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Jade's POV

I walked into Hollywood Arts for the first time after the accident. I strode through the doors with confidence, but that confidence quickly faded.

Gasps and whispers were passed through the students standing in their cliques at their lockers. Some slutty cheerleaders started giggling loudly but I ignored them and continued towards my locker, pulling my scarf up to cover my neck and chin.

I open up my locker and start to pull my books out for my classes that day, all I wanted was to stay home from school forever. But I knew that would just make the rumours worse, they were bad enough know no need to add my fuel to the fire.

Fire. Oh god, everything I do, see or think reminds me of the accident. If you thought I was self conscious before, well then I don't know what you could call me now.

Two freshman stared at me from a few lockers down and I was about to threaten them to go away when I realised that I couldn't. Not yet, anyway. But thankfully, Miss miracle Tori Vega swooped in to save the day. 'What d'you think your looking at?!' She screamed at them and they scurried away frightened.

I gave her a small smile and a nod before closing my locking and placing my books into my bag. 'You okay Jade? I've missed you, we've all missed you it's been a month!' I smile at her again, but don't speak, I never speak. Not to the doctor when he asked me how my face felt, not to Cat when she asked me if I was okay not to anyone. Not since the accident.

'Jade listen, I know it was bad but now everything's okay! You can speak, just say something and let us know that your alright!' Tori pleads me, and a surge of guilt washes through me. I know how much pain I've been causing my friends by cutting them off and refusing to speak but I can't. Every time I try to say something it hurts, it hurts inside my heart and just can't make myself do it. I shake my head before storming off down the hallway.

I turn the corner to run into the janitors closet and bump into somebody and drop my bag. I bend down to pick it up but they're faster and scoop it up in one quick swoop.

'Sorry, I wasn't looking,' They say and I bring my eyes up to theirs,


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