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Black Day

It was the morning of Regulus party and Harry was busy wrapping up a present for the boy, overseen by Iggy.
He was feeling a bit nervous about visiting Grimmauld place again, could he really pretend to never have been there before.
He was also feeling rather apprehensive about being in the same house as the real Mrs Black, rather than the painting which was terrifying enough.

There was a sudden bang from next door and Harry sighed heavily.
James's cross mutterings could be heard through the bedroom wall a short moment later and Harry sighed again. They'd been looking through the booklist from their Hogwarts letters the night before, when the talk of homework had been brought up.
James had forgotten to finish his summer homework, even though he'd promised to have it finished before Regulus party.
It was one of the conditions of being able to visit the Blacks and James had tried everything to get out of having to finish it before going.

"Are you ready Harry?" Charlus asked, popping his head into the room.

Harry nodded and grabbed the present he'd prepared for Regulus and walked towards his dad.
"Is James finished?" Harry asked hopefully, pretty sure of the answer.

Charlus shook his head and sighed as there was another loud bang from James room.
"Dorea will bring him when he's finished his homework." He said, motioning for Harry to start moving.

"I'll be back before you know it, just pop over if you want to." Harry said, glancing at Iggy who gave him a tired look.
Harry frowned, wondering if he should leave his friend so near to a burning day.
"What if there is a problem?" Harry asked Charlus, who gave him a soft smile.

"I'm sure Iggy will be fine for the evening, we'll be back again before you know it." His dad said, making him blush a little. Harry gave Iggy a last look before leaving his bedroom.

James peeked out from his room, looking glum.
"Are you leaving now?" He asked, looking even more down at Harry's nod.
"Just hurry up and get it done, please!" Harry urged, making James nod before returning to his desk.
Harry glanced at the floor in his brothers room, which was littered with books, James had obviously taken out his frustration on them.

"Come on then Harry, let's be off." Charlus said, giving Harry a soft push forwards the stairs.
Harry sighed heavily, he really didn't want to go on his own, he was sure to get loads of attention about being the new Potter boy.
Dorea gave them a wave as they left the house and Harry followed his father down the lane.

They appeared with a crack in front of a row of familiar houses.

Harry eyed his godfathers visible family home in surprise before turning to eye his father, who was digging through his pockets.
"Have a look at this note Harry and memorise the text." Charlus instructed, handing Harry a small card.
The noble house of Black, Number twelve Grimmauld Place. Was written ornamentally in green ink, on the thick cream card.
Harry glanced again at the, still very visible, house and then nodded at his father's expectant look.
Charlus led the way up towards the shiny black door and pressed the doorbell. Harry, who was lost in thought wondering how he could see the house, made it to the door just in time to see it open.

"Charlus and young Harry, how nice to see you both! Please enter our home and feel welcome." Mr Black greeted.
Charlus smiled broadly whilst Harry eyed Sirius father suspiciously. Surely he was acting far too welcoming, Sirius had always given him the impression that his parents were anything but welcoming.

"Nice to see you so soon again Orion, I have brought you your books back, thank you ever so much for the loan, they were just what I was looking for." Charlus said, handing over a couple of books to Mr Black, who looked very pleased.

"One can never be too careful, when it comes to wards and safety." He said, patting the books softly.
Harry scowled, figures the wards his father had been working on came from here, no wonder they'd tried to kill him earlier in the summer.
"And how are you, young Harry? Having a productive summer so far?" Mr Black asked, making Harry quickly school his expression into a more neutral one.

"The holiday has been very good so far, sir. Thank you for inviting us to your son's party." Harry said politely.

"And where is James and Dorea? I hope that they are well?" Mr Black asked, making Charlus sigh. Harry didn't think Mr Black looked too worried but allowed it to pass without comment.

"I am afraid James failed to finish his school work in the agreed upon time and is as we speak putting the last touches to them. He and Dorea should be here shortly, we agreed that James should be made aware that an agreement is made to be upheld by both sides." Charlus said, pulling a hand through his hair tiredly.

Mr Black eyed him knowingly.
"Indeed, Sirius was given a similar choice in the beginning of the holiday and chose to finish his work on time. I assume that Harry here, held his part of the agreement?" Mr Black asked, eyeing Harry expectantly.

"Yes sir, I finished all the work earlier in the summer, I didn't see any point in leaving it until last minute." Harry answered. Besides the work had been really easy to do and Harry had assumed that James had finished his as well as Harry had offered to help his brother, who'd said he'd finished too.

"Good boy! Well, both the boys are upstairs, on the fourth floor. Why don't you join them?" Mr Black suggested.
Harry glanced at his dad and then led the way upstairs with the adults following.

Mr Black and his dad entered the drawing room on the first floor and left him to climb the rest of the stairs on his own.
He marvelled at the difference in the house compared to the last time he'd been there. He was used to it looking scruffy and unkempt but as he slowly made it upstairs he took in the immaculate interior.
The snakes, which decorated almost everything, gleamed in the gas light and Harry was very tempted to bend down and touch the lush carpet underfoot.
He made it upstairs under the wakeful gaze of several deceased Black portraits, none who seemed very talkative thankfully.

The door to Sirius room stood open and Harry spied the boy in question lying on his bed reading a magazine.

"Harry! Finally, I've been waiting for you guys for ever!" Sirius exclaimed, noticing Harry hovering in the doorway.
"Where's James?" He asked, peering into the landing for his best friend.

"He's at home finishing his homework, he'll be here any moment though." Harry said, with a reassuring smile.

"I finished my homework ages ago." Sirius said, sounding surprised.

"Yes, me too." Harry said, glancing around the room curiously.
Sirius had definitely put his mark on the room, with a Gryffindor banner hanging above his bed and numerous Quidditch posters on the wall. It didn't look as if it belonged with the rest of the house to be honest.

"Hi Harry." Regulus said, having appeared in the doorway, eying Harry intently.

"What do you want?" Sirius sneered, making Regulus stiffen.

"Hi Regulus, congratulations on getting the letter, I have something for you." Harry said, ignoring Sirius completely.
He held out the parcel he'd wrapped before leaving and watched as Regulus accepted it somewhat suspiciously.

The boy carefully removed the paper before giving Harry a small smile.
"Thank you, it's great." He said, opening the covers of Hogwarts a History. Harry smiled back, relieved that the younger boy liked the gift.

Sirius eyed the book with a bored look.
"There got your gift, you can leave my room now." He said, glaring at his brother.

Harry frowned at the tone he was using, seriously, did he have to be so rude.
"So are you excited about going to Hogwarts, must be really fun the closer we get right?" Harry asked, thus stopping Regulus from leaving the room.
The boy eyed Sirius once before glancing back towards Harry with a small smile.

"I'm really looking forwards to September first, we're getting all our stuff after Sirius party, which will be great as I can't wait to get all my books." Regulus answered, leaning against Sirius desk.

"So who all are coming today?" Harry asked curiously, making Regulus straighten.
Sirius sighed loudly but was ignored by the both of them and finally lounged back on his bed with the magazine.

"Well, pretty much all of the family and I invited your friend Severus too." Regulus said, eyeing Harry expectantly.

"We'll be surrounded by evil Slytherin's basically." Sirius muttered from behind the paper.

"Better than a bunch of Gryffindorks!" Regulus quipped, making Sirius sit up with a glare.

A loud crack announced the arrival of Kreacher, who bowed before them, breaking the brothers sneering match.
"Master Black is wanting all the young masters to come to the drawing room, where guests are waiting." Kreacher intoned, gravelly.

"Thank you." Regulus said softly, giving Kreacher a fond look.
Sirius sneered at them all before pushing his way past the elf.
Regulus and Harry followed him downstairs and watched as his face went from glum to delighted at the sight of James.

"And here he is, the latest Black prodigy! Come and greet your grandfather!" An old man ordered at the sight of Regulus entering the room.

"Hello grandfather, lovely to see you again, sir." Regulus said, embracing the man, Harry observed as several Galleons made it into Regulus pocket before the two broke apart.

"Nice to see you again Mr Potter." Harry turned and spotted a very pleased looking Lucius Malfoy.

"Mr Malfoy, nice to see you as well." Harry greeted before eyeing the blond woman standing slightly behind him.

"Oh, allow me to introduce my mother. Mother this is Harry Potter a promising student at school." Lucius introduced, ignoring his mother's glare.

"Mrs Malfoy, a pleasure." Harry hurried to say, as she didn't seem inclined to say anything at all.
She gave him an intent look before sending her son another glare. She sniffed once and then moved away from them to join the gaggle of women standing on one side of the room.

"Don't take it personally, she and my father are supporters of the man you've managed to single handedly annoy." Lucius said lightly.

"And you, are you a supporter of his too?" Harry asked, throwing caution to the wind.

"I have decided to wait and see, for now my time is taken up with the muggleborn educations bill. Besides, you do have a point about power and the way it is used. My parents are being understanding about my choice." Lucius said, looking around the room regally.
Harry glanced at Mrs Malfoy, who eyed her son with a rather fierce look in her eyes and felt that Malfoy might be taking their understanding a tad too lightly.

"Is your father here too?" Harry asked, looking around for another blond in the sea of brunettes and blacks.

"My father has unfortunately been taken ill." Lucius said, with a strange look in his eyes.

"I'm sorry." Harry mumbled, as even someone like Lucius was bound to feel sad at a parent's sudden illness.
Lucius nodded his thanks and excused himself at the appearance of Narcissa further in the room.

"…he's a Ravenclaw with very high marks in all of his classes. " Harry turned and eyed Andromeda black, Narcissa's older sister, who stood talking quietly to her mother.

"And still a filthy mudblood, you will not continue to see this boy. Do you understand me?" Her mother hissed, making Andromeda's eyes darken.

"I don't care about all that blood crap anyway!" Andromeda hissed back.

Her mother stiffened furiously.
"We will talk about this when we return home, this is not the time nor the place for a conversation such as this." She sneered, stepping away from her daughter who looked ready to pull her wand.

Harry slowly moved away and meandered through the crowd towards his parents before being un-ceremonially pulled behind a curtain.

"I'll kill you, slowly for wha…" Harry coughed at the sudden tight grip around his neck and blinked when it disappeared just as quickly.

Bellatrix Black, eyed him furiously, whilst Mr Black gave her stunned body a dark look.
"In my home you stupid child and against one of my guest." He hissed, before glancing at Harry.
He raised his wand and made the pain in Harry's neck go away. Harry's now slightly rumpled robe became crease free and Harry swallowed hard, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the suddenness of the attack.

"My niece will no longer be attending the party Harry, neither will she be causing you any more grief." Mr Black said with dark promise.
"I do apologise for her repeated, disgusting actions and hope you won't hold it against the family." He added seriously. Harry swallowed again and quickly made it out from behind the curtain with a last look at the two Black's.

"So you're the new Potter boy, stand up straight and let me have a look at you!" A man ordered, grabbing hold of Harry's shoulders.
Harry stiffened, really not up for more attacks, before noticing Sirius and James, who snickered evilly at his predicament.

"This is my uncle Alphard, he's super cool!" Sirius introduced, making the man smile broadly.

"I'll make you my heir, just for that Sirius!" The man exclaimed, patting Sirius on the head fondly.
Harry, whose heart still beat far too quickly to be normal, nodded at the man somewhat distractedly as he tried to spot Mr Black and Bellatrix.
He didn't see either of them but did spot Severus and another Slytherin, Evan Rosier talking in a corner.

They were all invited into the dining room where a feast had been laid out on the table.
Harry didn't relax again, until Mr Black returned minus Bellatrix and everyone was seated.
He was wondering where the crazy Black had been left but felt reassured that he'd be going home again after the meal.

Sirius uncle Alphard was a real character and Harry could see where Sirius may have gone right.
The man clearly adored his nephew and spent the meal flicking his wand in the boy's direction, moving Sirius food around on the plate for him to chase with his fork. He only stopped whenever Mrs Black happened to be glancing his way.

Regulus was clearly the more sedate of the brothers and Harry spotted more than one adult in the room eyeing his straight posture and good table manners appreciatively. Whereas Sirius sat with his elbows on the table, waving his knife in the air to punctuate a point he was making to the smiling James.

Harry turned his head at Narcissa's low laugh and gave her and her company a slow perusal.
Narcissa was seated between Lucius and her sister Andromeda.
Harry still couldn't get over how alike Andromeda was to Bellatrix.

Andromeda was poking the food on her plate somewhat absentmindedly before catching Harry staring at her. She then straightened and looked around the table to see if anyone else was watching her.

Harry turned his eye on Severus and Evan, who were seated on his right.
"I still say muggles are stupid." Evan hissed under his breath, making Harry roll his eyes.
Every time Harry met the other boy, he seemed to be having the same conversation. He was hung up on muggles being stupid, clearly he'd been brainwashed at birth.
Harry really didn't understand how Severus could stand the same conversation, day in and day out down in the Slytherin common room. But then he mostly hung around Avery or the Gryffindor gang, so maybe he didn't have to listen to it too much.
Severus eyed Harry, who rolled his eyes, darkly.

"Hey Evan, did you know that muggles have gone to the moon?" Harry whispered, making the boy stare at him in surprise.

"How? With a broom? Oh, that's right they have no magic." Evan snorted, after a moment of thought, clearly not believing Harry.

"No, they use rockets." Severus said quietly, making Evan turn his head slightly.

The boy then eyed him with narrowing eyes.
"I don't know what that is, but it's probably something stupid." He sniffed, turning his nose up in the air.

Harry eyed him a moment before smiling crookedly.
"Do you know what an aeroplane is?" Harry asked, making the other boy frown.

"Another stupid muggle contraption? Why would I care?" Evan asked, glaring at Harry.

"Well I find it interesting that muggles are clever enough to build things that travel to the moon and that they can fly hundreds of people from one country to another in one go. I mean how many people can you fit on a broom and fly to France?" Harry asked.
Evan sneered at him and turned his head the other way without an answer, leaving Harry to shrug at Severus, who eyed him with a tired look.
The other boy was clearly, very easily offended.

Harry and the Potters returned home later in the evening after a tiring party and Harry made it straight for Iggy, who gave him a sleepy stare before popping his head back under his wing, still looking scruffy and old.
"Be like that then, not like I wanted to tell you about Bellatrix trying to kill me again." Harry muttered, scowling when he failed at getting a reaction from the phoenix.

He hadn't mentioned the incident to his parents, not wanting to cause a fuss, he also hoped that Mr Black meant what he promised about Bellatrix not attacking him anymore.
He had a restless night full of strange dreams, where Bellatrix pushed him against walls and laughed manically.

The next morning Harry made it down to the kitchen bleary eyed.
He glanced at his parents who stood smiling at him, feeling somewhat confused and wondered if his hair stood up more than usual. James looked ready to pop in his seat, barely able to stay on the chair.

"Harry guess what! We're going to France! After breakfast!" James exclaimed excitedly, pointing at a note in the middle of the table that said, eat up because we're going to France.
"Come on, stuff it in, I want to visit the beach." James added, handing Harry a bread roll. Harry eyed the roll and then his parents.

"France? The beach?" He asked, taking a bite of the roll. Dorea laughed and came forward to give him a hug.

"You're a bit slower than usual darling, clearly the party yesterday tired you out." She mumbled into his hair.
"We wanted to get away for a bit, but we will be back in time for Sirius birthday party!" She promised, giving James a look. Clearly he'd already questioned the issue.

Said and true, they left by the use of portkey after breakfast. Harry eyed the golden key in his dads hand, disgustedly from the ground where he'd landed. His parents and James all eyed him surprised before his father helped him stand up.

James burst into laughter, making Harry glare at him too.
"I hate portkeys, they're stupid, evil things!" Harry snapped, before spotting the beach and going speechless at the white sand and the turquoise water.
Iggy, who'd flashed over from England on his own, flew towards the cottage and started preening his scruffy feathers.
He was due a burning day at any moment but hadn't wanted to stay all alone in the Potters house.

"Last one in, is a flobberworm!" James called, tearing his t-shirt off. Harry quickly kicked his shoes off and ran into the water fully clothed.
"That's cheating!" James called angrily from the beach.

"Sorry, I don't speak flobber-wormish!" Harry called back, laughing at his own wit.
James proceeded in trying to drown him but eventually they settled for trying to find as many shells as they could to line up on the beach.

The time in France was the best holiday Harry had ever had, but then seeing as his only other proper holiday had been with the Dursley's out on a rock in the middle of a storm, he didn't think he had that much to compare with.

He and James had made friends with some of the local children, none of them English speaking and had barely seen their parents other than at dinner time. They went boating, cliff climbing, built epic sandcastles and learnt how to annoy sand gnomes.

James had teased Harry merciless about one of the girls, who'd taken to teaching him French, until said girl had given Harry a very thorough kiss in front of everybody.
James was now instead badgering him with questions, on how it had felt to be kissed by a girl.

Harry was rather shocked about the whole thing actually and still was, every time Claudette grabbed hold of him.
He'd tried to say no, due to the age difference, but she wouldn't listen. Not that he should feel too bad about it, seeing as she was fifteen and he supposedly twelve.
She cried all over him when it was time for the Potter's to return to England and Mrs Potter cried too at the sight of Harry getting a last smooch.
Young love and all that, she'd mumbled into her tissue. Harry just figured that girls were strange, no matter what age they were.

It was two sun kissed boys, that appeared in the park near to the Black's residence for Sirius birthday party.
Harry read the plaque on the fence surrounding the park in surprise.

The northwest London children's park
Donated by the noble House of Black for the enjoyment of all magical children.

Harry guessed that they really meant all pure blooded magical children.

He did wonder why Sirius never told anyone about the park before unless he, Harry, had been the only one not told due to the fear of Voldemort finding him.
He scowled darkly at the thought and eyed the lush greenery and the serene surroundings crossly. The park looked perfect and he loved it.

"Harry, come on!" James called, from a gazebo where Sirius sat lording over a table full of presents.
Harry slowly made it over, humming along to the song that was playing on the wireless.
The park was decked out for a party with floating balloons, a drinking fountain spouting pumpkin juice and buckets overflowing with sweets placed all over the large park.

"Happy birthday." Harry said, handing over the present of French sweets he'd bought.
Sirius ripped the paper off and sampled one of the sweets immediately.
He smiled at the taste and opened his mouth to say thank you, when a large flame shoot out instead of words.

James laughed wickedly and Sirius blinked looking rather shocked for a second before blowing out another flame, this time at the papers littering the ground around the table.
James stomped out the fire it caused and Sirius smiled at Harry again.
"That was wicked! Thank you so much!" He gushed, placing the lid back on the sweet box and carefully tucking it into his pocket for safe keeping. Harry grinned, having felt rather sure that the present was going to be appreciated.

"Hi Harry." Alice greeted, making him eye her in surprise.

"Sirius invited you, a girl, to the party?" Harry asked in an exaggerated voice, making her laugh.

"Yes, who would believe it, right. My cousin Hortensia Vane was invited and they said that I could come too. Lily wasn't invited though but Sirius sent her a nice letter explaining the issue with his family." Alice said, making Harry glance at Sirius fondly.

"Hi Harry, how are you?" Regulus asked, glaring at Alice as if to say beat it I'm here now.

"I'm good, how are you? You met Alice at my party right?" Harry introduced, pulling Alice closer to stop her from leaving at the rude greeting she was receiving from Sirius brother.

"Yes, hello." Regulus greeted shortly.
"Do you want to come and see my new broom Harry? My Grandfather gave it to me." Regulus asked, ignoring Alice and focusing completely on Harry.

"Do you want to see it?" Harry asked Alice, who glanced at the now openly scowling Regulus before shaking her head carefully.

"I'll come and see it later if that's ok, I haven't seen Alice since my party." Harry said lightly. Regulus nodded looking glum and shuffled off towards Severus.

"He's kind of intense isn't he? He looks so much like Sirius when he frowns like that." Alice commented, making Harry eye the younger boy again.

"I guess, so have you done anything fun since we last met?" Harry asked, making her smile.

"I bet it won't be as much fun as Harry had." James sing-songed, behind them.
"He was smooching this French girl all the time we were there. Kissy-kissy!" James teased, before running off with a squeal as Harry launched himself at his brother.
Sirius cheered for James to get away, whilst Harry deliberated on whether or not to grab Regulus new broom to aid him in the chase.

"Harry and Claudette sitting in a tree…" James called as he ran with Harry close on his heels.

"At least a girl actually wanted to kiss him, how many girls have you kissed James?" Frank asked, once Harry and James returned to the others, out of breath but smiling.

"How many girls have you kissed?" James countered.

"Loads!" Frank answered with a pleased grin. James face fell and he eyed Frank with an open mouth.
"There's just something lovely about girls, isn't there Harry? So soft and cuddly." Frank said dreamily, making Harry shrug uncomfortably at the sight of Alice red cheeks.

"I can get a girl to kiss me!" James said crossly, looking around.
He eyed Alice speculatively and frowned when she hurried towards her parents for safety before he even had a chance to say another word.
Both Frank and Harry burst into laughter at the look of dismay on James's face at her leaving.
"Snape hasn't kissed anyone!" James said, pointing at the boy in question as he walked towards them closely followed by Regulus.

"Actually he has." Frank said, making Severus glare at him.

"You swore you wouldn't say anything!" Severus hissed, making Frank shrug. James eyed the Slytherin in shock.

"Who? Who did you kiss?" He demanded to know, Sirius was eyeing the Slytherin in question too.
Harry rolled his eyes and got ready to change the topic, he really didn't want to know who Snape had kissed, as he had a vague idea who it might be.

"Look, why don't we play a game of hide and seek instead of just standing here." Regulus suggested, making Sirius glare.

"Nobody wants to play that!" Sirius sneered, making Regulus stiffen.
But as several affirmatives were called out, he changed his mind.
"Ok, Reg is the counter!" Sirius called, before running off.

Regulus sighed before closing his eyes and starting a countdown.

The rest of them gave each other a last look before spreading out in different directions.

Harry ran towards a group of trees at the edge of the park and hid behind the thickest trunk.
He could see Sirius climbing the gazebo and lying down on the top, completely hidden from view. James hid under one of the many tables, ignoring the looks of dismay from the adults seated around said table.
Alice hid behind a tree not far from where her parents stood and Severus was nowhere to be seen.
Frank had grabbed a hat from somewhere and stood out in the open, clearly counting on Regulus overlooking him.

Harry smiled when Regulus finally stopped counting and wondered if he should try to climb the tree he was hiding behind. He looked up and tried to gauge if he could reach the lowest branch when he heard a snap behind him.

"Got you." Was all the warning he got before he was dragged over the park fence and felt the compressing feeling of being apparated away.

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