Be Careful What You Wish For
A Thunderbirds Movieverse fanfic
by TimeGuardian

Chapter Twelve

On board Thunderbird Three, John kept a communication channel open in case either Alan or their dad needed to reach them. When he heard Alan's transmission, John looked around at Scott, Virgil, and Gordon.

The mood was grim and the waiting was tense. They were nearing their second hour in clearing out the asteroids that were colliding with the sun and causing massive solar flares, and John could tell that Alan's update wasn't sitting well with any of them.

He moved to transmit a reply. "Hang tough, Alan. Keep trying to reach them. Also keep those space suits handy. We're knocking these asteroids out as fast as we can. John out."

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to find that Scott was giving him a sympathetic look. "We'll get to them in time."

"We're almost done - we're down to a dozen asteroids," Virgil declared.

"Keep on it," Scott ordered. "We've got to get to those astronauts."

Alan kept trying to transmit to the Zeta 5 space station. "Zeta 5 from Thunderbird Five, please respond."

Close to an hour had already passed since he started trying to reach them. Alan was worried for them – since he started doing rotations on Thunderbird Five, it was rare to see emergencies in space. For all of their effort to be reduced to this – it was something that he didn't want to think about.

Finally, he started hearing a reply to his transmission. It was muffled, but it was definitely the same contact he talked to earlier. "Zeta 5 receiving you, Thunderbird Five, go ahead."

Alan released the breath he had been holding and replied. "You guys had me worried. We've tried to reach you for close to an hour now - what happened to you?"

"Give me a moment – I just finished a space walk to gauge all of our damage and I need to get this suit off."

Alan waited as he heard the sounds of the astronaut shedding her space suit. It was nearly five minutes before she continued. "The flares seem to be leveling off thankfully – that last walk wasn't as hot as the earlier one we tried. We lost hull integrity in two of our outer modules. We tried for repairs but it became too big of a job along with trying to hasten the failures with the rest of our station. We have moved to the modules closer to our power source and have secured the inner modules as best we could against damage. It's a tight fit, but we have breathable cool air at least."

It's better than what I have for the moment, Alan thought wryly as he advised them to sit tight and keep an eye on their resources.

Once he disconnected from them, Alan moved to make another system check when another wave of nausea hit him hard. Unlike last time when he was able to ride it out, things happened too fast and before Alan knew it the entire contents of his stomach came up hard and ended up on the floor near him.

When he was finally reduced to dry heaves, Alan looked at the mess on the floor. Damn, John is going to be mad at me.

With a shuddering breath that left him dizzy, he looked down at the space suits beside his chair. I guess it's time to get in one of those things.

The computer view screen keeping track of their asteroid progress was showing promise. The dots showing the asteroids disappeared quickly, until finally none could be seen around the area of the sun.

Scott looked around at Virgil. "Make one last scan – let's make sure we are done."

"FAB," Virgil stated as he concentrated over the panel for nearly ten minutes before looking up and declaring, "Okay, we're done – let's get out of here."

The noise roused Gordon from his reverie. "We're done?"

Virgil nodded. "Confirmed. All of the asteroids in the vicinity of the sun's orbit are destroyed. According to the readings we may see some residual flare activity, but it should drop down to normal levels in two hours time."

Scott nodded. "Just the words I've been waiting to hear - changing course now. Update the others, John."

"FAB," John replied before transmitting the update. "Thunderbird Three to NASA and Thunderbird Five, the first part of our mission is accomplished. Flare activity should return to normal levels in approximately two hours. We are now en route to the Zeta 5 space station."

Brains voice came through first, "U-u-understood, Thunderbird Three. G-g-good job."

Alan's voice came through tired and muffled as he replied as well. "I knew you guys could do it. I heard from the Zeta 5 astronauts and they are okay for the moment – they had to shut out some parts of their station that suffered hull integrity issues, and that's why they were slow in replying."

"Alan – you've been keeping up your systems checks?" John asked.

"Yeah, John. With the exception of the environmental controls, everything else has stayed online."

John knew from the muffled tone of his transmission that Alan had to resort to using one of the space suits – he just hoped that his stubborn brother would stay put now that the main threat was over. "Good. Relax, and we'll be there soon enough – Thunderbird Three out."

A short one, but I am jumping back into this slowly after an arthritis flare and the most evil cold in history - ugh.

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