I only own Heather and I have Kate's permission to use her. *WARNING SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE THAT HAS NOT FINISHED THE BOOK*

Heather's POV

I checked my phone and the digital number told me it was about 3:10… in the morning… on a Friday. I looked over to see Kate leaning back in her seat curled up in a ball while the two guys next to her eyed her warily. I stood up slowly pulling her with me. I grimaced as my back and neck screamed in protest. We collected the few things that we had brought with us and walked down the aisle of seats and exited the theater walking to our car. We had just gone to see The Hobbit, which was probably the best decision I've ever made in my life. We clambered in our car and started the short drive back to our house. This probably wasn't the smartest thing we had ever done seeing as how we were both falling asleep. Before I knew it I found myself screaming and grasping onto the dashboard; Kate was trying to swerve out of the way of the semi-truck that was hurtling toward us but it was hopeless and so she threw her hands up in front of her face and waited for the impact. I felt the tears running down my face and then the two vehicles collided and I closed my eyes and threw myself against Kate holding onto her for dear life.

A calm sort of air surrounded us and I knew that we were dead. I opened my eyes slowly to see sunlight and rolling hills. Yep, we were definitely dead. I stood up, all the soreness gone, and I looked around. A dirt road lead off through the woods and trees surrounded us on one side while a field surrounded us on the other side. I looked down to see Kate still sitting but in a much different attire than what she was wearing earlier. She has on tightly fitting pants with a light blue tunic. Over the tunic was a leather vest covered in a light brown trench coat thing and then over that was a light blue cloak. She had on knee high leather boots and tucked on the outside of one of those boots was a dagger. She had a sword attached to her hip and twin blades strapped to her back. She was currently staring at her leather gloves and gaping. I looked down to see myself wearing the same except my clothing was red and dark brown instead of light blue and light brown. I also had a dagger but instead of swords I had a battle axe and a bow and arrows.

Kate stood up and I realized that she and I were both the same height. I gawked at her and she smiled for the first time. Before she could brag about anything we heard a horse galloping toward us. Atop this horse was a man with a thick beard and hair. His attire looked much like our own and he had handsome features. He looked down and saw us and he stopped his horse and clambered down. He walked toward us warily and stopped in front of us with one hand on his sword.

"What are two she-dwarves doing here? Where did you come from?" he asked cautiously. I looked to Kate and stepped forward.

"Um, sup dude, we come from a VERY distant land and we came upon this place completely by mistake. If I may ask, what is your name sir…dwarf?" I asked feeling completely stupid. He released his sword and bowed low.

"Excuse me for my ill-tempered actions; it is just extremely uncommon to see two dwarves that are women, especially as well-groomed as you. My name is Thorin Oakenshield, at your service." He said still bowing. I gasped and scuttled over to Kate. She looked over to me with a blank expression on her face before stepping forward.

"We know who you are and where you are going. You seem lost, may we accompany you? Perhaps we could help each other out." She said. He became wary again before walking up to his horse and leading him over to us. He helped Kate on and then he helped me on after her. He continued to lead the horse on foot down the path that we were on for miles. He asked us several questions about where we were from and what we knew about him and his quest.

"Where were you two heading anyway?" he asked. Kate looked back at me signaling that it was my time to answer.

"We were heading to Erebor, to claim back the Lonely Mountain." I said. He stopped and turned to us glaring.

"What makes you think that you two could do something that was meant for the King under the mountain!?" he said angrily. I laughed and then jumped down from the horse.

"Nothing. I know that I might die but it is worth it, for if I was too succeed the dwarves would no longer need to roam the lands with nowhere to go." I said. His steely glare softened and he motioned for me to get back on the horse. I did so and he kept walking. Soon, when the sky was growing dark, we came into a small village. The doors were round and they were placed in the sides of hills. We were finally in the company of Hobbits.

About ten minutes later we reached a Hobbit Hole that overlooked the entire village. Kate and I hopped down and Thorin tied up the horse. He led us up to the door and knocked twice. We waited for a few seconds before the door was opened by a very large man with a long grey beard. He looked surprised to see Kate and I but Thorin placed a hand on our shoulders and led us inside. Several more dwarves were gathered around gawking at us and I just smiled at them.

"I thought you said this place was going to be easy to find? I got lost, twice." Thorin spit out. He motioned to Kate and I. "This is Lady Katelyn and Lady Heather. I found them along the way and it turns out they have wonderful navigation skills even when they don't know where they're going. They helped me find this place." He said. We each waved in turn.

"Please just call me Heather, not Miss Heather or Lady Heather… JUST Heather and please just call her Kate. At your service." I ended and curtsied pulling up the ends of my trench coat like thing. A few of the men laughed and others chuckled. Thorin just rolled his eyes and took me and Kate by the arms and led us into the kitchen and sat us down on either side of him. He began talking business and I zoned out knowing that Kate would catch me up, she always did. I looked around at the dwarves my eyes landing on Kili. Just as I had scanned over his face I noticed he was looking my way too. I quickly averted my gaze and started to drum my fingers against the table. After a minute or so I felt a hand over mine and I looked up to see Thorin looking at me with a slight smile tugging at his lips.

"If I bore you this much why don't you go and grab some more ale, hmm?" he said. I smiled brightly and nodded my head.

"Alcohol?! Count me in! I won't let you down my king!" I said dramatically. Kate just rested her head against the table as a few of the men laughed and I walked out to find precious alcohol. After searching EVERYWHERE I found a giant barrel of ale and went to grab it. Unfortunately for me it was just a bit too heavy. I huffed and continued to pull. It wouldn't budge! So I decided to go with plan B. "Will somebody give me a hand!? This thing is too bloody heavy! And by somebody I don't mean Kate because she's weaker than I am! Seriously guys this thing weighs a ton!" I shouted. I heard laughter and a chair being scooted out. I smiled and waited for help to arrive. When it did I almost fainted. Kili walked in smirking at me.

"Need some help?" he asked. I smiled and place my hands on my hips.

"Nope, I just called for help for no reason. I got this! That's why I've already lifted and carried this giant barrel of ale out there." I replied sarcastically. He smiled wider and then turned.

"Great! Guess you don't need me then!" he said. He started to walk off but I lunged for him and grabbed his sleeve.

"No, I lied! I do need help! Help me." I pouted. He looked at my pouty face for a second before smiling again and walking over to haul the giant barrel of ale over his shoulder. I gawked at his strength as he walked past me and to the door. He turned back around and laughed.

"Are you coming or do I have to carry you out on my other shoulder?" he asked. I shook my head and followed him as he took the ale into the next room. Everyone cheered and went to line up but Kili stopped them with his hand. "Now Heather found this ale and she obviously used her brute strength to carry it out to us. She should get the first drink!" he said. They all laughed and I just glared at them. I turned on my heel and marched into the Hobbit's living room and sat by myself.

About thirty minutes later the dwarves had grown silent and I watched as they all sat in the other room staring at the fire. Kate walked over to me holding a giant mug of ale. She handed it to me and I thanked her. I started to gulp it down and Kate smiled at me.

"I knew that you needed some alcohol. You were pissed, and honestly I was a little pissed too but one of us had to listen to Thorin's instructions." She said. I nodded at her and finished my ale setting the empty cup down on the table. I heard Thorin's deep voice emanate from the other room and I knew that the song was starting. Kate sat down next me and we listened silently. After it ended I got up and Kate followed suit. We walked down the hall and into one of the back rooms. We sat down after shutting the door. "I will relay the instructions to you and then we can discuss whether we want to go on this journey or not." She told me. I nodded and listened to her telling me what we were supposed to do for about half an hour. When she was finished I was deep in thought.

"Well if we go there's the chance we will get killed by orcs or goblins or a big fire-breathing dragon! But if we stay… we get… I don't know what we get actually." I said. She sighed and explained the amount of gold we would be receiving. "Ah yes, gold, gold is good. Well this is a tough decision. I mean we aren't really skilled sword fighters or anything. We honestly don't know crap! I mean we started to doze off during the movie and it's been forever since we've read the book. What do you think we should do?" I asked. She sat back and contemplated my question.

"Honestly?" she asked. I nodded for her to go on. "I think we should bail on this adventure. I mean, we'll just be a hindrance and we don't want that. Maybe after they reclaim the mountain we can go and visit Thorin and them." She said trailing off. I smiled and gathered my stuff. We walked out of the room and toward the front door. As we were walking out we heard a gruff voice behind us.

"And where do you think you two are going?" they asked. I turned around to see Thorin standing there looking suspicious. I smiled shyly and waved but Kate was the one to step forward.

"We don't think this journey is right for us. We don't want to be a nuisance so we've decided to go on our way. We'll come to see you when you are the rightful King under the Mountain!" she said happily. Suddenly part of the book came screaming back to me and I signaled for Thorin to hold on. I spun Kate around and got really close to her ear.

"We won't ever see him or Kili and Fili again. They die remember! We can't leave, we have to stay and prevent that from happening. Even though Kili is a jerk we have to save him!" I said. She looked at me wide eyed and nodded. We turned back around and walked inside and set our stuff down. "Thorin we have decided against leaving. You trust us enough to let us help you reclaim Erebor so we trust you enough to embark on this quest with you. I hope we don't let you down." I said. He smiled at us and squeezed our shoulders before walking back into the dining room.

"We had better go claim somewhere to sleep before all the others do." Kate said. I agreed and we went and snuggled up near the fireplace.