Louise's cursed souls

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Chapter 2 a monster fox and some arms

Louise was beginning to get a little irritated, she had actually done the ritual properly creating a green giant portal at least twice the size of the one Tabitha made, and she got a dragon.

At first she had been simply ecstatic thinking about what would come though her portal, but now it had been 10 minutes since it had been made and still it was just there.

Normally it took 3 minutes max for a summoning to be over with, so Louise was beginning to think that something might be wrong with her portal.

When suddenly the portal blew up damn up that wasn't supposed to happen, yet it always did for her, she hated how her spells always self-destructed.

She were about to ask professor Colbert if she could try again, when the smoke cleared and she saw a giant fox with nine tails swaying behind it and four humans on its back.

Then the fox let out a roar and asked "who is it that have summoned us here" Louise then stepped forward and said that it was her that summoned them.

"Well then child I assume I will have to thank you then, it was getting rather boring just sitting and playing poker in the shinigami's stomach, its only fun to play that game for so many years before it gets boring ,,,, and hundred is definitely too many".

"But anyway I believe that you asked for a servant of some sort, if you want me to destroy a village or even a nation then that's fine with me.

But I'm not doing your laundry or things like that, and I think my friends on my back agree with me.

After all they were all great warriors and leaders in their previous lives"

"So let me get this right, I have summoned a nine tailed fox that have the power to destroy a country, and four former leaders of something, who are also great warriors.

That's great this time no one will be able to say I failed, but as far as I know you can only have 1 familiar".

"You are correct miss Louise, its rare but not unheard of to summon more than 1 being with the summoning ritual, in those cases there is a simple spell that can show which being is destined to be your familiar, and which being or in this case beings just hitched a ride with the portal.

It's actually very simple just put you wand on the pentagram, and "say pentagram of the five powers show me which of the beings I have brought forth is my destined familiar" the one you're supposed to bind will then begin to glow".

Louise did that and the up until now unseen severed arms began to glow. Just kidding here is the real deal.

Louise used the spell and the kyubi began to glow, which made Louise smile since she would get the, in her mind most incredible of all the beings she summoned as her familiar.

"Oh I see I'm the one supposed to become this familiar being thing, fine then it's still much better to be here than in the shinigami's stomach playing poker ,,,, I was losing anyways ,,,, so what am I supposed to do now?"

"Bow you head down so I can reach it, I will do the rest", Louise said the kyubi did that and Louise did the required chant and kissed the kyubi.

"Hm my leg is beginning to feel a little warm if I wasn't a being made of energy this would probably hurt is this supposed to happen?"

"Yes don't worry it's just the familiar runes inscribing themselves it will be over soon I do however have a problem, your too big to fit in my room can you sleep outside for now?"

"I could do that, but I'm supposed to protect you so I will just shrink down to a normal fox's sixe"

Just after the kyubi said that one of the students finally noticed the severed arms since they had bumped into her trying to crawl away she then proceeded to scream and faint.

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