Title: Il Dragon Master (The Dragon Master)

Pairing: HP/DM/SS/BZ/?

Warnings: slash, m/m, mpreg, rape, grey!Slytherin!Creature!Harry, Dumbles/Ron/Ginny bashing!

Summary: After being the butt of many Gryffindor and Slytherin jokes, Harry goes back to the Dursleys' for a horrible summer. He faints out in the garden one day, not knowing that Severus was watching the house that day. Severus takes Harry, and his things, to Prince Manor. On Harry's 16th birthday, he receives a powerful -but painless- inheritance and he finds out that he is the dragon master, and that he must have mates to bring balance to the world.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, or the Cannon characters. I only own this plot and the dragons.

Chapter 1:

Harry sat in an empty compartment on the train-ride home. He was staring out of the window, watching as the scenery flashed past. He wasn't looking forward to two months with his muggle relatives. Well, at least he didn't have people laughing at him and saying that he always told lies about people. And it wasn't just Slytherins, it was his own house too!


Harry was walking down an empty corridor, heading to the Owlry, when someone suddenly pulled him into an unused classroom. He looked around the room warily as he noticed the Slytherins and the Gryffindors sitting in the same room without killing each other. There were only five Slytherins, whereas there were fifteen Gryffindors. Harry's green eyes widened in fear when Dean and Seamus each grabbed an arm. He struggled, and yelled for them to let him go.

"Be quiet!" hollered Ron, slamming the door. He sneered as he walked over to Harry. "I'm getting you back for breaking Ginny's heart and spreading vicious lies about me." Harry tried to speak, but Ron slammed Harry's head against the desk in front of them. Harry's glasses pressed against his face. "You're nothing but a slut, Potter. Your parents died because they couldn't stand the sight of you. That's why you throw yourself at anyone within reach." He magicked away Harry's clothes. Then he motioned to Dean and Seamus to hold Harry to the desk. Ron smirked, taking his own pants and boxers off, while the others laughed at Harry's humiliation. Ron saw a tear well up in Harry's right eye, and he growled in anger before he thrust hard into Harry's tight, virginal entrance.


Harry lay on the floor of the classroom, curled up in a tight ball even though his arse hurt, with tears streaming down his face. He could see Ron getting dressed and laughing with everyone there. Ron was just zipping up his pants when the door opened, and four people walked in. Harry looked, and was horrified to see that his humiliation was now known to Snape, Malfoy, and Zabini.

Professor McGonnagal was furious! She looked at the shocked Potions Master. "May I?" He nodded, waving his wand to clothe Harry. McGonnagal turned to the students in front of her. "Congratulations, you just lost yourselves 50 points each."

"What?!" shrieked Pansy. "But that's 250 points from Slytherin, and 750 points from Gryffindor!" Everyone looked at McGonnagal in disbelief.

"That's correct, miss Parkinson. I'll also send letters to your families. Mr. Weasley," McGonnagal said to Ron, "Come with me. You will face more serious charges."

Ron turned red. "It's Potter's fault!"

Severus placed a silencing spell on Ron. "Get him out of here." His eyes were much darker than usual, and everyone was surprised that he was angry on Harry's behalf. When McGonnagal and Ron were gone, Severus knelt beside a clothed and scared Harry. "Potter?" He asked in a calm, soft voice. Harry's eyes, so much like his mum's, looked up at him. Severus said, "Let's get you to the Hospital wing." Then he gently picked Harry up.

~End Flashback~

"Harry?" came a voice from the doorway.

Harry looked towards the door. It was Malfoy, Zabini, Neville, and Luna. "Hey," he said, motioning for them to sit down.

When everyone was seated, Draco spoke up. "Harry, are you feeling alright?" He thought for a moment. "Wait, is it ok to call you Harry?"

"Yeah, sure," Harry said, looking back out of the window. The other four talked about Quiddich or plants all the way to King's Cross Station. When Harry, Draco, Blaise, Neville, and Luna walked through the barrier, they walked a few feet before they saw a huge man looking around. "Bye!" Harry said, sighing. He walked with his head down over to the red-faced man. He had his trunk and Hedwig with him.

Draco's grey eyes narrowed. "We have to do something." The others agreed, then they left to find their own families. Draco watched Harry leave with the fat man, and didn't know that his mum and dad were now behind him watching Harry too.


Harry woke up, his body searing in pain. Ok, that didn't make sense... He felt like he had been crucio'd a few times while in the presence of Voldemort. That sounded better. Harry looked around the room he was in, or he would have if he was in a regular room. He had to be back in the cupboard. Although, he didn't really remember what happened last night.

Vernon yanked open the broom cupboard door violently. "Get out here, boy! You have chores to do. I'm sure two broken legs won't hinder you too much." He chuckled darkly. "These last few weeks have been wonderful, haven't they, boy?"

"Yes, wonderful," Harry croaked. He crawled out of the cupboard, and into the kitchen. He found the chore list, and read it. He'd have to sweep the floors, weed the garden, clean the bathroom, paint the garage, mow the grass, wash the car, fix lunch, press Vernon's suit for dinner, press Dudley's suit, hang Petunia's dress on the back of their bedroom door, dust, bury Hedwig (Vernon killed her when she tried to protect Harry), and make supper to feed five people. Most of those chores were impossible, with two broken legs and a fractured wrist! Not to mention however many other injuries he had. Harry sighed, and got to work. He swept the floors, scooting backwards as he swept. Then he moved to the garden.

Well, How do you like my newest story? I did have chapters 1 and 2 written at over 2,000 words each (I think), but I can't find my notebook so I'm redoing the story. I did keep the first part to the original first chapter. I hope you continue to read my stories, and review, even if I don't update regularly.