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Chapter 1

A Rift in the Relationship

Everything was quiet for once. For one moment in an adventure that never seemed to end. Everything was quiet. Cynder couldn't help but marvel at the concept. She looked over at the purple dragon that she knew and loved, Spyro. She laughed a bit inside when she remembered how he was knocked out. It wasn't because of anything like the World's Power overflowing and destroying his brain. No, it was as simple as the fact that after channeling all that energy he forgot to keep his wings open so he would float down to the ground, so instead he fell right on his head.

Since she was stuck here until Spyro woke up, she might as well enjoy the peace and quiet, and she really was planning on it. But leave it to the world itself (literally) to break it. Lights began dancing underneath her feet. The last time this happened Malefor was dragged into the world's core by five dragons made of light. With quick reflexes she dove over Spyro's body and then covered it with her wings.

Just as she predicted, five dragons made of light flew out from the core. But this time they gently floated to the ground surrounding Cynder and Spyro. This time they actually took a moment to solidify themselves. There was one dragon for each of the elements. She counted them off as she glared and at one point even snarled at them; Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Ice. All of them looked like strong well-bodied dragons except for Lightning and Ice who were actually dragonesses. Then the final one touched down; Purple, the omnipotent color. While all of them looked like strong adults, none of them could match Purple who looked like a king with his strong body and commanding presence.

The moment that he solidified Cynder's gaze was on him but even her anger was faltering under the sheer authority this dragon was emanating. In fact Cynder was pretty sure that if he didn't say anything at that point she would've eventually bowed to him. Thankfully he did and when he spoke he SPOKE. His voice was deep and rich and it seemed to echo itself, but absolutely none of it was wasted on anything not related to what was happening.

"Fear not Cynder. Neither you nor Spyro have committed any crimes great enough to be imprisoned within the world's core. Unfortunately the news we bear is not good news." At this not even the Purple Dragon's aura of authority could stop her from showing obvious expressions of sadness and being tired. "I know that you and Spyro have been through much but you must bear through more. It is necessary to protect everything you know and love." It was at this point that Cynder finally found her voice.

"What could it possibly be that you couldn't find some other dragon or dragoness for?" her voice was a mixture of desperation and a hint of anger. This time the Lightning Dragoness spoke with a voice of silver. "If we had discovered this a couple centuries earlier, perhaps before Malefor turned then you wouldn't have to be the ones to go through with this." She stopped and then counted to herself rather quickly. "Yes, I'm afraid that by the time the next Purple Dragon is born it will be far too late to stop this." The moment that Cynder heard this, her mind started grasping at straws. "Could you at least give us time to rest and rebuild?" The yellow dragon solemnly shook her head. "Five? Three? Not even One Year to get out strength back?" All of her questions were met with a slow shake of the head.

None of the dragons moved except for Cynder who was on the verge of tears. "We've already delayed as much as we could so that Spyro could at least get moderate control of his abilities. That and we had to make sure that he wouldn't become another Malefor." An icy cold voice bit through the silence as it was indeed the Ice Dragoness that spoke next. The Earth Dragon shot her a look that could kill then he spoke with a deep and thick voice. "If it's of any consolation Spyro has a greater chance of surviving than ANY other purple dragon." This definitely got Cynder's attention as she looked up. "That increase comes from you, no other purple dragon has had as unique or powerful of a companion before" Cynder bowed her head in defeat still.

"So how long do we have until this new threat hits the Dragon Realms?" The Fire Dragon spoke up this time with a smooth velvet voice. "It's not the Dragon Realms that are in direct danger." This definitely grabbed Cynder's attention. "Then why did you tell me all of this if it won't even affect the Dragon Realms?!" Cynder spoke with a raised voice. The Fire Dragon held his paw up for silence. "I said that it doesn't directly affect us, not that it will never affect us." Cynder kept silent through her confusion. "You are familiar with the Convexity correct?" Of course Cynder remembered that odd and twisted place. It may have all seemed like a dream but she knew it well enough for her to nod. "Well it isn't just an airlock for the Dark Realms, it is an airlock for every realm and dimension."

The Lightning Dragoness spoke up. "In one realm there is a crystal known as a 'Khaydarin Crystals' they are actually one of the many sources for our Spirit Gems that help sustain dragon life. They primarily influence the growth of the blue 'experience' crystals as some dragons call them. While we could afford to lose these crystals as they only enhance our minds it is how they come to us that is the problem." She paused for a moment then made a gesture to the Fire Dragon to continue.

The moment that he saw it he began with a… hint of being flustered? "Ahem" he quickly said to clear his throat as a mask. At this Spyro seemed to stir a bit, reminding Cynder that she wasn't alone in this.

"These Khaydarin Crystals resonate energy once used. This energy is very subtle and is rarely ever recorded by many species. The energy often makes its way into the Convexity but very rarely makes it to the Dragon Realms where it will crystallize due to the sheer amount of magic." He took a deep breath then continued. "In the realm where these crystals exist there is a dark evil that we could see, we have no idea when he plans to attempt to take over that realm but we know that he will and if the heroes of that realm can't stop him then he may discover this energy and trace it to us. From there he could access every other realm in existence, and who knows how many realms will fall to his wrath before he is stopped." He finished on a solemn note and withdrew and all five watched Cynder as she processed all of this.

After a good couple moments in silence the purple dragon seemingly stepped forward despite not moving although his presence definitely came to the forefront. "While this realm has known many conflicts and is as ruthless to itself as it is to its enemies, we cannot risk this possibility which is why you MUST be sent as assurance." Cynder was almost angry at the fact that they might not even be needed and stranded. But then he continued "You won't be alone, you will be our anchors in this realm and we shall provide what assistance we can, and when you survive this encounter we shall never ask you nor Spyro for help again." Cynder thought this over and then realized that she didn't have a choice. This left only one question.

"When do we leave?" The Lightning and Ice Dragoness chuckled much to Cynder's confusion then the Fire Dragon spoke up one last time. "Right now" he said with much amusement in his voice. Without warning a rift in the fabric of space and time opened right beneath her feet and Cynder screamed out of instinct.

Unfortunately Spyro was only half-conscious near the end of the conversation and only heard her scream. Thinking quickly his mind found the remnants of his omni-potent energy and used his best defense mechanism. The Time Crystal also unfortunately due to the fact that they were falling, the crystal encased them in their own separate amber crystal.

Meanwhile on Redstone III a very certain Spectre with a ridiculously difficult to write accent watch the sky as two very sizable meteorites struck the world. He marked their locations on his digital map and got off of his command center. With Raynor's Raiders coming in about a week, he couldn't afford to have any surprises left unaccounted for if he wanted this job done.