Prince Consort

Chapter 1

Godric's Hollow - Halloween

James Potter raised his want to protect his family, from Lord Voldemort. They had always known the danger of joining the Order of the Phoenix. They weren't the first to be hunted down; many Order members had mysteriously disappeared or turned up dead. Like all those who oppose the Dark Lord Voldemort. James could hear his son crying up the stairs, there and then he regretted his decision to join. Most likely he wasn't going to see his son brought up. With renewed anger, he began blasting spells from his wand, vowing today he'd try his best to end this war. So his wife and son could live, to have a world of peace that eluded him and his generation. To bring peace to his son's generation, so they could go to Hogwarts like he had once done without fear or without being forced to join sides. He prayed for forgiveness, wishing he'd kept his precious wife and son well away from the war.

"You won't win Potter," said Voldemort, amused by the wizard's attempts to stopping him. He was much too powerful to be taken down by the spells Potter was throwing at him.

Still, the duel continued, shields being thrown up, curses were thrown, both of them dodging them. The house was filled with the smell of smoke, and burnt stone as the spells were blasted into the walls. The continuous cries of the little boy rented the air, making James' heart hurt that he couldn't go to him. He felt satisfaction when the Dark Lord fell to the floor, one of his spells catching him in his side.

"I tire of this," sneered Voldemort picking himself up from the ground.

"I agree. Avada Kedavra!" yelled James Potter; he didn't care if he ended up in Azkaban for using an unforgivable if it meant keeping his son and wife safe.

Voldemort conjured birds from his wand in one swift motion, stopping the curse in its tracks. The conjured animals promptly burst into flames, before falling to the floor nothing but ash. He had for a few seconds been impressed with Potter's guts. Nobody had tried to use that spell against him before. Not even Albus Dumbledore, the old fool that he was. Then the rage and fear kicked in, he feared death above all else. He was determined that people would fear him too much to even raise their want to defend themselves. Now more than ever, none shall escape his wrath.

"Avada Kedavra!" hissed Voldemort, almost sounding as if he was speaking in Parseltongue. It was the last thing James Potter ever saw, apart from Voldemort's gleeful sadistic face. His last thoughts were Damn Dumbledore; if he hadn't talked both of them into it none of this would be happening he thought bitterly as death came to claim him.

Another member of Dumbledore's Order was down. Soon people would be too afraid of him to join the blasted old fool. Soon the Wizarding World would be his.

"James!" cried Lily her fear evident as she clutched her son to her chest, she knew what was going to happen now. He was going to come for her; kissing her baby on his forehead she placed him in his cot. Tears rolling down her face as fear rocked her to her very core. Dumbledore had placed Anti-Apparation spells on her home, it stopped people getting in, they never thought about getting out. Standing in front of the cot, stopping her baby boy from seeing the evil wizard. Much like James she was regretting ever joining the Order, she knew this was why they were being targeted, and if they hadn't joined perhaps they may have lived to see their son grow up.

The barricaded door was blasted open, and then all Lily could think was 'Where was Albus?' she had sent him a Patronus as soon as James told her to get Harry and run. What James didn't get was there was nowhere to run too! Voldemort was at the only exit and entrance they had! They couldn't sneak by him. If only James hadn't given Dumbledore his Invisibility cloak for some sort of mission she'd have gotten away with her baby. Why, why had they joined the order? She was only twenty-one year old she didn't want to die. She wanted to raise her child, Merlin if anything happened to Harry she'd never forgive herself.

"Not Harry, please! Don't hurt my baby, kill me, have mercy!" cried Lily her green eyes filled with fear. She didn't care what happened to her, but she prayed Dumbledore would get here in time to save her precious son. Hopefully, Sirius would raise him properly. She knew all she could do now was buy them some time, pray that Dumbledore got here before the sadistic bastard raised his wand against her beautiful baby boy.

"Stand aside!" demanded Voldemort; he wanted her to see the consequences of joining the order first hand. Perhaps he'd let her live, it may even deter people from joining the order further still. The entire world would fall at his feet, fearing him and he would rule. He would be the greatest wizard in the world.

"Never!" cried Lily adamantly, her time was running out, why wasn't anyone coming? Her green eyes were filled with fear as she stared at her little boy. He was the best thing that had ever happened to her. He was so smart for a one-year-old and he'd started accidental magic really early. She prayed if someone did come Harry wouldn't remember this. Her heart was tugging painfully in her chest, he was still crying. She dared not lift him again. "Please! Let him go, don't hurt him." wishing her magic could save her baby. Nothing saved people from the killing curse, absolutely nothing. Then he raised his wand, she held her breath, one hand clutching her sons on the bars of his cot. Merlin she didn't want to let him go. She closed her eyes as she faced death, refusing to let her tears fall. She prayed someone would come, that Harry would be raised right. She never once contemplated the thought of her son dying, for it was just too painful to bear.

"Avada Kedavra!" shouted Voldemort, watching the curse hit the defenseless woman, feeling nothing but satisfaction. He had sworn to spare her when Severus had joined his side, but that had been null and void when she had joined the Order.

Speak of the devil; Severus Snape bound into the room, to see Lily's dead body hit the floor. Her arms sprawled out, the most noticeable thing; her beautiful green eyes were vacant and empty. She was gone, he had been too late. He had just run from Malfoy Manor, Apparated, and ran all the way down Godric's Hollow to warn them. He was too late, Severus' eyes flashed darker than the night sky as fury bubbled through him. Voldemort had still not noticed the black-clad man, too intent on murdering an innocent baby boy. He didn't realize there was another there until he heard words of the killing curse spoken.

At the very same time, the curse he had set was being bound back at him. He was frozen on the spot, as both curses hit him illuminating the room as a huge surrounding bang caused the house to shake on its foundations. Severus was flung back as the roof crumbled down around them.

Harry was wailing in agony, curled up in his cot, which was filled with debris and roof tiles. His heart and head hurt like it never had before, he wanted his mummy, but no matter how much he cried for her, she didn't get up.

Severus crawled over to the crying child, healing the wound on his forehead, causing it to disappear. Using a cleaning spell to clean the child up, Lily's son, he at least had survived. It didn't make the agony of the loss any better to deal with. He fell to the floor still clutching the child in his arms, spelling him to sleep. This wasn't a sight he should have to see. The sleepy eyes stared at him as the magic did its work, Severus soothed the baby, letting him rest on his shoulder. "Shhh." soothed Severus, as he fell asleep.

He'd been too late; he had told Lily something like this would happen. Why hadn't she listened to him? He had told her there was a spy in the Order reporting everything and everyone back to Voldemort. There had been hardly any wards on Potter's home, how could he have been so reckless with his wife and child's safety? Breathing deeply, he knew he was being irrational before he could think on it much more… an inhuman screech tore from Voldemort's dead body, it turned to ash and Voldemort in spirit form fled in fear screaming into the night. Out through the crumbled roof and into the sky.

Albus Dumbledore Apparated near the house, looking up and paling, he knew that voice and understood all too well it was Voldemort. Or what was left of him apparently. He prayed someone was alive; James or Lily, surely one of them had to have survived for Voldemort to have been….banished? Temporarily vanished? He did not know. He stopped at James' body, closing his eyes sadly, another order member gone. The house was ominously silent, the child's room, it's where it had all happened. Quickly running up the stairs, he observed the devastation in front of him.

"Mr. Snape, what are you doing here?" demanded Dumbledore, his twinkle noticeably absent as he stared at the devastation surrounding the room, and Lily's dead body.

Two more supporters were gone. He was breathing heavily, regarding the pile of ashes with wariness; so he was not gone then just temporarily defeated. The bigger question though was how he'd managed to succeed in defying death.

Severus jerked up sneering at Dumbledore, despite the wave of dizziness that dragged through him. "What does it look like?" and it was Master Snape, but he was feeling rather out of sorts to think of correcting him.

"What happened?" asked Dumbledore sounding contrite now; of course Severus and Lily had been friends at school. Perhaps they had become friends once more who knew? He didn't know every detail of James and Lily's life.

"I heard that there was going to be an attack when I was in Knockturn Alley buying Potion ingredients. I was too late, he'd already killed Lily, and I killed him in retribution," said Severus, gathering his scattered wits. Having no idea of the rebounding spell, having been too busy staring at Lily's body. It would be thirteen long years before the truth would become known to the Potions Master.

Severus wasn't about to admit during a moment of stupidity at joining the Death Eaters. He didn't relish the thought of remaining in Azkaban for the rest of his life. No Dumbledore would just have to keep under the impression that he had overheard about the attack.

Dumbledore picked the child up from Severus' arms, his mind going overdrive on how to deal with the situation. When he turned back to speak Severus, one of his former students he was gone as if he'd never been there. He had more pressing matters to deal with, such as Death Eaters and of course Sirius Black. He had to act quickly, so without more ado; he took Harry from his home and delivered him to his Aunt and Uncle's house in Surrey. He couldn't afford to lose any more Order members. The war wasn't over just because Voldemort was gone. The Death Eaters were going to go mad when they heard, which meant a lot of innocent people were going to die. He had to alert the order and the Auror headquarters. Things were going to get tricky.

Godric's Hollow - Severus

Severus' mind was whirling out of control; he couldn't believe his best friend was dead. She had been the only one to love him unconditionally. His own parents couldn't have cared less about him. His mother hadn't really had a maternal bone in her body. Although she had protected him from his father's wrath. Especially when he did accidental magic, she'd turn his wrath from Severus onto herself. He still as an adult didn't understand why she'd married him or even stayed. His father had died before he'd gained his Potions Mastery, dying of alcohol poisoning, which had only sped up the inevitable really. He had shown advanced stages of cirrhosis of the liver.

Eileen herself hadn't lived much longer; the abuse she'd suffered at the hands of the man ultimately killed her. She had lived to see him pass his Mastery, and for once he could see she was proud of him. He had done what she had wanted to, Eileen loved her potions. It was one of the things they'd bonded over as mother and son. His attention was brought back to the present; he couldn't believe Dumbledore had seen him so vulnerable. He had to stop himself killing the old fool where he stood. Not that it was hard, as a huge bout of crippling pain caused Severus' body to shake uncontrollably. He realized he had to get out of there, now. Apologizing to his best friend once more, he closed his eyes and somehow managed to get up and run from Godric's Hollow despite the pain and Apparate.

Severus fell to the floor, having only enough energy to raise his wand and cast wards on his home. It would stop anyone trying to come in, not that it was needed only a few people knew where he lived. Lucius and Narcissa and Lily had of course known. Closing his eyes he groaned and writhed on the floor, what the hell was happening to him? He felt as though he was dying. His heart felt as though it was stopping, slowly and he couldn't get enough breath into his lungs. Tears were pouring down his eyes; he's never felt agony quite like this. He'd have preferred the Dark Lord's Cruciatus curse to the unknown ailment coursing through his body. Then as pain wracked through him, wondered...this pain had started when he'd killed the Dark Lord. What if there was a spell on the mark? What if it was killing him? He must have had spells on it stopping others from betraying him.

Abruptly his mind shut down, and his body finally lay still, sprawled on the floor of his childhood home of Spinners End.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Headmaster's Office

"Albus where is my godson!" demanded Sirius barging into the Headmaster's office, he'd just been to Godric's Hollow, or what was left of the home after seeing Wormtail's place totally trashed. Remus had calmed him down, made him see sense, realizing that everyone would think it him he'd headed to the Ministry; they had put wanted posters out for Peter Pettigrew after getting to the truth of the matter via a pensive.

"Sit down Sirius," murmured Dumbledore looking exhausted, he hadn't slept well at all. As soon as he dropped Harry Potter of at the Dursley's he'd had to disguise himself and search Diagon Alley for the Potions he required, no easy feat. Especially with the suspicion of all newcomers, with the frequent raids by the Aurors in that part of the Alley.

"Where is he?" he demanded again, they all knew what happened, Voldemort was gone, a friend of the family, who wished to remain anonymous had defeated Voldemort, but too late for James and Lily. Whoever it was Sirius was indebted to them, they had saved a boy he loved as a son. It didn't take the hurt of losing James or Lily but it helped ease the pain, he wanted to get his Godson and go to Remus, he needed to be with them.

"Here, sit, Drink," said Dumbledore; he had been expecting Sirius for a while now, so he wasn't surprised by his entrance. Harry was comfortably in Privet Drive, and out of his hair. He wasn't going to let Black discard everything to raise the boy. He was the last male heir of the Black family, he could sway things within the Wizengamot, he had money and the attitude to go far at least he would, as soon as his associate dealt with Orion and Walburga Black who were nothing but a hindrance. He also didn't want to risk Black leaving the Order; they needed everyone they could get. His fearless attitude and willingness to do anything to the Death Eaters made him formidable. He passed over the drugged drink, holding his breath waiting for it.

"Harry is at Lily's sisters, where he will grow up with two loving adult figures and a cousin to play with." said Dumbledore as if he wasn't talking about someone Sirius loved.

"He's mine! My godson! They are not raising him." said Sirius, hurt and anger shining through his blue eyes. How could Dumbledore think he'd leave his godson with them? They hated magic. Worse still why had Dumbledore sent him there? Did he think Sirius wasn't fit enough? It actually hurt to hear Dumbledore say that.

"Is he not better off growing up away from the war? Out of harm's way? The Death Eaters are still active. They will blame him, the only survivor and they will want to kill him, Sirius..." coaxed Dumbledore, his twinkle coming back, seeing the glazed look on Sirius' face, the potion had worked.

"He will be safe with me," said Sirius. His love for his godson enabled him to fight the potion Albus Dumbledore had fed him. He had just lost Lily and James, he couldn't lose Harry too. The thought alone was enough to nearly turn him into a wreck itself.

Dumbledore stared at him stumped and surprised, how was he able to fight the potion? Twitching his wand hand under his desk, the specially created compulsion spell hit Sirius next the beauty of that spell was it only showed up on one diagnosis charm, and it was a dark one he had forbidden from use, using his position as the chief warlock to accomplish it.

"He stays in Privet Drive Sirius, safe and happy, you want that don't you? Don't try and visit him, let him have a normal, happy childhood," said Dumbledore soothingly. His piercing blue eyes regarding Sirius shrewdly, he didn't need to wonder if the spell would work - he knew it would this wasn't his first occasion of using the spell.

"Yes Headmaster," murmured Sirius blankly regarding Dumbledore solemnly. His mind barely remembered his feelings for his godson. He blankly accepted Dumbledore's word for the truth and would go on with his life. Sometimes at night, he'd wonder about him, but he'd always lack the motivation to fight for him.

Dumbledore had single handled destroyed Sirius Black. Signed Harry up for a lifetime of abuse at the hands of the Dursley's without care.

"Good, now the best thing you can do for your godson is keeping the Order together, round up all Death Eaters so when he comes back to our world...he's safe. It's not just Harry that needs you, Sirius, our world does...I do...Remus does." glad his compulsion spells and potions were working, he'd ordered them from Knockturn Alley, not the best place to acquire the potion. One could never be sure they were what they said they were. Then again it was the only place one could buy them since controlling potions were banned heavily by the Ministry. Not to mention illegal. No doubt he would need to douse Remus and Peter with the same. Neither one had a legal claim over him whatsoever (only Black did), so whether they protested or not didn't matter. "Become an Auror, immerse yourself in politics, the Wizengamot needs you."

"Yes sir," said Sirius getting up and leaving, a small part of the Animagus was left there too.

Albus watched him go feeling a smidgen of guilt, but that was soon swept aside, the world needed him too much for him to slink away and raise Harry Potter. The boy was nothing, Sirius was however very important. He needed all the people he could get to restore his world to its former glory. It was all for the greater good.

Spinners End

Severus blinked rapidly, opening his eyes, confused and completely disorientated. Looking around his home, confused...he could see things, things he'd never normally see. Biting his lip, he winced as his lip split open. Worse still, he did not experience the horrible coppery taste he always associated with his own blood. No it tasted good, better than good; it was like the nectar from the gods. Severus knew that could only mean one thing, nobody could accuse him of being stupid. Vampire. Was one of the first things he thought, standing up he conjured a mirror.

He gaped at the image in front of him, his nose was no longer deformed, or overly large, instead it seemed to have deflated slightly, more angular to fit his features. His face was mostly the same; his teeth were no longer crooked, or yellow for that matter. They were white, and his incisors were a little longer and sharper than before. Being a vampire, contrary to popular belief wasn't a miracle worker. He did look better, and in time he'd find out how to use his new powers. He finally realised he was a vampire; he closed his eyes in horror and confusion. He began to disrobe and inspect his body, looking for a bite mark. Just as he thought, as he inspected himself...there was no bite mark. So how the hell had he been turned into a vampire? It made no sense. Unless the mark was gone, during the change. According to all the books the claiming mark always remained there for all to see. Vampires were possessive that way not that much would change in that regard. Severus had always been possessive of those he considered his. He had been like that with Lily even after their friendship had ended.

Just then there was an urgent knock at his door, he winced at the loudness of it, Merlin he wasn't sure if he should answer the bloody door! What if he killed whoever was behind it? It was probably Dumbledore, demanding answers; the old fool hated not knowing everything. Yet it couldn't be, there were two people behind the door and their scents were...odd.

They knocked even harder this time; they were obviously not going anywhere. Scowling nastily he put his clothes back on, before walking towards the door. He realised he was still breathing, so he couldn't be a vampire, he was beginning to get increasingly confused now. What had happened to him? And why now of all times he was too old for magic to change him.

Severus flung the door open, his glare shot of his face, replaced with complete shock and incredulity. Severus couldn't believe his eyes, had he been flung into some sort of Alternative Reality? Because he was beginning to this so! Standing in front of him was and older version of his mother and someone that looked like him a little bit. The Prince's, his grandparents, what the hell were they doing here? Why now of all times?

"May we come in?" asked Rose Prince, staring in awe at her grandson, someone she thought she'd never get to meet.

She had tried to approach him once, unfortunately Eileen had cast a spell to stop them, and vampire's in particular approaching her son. Now those spells were null and void, they'd felt him, his pain as he finally went though his inheritance he should have started at the age of seventeen. They had thought it had skipped another generation.

"Please," she begged when it became apparent that Severus was about to slam the door in their faces. Goodness knows what lies Eileen had filled his head with over the years.

"Get in," snapped Severus irritated; perhaps they could shed some light on what had just happened to him. It was no coincidence the second this happened they appeared at his door. That was the only reason he had not slammed it in their faces.

"Thank you," she said extremely relieved, at least he was willing to hear them out. That was a good sign, it meant there was a possibility things might go smoothly.

Once the door was shut and they were in the living room sitting down, Severus just continued to stare at them. He wasn't sure what he should feel, hate? Anger? Disgust? Confusion...well he felt all those deeply.

"Can we know your name?" asked Rose.

Severus raised his eyebrow and replied sardonically, "Severus Snape."

"I'm Rose, this is Glenn, we know you might not want to call us by grandmother or grandfather yet..." Rose trailed off, before quietening down.

"I assume you are wondering why we are here?" said Glenn Prince, his grandson looked a lot like his mother and himself.

"Indeed." stated Severus simply, ignoring how uncomfortable they were by his sarcasm and unwelcoming reception. He wanted them out of his house so he could start researching what he was.

"Did our daughter tell you why she left?" asked Rose, she missed her daughter ever day, but she had been so bitter, and they had been disappointed.

"You disowned her, for marrying a Muggle." snapped Severus.

"No Severus, she was never disowned, she left on her own accord because she was bitter and angry." sighed Glenn sadly, obviously his daughters abandonment was hurting him still after all those years. Indeed it did, the only heir to the Prince family, abandoning all the family stood for. Abandoning all those they had sworn to protect and lead.

"That why you were never around is it?" asked Severus dryly not believing a word of it.

"The reason we were never around is because your mother put a spell on you, stopping us from contacting you. Believe me we tried, but to no avail." said Glenn solemnly.

"There is no such spell," replied Severus his lip curling in disgust did they really think he was stupid.

"There is, one to stop dark creatures, vampires from going near someone, usually it's only applied to houses and schools etcetera." said Rose staring at Severus sadly, she had so badly wanted to know him. To help him growing up, unfortunately she hadn't been able to see him, she'd tried talking but he hadn't heard her. To see him now was an utter miracle. They were confused as to why he had only begun to change now.

"It was null and void yesterday when you began changing," said Glenn bluntly.

"You know what's happening to me?" demanded Severus sitting up straighter, glaring at them demanding answers silently.

"You have come to your inheritance, why only now, we do not know. Every Prince in our family line comes to a vampire inheritance when they reach seventeen years old." explained Glenn.

Severus heart sank; his mother had run away when she was seventeen... "My mother?" asked Severus, basically only asking for confirmation of what he already suspected.

"Didn't, we can only assume she didn't have enough magic to turn." said Rose.

"Vampires so there are more of you around?" asked Severus arching an eyebrow expressing his curiosity openly, Glenn and Rose relaxed slightly; now that Severus believed them it might be a little better now.

"We are not immortal Severus, we aren't turned vampires, and we only receive creature inheritance. We live for thousands years before dying, unless of course we are killed." said Rose quietly.

"We can still be killed, not by the killing curse, as such but by the means the Muggles came up with. Nothing can survive a dagger through the heart, not even vampires, nothing in this world is truly immortal, even Phoenix's die out." explained Glenn, he was a no nonsense kind of man, Severus respected that.

"I see," said Severus, so he had been correct, he was a vampire, with a beating heart. Why had he never heard of this before? "Why is it that I have not found out about this before?"

"Not many people know about the vampire royalty or what we are Severus, and truth be told, the vampire world is in disarray." sighed Rose sadly. They kept themselves apart from the magical world.

"Vampire world? Why would you care about that?" snorted Severus, surely there couldn't be that many vampires in the world to actually call it a vampire world.

"It is your birthright, to take up the seat of power, there is a reason we are called the Prince's not just a name." said Glenn proudly.

"Seat of power?" asked Severus surprised, now what were they talking about?

"It's yours by birthright, you can claim it, when Eileen didn't come to her inheritance and we had to stand down someone else took over the seat. Only those of Prince Blood can claim it back or fight to the death for the seat of ultimate power." said Glenn.

"He didn't care for his subjects, when they came to him wanting help he uses them, they need someone could lead them to greatness once more, do the Prince line proud. You and your mate when the time comes for you to meet them. You like reading?" Rose asked, seeing the books, "The books in the Prince Library and vault are extremely rare and valuable. You'll learn things the world has long since forgotten, sometimes I couldn't get your grandfather out of there." she finished sending her husband a look of total adoration. She had been Glenn's mate; he'd courted her for an entire year, before Rose had given in and allowed him to claim her. They'd had Eileen extremely late in life, and by the time she left, they weren't able to have another. The risk would have just been too great, as they'd said they did not live forever. Hopefully Severus would agree, and they'd see the Prince name restored.

"Why didn't you just have another heir? Or keep the seat of power?" Severus asked sceptically.

"I couldn't have another child, and the older generation always stands down when the heir turns seventeen." said Rose. She might not be a Prince by blood, but she knew all the rules and regulations. It was expected of her as the mate of the 'heir' as it was often referred to.

"Will you at least come with us? Let us show you, and you can decide for yourself?" asked Glenn.

"We will also show you how to survive, how to fight, how to protect yourself. If he finds out, that someone can take over his position you might find yourself having to fight." said Rose.

Severus stared at them completely shocked by everything he'd learned; he'd craved power as a youngster. It's why he'd joined Voldemort, he wanted recognition, the fact people wouldn't mess with him was an added bonus. He had learned the hard way; there were always consequences to power. To be fair they had told him up front, but was it something he wanted? Who was he kidding? Ultimate power, true power without killing people was every man's dream. His thoughts trailed to a possible mate, would he find them without knowing more of what and who he was now?

He knew his decision there was no point in delaying really. "Fine, I'll come." he told them, his lips twitching at the sides when their bodies sagged in relief. For vampires they didn't seem to be able to hide a single emotion. Rose was positively smitten, beaming at her grandson as if she'd won the lottery.

"Then let's depart, there's much to do." said Glenn standing up.

"Bring your things with you," said Rose, even if he denied his inheritance, Prince Manor belonged to him. He would have no need to live in this small shabby run down house he currently lived in. Not that she would say that to him, she realised not everyone had money. If only Eileen hadn't been so angry and stubborn, they had repeatedly tried to give her money, knowing there was no way she could have any. They had been returned unopened, hurting her parents repeatedly by her denial of them.

The reason, unbeknown to Severus, he had come to his inheritance was because of the Dark Mark. The mark of ownership had prevented his inheritance. Severus had become a Death Eater just one day before his seventeenth birthday. As it stood it had blocked his vampire inheritance, with the Dark Lord gone, temporarily or not, the spell had weakened enough to allow him to change into his other form. This had caused the mark to disappear completely, since he had actually 'died' even if his heart had restarted after the changes his body had undergone.

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