Morning Dew

A/N: I don't own any of these characters they belong to TSE, RUG, and whoever else. Have fun .

An event that should have been stopped and never should have occurred, an endless battle between two families, between the two kingdoms. This had happened before, and hopefully will never happen again. A young princess captured by an evil knight and prince. Just to be tortured, abused, and maybe killed. A young knight off to save the princess, to capture her heart, and to save the day. A happy little love story, yet not this time. This time it is a little different. The tom that saves the queen doesn't capture her heart, but of another. This time is full of black magic, fires, so much stuff and more. This is the story, read on to your hearts desire.

On that cool spring day where the dew had just fallen and the land was just waking, fowl play was written and described in the husky air. The castle laid still, only servants and knights up and about. The king lay in his chambers, his dreams pleasant and beautiful. In the other two chambers should be his two daughters, sleeping soundly and quietly, dreaming of princes and knights. A small servant girl, her dark hair down to her shoulders, walked into the first bedroom, in her arms a container of water. She filled the wash pan with water and drew the thick curtains back, the sunlight filling the room. The oldest princess stirred and gave a soft moan of wakens. She tossed her braided scarlet hair over her shoulder, and stirred to cover her face from the light. She soon dozed off to sleep again. The servant girl made her way out of the room, her tail almost getting captured in the door, and made her way to the youngest daughter's room. A high-pitched scream echoed through out the castle, several other servants rushing to the scream of the young one.

A cream colored queen raced to the sleeping chambers of the princess. When she reaches it, the younger servant was in a heap on the ground. The elder looked up and almost screamed herself. The room was in shambles. The portraits of a fair queen were torn and shredded. The bed sheets were in a muddle, the curtains torn from their support. A broken water dish was in front of the young servant. The table where the wash pan was held at was toppled over, suggesting the princess put up a fight. How could all of this happen and no one notice was fowl. The older queen kneeled next to the small queen.

"Electra. Electra please, pull yourself together," said the elder, shaking Electra. The small servant clung to her.

"Miz Jellylorum. The princess is gone!" she said softly trying not to cry. Another young queen ran into the room.

"Miz Jelly! Miz Jelly! Exotica needs your assistance. I'll comfort Electra," said the queen, looking at Jellylorum then her hazel eyes trailed to Electra.

"All right Etcetera." said Jellylorum, dashing off to the kitchen to help with the need. Etcetera kneeled down next to the shaken Electra; her pulled up hair moving with her movement.

"What is King Deuteronomy going to say about this?" asked Electra, glancing up at her younger friend. Etcetera smoothed out her apron, and looked back at her friend.

"I do not know." Etcetera spoke softly, the words barely escaping her lips. Electra began to cry softly, the tears slowly sliding down her cheeks. Etcetera looked at the ground and began to think, think of something to cheer up her friend. "I have an idea. Lets go tell the knights about this!" Electra looked up at her friend, her vision blurred due to the tears.

"Why?" she croaked out, her slender fingers wiping the tears away.

"Because my dear friend, Knight Tugger is down there," said Etcetera, a broad smile on her face. The emerald eyes of the darker queen lit up, the tears stopping and a smile was born.

"Yes! Lets!" Electra piped up, the smile bigger and bigger. The two rose from the ground and dashed off to the Knights area.

Down in the knights' area, the smell of ale and rotten food filled the room. A couple of knights sat in the room, their armor on and everything. A tall black and tan one sat on the table, taking off his upper body armor releasing his full-grown mane. He looked in a mug of ale and straightened his curl of his hair. He laughed and slammed the mug down, a gray head snapping up. His misty gray orbs glances around tiredly at his companion. The mane one scratched behind his ear and slapped the gray one on the back. The gray one swiped at the mane on and laid his head back down on the table, his armor making noises as he did. A younger tom walked in, his helmet and upper body armor in his paws. The white tom with a black patch over his eye looked around. He sat his armor down, the gray one snapping his head up.

"Damnit, stop that noise!" hissed Munkustrap, shoving the armor off the table. The white and black one just looked at Munkustrap.

"God, someone is cranky," he muttered, gathering up his armor and setting it in a chair.

"You'd be tired too, Alonzo, if you were up all night." said the mane one, combing out his mane.

"Tugger... bugger off." muttered Munkustrap, setting his head back on the table. Tugger glared at Munkustrap.

"Now THAT was uncalled for." cooed Tugger, slapping Munkustrap on the back. Munkustrap groaned and swatted at Tugger.

The clicking of shoes echoed in the halls as the two queens made their way to the Knights area. They turned and busted in, Etcetera tripping over her own feet and tumbled to the ground. The three knights heads looked into their direction. Munkustrap groaned and threw his mug at the two queens, it hitting Electra in the leg. She fell forward and tumbled next to Etcetera. She began to whimper, Munkustrap groaning.

"So much noise. So much NOISE!" Munkustrap groaned, putting his hands on his head. Etcetera patted Electra's back and glanced at Munkustrap.

"What is with him sirs?" she asked softly, nodding in Munkustrap's direction. Tugger smiled a sexy smile and rested a paw on Etcetera's shoulder. A shiver went down her spine as he touched her shoulder, a soft purr coming to her throat.

"King Growltiger's Knights have been on a rampage burning down our villages. Munkustrap just got back from an all nighter. Course this village was a close one, not like a lot of them that would take days to get here and back. Lucky guy. Carbucketty, Tumblebrutus, and Rumpus already headed out to the far off villages a couple days ago." Tugger explained, his voice tender and soft. Etcetera got goose bumps from Tugger's voice, her little brain going full hyperness. She gave a purr and a small little smile at him. Tugger smiled and tickled under her chin. Munkustrap looked at Tugger.

"You can't flirt with the servants you jackass. Don't you know anything?" he muttered, wanting to throw more stuff. Tugger just laughed and glanced at Munkustrap.

"You stick in the mud." he purred and got up. Alonzo knelt next to Electra and put a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong kit?" he asked softly, his blue eyes looking into her emerald ones. Her lips parted, her bottom lip quivering. She tried to speak but nothing came out. Alonzo touched the queen's lips to steady them and then removed his finger. "Please?" She took a deep breath and blurted out everything.

"Princess Demeter! She's gone; her room is in a horrible muddle! Oh please Knight Alonzo! Please, we have to find her! It smells fowl, so fowl," she pleaded, grabbing his arm. Tugger's ears perked up.

"A horrible muddle? I'M SO THERE! Lets go! We have a lady to save and a muddle to see," said Tugger, dashing through the door. Suddenly Munkustrap was wide-awake and dashed off to Demeter's room. Alonzo helped Etcetera and Electra and soon followed. Electra looked at the dreamy look in Etcetera's eyes.

"He touched me..." she muttered and fainted, Electra catching her giggling.

A slim figure walked down the corridors of the castle, her light blue dress bringing out the softness in her white fur. Her bluish green eyes looked in front of her as she walked to the eldest daughter's room. The lady in waiting hummed softly to herself, wondering what the princesses would want of her today. She was hoping they would ask her to dance again; she loved dancing, especially for them, but more so for a certain black and white tom. She gave a small little sigh as she turned and walked into the chamber of the eldest Princess. She walked over to the dresser and removed the undergarments for the princess then fetched a ruby red dress with golden lining that tied in the front with golden colored laces, made of the finest silk. She spread them out over a chair and walked over to the princess and shook her gently.

"Princess. Princess Bombalurina please wake up," she said softly. The deep blue eyes of Bombalurina appeared and looked into the bluish green eyes of the lady in waiting. She yawned some and rose out of bed.

"Ah, good morning to you Victoria. Morning already?" she asked, slipping out of bed and dropping her nightdress. Victoria grabbed the rag and dipped it into the wash pan and began to wash Bombalurina off for her morning semi-washing. Once done, she dried her friend off and grabbed the clothes from where they had been waiting. She began to dress Bombalurina while she hummed softly. Bombalurina glanced at the white figure. "Have you been to see my sister yet Victoria?" she asked. Victoria lifted Bombalurina's arms up.

"No I haven't yet ma'am, I always tend to you first, you know that," she said, tying the strings of the undergarments. Bombalurina nodded as Victoria put the dress on her, tying the front as well.

"Of course I do young one but... I sometimes get the feeling you see her first as times, come to me, then go back to her. Why is that Victoria?" asked the curious Bombalurina, sitting in a chair waiting to be brushed. Victoria blushed some, running the brush through the scarlet hair with black and orange highlights.

"Yes. Yes ma'am I do that at times. Demeter is my best friend princess, she is just so kind." explained Victoria, brushing the silky hair. Some strands slipped through her fingers as Bombalurina smiled.

"And I am not dear one?" she asked, smirking as Victoria braided her hair. Victoria blushed more as she braided.

"Oh no, you are kind as well, yet it seems Demeter is closer in age to me than you so we share a lot of stuff." explained Victoria, tying the waist length braid. She grabbed a red diadem and placed it around Bombalurina's head and held up the mirror for her.

"I'm yet again beautiful, thank you my dear." said Bombalurina, straitening her bangs in the mirror and waved a hand for Victoria to leave. Victoria nodded to Bombalurina, and made her way out of the chambers. As she walked to Demeter's room, she saw three knights running into the room. She tilted her head as a mane one stood at the door. She walked over to him and he stood in front of the door.

"Excuse me. I need to get through," she said softly. Tugger smiled and put an arm around the lady in waiting. She blushed softly and tried to get past him.

"You can't go in there my dear," he said softly. Victoria looked up at him.

"Why do you say that sir?" she asked. Tugger bit his lip and sighed.

"Demeter's been kidnapped." he said quietly. The bluish green orbs of the white queen went wide, and the small figure broke away from Tugger. She raced into the room and skidded to a halt. Munkustrap and Alonzo were searching around the room, looking for any traces. The room began to spin, and a loud thud was heard. Alonzo looked up and noticed a white and blue heap on the floor. He raced over to her and shook her gently. Tugger just looked at her. "She fainted." Alonzo nodded and picked her up.

"We have to tell King Deuteronomy," said Alonzo softly, looking at the fainted queen in his arms "We have to tell him Princess Demeter has been kidnapped."

A cruel laugh was heard near the Desdemona Forest. A black stallion in the dressings of the kingdom of King Growltiger and Queen Griddlebone stood outside the forest, his head bobbing up and down. In the arms of the armored knight, a queen with long black hair with golden and deep red highlights. He purred softly, looking at the queen in his arms. He looked at the forest that would save him a day and a half if he went through them. It would only take him a day and a half to get back to the kingdom than three days like normal. He just purred.
"Soon Princess Demeter." he purred softly, looking down at her, lifting his helmet off his head, his hair gingery colored. His deep ginger eyes looked at her. "You'll be mine," he said softly, the queen sleeping soundly. He pulled the reigns to the right and kicked with his left foot and the stallion galloped into the haunting forest that howled to be left alone.


Warm embers crackled, flames dancing to their own little tune. Scream of terror, agony, and surprise. Crying of the innocent rang in her ears, the crying of her sister and the sound and smell of burning fur. Blinded by the tears she ran through the hell given place, flames grabbing at her. Stay, stay, and don't go, cried the flames that waltzed with the wind. Run dear child run, shouted the wind. She ran, the cry of the innocent behind her, tears blurring her vision. She collapsed to the hot ground, flames starting to engulf her. She cried out. STOP PLEASE! Leave thee be! She tried to her up, fire catching onto her dress. She screamed and tried to put it out which was hard since it was all around her. The light of the flames lighted her body up with beautiful golds, oranges and reds. She got up and began to run again.
The queen ran and ran, the small town not seeming to stop at all. She skidded to a halt when a burning beam from a local shop topples down onto the ground, embers jumping at her. She jumped; squeaking softly with surprised and ran out the burning beam crashing down behind her. She ran and collapsed. She breathed deeply, surprised to smell clean air. She looked through her blurred vision and noticed she had made it out. Her sister! She stumbled to her feet and turned around. She had to save her sister, her mother, and brother. She ran towards the village but came to a halt when she heard the galloping of hooves and a knight in horseback stopping her. She hissed softly.

"Please move! I need to help my family," she said looking up at the knight. He looked at her; his chestnut eyes matched the patch over his right eye. He shook his head.

"I'm not allowed to do that. I have to look after you now," he said, still looking down at her. She shivered gently at that look. The knight looked up and motioned to the other two knights to start to carry water from the stream to the little town to put it out. He looked back down at her. "If you want to help, help carry water." he told her. She looked away. Her family was probably dead by now, because of that knight. She looked at the sky, the sun slowly rising. Dawn was almost here, and neither she nor the knights knew about the crime that had happened that very night.

The queen sat in the meadow before the simmering village. It was now around eight in the morning, and the skirt part of her dress was soaking with water. Her arms were sore from carrying bucket after bucket to the village to try to put it out. She rubbed her upper arms and moaned softly. Her arms could not bare the work. The knights' stallions bucked their heads up and down, letting out loud neighs of frustrations. They felt like running around and bucking, not standing put and doing nothing. The soft wind blew and teased the young queens hair, her hair fluttering gently and brushing against her cheek. Her whole body felt cold to her, even though it was her regular temperature. She just stared at the gray smoke that lifted from the village like ghosts leaving their body. She shivered gently, casting her sight down to the ground. A hand fell upon her shoulder and she looked up. The knight who had stopped her looked down at her. Her bright hazel eyes looked away, still upset about what he did.

"You can go find your family if you wish," he said. Her little body rose from the ground and began to walk to the burned village. She stopped on the outside and bit her lip. Fear built up inside her. She shook her head, ignoring the voices in her head. She held her head up high. She had to believe her family was still alive, that she wasn't the only one to survive. As her vision began to blur, she ran into the village shouting "Mother!"

The king stirred in his sleep, memories flooding his dreams. He stirred, trying to rid his mind of sorrow, hate, and lust. His memories were interrupted when the curtains were drawn and his dreams turned to light. His deep gray eyes squinted due to the light. He made out three figures standing there; one seemed to be extra long across as if it was holding a log or something.

"Are you here to start my fire dear servants?" his deep husky voice asked.

"No sir, we are not your servants." rang a voice, the figure coming and kneeling next to the bed. The hands of the figure laid on the bed and the King looked at the figure. It was not a servant but Sir Munkustrap, his head bowed before him. His eyes darted over to Sir Tugger who stood there, and Sir Alonzo who was holding the lady in waiting Victoria. The king sat up, his drowsy mind drifting away and a mind of clear crystal replaced it.

"What is the matter, what has happened, are my daughters safe?" he covered all the subjects he could think of that time, hoping it was none of the above. Munkustrap looked to Tugger who just motioned for him to say what had token place. Munkustrap bit his lip and addressed his king.

"Princess Demeter has been captured. We do not know how it could have happened, for there are guards around her room twenty-four seven, but it seemed either the guards had disappeared or had just been lazy last night for there were none anywhere this morning when the servants found your daughter missing sir. Her room was in shambles. We've tried to find her, but we have failed to this moment." Deuteronomy was furious and sad. His youngest daughter was missing, guards not doing their duty, and nightmares just overwhelmed the king's head. He gripped the sheets of his bed in his hands and bit his lip.

"Have you sent out a search party yet, do you know who took my daughter?" blurted out Deuteronomy as calmly as he could.

"No, not yet sir we thought..." began Munkustrap who was interrupted suddenly.

"THEN GET TO IT! Its your hides if you can not find my daughter, get out, get out now!" bellowed Deuteronomy pointing to his door. Munkustrap got to his feel quickly as if he had been burned on the knees and bowed slightly, and dashed out the door, Alonzo and Tugger following him. Deuteronomy just sat there, head in his hands. What was he to do? What was he to do?

The knights filtered into the Knights area and collapsed onto chairs. Alonzo sat Victoria gently on a chair, and brushed some of her white hair over her shoulder. He sat and looked at the ground. They all were worried about Princess Demeter, Munkustrap the most since he loved her.
Yet Alonzo questioned his fellow knight's love for the Princess. He never tried to do anything special for her, like bring her flowers or chocolates like Tugger did for Princess Bombalurina. His mother told him how her husband's dad picked her due to her hard working, and the dowry her father had gave. Alonzo just shook his head. He shouldn't question the love of his friend no matter how much it seemed he didn't love her. His thoughts broke when he heard a soft moan. The Lady in Waiting was finally waking up from her faint. Her clouded blue eyes looked around, confused to why she was in a room with three knights. Alonzo walked over to her and knelt down.

"Are you alright Victoria?" he asked quietly. She nodded, sitting straight in her chair; her blue eyes clear of confusedness as of that moment. That did not last long as they were glossy and wobbly. Alonzo pulled the white queen close, letting her cry into his chest.

"Princess Demeter. My best friend." she sobbed, cried harder and harder. Alonzo tried to calm the queen down as best as he could, looking at the other knights for help.

Etcetera was washing the floor while Electra depoded the peas. While Etcetera was in her sweet land of happy thoughts, Electra was in a totally different place. She had many things on her mind, so many things she wanted to do. She wanted to escape, get away of the place of confinement. She wanted to be free. Yet she couldn't. She had nowhere to go but to be a kitchen kitten. She was an orphan, found by Deuteronomy on his ride on day in the countryside, when all was peaceful times. He decided to turn her over to Jellylorum, to raise her and train her. He also found Etcetera, another obstacle in her way. She couldn't leave Etcetera, she was her best friend. She couldn't leave her to be by herself. Etcetera wouldn't leave anyway; she was to attach to the palace and Tugger. She just couldn't leave her. She sighed, dropping a pea to the ground, and looked up at the ceiling.

Etcetera was humming, still hyped up about Tugger touching her. She was off in her own little dream world, filled with clouds and Tugger. A soft sigh came from her lips, as she was on her hands and knees cleaning the floor. She twirled on her knees; her eyes closed, and began to clean again bumping into the legs of Electra. Electra screamed, Etcetera knocking her legs from under her, the peas escaping and clashing into the ground. Electra lay on her back, a whole bunch of peas scattered across the floor and herself, her legs propped up against the body of Etcetera. Etcetera bit her lip, an expression of 'oops' on her face. A soft growl came from Electra's throat as a figure approached them.

"Etcetera! Electra! What has happened here?!" exclaimed Jellylorum, the other servants watching on.

"Etcetera did it all! I was shelling the peas and she took my legs out from under me!" spat Electra, angry and frustrated. A half an hours worth of peas were on the floor!

"You weren't paying attention when I did that. If you did you would have caught yourself." protested Etcetera. Electra never tattled on her, they always took the blame together and usually got out of things. Jellylorum sighed.

"Lets just hope Deuteronomy doesn't find out since I should punish you, but I have the heart not to. Just do not do it again. If I get beaten because of you two, you will not be able to sit down for a week, understand?" she asked, a soft growl to her words. The kittens nodded, fearful of what might happen. Jellylorum left and went back to looking after everyone. Electra and Etcetera looked at each other. They busted out into giggles and hugged each other. They could never stay mad at each other for very long, no matter what the situation. They smiled and went back to their duties. Exotica had been watching and sighed. She hated it here. She looked at the letter in her paws. She kissed it and held it to her chest. 'Soon,' she thought, 'soon I hope.'

The wind blew roughly, tossing the matted hair in the wind. Dust and ashes danced in circles around the walking figure as it moved through the ghost like town. Bodies, bodies everywhere, laying everywhere burnt so badly you couldn't tell who they were. Very few cats were standing and looking around. They were burnt badly like the others, but they where still alive. At lest she wasn't the only one alive. She ran to a heap on the ground and fell to her knees, ashes rising up to the sky like they had been called by God to come and see him. The figure was barely breathing, most of her fur burnt off of her. The queen in her arms looked exactly like herself just a little bit different fur patterns. They were twins, and they both were hurting deep inside. The oldest one, who was in the youngest ones arms, bit her lip gently.
"Jemima…" she spoke softly, hoarse and rasped. Jemima's eyes were filled with tears. She knew what was coming. The tears streamed gently down her face.

"Sillabub… Sillabub, please hang on! We'll get you a doctor; we'll save you. Please Sillabub PLEASE!" Jemima cried, holding back the sob stuck in her throat. "You're the only one left, Sillabub, please," she whimpered. "Please…" Sillabub shook gently in her twin's arms, tears gently rolling down her cheeks.

"I'll be with you like the sun dear sister…" she spoke softly, looking up at Jemima. "Now and forever…" she spoke. Jemima began to cry more as she felt her sister go limp. Jemima held Sillabub close, her head resting on her chest.

"My dear sister… you will be with me… now and forever…" she spoke softly, stroking her sister's head.
She sat there for a good half an hour, holding her limp sister, rocking back and forth with soft sobs. The effects of her being an orphan struck her like a slap on the face. The few cats that survived were looking through the ruins, trying to find things of value they could sell or trade for at the market place at the castle. A gentle hand was placed on Jemima's shoulder, her head snapping up. She looked up and noticed the same knight.
"I am sorry about your loss. We will take you to the castle." he said. Jemima just looked up at him and gave a nod. She'd do anything to get out of this haunting town, just anything. She slowly stood up and was swept up onto the horse the knight was on. She was surprised and looked over at him and turned her head away. His arms circled around her waist and handled the reigns, sending a flick of the wrist to start the steed into motion. It snorted and went into a run, the other knights following. Jemima just looked at the horses' mane as the mighty animal galloped the opposite direction of the castle…

The forest never liked to be disturbed, never in its life. It was a lonely forest, and never liked company. It hated when people decided to try to get through it, and tried to stop anyone with anything. It was big and dark. The black stallion walked through the forest, snorting as he went. He didn't like being in here, the forest gave him an eerie feeling. He heeled and pawed at the ground with his hoof. He sensed something, yet the rider urged the beast forward. He neighed loudly, his head bobbing up and down, but the knight dug his heels into the side of him and he began to walk again. The knight just looked at the sleeping figure that lay between his arms. Her hair was past her waist and was loose. Some of her hair dangled over his arms as she lay there. She was just beautiful and he was to have her, if she fell in love with him or if he had to take matters into his own hands. The stallion came to a sudden stop, his ears twitching and began to look around. Something was wrong…
Yes, there was something wrong. The rider looked around… he could feel it. Yet, what was the matter? He began to look around, the hilt of the sword at the fingertips of his hand. He heard a soft hissing sound then a sliding noise. Could it be? He began to look around until he felt a jerk in the body he held and his head snapped to his side. A snake had come out and struck, pulling on the sleeve of the sleeping gown of his prisoner. The snake had ripped into the sleeve and two little dots were on the victim's upper arm. He growled and grabbed the hilt of his sword and pulled it out carefully, not wanting to harm the princess. He glared at the serpent as it rose and glared at him. With a swift swing of his sword the snake's head was laying on the ground with its headless body. The rider just laughed as the princess gave a low moan. He looked at the queen in his arms. She was about to wake up.

The trees made a deep dark canopy, the path a head of them totally black. The hooves seem to be in a hurry, for they were at a gallop. Darkness was upon them, not showing anything but a deep colored path. In front of them seemed to get lighter and lighter, a semi bright light shining. A heavy pant was heard from the galloping horse, and a jerk in the body of the sleeping figure. Loud moans were heard as the stallion pulled back as he finally reached the bright spot of the forest. Everything was lush and bright, completely contradicting the rest of the forest. A small waterfall fell gently into a pool of water. More moans came from the sleeping figure, and her body jerked and she fell to the ground. Her eyes shot opened and she scratched at the ground. Her eyes were full of pain. The snake had been poisonous; the venom was of different than she had ever felt for she had been bitten several times before. It burned, and it felt like it was burning all inside her. She cried out in pain, her eyes glazing over and almost everything going white…
The knight hoped of his horse and knelt down next to the moaning queen. He rolled her jerking body onto her back, and grabbed several herbs from near by and began to chew them in his mouth. He held down the princess's arms so she wouldn't get away. He leaned over and placed the chewed up herbs on the two dots on her arm and smeared it in with his finger. He repeated what he did several times, for the venom had came upon faster than he had expected. Soon the princess calmed down, her eyes turning back to its emerald green. Her chest heaved up and down as she took in several breaths of air. She found herself in his arms, his upper arm caressing her head her long hair sprawled everywhere. She looked up at him, her eyes meeting his.

"Who are you?" she asked softly.

"You're knight in shining armor my dear lady," his baritone voice answered.

As the sky turned from a sky blue to a canvas or purples, oranges, pinks, and light, light blue, the stars began to peak out. A soft chill settled over the quiet land, owls softly hooting for they were about to go out and catch their prey. The land had grown still and silent. The castle turned cold and a small servant walked toward a large room and peaked in. A large rounded cat sat at the head of the table, his head in his hands. Three knights sat around the table. A slim red female was crying into a younger white queen's shoulder, the white queen comforting her. It had been a disaster once she had found out…


Bombalurina sat in her room in front of the mirror, placing a flower behind her ear. She hummed softly to herself, the day going perfect. She rose from her seat and leaned against the windowsill. The village below seemed to bustle about their average ways. She sighed softly but smiled. She sat down once again and checked herself over. Her knight Tugger was suppose to come and check on her today. She giggled softly like a little girl in love. Her knight, Tugger, and that is all she needed. She heard her chamber door open. She whirled around.

"Tugger?" she gasped, but no, it was not Tugger. In the doorway stood a tall white and black figure, a white queen entangled in blue silk sprawled in his arms. "Alonzo." she said surprised.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were-"

"I know who you thought I was, I am not blind." he spoke softly, his eyes cast away. His heart for a long time had been for the beautiful princess Bombalurina, but he knew he could not grasp her, ever in his wildest dreams. Her heart was for Tugger and had always been for him. "May I lay Lady Victoria down on your bed?" he asked softly. Bombalurina gave a small nod, and the white figure fluttered to the bed and rested.

"Is she fainted?" she asked. Alonzo nodded as he sat on the bed and placed a wet cloth on her forehead. "Why?"

"Of what she found." was all he spoke.

"What did she find?"

"Demeter's room in shambles…"he said quietly. A small gasp was heard.

"What…what did you say?" she stuttered.

"You're sister is gone Bombalurina, someone took her, and we believe it was Prince Macavity. We are sure it was him. I'm sorry…" Bombalurina hit the ground knees first and took deep breaths. It couldn't be, her sister couldn't have been kidnapped. It must be a mistake…a harmless mistake. But it wasn't she knew that. The tears sprung to her eyes as she began to cry, the table supporting her almost limp figure. Her baby sister was missing.

Victoria rubbed the sobbing queen's back, her own tears streaming down her face but more quietly. Demeter was her best friend, and she was sorry to see her missing, and felt awful about it. She rocked Bombalurina gently.

"What is to be done about Princess Demeter my lord?" she asked softly, looking at Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy looked up from his cupped paws. His gray eyes were red and tired. Most of the day he had been crying. Sorrow filled his heart for Demeter was his little angel, and he didn't like that she had been taken away. Demeter was his heir and his baby. He sighed and looked at the white queen holding his eldest daughter.

"I'm not sure..."he said softly. Victoria sighed and Bombalurina pulled away. Alonzo sat up from his slouched position.

"Why don't we send out someone to find her?" he suggested. Munkustrap looked at Deuteronomy and said, "That is a good idea sir... I suggest that Tugger, Alonzo, and myself go and find her." he suggested. Deuteronomy looked at Munkustrap and gave a nod of his head.

"Alright, if you feel it is your right to go and find my daughter, you may leave as soon as you want. I suggest you a nice bed rest before you leave," the King said. Munkustrap stood up and nodded.

"Yes sir." he said. Alonzo and Tugger stood up. Alonzo grabbed Victoria's hand and helped her up. Victoria curtsied and followed Alonzo, her arm linked with his as they walked toward their separate rooms to sleep for the night.

Horses snorted as the group came to a halt near a boarder line of trees. The trees were as tall as mountains to their eyes. The horsemen began to dismount and began to set up camp. A female was helped down off of a horse and her big innocent eyes looked around. She was scared and frightened. She had never been away from her home before; never in her life she was without her family. But now her family was dead, and there was nothing to be done about it. The tom that had stopped her from finding her parents dismounted after her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"You may have my tent. I shall camp under the stars," he said. She looked up at him.

"Thank you" she said softly, looking up at the knight. "Thank you for everything." The knight was surprised by the kind words of the fiery female, but just gave a nod.

"It is my duty to make sure everyone in King Deuteronomy's kingdom is safe." was his response as he went and began to set up his tent.

The wind was cold as it blew gently. She stood there, her hands rubbing her arms as her wind blew gently. The moon was hidden behind the clouds and the countryside was dark. Amber, oranges, and gold appeared in her eyes as she looked toward where they had started the campfire. She walked toward it and put her hands over the fire. The other knights were gathered around, the fire heating their hands.

"Where are we going? This certainly is not the way to the castle." Jemima said quietly, looking at the others.

"We are going to see an old friend in the forest somewhere. Do not fret, we'll get to the castle soon enough." Carbucketty spoke as he got up and retired to his tent. Tumblebrutus came from his tent and put a hand on Jemima's shoulder. She looked up at him.

"You can tuck in now Miss Jemima, your tent is ready." She looked up at him.

"Thank you." she whispered and headed to the tent. Before she closed the entrance she looked out and noticed him begin to strip down for bed. The flap closed and all was still except for the fire in the middle of the camp.

The forest was darker than before due to the setting of the sun. A small fire was shown, dancing on a delicate queen face. The knight had already set up a tent and he looked toward the sitting queen.

"Are you feeling better my dear?" The queen looked up and gave a small nod. "Why don't you speak my beauty?"

"Because, you kidnapped me and took me from my family! You took me from my friends, my life! What do you want with me?" Demeter pleaded, looking up at the Napoleon of crime, her eyes glossy. Macavity knelt in front of the vixen and cupped her chin in his hands.

"My dear, so I have to explain my reasons? You are gorgeous and deserve a prince like myself. Besides, I am quite fond of you…" Demeter jerked her head away and glared at him.

"Stay away from me you demon… stay away!" she hissed. "I rather die before I married you. "she spat. Macavity glared at her but yanked her up.

"It is time for bed. You find it best not to run for this is a magical forest and doesn't take kindly to strangers roaming its wood during the dead of night." he said, pushing her into the tent. She fell to the ground, grabbing the pillow and looked up at him. He went to his tent and she sighed. She curled up and her small body shook as she sobbed into her pillow, lonely, scared. The owl hooted in the night, everything silent but for the soft sobs of the lost princess.