tell you something." Naruto yelled loudly, making sure the quiet presence of the dark room was noisy. Naruto heard a large groan as Tsunade got up.

"I had a nightmare-"Naruto started, but was interrupted

"That is so childish, for kami's sake if you came rushing to me for that you should just get out before I get mad." Tsunade said in a sleepy, irritated, tired tone.

"Is there any of the Kyuubi's chakra leaking into my system, is the seal stable?" Naruto asked

"Go bother Jiraiya with that, he's the expert. And aren't you a seal master too?" Tsunade slid back into bed.

Naruto knew he wouldn't be able to find Jiraiya, so he just decided to bag it and went for a walk, because he knew he wouldn't manage to fall back asleep. The reason he couldn't check himself was because he didn't have much knowledge on his seal, since he specialized in battle seals not storage ones like Jiraiya.

-Konohagakure, Hokage's office -

"You're telling me the Hyuuga clan escaped!" Danzo killed the man on the spot and looked at his teammate.

"Assemble teams and force them back, I will not accept failure, understood?" Danzo glared at the shaky ANBU.e

We are crumbling, we have one final hope.

-Near Yu no kuni (Uzushiogakure)-

"I won't make it Shikamaru."Her voice suddenly alarmed Shikamaru as she had been silent all this time.

"Tell Naruto that I-I love him, and I always dreamed of what could've been, our future together. I'll meet you in the afterlife." Hinata suddenly went limp


I'm back with a short chapter, I could've made it longer, but then you would've had to wait longer, I had hardware failure so I couldn't update. The dream has great significance. I've planned out 5 arcs, so I'm planning to finish the story by chapter 50.