Slender Terror: The Attack

Ignoring the blood pouring from my battered feet, I peeked out from behind a sapling to see the dark figure bent over her body. Breathing heavily, I ducked from tree to tree, my survival being more important than protecting us both. I groped for my walkie-talkie, but remembered it was sitting in my backpack a good half-mile away. My only options were to keep running and hope I reached the highway or grab Caitlin's cell phone and call the police. I spun around to begin my trek back and promptly froze. A blood-curling shriek escaped my lips. Clothed in a black tuxedo, the figure stood barely an arm's length away. Terror washed over me. Limbs reached out to prevent escape. Nausea grew; bile rose into my mouth. Hot, salty tears leaked from my eyes and slowly slid down my face. I tried to run. Mid-step a snow-white hand grabbed my shoulder. I put forth the energy to attack, to prove that I would not go down without a fight. None of my resilience could prevent me from sensing faint. My last sight was the blank face of the Slender Man.


Sunlight pouring through the thick canopy of leaves brought me back to consciousness. I stumbled back to our campsite. Wasn't I doing something? I thought. Dewdrops coated everything, including our backpacks. A rabbit slept in my sleeping bag. The fire was nothing more than ash and charred wood. Caitlin was not in her sleeping bag, her backpack untouched. A strong sense of paranoia concerning the forest was the only thing that remained. I had no idea why. I grabbed a walkie-talkie and began the search for my friend. Every so often I would page her, hoping to hear a buzz in return, but to no avail. After some time scrutinizing the surrounding woods, I tripped over something obstructing an otherwise clear pathway. I glanced down. The object was Caitlin's boot. She lay in a position showing she passed out trying to clamber away. As I prepared to drag her to safety, I saw a face in the branches. Just recognizing the face brought another round of unconsciousness.

We awoke within seconds of each other. We were no longer the naïve, innocent teenagers we once were. The sightings had changed us. Our mentality was not our own. We had adopted personas not unlike those in classic horror films or historic killing sprees. Now the world had something to fear.

Over time our old selves completely disappeared. We partook in crimes and babbled gibberish to whomever would listen. We even went as far as smuggling illegal weapons and drugs. The Slender Man occasionally showed himself to us. With each sighting our crimes escalated, quickly gaining the complexity and splendor of those in the comics we both loved. I don't know how Caitlin felt, but as my sanity dropped, I began to hallucinate my favorite things from another time coming to life. Projections would pop up, play through, and disappear as suddenly as they came. Was I insane? My answer would be, "Hell yes!"

Time passed. To keep the source of our madness out of our minds, we spent every waking moment formulating new ways to terrorize the world. One of those plans brought us back to the home of the Slender Man. The plan was too unearthly to fathom by anybody but us. It fell into place. I congratulated Caitlin. Before everything could begin a dark figure stepped out of the shadows. Caitlin hushed me and pointed.

"This can't go on," the police officer growled from his spot next to a tree.

"What can't go on, Officer? We're just causing some mayhem." I laughed. How everything fell into place was gold in my sick, twisted mind.

"The crime spree." With that, more cops came into sight, quickly closing into a tight circle.

My first instinct was to run. Caitlin followed faithfully, not nearly as fast. The police easily caught up. Through my maniacal laughter I heard the word "asylum," a telltale sign we had truly lost all sanity. We were no match for the police and they dragged us to their cars. The sunset closely resembled the one of the night when we first encountered the Slender Man. His face showed a final time, symbolizing our fate. Our torment was finally over.