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Chapter one: Oh Toby, You promised!

Sarah gazed into her little brothers big blue eyes, crying silently and with no small amount of fear she whimpered to him, "Toby, don't be a hero. Don't be a fool with your life. Please, Toby, don't be a hero and just come back to me alive. I love you, please..."

22 year-old Toby gazed gently down at his big sister, "Don't worry sis, I'll keep my head down. I promise."

"Passengers, now boarding, flight 192 to..."

"That's my flight, I have to go. I will call you as soon as I can. I love you sis. I'll be back by Christmas, you'll see."

With those last and fateful words Sarah watched as her baby brother boarded the plane that would take him to the war zone. After watching his plane take off she turned and headed to her car.

Going home, she thought about everything that happened. Toby was 19 when he first approached her with the idea of wanting to join the Army. Terrified, she refused his idea until he told her that he had already signed up and that he would be leaving in two weeks.

She shattered a mirror for the second time in her life.

Refusing to talk to him for a week, Sarah stayed mad, but eventually she finally calmed down enough for him to explain that he wanted to do something more than flip burgers or mooch off her for the rest of his life. He wanted to be the best that he could be, like she was.

She didn't know what to say to him after that. Publishing her first book had been easy and her second one just as easy. All of her books were about her adventure in the labyrinth and about her friends. They were about how she grew up during the adventure, but Toby didn't have those memories nor did he have the imagination. Sometimes she wished he did. That he was more like her, she sighed, but then he wouldn't be her Toby.

After their parent passed away in that awful car accident she vowed that she would do her best by him. That she would always protect him. Now that he was older she realized that she couldn't protect him forever and that she would have to let him find his own way. Pulling into the drive, she finally let the fear that was churning inside her to bubble over.

She cried.

"Sir, we're pinned down. What should we do?" Toby looked at his sargent first class with fear. He knew he promised his sister that he would make it home but if something didn't change he wouldn't be able to keep that promise. He looked at Thomas as they awaited their instructions.

"I want you William and you Chamber to go meet up with Brovo Charlie Team Alfa. Our radios are out. They are still three days away. They need to be appraised of the situation." The Sargent said as he apprised them of the situation.

"Williams, Chamber, Fall back, and meet up with with them. I don't need to tell you to be careful. " The sargent ordered. Thomas and Toby nodded as as they went and grabbed their gear. With Toby's head up in the moment, he forgot what his sister had said about being a hero.

A loud knock roused Sarah from her sleep. She opened the door to find two men in uniforms there to greet her. "Ma'am, may we come in." She nodded, letting and allowed the two to enter.

"It is probably best if you sat down." She turned and numbly walked to the couch and sat down. A single tear fell from her cheek as she tried to listen to what they were saying.

"We recovered his partner's body however his was not found At this time we are considering him MIA. We will not stop searching until he is located."

"He's actions were very heroic."

"You should be proud."

As that was said, her head snapped up and her emerald eyes turned icy with disgust. "Get out!"

"But ma'am..." They protested in concern.

"GET OUT!" She roared, her eyes blazing with suppressed rage. They stood up and mumbled their condolences again. As she slammed the door behind them, she crumbled to the ground and hugged herself tight as she cried herself to sleep.

When Sarah awoke it was dark out. She lay on the floor trying to keep her sanity. She knew that this could happen... They both knew, but now for it to be actually happening..

"Oh Toby" she sobbed heart brokenly. "Why didn't you listen."

Sarah, not having the energy to stand, crawled up the stairs and onto Toby's bed. It was her old room but when their parents past away she gave her room to Toby and took their parents room. Curling up into a tight ball, she reached out blindly for something to hold onto when her hands met with something soft.

Peering through the darkness she caught sight of Lancelot. The bear she gave Toby right after... She sat up slowly and made her way back to her room and lay on her own bed, her dazed eyes flashing as memories come back to her.

The Labyrinth...

Hoggle (if you ever need us)...

Sir Dydimus (Yes, my Lady, should you ever need us)...

Ludo, sweet, sweet Ludo (Sawah, need us, Sawah friend)


and, and...

Sitting up she cried out in a voice full of unbearable pain and torment.

"Jareth! I need YOU!"

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