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Chapter One

Lucy was sitting on her bed staring out the window, she was still in shock of what had happened to her a few weeks ago, but the current problem was what had made her remember it, she had tried to get it out of her head; forget about the whole situation, but now it was the only thing she could think about. These minutes would probably be the longest she has experienced, she turned her attention to the object placed on the mattress in front of her.

Lucy's eyes fluttered open, immediately closing them after the sunlight was acknowledged. She lifted her hand to cover her eyes and let out a groan, the dry feeling in her throat made her want water. After what felt like minutes she slowly moved her hand and looked up. Lucy was just lying there staring at the ceiling at the moment unaware of what had happened last night, the only clue was the headache, she knew she had drunk plenty of alcohol but she didn't think it would end up this bad.

She tried sitting up only to be held down by something across her chest, now ignoring her pounding head she lifted up the blanket to see that she was naked and a mans arm was holding her in place. Her eyes widen then she turned to her left to see a handsome blonde. He had a scar above his right eye and his face looked calm and relaxed, he was most likely unaware of the hangover he will have when he opens those eyes.

Lucy just layed there, she just couldn't believe her eyes. She finally recognised the man as Sting Eucliffe, member of Sabertooth and the famous Dragon Slayer Duo. Lucy decided she needed to get out of there before he woke up but when she tried to remove his arm, his hold would just tighten and pull her closer to his chest. After a while she just gave up, lying there looking at his handsome face. Her face remained calm and collected on the outside but on the inside she was freaking out thinking of how this happened.

She remembered drinking with her fellow guild mates in a popular bar in Crocus, in celebration for winning the Grand Magic Games, then everything went blurry. Now there she is, naked, in bed and lying with Sting Eucliffe. She was brought back from her thoughts by a voice.

"Hey Blondie." he smirked at her frightened face.

"Would you let go of me." she then glared at him.

"But your nice and warm." he held on to her tighter.

"Please, can you shut up!" Lucy winced at the headache. "Also are you not at all worried about this situation?"

"Nope, not one bit. Unless I... Hang on." he buried his nose into her neck causing her to blush. "Okay, nope I am not worried." Lucy looked at him with a confused look. "I didn't mark you as my mate."

"Well, can you let me go so I can leave and when I leave this room we both forget this ever happened."

"Whatever, you can act like it never happened, but I enjoyed myself." Sting said slowly letting go of Lucy, he watched as she grabbed the blankets to cover her body and look around for her clothes. After she got dressed she quickly left the room.

Lucy didn't want to see him again but now she needed him. She hasn't gone to the guild for a week and a bit, Natsu came over wondering why she wasn't at the guild. Lucy just told him she had the stomach bug, so he let her be. But she got a little curious as to why she was sick for so long, then she was late for her period. When she realized this her mind went through all of the possibilities and that's when she found out that she was pregnant with Sting Eucliffe's child.

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