Prince Consort

Chapter 2

So much had happened over the past fifteen years; Sirius Black had gone through Auror training and became one of the best in the ranks. He'd climbed up the ranks quicker than any Auror before him. Mad-Eye Moody had stepped down just two years ago, and Sirius had been promoted to Head Auror of the Division. There was only one thing making Sirius rather sad, Remus had broken up with him the night he'd lost his best friends. He had not understood that Harry was better off away from all this, safe from Death Eaters and the war. What Sirius failed to realize was there hadn't been a Death Eater attack in years. Sirius had imprisoned The Lestrange's, he had gotten Franks' call for aid and between the three of them, and they'd overpowered the Death Eaters. Sentencing them to life imprisonment in Azkaban.

There had been peace for thirteen years before Voldemort had come back, using the Tri-Wizard tournament as means to accomplish it. He had chosen Harry as the person he wanted to use to be resurrected. It hadn't been difficult; he was after all he was just a single underage wizard. He had of course underestimated Harry, which resulted in Harry being able to get away. To say they were shocked, when they'd gotten the pensive memory was putting it lightly. They had assumed Peter Pettigrew as dead, they had found a finger and assumed he had been tortured for the information then killed, yet he was there clear as day bringing Voldemort back from the dead.

"Hello Remus," said a pink haired woman, surprising Remus as he turned around, he was currently in Diagon Alley.

"Who are you?" enquired Remus, his amber eyes regarding her suspiciously, keeping his wand very close.

"My name is Tonks, I've been sent by Dumbledore to speak to you," she said, "Is there any way we can speak in private? Please."

She was smiling at him kindly, seemingly happy to see him; Remus just couldn't bring himself to snap at her. He knew what this was about, another lame ass attempt at getting him to rejoin the order again. Dumbledore had sent a missive after Voldemort had come back, he'd ignored it. Then the old fool had visited, which he'd told him where to go. He'd even had the nerve to send Sirius to him; he'd broken the man's nose. Now he was sending her, what did he think was going to happen? That he'd break and join for the sake of it? Well, they would learn he wasn't going to join. "Fine, we can speak in my home," said Remus, taking a hold of her as he Apparated them there.

He let go of her, as soon as they arrived, "What do you want?" he asked, sitting himself down, he didn't care if he was being impolite, he was getting sick of Dumbledore's interference in his life.

"The Order really needs you, Remus, your help could mean the difference between succeeding and losing," said Tonks, regarding Remus with open appreciation, he was good looking. She knew he was a werewolf, everyone in the Order did. Albus had told her the importance of getting Remus on their side.

"Why should I help the world that fears me? That doesn't let me work because of what happens when the moon rises?" snorted Remus his amber eyes flashing in anger. He had changed, he was no longer the man he had been all those years ago upon joining the order with his best friends. In fact, it had been the only reason he'd joined. He'd wanted to keep his pack safe, yet look what happened? James and Lily dead, Sirius a whole different person, broken. Pettigrew had betrayed them, he had dare put a hand on his cub, a teenager he considered his son, and use his blood to bring Voldemort back when they met again only one would live.

Tonks actually couldn't think of a reason for that, in all seriousness he did have a point. The ministry did label him a 'Dark creature' just because he'd been bitten. It wasn't fair, but life, unfortunately, wasn't fair. "What about Harry? He needs someone to protect him. Harry managed to get away from Voldemort, he probably didn't like that." she could see how attached Harry and Remus were. They were often seen in Diagon Alley together, especially during the summer holidays.

"I can protect him better without the order, it is what killed his parents - Harry would never forgive me even if I contemplated re-joining never mind actually joining." said Remus seriously.

"I see," said Tonks, her shoulders slumping, she wouldn't enjoy going back to Dumbledore and telling him she failed. She had never had to do that before, she always succeeded in her missions. "Is there nothing that could convince you to come back?"

"Nothing," said Remus adamantly.

"Albus can supply you with the Wolfsbane potion, not only that but you, and you alone would be able to convince others like you to stay out of the war. Maybe even supply them with the same potion too," said Tonks in a last ditch attempt.

Remus laughed in bitter amusement that was their big last attempt? "I don't need it." he crossed his arms over his chest, staring at her, too bad she was an order member. He was for the first time since Sirius, sexually attracted to her. He did wonder what she really looked like; he knew she was a Metamorphmagus. Probably what made her so desirable by the Auror's and the Order. He had someone kind enough to brew the potion no strings attached.

"Okay. Thank you for listening at least," said Tonks, she was about to leave when she felt warm lips descend onto hers. Her eyes widened, as she stared at Remus before she kicked herself into gear and kissed him back just as passionately.

Tonks woke up groggily wondering just where the hell she was, her eyes widened when she remembered. She jerked her head to the side and saw Remus was sleeping on his side; she bit her lip just seeing him in all his naked glory. He was gorgeous, it was rather curious though. She'd heard rumors that he was gay, and had been dating Sirius Black. She grabbed her wand from the bedside and said the spell to let her know the time. She'd stayed the night! Oh no, Dumbledore would know for sure what they'd been up to. She blindly scrambled to pick up her clothes, or what she could find of them dressing as she went.

"You know you'd be better off summoning them," replied an amused sounding Remus.

"Not funny," said Tonks glaring half-heartedly. Before she did summon her clothes and put the rest on hastily.

"Would you like breakfast before you go?" asked Remus out of courtesy, they had slept together after all.

"I don't have time," said Tonks quietly, staring apologetically at the man she'd just slept with. "I really have to go. Bye."

"Bye," said Remus watching her leave, too bad she was an Order member, he doubted very much that she'd be back. Although the look she gave him as she Apparated, gave him hope. Yes, he had changed, Harry had been able to do what Sirius, Lily, and James could not give him true confidence in who he was and to embrace himself as he should have always done. He stretched out and let himself drift back to sleep.

Prince Castle

Albus Dumbledore stood in a beautiful castle, not that he was admiring it. He was waiting for the Vampire Prince to make an appearance. He had finally been granted an audience with him, after a year of searching. Most of the year he'd actually spent trying to figure out who it was and where he was. The Ministry knew of the vampire Lord and had a truce with them. As long as they didn't kill, the Ministry wouldn't harm them. Albus was hoping to get a different sort of truce from them. He needed all the help he could get to win this war. If it hadn't been so important he'd have already left. They had agreed to half past, and fifteen minutes had already passed since.

"Where is he?" asked Albus finally cracking, he was Albus Dumbledore, he never had to wait. He felt very insulted by the vampire's actions.

"Our Lord will be here momentarily." said the vampire who was standing at the side of the room. There was more than one, but Albus Dumbledore didn't know that they were cloaked in the shadows, even their immense power was tightly concealed.

Just then another presence walked into the room, he was cloaked from head to toe. One would have suspected him to have been a Dementor; if not for the fact his feet actually touched the ground. Albus couldn't see his face, but his aura was one of extreme power. One that would have rivaled his own if he had chosen to show it. Something he didn't do, it would destroy his image as genial headmaster if he did. It did raise the hair on his neck, and he had to refrain from displaying his own power at the challenge.

"My Lord," said the vampire who had just spoken, bowing his head in respect.

"You wished to see me?" asked the voice, it was cold, distant and calculating.

"Indeed I did," said Albus nodding his head smiling as if nothing pleased him more than to have this vampire Lord speaking to him. "As you are no doubt aware, there is a war currently ongoing?"

"Indeed." said the vampire lord, "Sit," he demanded as he took his throne, it was grander than the rest at the table. The only light in the room came from three candle chandeliers floating in mid-air, with fifteen candles lit on each chandelier.

"Thank you," said Albus, taking his own seat sitting straight and importantly, little pleasantries went a long way. Hopefully, he could begin the negotiations of having the vampires on his side. That's if the vampire Lord was sensible, but Albus was positive he could get his own way, he had never met a situation where he was unable to do so.

"So what is it I can do for you?" asked the Vampire Prince, his hands on the table, his face still obscured by his hood. Nobody knew what he looked like, never mind who he was. It seemed that's the way he liked it, Albus had been lucky enough to find him, he had spent months at the Ministry, before trying other means which got him a lot further and inevitably into this meeting.

"As you are aware I am Albus Dumbledore," said the Headmaster, sounding confident and self-assured the vampire would help him. "I run an organization called the Order of the Phoenix, we charge ourselves with ridding the world of the Dark Lord Voldemort. We do need all the help we can get, if you are willing, we would gladly accept your help."

"Tell me, what would I gain from this…negotiation." said the Vampire Prince sounding deeply amused. Perhaps at the fact that Dumbledore assumed he'd help or because of his nerve to think they'd help without anything in return.

"When the war is over, I shall make sure that you are recognized for your part. Perhaps it would help paint vampires in a much needed better light. What better way than helping our world and receiving the Order of Merlin first class?" Albus said confidently, he would not leave without having their support. Everyone knew he 'tried' to get dark creatures better rights, which on paper and in passing may look to be the truth, but it was so far from reality that it was laughable.

"We have no need for Order of Merlin medals, or to be painted in a better light." replied the Vampire Prince angrily, his voice becoming mocking at certain points of his sentence. He knew Dumbledore's game, he would not allow the old fool to manipulate him or give the appearance of it either. He would lose respect from his subjects and people who admired him if he did such a despicable thing.

"Voldemort won't leave you alone, it is only a matter of time before he too targets you and your people." said Dumbledore, in grave warning.

"We do not have roots here, there is no reason for us to stay should that occur." lied the Vampire Prince outright.

"Surely there is something that could be negotiated between us," said Albus getting desperate now, as always he retained control over his composure. He didn't want the vampire to know just how desperate he was. "Money?" queried Albus. Purebloods were greedy, you could never have enough. No doubt these Vampires were just the same, money could buy you anything.

"Does it look like we need it?" scoffed the Vampire Prince at his attempt. They were really pathetic, especially for Albus Dumbledore.

"There has to be something you need or want," said Albus leaning back, looking bored as he steeped his fingers together. Albus had a strange urge to cross his fingers together, in hopes that his statement was correct. He also hoped it was something he was able to get. He had to stop himself from fidgeting as he was stared at, and the silence stretched, he began to think this was all for nothing. If he could have, he would have searched further into it. To find out what they admired above all else, to gain the upper hand. Unfortunately, there wasn't much known about them, none of his contacts could tell him.

Severus stared at Albus from under his hood; the old fool didn't know who he was. Apparently, he didn't even recognize his voice, then again it had been fourteen years since he'd seen him last. Truth be told, there was something he could get from the old fool. Once acquired Dumbledore wouldn't be able to touch him, he would need to think long and hard about the Vow he'd make him swear. A few people would be furious with him, but he knew he could bring them around to his way of thinking. He enjoyed making the old fool uncomfortable, he was squirming. Oh yes, he couldn't help himself but smirk under his hood. "There is something I'd like to…acquire," said Severus casually, as if he hadn't accepted this meeting for that exact purpose.

Albus held his breath, hope blooming in his heart; perhaps there was a way to save his world after all. To bring it back to its former glory once more, with him at the helm. "Which is?" he asked his breath still being held, praying it was something he could get.

"Harry Potter." said Severus, none of his true feelings showing through.

Albus blinked in disbelief, his eyes wide and his jaw monetarily dropping open in surprise. Triumph soared through him; he could get the vampire exactly what he wanted. Black was the boy's godfather still, all Black had to do was sign Potter over to him. If that's what it took to have vampires on his side, and inevitably win the war, then so be it. He certainly didn't care about one boy over the wizarding world. Perhaps the boy surviving had been worthwhile after all. "Very well," said Albus, his jaw back in place. "I will see that it's arranged. How long?" wrongfully assuming he just wanted Potter for the night or a week.

"Indefinitely." said Severus his voice becoming colder and more abrasive, surprising him that Dumbledore still didn't recognize his voice.

"Very well," said Albus said joyfully, "Shall we start the proceedings?"

Black eyes gleamed viciously, his lip curling just a bit at how…cheerful the old fool sounded, he quickly began to lay out the strict terms of their agreement. Which were as the following :He must be willing, brought there uninjured, and that there would be a ceremony on his sixteenth birthday, the day he would come to the castle, a handfasting, which could be easily broken after a time, but when the time was right they would bond, a true permanent mating bond of their kind when Harry accepted his position on his own without his or Dumbledore's interference. The reason he had stipulated all these was that he knew how tricky Dumbledore could be, and he refused to let anything hurt his mate, this was the best way to ensure it. He knew something Dumbledore did not, but how long that remained thusly he did not know hence he took the action he did.

"Hey Remus," said Harry Flooing over from Zabini Manor to Remus' flat, it's where he always went during the summer holiday's, although lately, he'd been spending more time here. As soon as he was old enough, Potter Manor would be his home. He couldn't access it until he was seventeen - just one more year then he would be an adult.

"Hey Harry, how are you feeling?" asked Remus in concern. It may have happened over a year ago, but he still worried every single day Harry was at Hogwarts or out of his sight. When he'd read the letter, he had almost passed out at the shock of it. He'd gone straight to Hogwarts; screw what everyone thought he had to see his cub. Thankfully Madam Pomfrey had let him in, and he'd been able to calm himself and his wolf. His cub was alive and relatively unscathed. Ever since then Harry had for the most part, bar the full moon been staying with him. He wanted to keep an eye on him, keep him safe. He'd had nightmares about it, not that Remus could blame him really. A fourteen-year-old confronted with Voldemort, whether he acted like a grown up or not - he really wasn't. Nobody understood why Voldemort had chosen Harry, but the popular consensus was that he wanted to finish what he started all those years ago.

"I'm fine," said Harry exasperated shaking his head in amusement. He was almost the same height as Remus now, well nearly. During his first year, he'd been the shortest in his class. Then Remus had gotten potions for him, he'd taken them all summer that year and he'd finally started to grow. It had made Harry appreciate potions more, and their capabilities.

"How are the boys?" asked Remus as he passed Harry a Butterbeer. He had given Harry his first one, he'd loved them. He made sure he always had a stock of

them, or to take Harry to Diagon Alley when they could. Although it was a lot less frequent lately, with the war he wasn't taking chances when it came to his son's life.

"Teddy is staying with us, he's avoiding his dad as much as possible." said Harry looking worried, "Teddy thinks he might make him take the Dark Mark." the summer holiday had just started, he'd gone to Zabini manor last night after getting off the train.

"Make sure he knows the choice is his own," said Remus quietly, he really liked Teddy and Blaise, they were great friends to Harry, had been since day one. Harry had always sung their praises; regretfully Harry hadn't had a friend before them, but Remus understood that he hadn't had a single friend before James and Sirius when he got to Hogwarts when he was eleven.

"He does," said Harry, both he and Blaise made sure that he knew they'd support him if he denounced the dark side and his father. "Blaise has a girlfriend though." his nose was screwed up as he announced this.

Remus just laughed in amusement finally relaxing properly now Harry was here. If he had been able, he would have adopted Harry and taken him in properly. He couldn't risk someone exposing him though, it would just mean that Harry could be forced back to the Dursley's.

Harry just grinned in turn, his mind turning to his first day night at Hogwarts and the letter he'd received that started it all. He didn't know where he'd be without Remus; he meant so much to him. Learned a lot from him too, not just about his parents but knowledge, wisdom, and compassion.

-() FLASH BACK ()-

Harry Potter's week had been very odd, to say the least, letters kept pouring in from god only knows where. His Aunt and Uncle had been terrified, so worried they'd actually given him Dudley's second bedroom. As the mysterious letters kept coming, his Uncle had quite literally gone mad. First, he'd drove to a hotel, staying there only to find the hotel telling them there was a huge bag full of letters for Harry Potter. So without more ado, red in the face anger building Vernon had driven away. He had thought to be safe in the middle of the sea in a little hut. Which is where they were now, and his uncle…well he had truly lost the plot now.

"I'VE HAD IT!" roared Vernon furiously, "LET THE BRAT GO! I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANOTHER BLASTING LETTER!" his eyes were bulging wildly.

"But Vernon," protested Petunia, but it was only half-heartedly.

"NO MORE PETUNIA I WANT NO MORE OF THIS FREAKISHNESS! THEY WILL LEAVE US ALONE WHEN HE ANSWERS!" shouted Vernon, he couldn't stand it anymore, those owls were going to drive him insane. He hated the utter freakiness of it; he knew he couldn't outrun the magical world, so he did the only thing he could…let Potter attend.

"Daddy," cried Dudley, somewhere in his spoiled selfish mind he was realizing Harry was getting his way, probably for the first time in his life.

"Potter!" shouted Vernon ignoring his son, knowing his wife would see to him.

"Yes sir?" asked Harry Potter, eleven years old as of two minutes ago, he was staring at the floor cringing hating his uncle's attention being on him when he was so angry. Normally it wasn't a good thing for Harry Potter, but his uncle seemed too angry to strike out never mind talk coherently.

"Open the blasted letter!" sneered Vernon, his hands itching to hit the boy, but he had to refrain after all he was about to go to that freakish school of his.

Harry stared dumbstruck, after all the fighting and running he was finally getting to read it? Perhaps his uncle really had gone insane. With shaky fingers, he opened the letter, and everything in the world began to make sense. Part of him thought it was a joke, but he realized, it had to be true and that they had known - otherwise why try and keep Harry from knowing? He was a wizard, a real honest to god wizard.

Then booming knocks that shook the door and the foundations of the little hut penetrated the air scaring the Dursley's witless.


Harry accidentally had actually found the entrance or rather gateway to platform nine and three quarters. He was quite thankful really because he'd gotten strange looks from the men working there he'd asked earlier. They had simply thought he was joking with them; he'd actually fallen through the portal. He had gotten his ticket, with an owl but that was it. He hadn't been able to get his Hogwarts things since the Dursley's hadn't given him money. He was actually worried he'd just be sent back if that happened Harry didn't know what he'd do. He'd gotten his first taste of freedom and he didn't want it to end. Vernon didn't seem to want him to return there, he had demanded that he stay in the 'freakish' place.

He'd sat on the train, in his baggy clothes and no trunk just a small backpack with what clothes he owned and most importantly no uniform feeling very lonely. The people seemed to take one look at him in sniff in disgust before closing the compartment door once more. Harry had hoped to make a friend but it seemed as if it wasn't meant to happen. It was going to be just like normal school, at least there wasn't a Dudley here who could beat them up, and so he had a small chance. He spent the entire train journey by himself, unable to even buy one sweet from the cart. He had no money; he hoped that the school could give him some books. They'd be second hand he was sure but they would be his to use. It's what his old primary school had done. He would just have to ask a teacher as soon as possible.

When they got off the train Harry realized he stood out like a sore thumb. Every single one of them was in school uniform with cloaks and all. He? Why he was still in his cousin's clothes, blending in wasn't an easy task at all. He sat in a boat with two big eleven years old and a red headed one. He noticed the red head himself stood out, he seemed to be wearing old clothes, hand me downs like himself. All thought of friendship with the boy sailed out the boat when he grimaced at him. Really like he had the nerve to grimace at him when he was dressed in second-hand clothes too?

"Yeh'll get yer firs' sight o' Hogwarts in a sec," boomed Hagrid, calling over his shoulders, "Jus' round this bend here."

Harry gaped in awe; he'd never seen a more magnificent sight in his entire life. He really hoped he didn't get sent home, he could get used to living here. The others all had similar reactions, all ooohing at the beautiful sight before them. Even wizards and witches who'd been in the Wizarding world their entire life.

"Head's down!" yelled Hagrid as they neared the cliff and they did, as a curtain of ivy which hid the wide opening in the cliff face. The boat took them down a long dark tunnel, which seemed to be taking them right underneath the castle. They then reached an underground harbor, climbing onto rocks and pebbles.

Harry was still looking around inspecting his new surroundings when something was uttered about a toad and someone's cry of relief. They walked up what seemed endless flights of stairs until they came face to face with a gigantic oak front door.

"Everyone here?" said Hagrid looking around before he knocked three times on the door. Harry held his tongue, asking if everyone was there was pretty stupid really. After all, if they weren't, they could hardly tell him now could they? His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. A tall, black-haired witch in emerald-green robes stood there. She was very stern looking and reminded Harry greatly of his Aunt Petunia. At least she didn't have a scowl on her face, Harry thought uncharitably.

"The firs'-years, Professor McGonagall," said Hagrid. Talking about stating the obvious, she was bound to know they were first years. He didn't see any other students, which meant they somehow get to Hogwarts another way.

"Thank you, Hagrid. I will take them from here." she pulled the doors open wide as she spoke allowing everyone to pile into the entrance hall. The first thing Harry registered was all the marble, everything and everywhere. The torches were odd, not ones Harry had ever seen. He was finally warming up; he'd been so cold earlier with just a t-shirt and trousers on this dark cold night. He followed the crowd across the flagged stone floor. They were then put into a small empty chamber like room.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," said Professor McGonagall. "The start of term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The sorting is very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be like your family. You will have classes with them, sleep with them and spend free time in your common room."

Harry thought about her words, she made it seem like they couldn't have friends outside this 'house' whatever that meant. That was just silliness wasn't it? Why would a house dictate who you became friends with? It was as if the teachers wanted it that way.

"The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honor. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours." said McGonagall.

"Who gets the cup?" asked Harry bluntly.

"It resides in the Head of House' office," replied McGonagall crisply trying to figure out which first year had spoken but was unable to do so.

Harry realized it was no honor really, what good did it do them really to win? For the cup to sit in the Head of houses office? They were the one doing all the work; they should at least give each of them a trophy of some sort. Judging by the castle it couldn't be hard to hand out small ones.

"The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you smarten yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting," said McGonagall her eyes lingering most prominently on Harry, and then moving to a few others.

"I shall return when we are ready for you," she said, "Please, wait quietly." with that she turned and left them in the small chamber room.

Harry's mind whirled, he was really doing this, his stomach twisted nervously, whatever they were doing - he was going to have to do dressed like this, in front of the entire school. Unfortunately, it was nothing new to Harry, all his clothes had been second hand. He jumped out of his skin when people began screaming, only to blanch himself. Ghosts this magical school had ghosts? The idea warmed on him immediately, anything that wasn't normal Harry loved. Mostly because he knew it would piss the Dursley's off.

"Move along now," said McGonagall sharply, "The Sorting Ceremony is about to start."

Harry idly wondered why she'd spoken like that; it wasn't as if they'd not been listening to her. Well, he knew to stay out of her way if that's how she was on a normal day; he dreaded to think what she'd be like when disturbed by students.

"Now form a line, and follow me." she said in that same sharp tone.

As they walked Harry heard a girl talking "It's bewitched to look like the sky outside, I read about it in Hogwarts: a history." she sounded so smug about what she knew. Harry turned his attention back, finding himself staring at a hat, what did they have to do? Pull a rabbit out of it? He thought wryly. Yet no, the hat opened its mouth and began singing. Harry had never seen a more absurd sight in all his life. Harry thought about what the hat said, each house seemed to have good traits…but what was he going to end up in? Perhaps Ravenclaw or Slytherin they suited him best. Harry winced as the Great Hall burst into applause when the hat finished its song.

"When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted," said McGonagall, "Abbott Hannah!"


Harry tuned everyone out, he couldn't care less where they went, he just wanted to know if he would be sorted. He hoped so, he didn't want to be sent back home at all. He would have to run away if he did, Vernon didn't want him back. He'd made that clear, and if he did end up back Vernon would kill him. He'd threatened him, actually he'd threatened to do worse but that wasn't the point.

Then finally it got down to the P's and Harry began paying attention waiting eagerly for his turn. Praying he wasn't going to be sent back home on the train tonight.

"POTTER, HARRY!" yelled McGonagall.

Everyone gasped when he went forward; he didn't have his school uniform on. He had disobeyed the rules! None of them wanted him in their house! They'd lose points before the term even begun. Harry without looking at anyone sat on the stool, which after a few seconds hesitation was placed over his eyes.

"Hmm," said a voice in his head, "Difficult. Very difficult. Plenty of courage I see. Not a bad mind either. There's talent, oh my goodness, yes - and a nice thirst to prove yourself, now that's interesting…so where shall I put you?"

Harry said to the hat "Where I'll fit in, make friends…" there was a hint of loneliness in his voice even as he spoke to the sorting hat.

"Well you will be great, it's all here in your head no doubt about it, well I know…better be "SLYTHERIN!" cried the hat. Harry took off the hat, not wanting to make a spectacle of himself as Neville Longbottom had done by running towards his table with the hat still jammed on his head. As he sat down he noticed that a brightly dressed man had a smirk on his face, trying and failing to hide it behind his goblet. Once the sorting had finished the man got up from his seat, spreading his arms wide as though nothing pleased him more than to see everyone there.

"Welcome, welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our feast, I would like to say a few words. And here they are Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!" he said before retaking his seat. Harry stared at him as if he'd lost his mind.

Then the feast came, it was magnificent in all its glory, Harry had never seen such food before in his life. He took small amounts of various things, knowing he wouldn't be able to eat a lot. He had never been able to, unfortunately, the Dursley's loved starving him. He heard all the students talking, mostly about some club and their Head of House, Professor Slughorn. Harry wondered who that was; because he had to speak to him he didn't have the required essentials to attend Hogwarts with.

Eventually, everyone other than those around him in Slytherin began singing the school song. After that, the prefect took them to their dorms. Their dorm was under the school, in a dungeon, everything silver, and dark green and had snakes etched, carved or stitched into it. He told them where they would be sleeping and before long Harry who was too tired to talk decided to leave everything until tomorrow. He found his room; it was the only bed without a trunk at the bottom making him feel even more depressed.

"Where's your trunk? Has it got lost?" asked a black haired boy curiously.

"I don't have one," Harry told him.

"But you need it don't you have your Hogwarts stuff?" he asked again seemingly shocked. "I'm Blaise Zabini by the way," he said in way of introducing himself.

"Harry, Harry Potter," said Harry he had only found out his first name when he attended primary school, before that all he'd been called was Potter and Freak.

He had stupidly thought Potter was his first name; it had been all he knew. "I don't have my Hogwarts stuff, I lived with my relatives, and they are normal and didn't want me coming here so they refused to pay for anything." he admitted derisively, displaying his contempt for his 'relatives'.

"That's alright then, good thing you are your own money!" explained Blaise shocked by the fact a Potter had been living with Muggles all his life.

"I do?" Harry asked quite shocked but trying not to display it.

"Sure, your dad was a Potter, the Lord Potter of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter," Blaise explained.

"A Lord?" gasped Harry shocked, his mind whirling but he'd been told his father was a drunk…a penniless drunk.

"He was born into it," said Blaise. "Don't you know anything about them?" he seemed really shocked by what he was hearing.

"No," said Harry shaking his head.

"Your parents were the last Witch and Wizard killed by You-Know-Who before someone defeated him." said Theodore Nott joining the conservation.

Harry just stared, they hadn't died in a car crash at all, they had been murdered he wasn't sure how to feel about that at all. Just then a letter appeared on his bedside table, which had a huge jug of water and four glasses next to it. Theodore grabbed it reading the name on the front before passing it to Harry. Harry looked at it blankly. Who the hell could be writing to him? He didn't know anyone.

"Here," said Blaise handing over a set of brand new blue pajamas. "You can use these until you get to Gringotts."

"Gringotts?" echoed Harry feeling extremely disgruntled he needed to read everything he could get his hands on. He hated not knowing things and everything were very alien to him right now. Yet a part of him warmed, nobody had ever done something like this for him before. Maybe he had found his friends after all; a small grin appeared on his face despite his confusion.

"Wizarding bank," said Theodore in explanation.

"Ah, do any of you know where to find the head of Slytherin?" he asked.

"He will be down to see you first thing in the morning," said Flint entering the dorm room. "Remember to get some sleep, the rules are posted above the fireplace, read them and do Slytherin proud." he was taking his duties as Head Boy extremely serious.

"Yes sir," said the three first years solemnly, with that Flint left their room and continued to do his rounds.

Harry got dressed in the borrowed pajamas and settled into bed when three more boys joined the room. They introduced themselves, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. It wasn't long before all first years were sleeping exhausted by the day's events.

Harry stayed up an extra five minutes, staring at the letter, cast in the moonlight he could see it was from someone called Remus Lupin. Unfortunately, it was too dark to properly read the missive. So he would have to wait until tomorrow, distrustful of the others he placed the letter under his pillow protecting it.

Harry would get his answers soon.


Harry woke up at six o'clock in the morning, everyone was still asleep. He was so used to getting up at this time that it was ingrained into him. Vernon left for work at seven; he was forced up at six to make breakfast, clean up and serve the Dursley's. The pajamas were so comfortable on if he had enough money to see him through he wanted to go to a shop and buy some. Since the Dursley's didn't want him back he didn't have to worry about them finding out about his gold. He wanted to leave and find the library but he knew he could never find it. This place was a castle, a real honest to god castle, it would be a maze. He did intend on finding out where it was though, he wanted to know everything about this world. He would need a map; hopefully, the teachers would be able to give him one. Harry got up grabbing his letter from under his pillow, shivering on the cold dungeon floor before sneaking towards the Common Room. He noticed the fire blazing and immediately went over to it, pushing one of the chairs towards it. He had been very curious about this letter; Harry was surprised he'd been able to sleep! Although it had been a very tiring day.

With trembling fingers, he opened the letter again, who was this Remus Lupin? And why had he written to him? Nobody else in his life had cared about him the slightest. Taking a deep breath he began reading the carefully written missive.


I do sincerely hope you get this letter and you are well, the previous letters I have sent have always returned unopened. I am getting a little ahead of myself, I apologize, and it's just that I have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. I am Remus Lupin; I was a friend of your mother and father. I came to love you as if you were my own blood, a nephew. You used to call me Uncle Moony, you can blame your father for that, your mother tried to get you to call me Remy but you weren't having any of it.

Harry laughed sadly at the letter, he knew nothing of his parents to hear about them spoken so casually in a letter hurt him in ways he found hard to understand. Yet he wanted to know more, he had only learned the truth yesterday. His parents hadn't been drunks at all, but a Witch and Wizard that had been murdered by this 'You-Know-Who' but Harry had no idea who that was.

I have been looking for you since you were placed with your remaining family. Unfortunately, I was unable to find them or you, during my searches over the years. It was almost as you all had faded from the face of the planet. You see, when I found out what happened I went straight to Sirius Black, your father's best friend and =====

Harry wondered briefly what was written under there, it was all blacked out. He obviously hadn't been able to decide what to put. He couldn't deny he was curious now, so he continued reading the contents of the letter. As he did so he wondered what this man looked like and how he hadn't been able to find him. He knew that Dursley was a very popular name, especially in England. Obviously, you couldn't find people with magic and he'd been doing it the normal way.

Sirius Black had been your father's best friend and was named your godfather.

Harry stopped reading, stunned if he had a godfather why the hell had he been left with the Dursley's? He might only be eleven but he knew his godfather should have been the one to get him. Which made him wonder how the hell he'd been given to the Dursley's.

Unfortunately when your parents died Sirius had no intentions of taking you in. I am sorry to have to tell you this but I'd rather you find out from me. Sirius and I split up shortly afterward, not able to deal with the fall out of him abandoning you like he did. I went straight to the Headmaster Albus Dumbledore for help only to be denied. Do not trust him no matter how kind he is - he is a manipulative old ======= fool.

So this man and his godfather had been a couple? He'd never met anyone like that before. The Dursley's were extremely nasty about them, calling them all manner of names. Just because they weren't what the Dursley's qualified as normal. Thankfully Harry hadn't been brought up as one of the family, or he might not have liked it at all. Again there was a line through it, Harry was getting really curious about the blacked out dots. The Headmaster had been the one he'd seen smirking behind his goblet. He didn't find it hard to believe Remus Lupin. He was extremely angry that Dumbledore had kept this man away. What right did he have to decide who visited Harry?! He had to stop himself getting up and throttling the old fool. Unfortunately, that would only get him expelled, and he did not want to be expelled.

I do not know what you've been told regarding your parents, so I will let you know. They were a part of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret organization charging themselves with one task, to bring about the downfall of a Dark evil wizard called Voldemort, but you might know him better as You know who or he who must not be named. If you hear anyone calling him the Dark Lord I suggest you run. The only people to call him the Dark Lord are sympathizers to his cause and Death Eaters, the men directly involved with Voldemort's plans and executing them. It was dangerous joining the Order, there was no doubt about that. Many disappeared, only a few of their bodies were ever found. Your parents were targeted for being part of that order; no one is quite sure what actually happened that Halloween night. What is known though is James died trying to save you and your mother. Unfortunately, James was defeated, he went after your mother and she too fell to the dark wizard. This is where it gets tricky, just as he was going to turn his wand on you, someone intervened. Nobody knows who it was, but Voldemort was defeated.

Harry felt tears blurring his vision, for so long he'd thought them drunks. Yet it couldn't be further from the truth, they'd died to save him. This order had taken their life, he would forever blame that. If they'd just stayed out of it, they would have been alive. He would have grown up with loving parents. Yet he couldn't find it in his heart to hate them for that. He wondered who had defeated Voldemort, and also why they kept it a secret? He would have had power beyond his imagining for defeating him, the ability to change and shape the world. He shook his thoughts off, before reading the last paragraph written.

If you want to know more and don't hold the fact I couldn't find you, please get in touch anytime. Any owl you use will find me, they have owls at Hogwarts just ask any teacher to show you the way. I look forward to one day hopefully getting to meet you, Harry. Take care of yourself and study hard, do your parents proud.

Remus J Lupin

"Hey Harry, what are you doing up so early?" asked Blaise coming into the common room fully dressed; evidently he had been looking for Harry if the relief on his young face was anything to go by.

"Just reading my letter," said Harry hastily wiping his eyes as he stood up, not quite meeting Blaise' eyes.

"Come on, you can't be seen outside the common room dressed the way you were yesterday. Slytherin's always look after each other, you can borrow a set of mine, we have breakfast then we can go to Professor Slughorn. We aren't allowed to Diagon Alley until we are thirteen and with permission from a guardian, so the teacher will have to take you." said Blaise as he walked back up the stairs and entered their common room again. Normally there were only five beds to a dorm, but with six students it wasn't fair to one of them to be alone so they'd squashed another bed in.

"Oh, I guess Diagon Alley is the shopping place?" asked Harry as he was handed clothes, the cloak even had a Slytherin emblem sewn on already.

"Of course it is," sneered the blonde, Draco? He was sure he'd said his name was, adding his last name twice as if it was important. Harry made a mental note to ask the others if he was. Not that Harry really cared; he just wanted to know if he had to watch his back or not.

"Don't listen to him, come on I'll show you the showers," said Blaise rolling his eyes at Draco, the idiot could go too far sometimes. Harry was a Potter, as well as a Slytherin and he deserved respect. Evidently, Draco and Harry weren't going to get on; it was a good thing Blaise couldn't stand the blonde then.

"Is his family important?" asked Harry once he slipped into the shower stall, Blaise sat down and turned away to his friend privacy.

"Well, depends on who you ask, his father was a Death Eater, you know who's follower. When he was accused he got off claiming he was under the Imperius curse and then started to climb the political ladder. They are also rich which means they have people in their pocket too. Nothing to worry about here since the Malfoy family doesn't have anything to do with Hogwarts much. You'll find he will go on about his father a lot though." explained Blaise.

"Is Diagon Alley the only shopping place?" asked Harry scrubbing all the dirt and grime from his body. He'd never had a warm shower before; it was nice he liked it. He only wished he had some stuff to wash his hair with properly, it was very greasy.

"It's the only decent place, we also have Hogsmeade but that doesn't have many shops." said Blaise.

"Oh right," said Harry, grabbing the towel he dried himself off before grabbing the new clothes and putting them on. He noticed he warmed up almost immediately; they were so soft like the pajamas and not threadbare and itchy and uncomfortable like his clothes. He grinned in happiness when he realized he could finally get rid of them. He slipped his letter into the borrowed cloak, making a mental note to remember and take it out when he gave them back.

"I'm hungry come on then, let's try and find our way back to the Great Hall," said Blaise, "The Professor will be there, so we can speak to him about getting you your supplies." he found it hard to believe a Potter knew nothing of the Wizarding world. Wizarding children were just not left with Muggles, it just wasn't done. From what he'd been told the Muggles hadn't wanted Harry to come. It was beyond cruelty to him, to be denied a Hogwarts education.

Opening the portrait they began making their way along with the other Slytherin's, following the older years towards the Great Hall. "So how did you get here if he didn't want you coming?" wondering if Harry had run away.

"My Uncle took me to the train station, he didn't want to pay for my stuff but couldn't wait to get rid of me," said Harry shrugging indifferently, grinning inwardly just remembering his Uncle losing it when the owls continued coming. "Took me an hour to find the entrance though, that was by accident, I leaned against the pillar and fell through it." he flushed red when he admitted this.

"Good job you did, otherwise that's it, the teachers don't go running after students it's up to us to get here." said Blaise.

"They sent me the damn ticket with no explanation!" grouched Harry as they entered the Great Hall once more. Harry looked around in amazement, stopping himself snarling at Dumbledore. How dare he? He wanted to fling his juice in his face! And remove that twinkle from his eye.

"Wait a teacher didn't come? And you were living with Muggles?" asked Blaise frowning in confusion.

"A giant called Hagrid came to make sure I got my letter but that's it," said Harry, sliding into his seat gleeful at the amount of food! He finally felt hungry himself and both boys dug in eager for the day ahead. Harry desperately wanted to find the library and read all he could about magic and the things he might be able to do. He couldn't wait to get his wand and practice! Hopefully, he wouldn't accidentally turn his teacher's hair blue again. "Which ones our Head of House?" Harry asked curiously.

"See the guy in pale green next to the vampire? That's Professor Slughorn," said Blaise.

"You mean a real vampire?" asked Harry excitedly, staring at the man curiously.

"Of course, we have loads of vampires, werewolves…everything you'll learn about them in defense," said Blaise speaking with his mouth full of toast.

"Don't they need to drink…blood?" asked Harry remembering what he'd read in the normal world.

"Yes, he probably drinks it from the blood bank or donor," shrugged Blaise, "They get treated unfairly; they aren't allowed jobs or children. The Ministry is all screwed up, and terribly unfair." apparently Blaise had a strong aversion to how 'Dark creatures' were treated, especially given his family tree.

"If they get blood from a blood bank why are they treated that way? And he has a job," asked Harry perplexed, drinking his pumpkin juice.

"Probably the only vampire with a teaching job, normally they work down in Knockturn Alley, that's right next Diagon Alley," explained Blaise for Harry's benefit.

Harry thought on everything Blaise said, he guessed it was like how criminals were treated once they got out after doing their time in prison. The only problem with that was these people hadn't done anything wrong. It was deeply unfair; unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it.

"Professor, Harry needs to go to Diagon Alley to get his school supplies!" said Blaise as Professor Slughorn gave out their timetables for the upcoming year. Behind the timetable was a map of the school much to Harry's excitement.

"Why Mr. Potter did you not go and get it during the summer?" asked Slughorn frowning at his new student, he was nevertheless proud of the students for following the rules, Slytherin's protected each other. One of them had to have given Harry something to wear, he was proud of his snakes. He wondered if Harry would have Lily's talent at brewing or if he'd be more like his father - geared instead towards Transfiguration. There was no doubt that Draco Malfoy was exactly like his father and grandfather before him. With an inflated ego and under the illusion their fathers were better, smarter and more important than everyone else. It was going to be a long seven years putting up with Malfoy without adding another prankster Potter added to the list.

"My Uncle didn't want to pay for me to come to this school, Sir," Harry told his teacher the truth, squinting to see him properly, but as always he didn't quite manage it.

Slughorn observed the eleven-year-old, properly looked at him, he was skinny far too skinny even the clothes he had on were nearly drowning him. Judging by the squinting of his eyes he needed them tested too. He decided to dig more into Harry's life see what he could find out. "Very well, I shall take you to Diagon Alley in twenty minutes, be ready to go and at the Entrance Hall, Blaise, I trust you will show him the way?" asked Slughorn knowing both of them were getting on rather well. The child needed to read his books this weekend; otherwise, he would have left it to Sunday afternoon when he had more free time. The beginning of the year was always chaotic especially with students getting lost, or some feeling homesick. Thankfully Marcus Flint would help; he'd been a very good Prefect and no doubt would make an outstanding Head Boy. He'd had to fight like hell with Albus to get him it.

"Yes, Sir," said both boys before they fled the Great Hall.

Observing them curiously he went back to his task, then to his seat and gratefully sat down once the timetables were given out.

"Trouble already?" guessed Professor Langdon wryly, he taught Defence against the Dark Arts, and since he was already dead the curse did not affect him. It's why Dumbledore had been so eager to have him come on board. If he died then it was all the same after all he was just a vampire. Unbeknown to Dumbledore, Langdon was more than just a vampire; he served under the Severus Prince. Who had been organizing the vampires, for years now. He had well and truly proven himself to each and every vampire. He had fought many who wanted or had claimed the seat of power. Despite being a mere fledgling his magic was powerful and his knowledge respectful, making him a formidable opponent. He had yet to lose a fight, and no one dared to challenge him. The name had been dragged through the mud when Eileen Prince didn't come into her own as a vampire. Yet Severus had restored it, and now there was a plan again, a purpose. He had been sent to spy on Dumbledore. His Occlumency was better than anyone else's, so it was an obvious choice for him to be chosen. The others were all given task to do. He missed his brethren, and he'd only been away one night.

"I'm afraid it's only starting," sighed Slughorn shaking his head in amusement. He got on well with the defense teacher; he unlike the other teachers didn't care if Langdon was a vampire. Then again Slughorn has always been an odd character, never letting anything stand in a way of what he wanted to do.


"Who did you write to?" asked Blaise as they ran for the Entrance Hall hoping they'd not been late. He'd allowed Harry to borrow his owl since the school ones were dead slow. His female owl, Ari, had just returned from delivering a letter to and from his mother.

"Remember the letter last night? Well, it was from a friend of my fathers, Remus Lupin I want to meet him," said Harry simply.

"Wait up!" yelled Theodore, "I've been trying to catch up with you to for ages! Don't leave me with Malfoy, I beg you." He finished theatrically.

Harry snickered; he found it hard to believe just yesterday he'd been worried about getting sent home or having no friends. The hat had been right; here he was meeting his true friends. "What did he do?" asked Harry, he glanced over at the Gryffindor table and noticed a chubby boy sitting by himself. The boy that left the hat on his head, Neville he looked very lonely. Turning back to his friends he smiled glad he had friends of his own despite his earlier fears.

"Went on about his father the entire time!" sighed Theodore exasperated. His father was going to be shocked he was being taught by a blood vampire, and how his father didn't let him bring his broomstick to school. He wasn't sure what else he'd tuned the boy out although Crabbe and Goyle had grunted every sentence he spoke.

"Told you," said Blaise smugly.

"There he is!" said Harry, pointing towards the teacher quickly making his way from the Dungeons.

"I'll see you later, I'll be in the common room reading," said Blaise, as Harry would come to find Blaise was a quiet eleven-year-old, who preferred blending into the background. Pretty much how Harry was, it looked as though they would make good friends.

"Alright, bye." said Harry just as Slughorn came within hearing distance.

"Come, Mr. Potter, we have much to do and little time to accomplish it." said Slughorn; he was smiling at the eleven-year-old, almost comfortingly.

"Thank you, Professor," said Harry as both student and teacher left the school grounds.


"Hello Mr. Lupin!" said Harry grinning at Remus as if he'd never been happier to meet anyone in his life.

"Hello Harry, it's nice to finally see you again after all these years, please call me Remus," said Remus putting his hand out and shaking Harry's hand, it felt extremely odd doing this with someone he considered his cub. Unfortunately, he couldn't hug him, after all, Harry didn't know him that well yet. He certainly didn't want to scare Harry away.

"Can I go with Remus to get my school things, Professor?" asked Harry politely.

Slughorn looked between them both realizing the little one had set it up. Perhaps he was truly meant for Slytherin after all, which meant if he did prank anyone he wouldn't be obvious about it. He wasn't sure if that should comfort him or not, he decided not very quickly.

"I can have him in the Leaky Cauldron for you at one o'clock? We can have lunch here first. Perhaps take him to get an ice cream?" asked Remus for once in his life taking charge. He didn't want him to say no, so he did the only thing that might prevent it. He didn't own much but he had enough to treat Harry to his first magical ice cream.

"Very well, one o'clock no later," said Professor Slughorn before he disappeared with a crack.

"Do you have your list Harry?" asked Remus his amber eyes were twinkling brightly, a small friendly smile on his face. He was so excited; he'd finally got to see his 'nephew' again after all this time.

"Yeah I do," said Harry bringing it out, "My uncle refused to pay for anything for me to come to this school…he didn't want me going."

Remus' eyes darkened upon hearing that, the reason he'd looked for Harry so much was that he knew Lily's sister didn't like magic. Lily had always made that abundantly clear and she'd always said that Harry would never see them. He could only imagine Lily's reaction to knowing Harry had actually lived there for ten years. He didn't understand why their wills had never been executed. He was pretty sure they had one; anyone with money had wills especially during a bloody war. Unfortunately, he would never be able to have custody of Harry, he was a werewolf.

"Yes, I'll bet he didn't." said Remus his smile missing, "Come on then first stop Gringotts, the Wizarding bank it's where they keep the money in the magical world," he told Harry aware that he might not know anything about the Wizarding society. So he pointed out each and every shop on the way there. 'You will get your cauldrons in here' and 'That's where you get your uniform' 'That's where you get your ingredients' 'that's where you get your wand' it continued until they got all the way to the marble building.

"Wow," gasped Harry looking up in awe the building was huge, much bigger than the buildings that surrounded it.

Remus grinned as he continued on, oh yes; things were finally looking for the werewolf.

"It's run by the Goblins, nasty creatures if you try and steal anything. They are very sneaky, so always watch what you do or say around them," said Remus, cautioning Harry as they approached the teller. "Mr. Potter would like to make a withdraw," he informed the goblin.

"Do you have your key?" was then asked.

"My key?" asked Harry his green eyes wide as he stared at Remus unsurely, once again squinting.

"I'll take that as a no, it's no problem, Harry," said Remus actually unsure if it was. Where exactly was Harry's key and why hadn't he received any statements he was the last heir of the Potter line? "We wish to speak to someone regarding the Potter vaults immediately."

What could only be described as relief showed on the goblins face, before it became impassive and barked in its own language. Another teller stepped up, and then Remus and Harry were escorted into a room where another goblin was waiting.

"Welcome to Gringotts Mr. Potter, we have been waiting for this day for a long time," said Griptook. He had an uncanny resemblance to the Goblin Griphook who also worked there.

Harry just stared not sure what to do or say, he'd never interacted with any adult or child much in his life. He was used to being told what to do, so he looked at Remus helplessly lost.

"Why is that?" asked Remus taking a seat, and taking charge, he was unable to deny those pleading green eyes.

"Just hours after Lord and Lady Potter died it was decreed by the Ministry due to extenuating circumstances that the will not be read until Mr. Potter here wills it. The Potter vaults are in disarray, they've been in stagnation for ten years," said Griptook.

"I see just how are they in disarray?" asked Remus confused, sitting up straighter.

"For the past eleven years money has continued to go out but no money has been able to be made. All investments were stopped and we could not add more without permission from Heir Potter," said Griptook.

Remus looked aghast, "What money has been taken out?" asked Remus.

"The direct debits were set up by James Potter during the war," said Griptook grabbing files and placing them in front of him.

Remus felt his heart sink, "Where exactly is the money going and how much?" he finally asked dream consuming him.

"One hundred galleons to St. Mungo's, two hundred to the Hogwarts scholarship fund to help children affected because of the war. Two and half thousand to the Order of the Phoenix" said Griptook.

"Scholarship fund?" gaped Remus, what the hell was James doing putting so much towards the scholarship fund? Most people just left some in their will they didn't give permission for each and every month! It was utter madness, and it had been going on for ten years. What the hell, had convinced James to do that? He had not realized his friend was such an idiot, but a niggling doubt made him wonder if he hadn't been pressured into it…coerced even.

"Yes," said Griptook.

"How much does Harry have left?" asked Remus he honestly dreaded the answer, he soothed himself with the fact at least Harry had houses. Houses spread all over the continent and if need be he could sell one of them.

"Here is a list of everything he owns," said Griptook handing over the paper.

Remus grabbed it and exhaled in disbelief, "Is there any way to get the money back? I mean from the Order since that was disbanded after James and Lily died. I should know I was a member."

"No sir there isn't," said Griptook.

"Is the money all gone?" asked Harry, how was he going to get his school things if all the money was gone?

"No, Harry, it's not," said Remus, but what he failed to tell him was it wouldn't last him five to ten years out of Hogwarts. He knew he would have to tell the child, Dumbledore had all but doomed him.

"Oh," said Harry relieved.

"But you have to watch what you are doing with it," cautioned Remus, "The Order was run by Dumbledore, but I doubt very much he will give it back. He has to know where the money was coming from, and yet he continued to accept it rather than sending it back."

Harry bit back the retort on his lips, he had only been here one day yet he already hated the man with a vengeance.

"Stop them all immediately, start small investments that won't harm what he's got left, some that have a small guarantee for success. If they prove fruitful then make them bigger," said Remus, if it came to it he would get Harry to sell one of his homes to keep himself going. The price of homes had really shot up recently.

"We will do it immediately," said Griptook looking relieved.

"What about the will? Won't that make me have less money?" asked Harry quietly.

"May we see a copy of Lily and James will?" asked Remus. The paper was passed over and Remus' heart clenched, it was Lily's writing. He looked it over, so he was supposed to have gone to Sirius and him. They'd found a loophole in the law, there was nothing about him being a part time guardian. Of course Lily found something; there was nobody cleverer than her. Unfortunately, he was single now, and there was no hope of him getting custody. They'd left a substantial amount for him, and Peter but he was gone so were Alice and Frank really. So he would be the only one benefiting from it, he handed it over to Harry to let him decide. He wasn't going to decide because well…it would be him benefiting after all. "Peter, Alice and Frank are all gone, only I would be getting anything but seeing all you have left I'd prefer it if you didn't." he found it hard getting a job yes, found it hard getting by yes, but he wasn't about to take money from an eleven-year-old boy who only had enough money to see him until he was twenty to twenty-five years old. It was a good thing his Hogwarts tuition had already been paid.

"He also has his single vault for school purposes, books, sweets, uniform etc…" said Griptook finding yet another piece of paper.

"Brilliant that will last him his seven years, we need the key for that one," said Remus immediately.

Nodding Griptook immediately handed Harry his new key. "This lets you pay for everything in a shop, without having to come to Gringotts every month. Now, this is a statement, you will get one each month exactly like it. If the seal has been broken alert us immediately. If you do not receive one next month you write to us about it." he handed over a card and statement.

"Okay, thank you, sir," said Harry respectfully.

Griptook's mouth moved it was almost as if the goblin was smiling, but that couldn't be. Remus shook his head and looked at and nope it was blank he definitely had imagined it.

"I want the will executed, I don't need to be there, do I?" asked Harry.

"Sign this Mr. Potter, then this, which means you read the will and accepted what's given. That is what's left of your parent's estate," said Griptook, handing over the piece of papers, he was extremely glad Harry had come in. They'd given up all hope when he didn't come in during the summer. They'd been aware that this was his year for attending Hogwarts. Yet nary a sign had been seen; now they could rest easy that the Potter vaults may flourish once more. It would take a long time for it to get to its former glory but they could do it. They'd done it once before, a very long time ago.

Harry signed it and before long Remus signed his too and they were off, no doubt Remus would get a letter with a key to his new vault from James later today. It made him feel extremely guilty, but perhaps he could spend it on Harry, he had many birthdays to make up for.

"Ice cream or school things first Harry?" asked Remus smiling softly, hoping to take the money troubles of the child. He was too young to worry about things like that, he thanked Merlin it wasn't more otherwise Harry would have well and truly been left penniless.

"Get my school things other than the wand then get the ice cream?" suggested Harry grinning widely, his green eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Harry can you see what that shop sign says?" asked Remus pointing towards the Potions shop, Harry squinted almost painfully. He realized his eyes were extremely bad worse than James' had been.

"Er…no," said Harry staring at Remus curiously.

"Nobody has noticed you need glasses?" asked Remus doubtfully, he had noticed and he'd only been in Harry's presence for half an hour if that.

"Yes, the school nurse told my aunt, my cousin destroyed them when beat me up one day they didn't help anyway, just gave me headaches." said Harry simply shrugging his shoulders.

A feral look came to Remus' eyes Harry would not go back there if he had his say. Even if he had to keep Harry in his flat. Then go as far away as possible during the full moon so no accidents occurred. "Then we will go and see about getting glasses or corrective surgery."

"You can get your eyes fixed here too?" asked Harry.

"Yes," said Remus, he believed it was a recent development copied of course by the Muggles.

"With a laser?" asked Harry he couldn't see it not with all the magic.

"Oh no, it's a potion, costs quite a bit but it might be a worthy investment, that way you won't need to continue buying glasses every few years." said Remus, he would gladly pay for it, his first gift to Harry so to speak.

"Good idea," said Harry nodding enthusiastically, he was all for the treatment.

"Yes, it is," agreed Remus, "Now let's get it done before we end up late for Professor Slughorn."

Over the course of the afternoon, Remus told him many things about the Wizarding world. About all the subjects he'd learn at Hogwarts, about Hogsmeade, Knockturn Alley, even Diagon Alley and everything he could think of. Harry was an avid listener and a keen questioner. Remus actually enjoyed himself, he also warned Harry away from Dumbledore and the Order members again. He didn't want Harry having anything to do with them, not after what he'd just learned. Stealing money from an orphan, just how low could Dumbledore get?



"Harry? Harry?!" shouted Remus his amber eyes filled with concern.

"What?" asked Harry coming out of his thoughts.

"Are you alright?" asked the werewolf deeply worried.

"Sorry I'm just remembering the first time we met." grinned Harry.

"Ah," smirked Remus wryly, nodding his head, things had been looking up that day. He had worn a hole in the carpet just waiting on Harry replying, he'd felt deflated when he did reply and it was so small. Yet hope had bloomed moments later, as he finally after ten years got to see Harry again. Now it had all come crumbling down around them when Voldemort came back. The world James and Lily had fought and ultimately paid the price with their lives to protect was at stake yet again with another war. The son they'd died to protect was in more danger than ever, but Remus vowed nothing would harm him.

Neither of them was aware of the goings on that would everything, for the better or for the worst they would need to wait and see.

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