Louise's cursed souls

Chapter 1

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Opening a portal to the shinigami's stomach

Louise was nervous, today would be the day were she either proved that she was a real mage or the day were she proved that she really was a zero she hoped it would be the later.

She also really hoped that she would be able to successfully complete the summoning ritual on her first try.

An hour later Louise was standing was standing near the summoning circle and seemingly had gotten cold feet since she didn't say anything when Professor Colbert asked if anyone hadn't summoned a familiar yet.

She only came forward when Kirche told Professor Colbert she hadn't summoned yet Colbert confirmed that she hadn't tried yet and said that she may begin, Louise then began to chant her summoning spell.

(Inside the Shinigami's stomach)

4 human and a half fox half human are sitting around a table playing poker, they all show their cards and the oldest looking of the humans win, the one who looks the youngest then take a paper and read aloud. "Before this game SarutobiĀ“s score was 71023 now it 711023.

"Ok I lost 50 points". (kyubi folded and didn't lose anything Hashirama also folded so he didn't lose anything either) "That means that my score goes from -100020 to -10070 and Tobirama goes from 20 to -30 well let's play another round".

Then suddenly they heard a voice begin to chant.

My servant that existed somewhere in this vast universe.

When the first sentence finished a green portal appeared.

My divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant.

They all began to look at the portal.

Heed my call, I wish from very bottom of my heart answer to my guidance and appear.

After the chanting stopped the portal fully stabilized, Minato then said "if I aren't wrong that's some kind of summoning portal, if we step thought that we might get out of here but we will probably have to serve someone, personally I'm going to step though it, who's with me being a servant is bound to be more fun than playing poker for a second century".

"I agree with Minato I have been retired long enough" said Sarutobi.

Hashirama and Tobirama said together "we also agree", the kyubi just took his true form but only grew to the size of an elephant.

Minato said, "We have to step though the portal together if we don't it might close while only one of us has gotten though".

Hop up on my back said kyubi that will make sure we all get though.

They then all got on kuybi's back, when they were all ready the kyubi ran though the portal, a moment later the portal closed, but not before two severed white arms managed to hop though it.

Authors note

I have had this idea for a long time and decided to try writing a story based on it hope you like it I probably won't follow canon that closely since Louise summoned 5 beings who could each kill Saito at full power in less than 10 seconds without even trying (only one of them will be marked as a familiar the rest will just be hanging around because they don't want to leave one of their friends of the last several centuries).

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