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Chapter Six: Lessons Learned and the Wedding

Toby grinned as he finally made it to the castle. It was easier than he thought it would be. Turning to Hoggle, he bowed his head toward to dwarf in a sign of respect.

"Thanks for everything Hoggle. I know you were angry with me and you had every right to be, but I appreciate your help."

The dwarf humped and waved him away, "T'was nothin'. Just be seeing that you don't make Sarah cry again."

"I won't. You have my word." Toby said, grimacing at having to face the Goblin King in his lair. The last time he got decked and his jaw was still feeling the bruise. Heading up the steps and into the castle he walked around until he found himself in the throne room.

"Hello, ye must be Tobias."

Toby whirled around to find an enchanting woman in front of him. She was almost as stunning as his sister. No denying that he was basis when it can to his sister. The woman stood there with hair the color of sunshine and eyes the color of sapphires. Yes, she was definitely almost as pretty as his sister. He bowed.

"Yes ma'am, I am. You are?"

"I am Titania, High queen and wife of High King Oberon, mother of the Goblin King," she grinned at the disgruntled look on the boy's face.

Apparently he was not very happy with her son. She tilted her head to the side while contemplating the youth be for her. He was tall and bared quite a resemblance to her own son. It was the hair she decided. The both had the same shining blonde hair. He did have such pretty blue eyes. Yes, he would make a good heir she thought.

"Tell me Tobias... What do you think of my son?"

"With all due respect, your highness, what I think of your son is not to be said in mixed company," he growled eyes flashing with irritation.

"Hmmm… I see." She chuckled.

Changing the subject she grinned and asked, "What do you think of the throne room. Myria and I have decorated it for the upcoming wedding. You, of course will be in it."

Toby shook his head slowly. "No, your highness, the hall looks nice and I am sure it will be a grand wedding but I have to go home. I have to apologize to my sister and let her know that I am alright."

"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Is this the heir I have heard about, my love?"

Toby whirled around, startled at the sound of a deep voice. There a man stood. He could only guess that this must be the High King, Oberon. He bowed in respect.

Oberon's gaze sought his wife's. She nodded her head slightly, approval shining in her lovely eyes, his own darkened remembering what had taken place just a few hours ago. Her eye's glimmered with mirth at his lust. He turned his attention back to the boy in front of him. The boy was built and striking in appearance. He could tell that the boy was honest and would be a good king someday.

"Tobias, ye will be staying for the wedding, however, that is neither here nor there. Something precious to ye is beyond those doors. Just go through, down the hall and finish your challenge. Good luck!" With that the queen and king disappeared in a sparkle of light and glitter.

Toby stared at the spot where Titania had once stood, confused. The only thing that was precious to him was his sister. He thought that the old hag and the dwarf were just trying to distract him with all this talk of Sarah marrying the Goblin King. But could she really be here? Was she really so distraught that she wished herself away...? Was she really going to marry that rotten king? God, he hoped not, but the sinking feeling in his stomach gave him the feeling that he should get used to calling the bastard... he grimaced at the thought... brother.

Turning to the doors that the queen indicated, he decided that there was only one way to find out.

Jareth shot up in bed and grinned. So his heir had made it after all. That was good. Gazing down at his beloved, he hated to disturb her, but the challenge must be completed. She must make the run.

"Precious," he crooned, gently stroking her hair.

"Hmm... What is it Jareth?" Sarah sighed with a gentle, sleepy smile on her face.

Jareth groaned at the look she was giving him. By the gods, she was the most beautiful creature he ever saw. Her hair curling around her face, her eyes held a dreamy look, and the way she was looking at him was enough to make his loins harden and his blood boil with want.

Leaning down he gave her a tender kiss. He laughed as she tried to deepening it. The siren was insatiable. It was hard to believe she was had been a virgin not too long ago. He always knew that she would be as passionate in his bed as she was as stubborn out of it.

With a sigh, he sadly waved his hand and dressed them both.

"Come, my precious, it is time to finish the challenge. He must make the run to you," with that she sat up and grinned mischievously.

"Oh, goodie, I get to have some more fun."

She grinned wickedly and Jareth almost felt sorry for the poor boy. She wasn't going to make it easy for him. Standing up, he teleported them to the Escher room. Jareth gave her a lingering kiss and grinned amused at the lust shimmering in her eyes.

"We only have a few minutes, beloved; it is time for you to run. When he appears start to sing. You will know what song to sing, just let your instincts guild you," kissing her once more this time on the forehead.

He whispered "Have fun, love, now run."

With that Sarah took off running as fast as she could. Once she was crossed the room she waited for her little brother to show up.

When Toby arrived in the Escher room, he growled, "Goblin King, show yourself!"

In a puff of glitter, Jareth appeared before the youth, "I see you made it boy. Your challenge is not finished yet. Watch."

With that said, Toby watched as Jareth created a crystal. Jareth rolled the crystal around in his hands and then he turned and threw it. Toby watched as it bounced off the stairs and rolled to a stop at his sister's feet, "Sarah!" he cried.

He watched as his sister picked up the crystal and as if she didn't hear him turned and walked away.

"This is the last leg of your challenge boy. Catch her if you can," with that Jareth disappeared with a shower of glitter.

Toby started to run keeping watch for his sister.

Sarah watched as her bother ran to catch her but she was always one step ahead of him. Toby stopped cold when he heard her start to sing.

"'At the airport I saw Toby waiting for his ride,

And with her head upon his shoulder,

His young and lovely sister,

From where I stood I saw she was cryin,

And through her tears I heard her say'

'Toby, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life

Toby, don't be a hero, come back to me alive,

And as Toby started to go he promised to keep head low,

She said 'Toby, don't be a hero, come back to me.''

Toby grimaced and started running after her again. He had promised that he wouldn't try to be a hero, but he had broken that promise. He had just wanted to make her proud. He realized now that she had always been proud of him. He just wanted to prove himself, make his mark, so to speak. It had almost cost him his life and caused his sister to cry. He never wanted that. Now all he wanted was a chance to apologize.

'The soldiers were trapped in the desert,

The battle raging all around,

The sergeant cried, we've got to hang on, boys,

We've gotta hold this piece of ground,

I need a two soilders to sneak out,

And met up with our other reinforcement men,

And Toby's head was up in a moment,

Forgettin' all the words she said,'

"she said..."

'Toby, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life

Toby, don't be a hero,

Just come back to me alive,

And as Toby started to go,

He promised to keep his head low,

She said Toby, don't be a hero, come back to me,

'I heard his sister got the sad news'

That told how Toby was MIA,

The sargent said that he was a hero,

She should be proud he acted that way,

I heard she threw the soldiers out that day'

He heard the pain that was laced in her voice as she sang. His guilt tripled at the mention of the of his Sargent. He knew what she was talking about. He remembered getting shot. If it wasn't for that crystal he would have been dead.


Toby felt a searing burning pain as he felt the bullet pierce his chest. He fell to the ground gasping. Never had he imagined that being shot would hurt so much. As he lay in the sand he could feel the blood pooling around him, his life's essence soaking into the desert sand. He turned his head to see a crystal sphere shimmer into light. As he gazed into it he saw himself as a child. He was being thrown up into the air and caught by a man. He remembered this man from his dreams. He watched as the man sang to him. The goblin song. He never could remember all the words. He just remembered that it was so much fun.

He choked on his laugh. He would hallucinate about goblins. His sister was corrupting him. His sister... She was going to be so sad. Looking back to the crystal with tears in his eyes, he saw the man staring back at him.

"Toby," the man said, "if you're seeing this then you are in serious danger. This crystal is a protective measure to insure that you stay safe. Just say your right words and I will come."

The goblin man vanished from the crystal and the crystal itself disappeared. Toby remembered how much fun it had been. As he started to black out he whispered without conscious thought..."I wish the goblins would come talk me away...right now."

Then the world went black.

*End of flashback*

Despite everything the Goblin King put him through, he was thankful for him saving his life. It gave him a chance to put things right with his sister. Gazing down at her, he saw that she was just below him. Without even hesitating he jumped... only to have her disappear. He floated down to the floor as despair flooded through him. She was just an illusion. She wasn't really there.

"Goblin King, you really are a rotten bastard!" he growled out in anger.

"I do hope you're not talking about me boy," Toby whirled around coming face to face with his adversary.

"What have you learned boy?" Jareth's glared at the youth with an icy stare, but inside he was praying that Toby had learned what he needed to.

Toby glanced away, ashamed for his behavior, "I learned the lessons you wanted me to Goblin King," he answered.

Jareth's gaze softened,"Those would be?" he asked gently.

Toby looked up into the king's gentle gaze, tears shimmering in his eyes, "Not everything is what it seems... and... and there are consequences for ever action. Please, I just want to go home to my sister. I know I caused her great pain and I just want the chance to tell her I'm sorry. Please." He begged hating himself for his weakness.

Toby watched as the king glanced behind him, "Well, precious, what say you?"

Toby slowly turned to see his sister standing there with tears in her eyes. He watched as she opened her arms and without another thought he ran into them and started to cry in earnest.

"Pl…plea... please forgive me. I... I was so selfish. I jus… just wanted to make you proud. Plea… please forgive me," falling to his knees he shook with grief.

"Oh, Toby," she sighed, "Of course I forgive you. I'm just glad you're safe."

He face shone with relief at his sister's words before growing somber again, "I'm really truly sorry for causing you so much grief. I just felt like I had to prove something. It was so stupid. I am…"

Sarah cut him off with another hug, "Stop it. I know you're sorry. I am glad that you learned your lessons in the labyrinth."

Toby pulled back and looked over to Jareth, "I did. Thank you for making me run it."

Jareth grinned and tilted his head in a slight bow, "That reminds me… come here, Toby."

Toby stood in front of Jareth nervously, the king's face grew serious.

"You have beaten the labyrinth and have earned your rightful place as my heir. What say you?"

Toby looked from Jareth to Sarah. Seeing her nod encouragingly, he stood straight and looked Jareth in the eyes. "I accept my place as your heir and I am honored to be chosen."

He looked back at his sister and gave her a sly smile, "By the way I have heard that congratulations are in order" He grinned at the blush rising to his sister cheeks as Jareth laughed.

"I guess if your happy with this rotten prick then I have no choice but be happy with you." His eyes shone with amusement at his sister's discomfort.

She laughed sheepishly and gave him another hug, then wrinkling her nose she grinned as she said, "I love you little brother, but boy do you need a few baths!"

Toby growled at the reminder, "Oh, yeah!" He glared at Jareth. "Just what the hell was with you dumping me in that smelly ass bog! That was just cruel!" Jareth grinned as he held up his hands in an innocent gesture.

"You're looking at the wrong person."

Sarah snickered, "That would be me that dumped your sorry ass near the bog," she grinned. "Call it payback for not keeping your promise; the same with the apple."

"Damn sis, that was you! That was pure evil!" He grimaced at the memory.

She just shrugged, still grinning, "Yup, paybacks a bitch," with that said she winked out of sight.

The wedding was beautiful. Toby walked her down the aisle and Oberon preformed the ceremony. There were flowers everywhere and Sarah was dressed in a gown that was the color of pure snow. She had a black corset and black knee-high boots. The contrast screamed innocently wicked. Her amulet that Jareth had given her hung between her breasts and her veil flowed down her body in a sheer silken wave.

Jareth's outfit was no better with a white poet's shirt and tight black leather pants and boots to match. Together they made a stunning pair. With the vows said and tears shed, they winked out of sight. Toby just shook his head at their impatience before turning his gaze toward a beautiful looking red-headed fae. Her forest green eyes shied away from his as he approached her and asked her to dance.

Sarah couldn't wait, she had to have her husband right then and there, winking them to their chambers, removing their clothes as she did so. However, Jareth had other ideas. With a wave of his hand she couldn't move. Jareth smirked as he slowly trailed a finger down her figure. "Slowly, my precious, I am going to take this slowly," he watched as she glared at him, her eyes promising murder for placing the control charm on her.

He grinned unrepentant as he leaned down to her ear and whispered heatedly, "You may move."

Sarah bolted up to attack him but he just grabbed her wrists and laughed. As she struggled he said only one word, "Cum."

Sarah couldn't believe the effect that one word had on her. She arched off the bed screaming silently as the pleasure hit her hard. Gasping for air, she weakly growled at him, "Jareth, if you ever want to have fun again I suggest you release me from the charm now!"

With a shake of his head he laughed, "No, my love, I want to savor you this time. I am going to make you scream my name and I promise that after tonight you won't have the strength to walk for a few days at the very least."

With that said he proceeded to lick his way down her body, nipping and sucking at her breast, causing her to buck against him trying to get closer. He groaned but didn't let that stop him.

Looking up at her he grinned, "You may speak but you are not to move unless it is to cum."

He grinned even wider and at the string of cuss words that came from her mouth and proceeded to silence her with a passionate kiss. His hand drifted down between her legs and flicked her hard. Sarah gasped, giving him access to her mouth. Deepening the kiss, she moaned as his hands drifted up and down her body, memorizing her curves and coming to rest on her breast as he stroked her. He kissed his way down her neck and bit down gently grinding his hips into her, letting her feel all of him. Gasping, she cried out as she came again.

"Jareth, please," she whimpered, "Please fill me. I need you now!"

Jareth groaned at her words. With a snap of his fingers he released her from his spell only to have her quickly cast it on him.

"Lay down on your back!" She commanded watching with satisfaction as he was forced to do as he was told. She loved playing with him and she was going to have her fun now too. Straddling him she grinned leaning forward she whispered, "Kiss me."

Jareth sunk his hands into her hair and ever so tenderly kissed her lips. Hearing her gasp, he deepening it, pouring all the love he felt into it. Sarah broke away dazed and stunned from the force of his kiss. Gently, she kissed her way down his neck and nipped at his chin, then his chest, moving her way every so slowly down licking and nipping, sucking and kissing until she reached her real destination.

She marveled at the smoothness of him, hard yet soft like velvet. She gently traced him with her fingers, stroking him, fascinated by how he twitched. Looking up, she noticed that he had a pained expression. Releasing him from the charm, she started to apologize only to have him flip her over and delved his tongue between her legs. Harder and faster he licked and sucked, nipped and thrust into her with his tongue. Sarah screamed as she came so hard that she saw stars. Jareth continued with his assault on her senses.

As she hit her climax for the fourth time, he thrust to her with a groan and sent her screaming his name as she spiraling into oblivion with him joining her.

As she came down from her high, he gently kissed her brow, "I love you. Sarah, my precious, oh what you do to me." Jareth whispered.

Sarah smiled at his words and gazing deep into his eyes she whispered back as she slowly fell asleep in his arms, "With all my heart I love you too."

Myria smirked as she felt something spectacular.

Titania saw her grin, "Alright Myria, spill! What are you so happy about?"

Myria looked at Titania and grinned happily, "Congratulations, In 9 months, yer highness will be a grandmother."

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