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Chapter Twenty-Six - Happiness

Days passed, soon it was weeks. Sting and Lucy, who had just recently become parents, had basically vanished off the face of Earthland. Everyone in the guild knew where they were, it's just they hadn't seen them in weeks; they knew not to worry as they were busy with their child but they were very excited to meet their baby boy. They also knew that it wasn't a good time to bother them, but just the thought of a new addition to the guild thrilled them.

~ Eucliffe/Heartfilia Household

"Sting… it's your turn." Lucy mumbled as she rolled to her side placing her pillow over her head.

"Huh." Sting sat up looking around, obviously confused until he realised the screaming baby, sighing he looked at his exhausted girlfriend. Getting out of bed – though reluctantly – he slowly made his way to the room across the hall, the sound got louder until he was at the cot. Looking down at the source of the noise, his heart almost broke as he saw tears rolling down his sons chubby cheeks. Sting watched as the infant opened his eyes and looked at him, his cries settled slightly as he lifted up his arms wanting to be held. Smiling tiredly he reached down into the crib to pick up his 3 week old son.

In the other room Lucy smiled at how fast their son quieted down after Sting entered the room. Lucy, for the life of her could not get how Sting was so good with children. Sure, she loves him but she never expected him to be able to deal with their child faster than she could, honestly she was a little bit jealous. Her attention was then brought back to her boyfriend as he walked into the room with their son in his arms and sat on the end of the bed.

"He wants you." Sting smiled tiredly as he passed him to her, bringing up her arms she sat up as she took her infant boy into her arms. "He's hungry." Sting stated as Lucy shot him a small glare.

"Yeah, I know that."

~ Four Weeks Later

"Are you sure we should go today? I know Rogue said that the guild wanted to see him, but… what if something bad happens? What will we do?" Lucy stared at Sting with a raised eyebrow, and here she thought she was freaking out.

"Yes, he'll be fine. He's almost two months old. No one but Rogue, Lector and Frosch have seen him and everyone in the guild wants to meet him. Knowing Rogue he wouldn't have told them much about him." Rolling her eyes she picked up her son who stared blankly at her. "Anyways, stop your whining and come on."

The walk to the guild took less time than Lucy remembered, before she knew it both Sting and her were standing in front of the guild doors. She felt the anxiety coming up as she looked at Sting, who shrugged at her not particularly knowing what to do. Before Lucy could open the door, it opened with such force she was surprised it was still attached to the frame. There stood Natsu Dragneel with the biggest grin on his face.

"Welcome back, Lucy." He exclaimed happily, looking at the guild members behind him she was greeted with smiles by every single one of them.

"It's good to be back." She smiled at her former partner. They were soon pulled into the guild, carefully. Each member that saw their son cooed as Sting and Lucy walked to Mira, who was oblivious to the fact she was there. "Hey Mira!" Sting shouted across the guild hall. The barmaid turned at the familiar voice and her face lit up when her eyes laid upon the trio.

"Lucy! Sting!" running over to the three she stopped in front of them. "Rogue never told us, so I want to know. What's his name?"

"His name is Katsuo Eucliffe." Mira nodded then looked up as she thought. "What does that mean again?" Lucy laughed stealing a glance at Sting who blushed slightly and looked at Mira. "Victorious child." He mumbled, causing Lucy to laugh again. "Sting chose it, he said 'our son will be strong, no one will be able to defeat him, especially when is trained by me'. Well… something along those lines." Lucy giggled as Sting looked away again, hiding his red face. Mira joined Lucy with laughing as Sting mumbled something under his breath and walked away from the two giggling girls.

Joining Rogue, who sat at a table with Yukino, obviously confused as to why she was there he looked at his partner. Sure, he was happy to see Yukino after all of that stuff happened but he was confused on why she was here.

"She has joined Fairy Tail." He nodded, and then smiled at the Celestial Spirit Mage. "Long time no see." Blushing slightly at his statement she nodded.

"I heard what happened; Rogue-sama told me everything. I was surprised when he told me you had a son now." Frowning Sting looked behind him and saw Mira holding Katsuo; he smiled when he heard his son giggle. Turning back he saw Rogue and Yukino arguing slightly causing him to raise his eyebrows. Shaking his head he stood up and walked away.

Things were changing, whether or not he liked it was a different story. He now had a family, not just him, Lucy and Katsuo. But he also had all of Fairy Tail to depend on and nothing could make him happier.

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