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(Heather's POV)

Spiders… yup. Seems about right. Currently being freed from a giant spider's web. Everyone is freaking the hell out and yeah I would too except for the fact that this kind of crap seems to keep happening to us. I landed on the ground rather hard. I got up quickly and dusted myself off while Bilbo did his thing. I turned to see everyone else fighting spider's so I grabbed my sword and started swinging wildly. I think I was starting to get bored by how many times my life was being put in danger. You can only waste so much adrenaline on one thing before you HAVE to move on.

"Kili!" I turned at the sound of his name and froze. A spider had grabbed him up and his eyes were panicked. Oh hell no. One arrow. That's all I needed. The spider dropped dead and I flung myself at Kili.

"You are not being taken away from me…" I whispered. He laughed lightly and smiled at me. Then we were running. I was concentrating so hard on the running that I didn't realize we had stopped and were soon face to face with—

"Do not think I won't kill you, dwarf. It would be my pleasure," Legolas.

"Hey, that's not nice. The least you could do is—" but Thorin cut me off with a sharp look. Legolas' eyes traveled to me and then down me. He smirked a bit at my presence and I felt Kili tense beside me. Suddenly it was gone though. I turned to see him being drug away by a giant spider.

"Help!" he screamed. Manly, babe. I knocked another arrow but before I could release it this flash of red flew past me and took it out and helped Kili. He stared at her in amazement. I cleared my throat and his face became red. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Legolas was back.

"Search them," he ordered. Then… he did. He found all my knives, swords, and bow and arrow. Kili was fuming. Legolas then turned to Gloin and pulled a picture frame out of his pack. "Who is this? Your brother?"

"That is my wife!" Gloin yelled offended. Legolas scoffed and then pointed to the other picture.

"And what is this horrid creature? A goblin mutant?" he asked.

"That's my wee lad Gimli," Gloin answered. Kate and I both snorted in laughter while Legolas just raised his eyebrow at us. He spoke to the lady elf who was still DANGEROUSLY close to Kili in elvish (rude) while I turned to Kate and whispered.

"Does he know that some day Gimli will be his absolutely best friend in the whole world?" I asked sarcastically. She just laughed until we were cut off. Legolas' hand came back to my shoulder and he led me away first.

"You shall travel with me lady dwarf," he said. I smiled up at him and Kate groaned.

"Yes sir!" I replied. He shook his head and started off. I turned to see Kili absolutely flaming mad. Good! He deserves to be! Giving big ole googly eyes to miss tall, pale, and beautiful over there. Psh, jerk. We FINALLY make it to the Woodland Realm. Then we are shoved into cells. I was shoved in with Kili who was still gawking at Tauriel.

Finally they left us and he turned to me, the glare back on his face.

"What was that?!" he asked me angrily. I cocked my head and raised my eyebrow.

"What was what?" I asked innocently. He pointed to where Legolas was standing some feet away with Tauriel.

"You wish to be with him instead of me. You find him attractive. How could you act like that?!" he asked. I scoffed and stood up to get in his face.

"Yeah like you weren't mentally undressing Tauriel! I saw that Kili and I didn't appreciate it either! Do you not find me attractive? Has this whole journey romance been wasted because you seemed a hell of a lot more interested in her than me!" I yelled. The rest of the dwarves went silent as did Legolas and Tauriel. They were staring at us wide eyed. I looked back at Kili and felt myself tear up.

"Maybe… maybe we aren't meant to be together. Maybe I was just the first thing available and now something else has come along and you liked it better…"

"Heather please…" he whispered. I held my hand up and slumped on the floor.

"No Kili… maybe this thing there is between us… maybe it's not working out," I whispered. I felt tears stream down my face. He knew I was kidding with the whole Legolas thing… but I loved him. Sure I hadn't said it yet but I did. Seeing him with Tauriel just made me SO angry and I just knew then that he didn't really want me… I'm not good enough for a prince. I looked up to see Tauriel had returned and she and Kili were having a hushed conversation. I stayed near the back of the cell and continued crying. I saw Legolas giving me a pitying look before he left and I was alone to endure this pain by myself.

A few hours later it was silent. Kili and I hadn't spoken to each other at all. Suddenly I felt a warm presence beside me and I looked up to see Kili looking at me with so much hurt.

"I'm so sorry. I do not care for the elf. I care for you, only you. I—" he stopped and I looked at him for a few minutes before turning my head away. He pulled my chin back around and planted a kiss on my lips. When it was over he held my face in his hands and smiled at me.

"I love you," he whispered. I felt more tears run down my cheeks.

"Really?" I asked. He nodded and kissed me again.

"Really and truly. I want you to marry me," he continued. I stared at him in shock. He just said 'I love you' for the first time and now he wants me to marry him?! He sensed my shock and laughed quietly. "Not now but… soon. When we reclaim the mountain. I want you to marry me. I want to spend the rest of my life with the craziest dwarf I've ever met in my entire life. Please?" he asked. In that moment he looked so vulnerable and so sad… how could I deny him? Plus… I had wanted this too.

"Okay," I whispered. His eyes went wide and he smiled.

"What?" he asked. I nodded my head and laughed quietly.

"Okay, I'll marry you. I love you too Kili… so much," I replied. This time his laugh was louder and he tackled me in a hug. I heard the other dwarves speak up but then I heard another voice.

"Congrats to you both! Now, if you want to make it to your wedding keep quiet and follow me," I looked to see a very familiar hobbit smiling at us. I laughed again and as soon as the door was open I pounced on him and hugged him.

"You keep popping up in the strangest of ways Bilbo Baggins and I LOVE IT!" he shushed me while barely containing a smile and then we were freed and running toward the… basement?